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Ubisoft Releases Michael Jackson Avatar Collection For Xbox Live. 21-07-'11

Ubisoft released Michael Jackson: The Experience for Kinect back in April, but they're just now getting around to offering up the usual avatar tie-ins. You can adorn your avatar in duds based on Michael Jackson's most popular music videos, including 'Beat It', 'Billie Jean', 'Black Or White', 'Leave Me Alone', 'Smooth Criminal', 'They Don't Care About Us', and 'Thriller'. If you have a female avatar, you can even wear the 'Thriller' Girlfriend outfit.

Each of these outfits are available here for "only" 400 Microsoft Points. That's $5 for a purely virtual costume, when there are plenty of great XBLA games available for the same amount. Needless to say, only hardcore MJ fans need apply. Oh, and there's also an avatar prop of Bubbles, Michael Jackson's pet chimpanzee, if you have some need to simulate Jackson's weird lifestyle.

Full list of Avatar items include:

•Beat It Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
•Leave Me Alone Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
•They Don’t Care About Us Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
•Billie Jean Live Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
•Black or White Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
•Thriller Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
•Thriller Girlfriend Outfit (400 Microsoft Points) - (Thriller Girlfriend Outfit is only available for female Xbox LIVE Avatars)
•Smooth Criminal Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
•Bubbles Avatar Prop (240 Microsoft Points)

Michael Jackson Avatar Costumes
Do you like to dress your Xbox Live avatars? If so then you may be interested in this new pack of clothing based around Michael Jackson's work.

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