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Captain EO 3D Official Withdrawn Viewmaster SetCaptain EO (Official Withdrawn Viewmaster Set)

These Captain EO 3D Official Withdrawn Viewmaster Set of the year 1986 was released in the USA by manufacturer View Master.

Captain EO Viewmaster 3D reels planned to be out commercially but just withdrawn before it could be put for sale for issues linked between Disney, Lucas Film and Michael himself. (Disney, Lucasfilm and Michael had to sign off on every product and it seems they had some problem with this one).

So this product was apparently cancelled after production began and all copies destroyed, except for a few, obviously. It was to be sold exclusively at Disneyland and Disneyworld.

It exists also a gift pack of the mini-movie, with the viewmaster machine plus the 3D reels inside.

License: Disney - Lucas Film - MJJ Productions Inc.
Manufacturer: View Master
Released: 1986
Country: USA
Series number: PRO 548
Guide price: 400 €

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