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Dance Party in NeverlandJackson Throws Neverland Open. 14-09-'03

Saturday (September 13) was the first time Michael Jackson had ever opened his ranch to members of the public.

About 250 tickets had been sold for this charity event at the price of $5,000. (Cue Jackson-style yelp).

Each gave two people all the fun of the farm for one day. $1,000 will be divided between three charities, the Oneness charity, Make A Wish and El Ai Como E Que Fica. The other $4,000? Well that was never fully explained.

Guests also will receive a "goodie bag" worth about $1,000 and an original painting by Brazilian artist Romero Britto, the author of the painting which was supposed to be the cover of ' What More Can I Give'.

Many followers were stationed in the doorway watching enter the attendees, who must deliver security video cameras and photography.

Michael gave a small salute to all attendees thanking them for their presence at the event. They have not yet unveiled photographs of Jackson at the party.

The press were not allowed beyond the Neverland gate, but the events that unfolded there over the next eight hours proved to be as bizarre as anything a look at Jackson's llamas and a few goes on the waltzer could have matched.

Personalities as boxer Mike Tyson, Patti LaBelle, the group Boyz II Men, the Aaron and Nick Carter, Jay-Kid brothers, the Ashanti, singer Brandi and Rodney Jenkins, among others.

Dance Party in Neverland
Romero Britto, the author of the painting which was supposed to be the cover of ' What More Can I Give' and Mike Tyson with Aaron and Nick Carter at the Dance Party in Neverland.

After a few hours, during which the highlights are seeing Pink arrive in a jeep and being brought the head chef to interview ("chicken will be served" - wooo), things start to brighten up.

Grammy-winning soul singer Ashanti stops to talk on her way out from Neverland to the airport.

Jackson was surprised with a birthday cake at the California bash - a gift from the radio station KISS FM - and promptly smeared a handful of cream and sponge on Aaron Carter.

That prompted young Carter and his Backstreet Boy brother Nick to hurl cake at Jackson - resulting in a food fight between the three.

A fellow guest at the 45th birthday bash says, "Michael had cake all down the front of his face and in his hair and he was loving every minute."

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