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The Jacksons - Victory Tour Program (Version #3) Book CoverThe Jacksons - Victory Tour Program (Version #3) [Book]

I hope I can please you fans with presenting you this famous item 'Victory Tour Program book' of The Jacksons. The book is published by Stadium Management Corporation.

The younger and old fans, this section is pointed to you! The history is easy: July 1984, the beginning of the 'Victory Tour', The Jacksons decide to sell a beautiful program with pictures to the fans.

But there exist 3 editions, they differ from pictures (changing from place), the first edition was been sold until September 1984, the second edition is a bit more rare than the first edition and was been sold from the concert of September 17th in the Olympic Stadium of Montreal.

This 'Victory Tour' book sold at the USA concerts and that was in December 1984, it was the third and final variation that was used for the final 1984 concerts.


There are several differences in this program from the second version:

Page 1: "The Multi-Platinum Album" text added to the Victory LP ad

Page 2: Purple fonts with torch logo added in middle

Page 3: Text font colors are different (and Randy's signature is purple instead of blue). Dedication is added "In memory of Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson, Jack Richardson...in our hearts, you'll never be forgotten..."

Pages 6 Onward: Text fonts on the inner pages (including Bio pages) are all bigger (compare "Michael" on the top of page 6 and on the other bios)

Page 7: (Jermaine's first page) there is an inset photo added from his video "When The Rain Begins To Fall" (on the bottom)

Page 8: (Jermaine's second page) the photo is completely different

Page 11: (Tito's first page) There is an inset of Tito on a motorcycle added to the bottom

Page 13: (Marlon's first page) there is an inset photo added of Marlon as sad clown

Page 14: (Marlon's second page) the photo is completely different

Page 23: Four of the five photos are completely different, and now there are two pictures of MJ taken backstage during the Tour.

Page 26: Chris Bliss "The Juggler" inset photo is added on bottom. The Crew photo is completely different. The photo of David Williams (Guitar player) is different.

Page 27: Stadium Management Corp page is completely different, with more photos and now all in color

Page 28: Katherine's image is different on the Tour Credits page (now with a camera in front of her face) and the order of the photos have been changed to Joe, Katherine, and Don King (Don King was originally first in Version #2). And the text under "Tour Credits" (now with a pink font) is completely different.

Publisher: Stadium Management Corporation
Author: ?
Released: 12-1984
Language: English
Pages: 32
Printed: USA
Guide price: 90 €

The Michael Jackson Catalog Book CoverThe Michael Jackson Catalog (Book)

The Michael Jackson Catalog book was released on October 1st, 1984 in the USA by publisher Arbor House and written by Milt Machlin.

This extremely rare book proposes to reference all Michael Jackson collectors until 1984. There are many chapters in it, records, videos, magazines, books, posters, clothing and much more from the early Jackson 5 days up to the Victory Tour. Most of the book is in black and white with some color pages.

It's a hard book to find now.

Publisher: Arbor House
Author: Milt Machlin
Released: 01-10-1984
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-0877956648
Printed: USA
Guide price: 80 €

Victory Tour Pepsi CanVictory Tour Pepsi Can

This is a official pepsi can from July 13th, 1984 to celebrating the Jackson's Victory Tour. It features all their signatures on the can.

There is some differences between the 4 cans, the color of the flame is different. This is the can with the red flame plus is says it's made in Abilene, Texas. Used in conjunction with the tour.

Each can features a Jacksons World Tour '84 "Torch" logo with the "signatures" of all six Jacksons in blue.

Publisher: Pepsi Abilene Texas
Released: 13-07-1984
License: PepsiCO
Manufacturer: Pepsi
Size: 12 Oz
Item#: 120130
End Market: Commercial
Printed: USA
Guide prize: 10 €

Victory (with pigeon on Randy’s shoulder) Album CoverVictory (with pigeon on Randy’s shoulder) [Album]

The 'Victory' album of The Jacksons was released in the UK through Epic Records on July 6th, 1984 and available in two covers. The first album that released had almost the same cover as this one but without pigeon on Randy’s shoulder.

After all, this special album is the same as the normal one but for real collectors it’s something that is important to have.

The sixth album sold over seven million copies worldwide, 'Victory' was supported by the 'Victory Tour', with lead singer Michael Jackson, who had recently released the world's all-time best-selling album, 'Thriller', prominently featured. Shortly after the tour ended, Michael and Marlon Jackson quit the band. All songs produced by The Jacksons, Steve Porcaro & David Paich.

Track list:

1. Torture - 4:51
2. Wait - 5:24
3. One More Chance - 5:02
4. Be Not Always - 5:35
1. State Of Shock (with Mick Jagger) - 4:30
2. We Can Change The World - 4:44
3. The Hurt - 5:20
4. Body - 5:05

Record label: Epic
Released: 06-07-1984
Series number: EPC 450450 1
Printed: Holland
Guide price: 80 €

Farewell My Summer (Promo) Maxi-Single CoverFarewell My Summer (Promo) [Maxi-Single]

A promo 12" single of 'Farewell My Summer Love' was released in the USA by Motown in May 1984. It is the first track from Michael Jackson's album 'Farewell My Summer Love'.

The A-side contains the album version of 'Farewell My Summer Love' and the B-side medley contains: 'I Want You Back'/'The Love You Save'/'Dancing Machine'/'ABC'/'I'll Be There'.

"The group itself is compelling in only The Medley Of The Jackson 5 Motown Hits!" "When Michael said, 'we going to give you the, old stuff,' the crowd rose to it's feet and cheered!"

Track list:

1. Michael Jackson - Farewell My Summer Love - 4:21
2. Call On Me - 3:38

1. The Jackson 5 Motown Medley - 6:49
I Want You Back
'The Love You Save
Dancing Machine
I'll Be There

Record label: Motown
Released: 05-1984
Series number: PR-153
Printed: USA
Guide price: 50 €

Anthology 1969-1984 (Promo) Album CoverAnthology 1969-1984 (Promo) [2LP Album]

The Jacksons 'Anthology 1969-1984' promo double album was released in Japan in 1984 by Epic to promote the 'Victory' album. The album is now very hard to find.

The double album housed in a unique gatefold sleeve with gold embossed lettering and The Jacksons timeline mapped out across the inner spread. A promo 'Sample' sticker on the back + plus track list inserts in English and Japanese.

The double album contains 20 tracks of The Jacksons & Michael Jackson.

Track list:

1. Medley - I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save - The Jackson 5
2. I'll Be There - The Jackson 5
3. Ben - Michael Jackson
4. Enjoy Yourself - The Jacksons
5. Show You The Way To Go - The Jacksons
6. Different Kind Of Lady - The Jacksons

1. Goin Places - The Jacksons
2. Blame It On The Boogie - The Jacksons
3. Shake Your Body - The Jacksons
4. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson

1. Off The Wall - Michael Jackson
2. Rock With You - Michael Jackson
3. She's Out Of My Life - Michael Jackson
4. This Place Hotel - The Jacksons

1. Lovely One - The Jacksons
2. The Girl Is Mine - Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney
3. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
4. Beat It - Michael Jackson
5. Human Nature - Michael Jackson
6. Thriller - Michael Jackson

Anthology 1969-1984 Album Gatefold

Record label: Epic
Released: 1984
Series number: QY3P90072-3
Printed: Japan
Guide price: 300 €

Michael Jackson Rub N' Play Transfer Set

It's a set of little figures of Michael that you stick on, unstick, stick on again, unstick, etc... That's the game.

Rub 'em here! Rub 'em there! Rub 'em EVERYWHERE! Ages 3 and up (4 and up if you want a piece of the “rubbing tool”), normal children play with such ... That makes you laugh! You are already droll!

This box set contains a 12"x24" 'action poster,' a 6 5/8"x12" sheet of Rub n' Play Magic Transfers, and a rubbing tool.

Michael Jackson Rub N' Play Transfer Set

Manufacturer: Colorforms
Released: 1984
Series number: ?
License: MJJ Productions
Country: USA
Guide price: 30 €

Michael Jackson Doll (Billie Jean Outfit)Michael Jackson Doll (Billie Jean Outfit)

This Michael Jackson "Superstar of the 80's" doll (12 inches = 29cm tall) from 1984 was official released in the USA by Triumph International Inc., made by LJN.

The 12" doll is dressed in 'Billie Jean' outfit, the glittering magic glove, moon walk shoes, black coat with pinkish underneath shirt, black jacket and black pants. The doll was housed in the original picture box with die-cut plastic window.

The doll looks great and definitely recommended to have in your collection.

Manufacturer: Triumph International Inc.
Released: 1984
Series number: ?
Country: USA
Guide price: 48 €

Thriller Talking View Master Electronic 3-D ViewerThriller Talking View-Master Electronic 3-D Viewer (Limited Edition)

These Michael Jackson (limited edition) 'Thriller Talking View-Master Electronic 3-D Viewer' of the year 1984 was released in the USA by manufacturer View Master International.

It complete with the earphone and the full set of 3 Cartridges containing 21 3-D pictures with sound. A microprocessor-controlled unit within the viewer reproduces high-quality sound. Operates on 4 AA batteries.

License: Optimum Productions
Manufacturer: View Master International Group
Released: 1984
Country: USA
Series number: 4421
Guide price: 135 €

Michael-The Michael Jackson Story Book CoverMichael! The Michael Jackson Story (Book)

'Michael! The Michael Jackson Story' book written by author Mark Bego is from the year 1984 and released by publisher Zomba Books.
it's illustrated with 50 beautiful black & white pictures and covers Michael's life up to the Thriller era...

Michael is now recognised as the decade's biggest superstar, and his fascinating story is a phenomenal legacy of talent, work and creative perfection.

Singer, writer, actor, dancer, phenomenon, here, for the first time in book form is the amazing story of his life and work.

Fully illustrated.

Publisher: Zomba Books
Author: Mark Bego
Released: 1984
Language: English
Pages: 125
ISBN: 0-946391-39-4
Printed: UK
Guide price: 6 €

Michael Jackson Record PlayerMichael Jackson Recod Player

'Michael Jackson Record Player' with cardboard case was released in 1984 and featuring a promotional photo of Michael Jackson from the 'Thriller' era by Vanity Fair.

The cover of the record player is signed in black marker "Love Michael Jackson."

The box measures 12½" x 10½" x 3½" approximately when closed. The record player is a scarce collectable item!




Released: 1984
Series number: M-JMMRE67787
Guide price: 190 €

Drinking And Driving Can Kill A Friendship Special Radio Broadcast (Promo) [Single]

Drinking And Driving Can Kill A Friendship Special Radio Broadcast (Promo) SingleGold label promo 7” single plays on 33 1/3 RPM, sent by AD Council to American radio stations in 1984. Same content on both sides.

Michael gave permission for his 'Beat It' to be used in the National Highway Safety Commission's anti-drunk driving campaign.

Under the heading, 'Drink Driving Can Kill A Friendship' the ads were targeted t young drivers and the dangers of driving behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of alcohol.

Michael was later presented with a Presidential award for his support of the campaign.

Track list:

1. Stop Your Friend - 0:60
2. What's A Few Bears - 0:30
3. What's A Few Bears - 0:30

1. Stop Your Friend - 0:60
2. What's A Few Bears - 0:30
3. What's A Few Bears - 0:30

Record label: AD Council
Released: 1984
Series number: DRD-684
Printed: USA
Guide price: 130 €

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