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Jackson 5 Action Game CoverJackson 5 Action Game

Jackson Five Action Game was released in 1972 in the USA by 'Motown/Shindana Toys' and features a deck of jumbo cards, Jackson 5 Coins, scorecard and markers.

Consists of a small cardboard mat, 4 "horses" of color, 3 gold coins, as well as a deck of cards with images of 5 brothers, this game was accessible to children from 5 years and older.

It is part of the mega rare collectibles in the career of Michael Jackson.

Jackson 5 Action Game

Manufacturer: Motown/Shindana Toys
Released: 1972
Series number: 5000
Printed: USA
Guide price: 350 €

Got To Be There (Unofficial) Album CoverGot To Be There (Unofficial) [Album]

This 'Got To Be There' album of Michael Jackson is not official, it's a bootleg from the Melody Recordings label and released in the USA in 1972.

The Crown cover of the album is special, if we remove the vinyl from the cover we see the same ten tracks as the original album released by the Motown label.

The album contains 4 tracks ranked in the charts: 'Got To Be There', but also 'Rockin' Robin', a cover of Bobby Day, 'I Wanna Be Where You Are', a composition by Leon Ware and 'Ain't No Sunshine'.

Track list:

1. Ain't No Sunshine - 4:07
2. I Wanna Be Where You Are - 2:53
3. Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me - 3:45
4. In Our Small Way - 3:35
5. Got To Be There - 3:20

1. Rockin' Robin - 2:29
2. Wings Of My Love - 3:18
3. Maria (You Were The Only One) - 3:34
4. Love Is Here And Now You're Gone - 2:48
5. You've Got A Friend - 4:52

Record label: Melody Recordings
Released: 1972
Series number: #SS-6017
Printed: USA
Guide price: 25 €

J5 Talk And Sing Personally To Valentine Readers (Flexi Disc) FrontJ5 Talk And Sing Personally To Valentine Readers (Flexi Disc)

This one sided flexi disc of The Jackson 5 was issued by the British Teen magazine 'Valentine' and released on the Tamla Motown label in1972.

It contains a special message from each of J5 wishing a happy Valentine's Day, all between-cut extracts the greatest hits of J5: 'I Wanna Be Where You Are' / 'I'll Be There' / 'ABC' and 'Never Can Say Goodbye'.

Record label: Tamla Motown
Released: 1972
Series number: #LYN 2639
Printed: UK
Guide price: 30 €

The Jackson 5 Book CoverThe Jackson 5 (Book)

The first book published about the Jackson 5 was this unassuming little paperback original by Ellen Motoviloff, published in the USA by Scholastic Books in January 1971.

It is 4 1/4" X 6 1/4" in size and 96 pages long. On the back it states..."The early days in Gary, Indiana. Their exciting discovery by Diana Ross. Special interviews with each of the boys. In words and photos the complete story of The Jackson 5."

The book has the usual breathless reporting of a teen magazine, and there's not much in the text that fans wouldn't already know, except perhaps that Jermaine hates oatmeal. But what makes the book worth seeking out are the photos, some of them taken by the author herself when she visited the J5 at home, and several from their 1970 appearance at the Los Angeles Forum. In fact, the only concert photos are from this performance where there must have been dozens of photos taken.

Publisher: Scholastic Books
Author: Ellen Motoviloff
Released: 01-1971
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN: T 2014
Printed: USA
Guide price: 30 €

J5 "Frosted Rice Krinkles" (Post Cereal Box Record)J5 *Frosted Rice Krinkles* (Post Cereal Box Records)

The J5 "Frosted Rice Krinkles" (Post Cereal Box Records) are released in five different 6 inches cardboard records in the series and were featured on the backs of the breakfast "Frosted Rice Krinkles" Post Cereal boxes in the USA in the year 1971 in conjunction with Motown Records. Although all five songs are listed on each record, the actual song on each was denoted by a stamped number on the right hand side, each features a color portrait of the J5.

The one-sided, five track Jackson 5 disc (that had to be cut out of the back of the cereal box) included the then hugely popular family group's hits 'ABC,' 'I'll Be There,' and 'Never Can Say Goodbye,' as well as the slightly lesser known but still excellent tracks 'Darling Dear' and 'Maybe Tomorrow.'

The five different cardboard records are:

'ABC' is stamped with a "1")
'I Want You Back' is stamped with a "2")
'Ill Bet You' is stamped with a "3")
'Darling Dear' is stamped with a "4")
'Maybe Tomorrow' is stamped with a "5")

The cereal maker also hired the group to make a series of 30 second TV commercials for their Alpha Bits cereal. Post also used the Jackson 5 to promote the cereal on Saturday morning TV commercials.

Because of the list of songs, some people have assumed that the records were EP's with 3-5 songs per record. But speaking as someone who actually played the records I can confirm that there was only one song on each record. If you look closely, you can determine which one it is because the number is stamped in a circle.

Other cardboard records were featured on the backs of the breakfast "Super Orange Crisp" and "Super Sugar Crisp" Post Cereal boxes.

Record label: Motown
Released: 1971
Printed: USA
Guide price: 20 €

Both Sides Album Cover Both Sides (Album)

'Both Sides' album of The Jackson 5 was released in Japan on the Motown label. It's a fantastic compilation album that featuring the smash hits 'ABC', 'I Want You Back', 'I'll Be There' and a great rendition of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'.

Housed in a unique pasted picture sleeve with fold-out Japanese text/English lyric insert.

Track list:

1. ABC
2. The Love You Save
3. I Want You Back
4. Goin' Back To Indiana
5. Honey Chile

1. Mama's Pearl
2. I'll Be There
3. La-La Means I Love You
4. Maybe Tomorrow
5. Never Can Say Goodbye
6. Bridge Over Troubled Water

Record label: Motown
Released: 1971
Series number: SJET 7540
Printed: Japan
Guide price: 100 €

Big Boy SingleBig Boy (Single)

The song 'Big Boy' was the first single ever released by The Jackson 5, in January 1968, through Steeltown Records.

The demo was recording circa November 1967. Die-hard fans know it was recorded in late 1967 and released early in '68. The single was initially hand-sold by Michael and his brothers, at the many gigs they played, and was picked up for national distribution by Atco, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records, who pressed about 10.000 copies. Sold well locally, it failed to register on any of Billboard's charts.

It actually doesn’t have the characteristics of a big hit. It is far from the Motown sound. However their is this heavy bass and these amplified snare drums that make it sound like an authentic soul ballad.

Track list:

1. Big Boy - 2:30

1. You've Changed - 2:30

Record label: Steeltown Records
Released: 01-1968
Series number: 45-681
Printed: USA
Guide price: 100 €

Big Boy (Promo) Single CoverBig Boy (Promo) [Single]

'Big Boy' promo single of The Jackson 5 was released in January 1968 in the USA through Steeltown Records. A legendary release; this is the single which launched the career of one of the biggest stars in pop history!

Released on Gordon Keith's short lived record label 1 year before the family outfit signed up to Motown. This recording took mere hours to lay down in the studio and in true early soul style, retains an immense rawness against Michael's sweet vocals. Backed with 'You've Changed', with only minor surface marks and slight 'foxing' marks to the label preventing this wax from receiving a Mint grading - A wonderful piece of pop history and a beautiful spinner!)

Track list:

1. Big Boy - 2:30

1. You've Changed - 2:30

Record label: Steeltown Records
Released: 01-1968
Series number: 45681
Printed: USA
Guide price: 190 €

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