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The Girl Is Mine (Yellow Vinyl) Single CoverThe Girl Is Mine (Yellow Vinyl Single)

This is a must for any Michael Jackson fan, the MEGA RARE YELLOW VINYL on 7 inch. It was only available in Israel, released on October 25th, 1982 by the record label Epic.

'The Girl Is Mine' is a song recorded by Michael Jackson featuring Paul McCartney. The track was written by Jackson and produced by Jackson and Quincy Jones. It was released as the first single for Jackson's sixth solo album, 'Thriller' (1982).

The song was about two men fighting over the love of one woman, each claiming that he can love the woman better than the other. It leads into a spoken debate near the end of the song by the two singers with Jackson giving his now famous line: "Paul, I think I told you, I'm a lover, not a fighter."

Track list:

The Girl Is Mine (Yellow Vinyl) SingleA:
1. The Girl Is Mine (with Paul McCartney) - 3:41

1. Can't Get Outta The Rain - 4:02



Record label: Epic
Released: 25-10-1982
Series number: CBS2729
Printed: Israel
Guide price: 250 €

Someone In The Dark (Promo) Single CoverSomeone In The Dark (Promo) [Single]

'Someone In The Dark' promo single of Michael Jackson was released in the USA on November 7th,1982 through MCA Records.

The white label promotional only 7" vinyl taken from the 'E.T' movie soundtrack. Featuring the 4:58 minutes long version with 20 second intro & 3.04 minutes short version with 20 second intro. Label text states 'Promotion Copy Not For Sale' on both sides.

Housed in unique picture sleeve showing Michael with 'E.T'.

The single is never released official and with that the by far the rarest Michael Jackson 7" in existence and is highly coveted.

Track list:

1. Someone In The Dark (Long Version) - 4:58

2. Someone In The Dark (Short Version) - 3:04

Record label: MCA
Released: 07-11-1982
Series number: S45-1786
Printed: USA
Guide price: 1300 €

Superstar Series Vol.12 Album 1 CoverSuperstar Series Vol.12 (Album 1+2)

In 1980, Motown celebrated its 20th anniversary with its Superstar Series, a series of best-of collections by artists who had recorded for the label in the 1960's and/or 1970's.

Of 'Superstar Series, Vol. 12 'there are two albums released with the same cover, but the track list is different.

Album 1 was released in France on September 9th, 1980 and contains the songs like 'I Want You Back', 'I'll Be There', 'All I Do I Think Of You', 'Mama's Pearl' and 'I Am Love'.

Album 2 was released in the USA also on September 9th, 1980 and contains an 11:08 medley of hits on side one, with five complete tracks on side two.

Here below you see the different track list and more info...

Track list:

1. I Want You Back - 2:56
2. ABC - 2:56
3. The Love You Save - 3:04
4. I'll Be There - 3:56
5. Never Can Say Goodbye - 2:59
6. Dancing Machine - 2:29
7. All I Do I Think Of You - 3:10

1. Goin' Back To Indiana - 3:29
2. Lookin' Through The Windows - 3:34
3. Mama's Pearl - 3:07
4. Maybe Tomorrow - 4:39
5. Get It Together - 2:48
6. I Am Love - 7:26

Record label: Motown
Released: 09-09-1980
Series number: 535029
Printed: France
Guide price: 20 €

Superstar Series Vol.12 Album 2 Cover'Superstar Series, Vol. 12' album 2 contains an 11:08 medley of hits on side one, the track list of the medley is not correct on the back side of the cover, namely they changed 'I'll Be There with 'Dancing Machine'.

Side two has five complete songs like 'Lookin' Through The Windows', Maybe Tomorrow, and 'I Am Love'.

Track list:

A: Medley - 11:08
1. I Want You Back
2. ABC
3. The Love You Save
4. Dancing Machine
5. Never Can Say Goodbye
6. I'll Be There

1. Lookin' Through The Windows - 3:34
2. Mama's Pearl - 3:07
3. Maybe Tomorrow - 4:38
4. Get It Together - 2:47
5. I Am Love - 7:24

Record label: Motown
Released: 09-09-1980
Series number: M5-112V1
Printed: USA
Guide price: 20 €

The Robert W. Morgan Special Of The Week - Interview with The Jacksons (Album)

The Robert W. Morgan Special Of The Week - Interview with The Jacksons AlbumThis interview of The Jacksons has been released on a vinyl album in the USA through Watermak Records in August 1980 with the name 'The Robert W. Morgan Special Of The Week For 8/9-10/80 Radio Broadcast Album'.

The Jacksons were interviewed by Robert W. Wagner on August 30th.

The entire show is devoted to The Jacksons, with Michael and Marlon doing the full interview, with several interesting segments with Michael.

Michael talks about how he has always wanted to create “music for all races” and that if “politicians…couldn’t bring the world together, we’ll try to do it with music. That’s what I love about music.” Michael and Marlon discuss how they had always wanted to produce and write their own music and Michael talks about coming from parents with a musical background.

Also Michael talks about touring England in the late 70’s with The Osmonds and talks about 'The Wiz'.

Interview - 52:00

Record label: Watermark
Released: 08-1980
Series number: SWS-803-6
Printed: USA
Guide price: 100 €

Rock With You (Promo) Maxi-Single CoverRock With You (Promo) [Maxi-Single]

In the year 1980 the promo maxi-single of 'Rock With You' was released in Japan.

On this vinyl you can hear the re-arranged version, slightly jazzed-up (jazzy guitar and added handclaps), the re-arranged version was included on the new pressings of the 'Off The Wall' album, replacing the original recording.

On the B-side you find the song 'Robin Hood' of Fox & Promes.

Track list:

1. Rock With You - 4:57

1. Fox & Promes - Robin Hood - 5:11

Record label: Epic
Released: 1980
Series number: QY.3P-10
Printed: Japan
Guide price: 30 €

Billie Jean PaintingBillie Jean Painting

This painting is original painted by Vincent McKoy in the 80's and shows Michael Jackson in dance position out of the 'Billie Jean' video clip.

Vincent has made already 5 different paintings of Michael a.o. the 'Making HIStory' Limited Edition Print'.

It is framed with a nice golden frame work and has dimensions of 43 on 63 inches.
The present owner of this big painting has it al ready 10 years his possession and will sell it in the future because of lack of room.



Released: 80's
Series number: ?
Guide price: 500 €


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