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Michael Jackson Thriller Bust (Limited Edition)Michael Jackson Thriller Bust (Limited Edition)

The Michael Jackson 'Thriller' Bust is a limited edition to 1982 pieces/worldwide was released in Italy and made in China, distributed by Infinite Statue Srl in the autumn of 2010.

A bust with amazing detail, a sculpture that is so faithful to the original that is transforms the myth into a must have collectors piece. Take your time and slowly discover the details that make this statue a little masterpiece and, some advice; let it listen to the music of 'Thriller', naturally…

Every last detail has been carefully studied directly from original images and videos, backstage footage and photos of Michael Jackson. All of the minute details have been faithfully reproduced with the utmost care and highest artistic level of sculptures that make this series an authentic collectors cult dedicated to fans of Michael Jackson or just people who want a piece of pop music history.

Our adventure begins at the "King of Pop's" artistic peak of the, 'Thriller', the most famous album of all times, which forever changed music with over 110 million copies sold. Some of the most innovative and famous videos of all time came from this album, starting from the title track itself, 'Thriller'. Directed in 1983 by director John Landis, the video 'Thriller' was considered the most important musical video of all times, so much so, as to be conserved by the National Film Registry in the United States Congress Library. It was the most expensive video ever made and also the most successful, just think of the VHS 'Michael Jackson: The making of Thriller', which sold over 9 million copies!

Product not available in U.K. and outside E.U.

Product information:
Name Product: 'Michael Jackson's Thriller'
Note: Limited Edition Bust: 1982 numbered copies
Size: 7,1" H - 4,3" W - 4,8" L inch
Weight: 900 grams
Material: Polystone
Artist: Mauro Gandini
Coloration: Nathalie Michaud
Item Number: MJTH-43020
Individually numbered (N°1597/1982)
Released: 2010
Guide price: 230 €

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