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John’s Portraits Of MichaelJohn’s Portraits Of Michael Jackson

John Uilenberg, an artist who lives in the Netherlands, has invited us to share with Michael’s fans the portraits in oil he has done of Michael.


My name is John Uilenberg, I was born (1960) in a city called Gorinchem in the Netherlands.
I’ve been drawing and painting almost all my life.
In my youth it  started with painting animals and landscapes.
I always looked up against portrait painting and never had the guts to try.
It lasted until the summer of 2007 before I gave it a shot. I decided to start with a portrait of Bob Dylan.
I liked the result and wanted more and more.
The last few years I painted a lot of celebrity’s and other people.
If you’re interested you’ll find some of the portraits I painted during the last years on my website.

One of the celebrities I  wanted to do from the first moment I started painting portraits was  Michael Jackson.
There simply wasn’t enough time to start on his portrait because other bookings kept me busy.
After June 25 2009 one customer request came after the other for MJ portraits.
At this moment I painted several MJ portraits and Michael still inspires me.

John’s Portraits Of Michael
John’s Portraits Of Michael
John’s Portraits Of Michael

I often get the question to do the same portrait again.
John’s Portraits Of MichaelBut first of all there is no challenge for me to do the same portrait twice, and next to that I always promise my customers that every painting is unique and want to keep it like that.
I try to paint realistic portraits in the highest quality oil based paint.
My mission is to paint the portrait exactly in the way my customer is looking for.
If the customer is not satisfied with the result in the end there are no obligations.
Together we can decide about the kind of background and colours being used.
During the whole painting process I update my customers by sending digital pictures of their project.
All my paintings are on professional canvas on a wooden frame.
The flanks/sides are also painted, so it is not necessary to put it in a frame.

If you are interested in having a (MJ) portrait painted, or are you looking for a unique present, perhaps I can help you.
Most of my paintings are based on pictures. If you just send me a picture, together with the size of painting you would like to haven I will make you an offer without any obligations.
Visiting my atelier is always possible, just call me for an appointment.

John’s Portraits Of MichaelHere some links of the video's on YouTube.



Please visit my site http://www.portret-schilder.com

I would be honoured to hear from you.
Greetings from John.

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