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Michael in LondonMJ Madness Hits London. 15-11-'06

US TV show Access Hollywood accompanies Michael Jackson in London while preparing for the World Music Awards.

Their cameras were with Michael inside Earl's Court Arena, where the awards show will takeplace, as he rehearsed for his performance. He confirmed he will be performing 'We Are The World'.

And while all was quiet inside the arena during rehearsals, outside it was a much different story. Access Hollywood desribes it as follows:

"Being with Michael since he landed in London, trust us the hardest part of his day is wading through the mob of fans to get in and out of his car.

Fans even waited for hours outside of Michael's hotel for a glimpse of the superstar and a glimpse is what they got when Michael appeared on his balcony.

The fan frenzy went into overdrive when Michael emerged from his hotel to get into an awaiting van. But the scene would get even wilder.

MJ Fans at Earl's Court Arena
Michael Jackson fans outside the Earl's Court Arena.

Ten minutes later, photographers converge on the restaurant Nobu as Michael's van pulls up. And as soon as MJ steps out of the fan, all rules are off as it's a photo frenzy."

At Nobu Michael dined for about 2 hours with a party of 12 and even posed for some photos with for example designer Roberto Cavalli, who will be dressing him for the World Music Awards.

After dinner Michael again met up with the mob scene outside, as Access Hollywood's Billy Bush describes it:

"I was in the middle of this madness and let me just say I couldn't imagine going through this every time I stepped outside."

Yesterday (November 14), it was a bit less chaotic as Michael arrived at the offices of the Guinness Book Of World Records, where Michael picked up an award for breaking seven world records.

Michael thanked those in attendance:

"Thank you for everything. God bless you."

Billy Bush took the opportunity to remind Michael of one of his records:

"I have a trivia question. Speaking of records, what album holds the record for sales in the world? Do you know? I'll give you a hint." As Billy hit play on 'Billie Jean', Michael smiled and laughed.

A brief moment of levity before the Michael madness resumed...

Source: MJFC / MSNBC / Access Hollywood / Billie Jean

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