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Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Turns 35, New MJ Artifacts Displayed At Grammy Museum. 09-08-'17

Grammy MuseumIt's hard to believe that Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' is now 35 years old!

Yep, the number one, best-selling album of all-time has marked another milestone, and so to celebrate, The Grammy Museum in LA has rolled out some amazing artifacts from The King of Pop!

"It was really difficult to get them," Grammy Museum curator Nwaka Onwusa shared. "We worked with some great collectors and obviously the Michael Jackson estate who provided artifacts to this exhibit."

And that includes the "Gloved One's" famed military style jackets from back in the day, including one which weighs as much as 15 to 20 pounds!

"This was also worn during the Victory Tour in Kansas City in 1984, so he would have been performing some of those hits obviously off the 'Thriller' album like 'Billie Jean' in this coat here," Onwusa revealed.

But the thrills don't stop there!

Remember MJ's high school letterman jacket from the 'Thriller' video?

That's here, too!

"So, we are celebrating 35 years of Thriller," Onwusa said. "The album was released in 1982 and was produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson. And that is actually his signature on the left sleeve there."

And even that famous white suit that MJ sports on the 'Thriller' cover is displayed at the exhibition.

And of course, perhaps the most famous jacket of all-- the one that launched a fashion craze in the 80's, along with parachute pants!

"We have this jacket here, and again, just pushing the button in fashion as well as music during that time," Onwusa added.

So many memories-- and all in one magical place! Go to the site of Grammy Museum.


Source: CW39 / Billie Jea

Stranger Things Season 2 Is A Thriller. 23-07-'17

Fans of ‘Stranger Things’ and Michael Jackson unite!

The award winning show ‘Stranger Things’, which was released on Netflix in 2016 and gained a huge following, have just dropped the trailer for Season 2 at comic-con, and the soundtrack to it is none other than Michael’s classic ‘Thriller.’

Whilst a horror themed trailer seems apt to use ‘Thriller,’ it’s even more befitting as the show is set in the 1980s. The first seasons was based in 1983 and the new season, which will be released on October 27th, will be set in 1984. ‘Thriller’ nicely underscores the trailer encapsulating all that is horror and all that is 80s!

The show is littered with pop culture references, so we will need to wait another three months to see if there’s any more nods to arguably the most popular artist of the decade, Michael Jackson.


Source: MJWN / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Chimpanzee Bubbles Star Of Miami Art Show. 22-07-'17

Michael Jackson's former pet chimp Bubbles sold his artwork at a Miami gallery show on Friday (July 21).

The ape's paintings were selling at prices ranging from $375 to $2,000 while on display at Frames USA & Art Gallery for the charitable Going Ape! art show.

Proceeds from the event will help support Florida’s Center for Great Apes, where Bubbles has been residing along with nearly 50 other primates who have been rehabilitating from a life of forced performance.

“I was invited three months ago to do a tour of the centre and it was there in the orientation centre where I saw a picture, a painting, of a chimpanzee who made something on paper," gallery owner Adam Brand tells Channels Television of his inspiration for hosting the Going Ape! exhibition. "It didn’t dawn on me until the three-and-a-half-hour drive back to Miami where I said ‘wow, they’re talking about a whole expansion, fundraising, they needed money,’ and I said, ‘let’s do an art show'."

Each canvas on sale at Going Ape! was painted by one of the primates who live Florida's Center for Great Apes. The rehabilitation centre is in need of funds to expand housing and care for the animals, who due to their performance backgrounds and exposure to humans are too socialised to survive in the wild.

Although the art show was a hit, prospective buyers of the canvasses admitted they were tripped out by the thought of owning a piece painted by a chimp.


“The idea of looking at these paintings and you know on the one hand I say, ‘well isn’t this fascinating?’ but then on the other hand I say, ‘what else would you expect?'” Deana Litowitz, who was eyeing a painting by Bubbles, mused at the gallery.

This isn't the first time the 34-year-old chimpanzee has caused a stir on the art scene - American pop artist Jeff Koons memorialised Bubbles' unique relationship with the King of Pop in a controversial 1988 porcelain sculpture titled Michael Jackson and Bubbles.

The famous ape is also the subject of a forthcoming biopic about his life directed by Green Lantern actor Taika Waititi alongside animator Mark Gustafson.

Source: Music News / Billie Jean

Tiger Shroff Trained 18 Hours A Day With Michael Jackson's Dance Troupe. 13-07-'17

Munna Michael
'Munna Michael' is a special film for Tiger Shroff.

'Munna Michael' is a special film for Tiger Shroff, who considers it his tribute to Michael Jackson. The actor, who is known for his swift moves on the dance floor, left no stone unturned in perfecting MJ's style of dancing for the film. Shroff can be seen recreating MJ's iconic moves in the recently released song, Beparwah.

Talking about the gruelling practice sessions that Shroff endured, director Sabbir Khan says, "Tiger attended a dance camp in the US. Not just that, dancers were brought in from Los Angeles. They practised with him for about 18 hours every day. Many of these dancers have accompanied MJ on his tours and danced with him. We used them in a few sequences in the film as well. Off work, they shared anecdotes on MJ's personal style, his gimmicks, et al."

Tiger Shroff has often expressed his admiration for the King of Pop and his passion for the dancing legend was evident during 'Munna Michael' shoot as well. Khan says, "He got emotional every time one of MJ's tunes was played."

In fact, it was Tiger who pushed Khan to direct the dance drama. "We were shooting a promotional number for Heropanti (2014), when I happened to discuss the idea of Munna Michael with Tiger. It was forgotten after that. In June last year, he called me saying, 'Why don't we make that film?'" recalls Khan.

The filmmaker, who is collaborating with Shroff for the third time, after Heropanti and Baaghi (2016), says he has never seen him as invested in a project. "He was bummed out after 'A Flying Jatt' (2016) didn't work, but he didn't let that dampen his spirits. He used the dejection and failure to make this a wonderful film."

The film will be in the cinema on July 21, watch the trailer of 'Mumma Michael' below:


Source: Mid-Day / YouTube / Billie Jean

Stars Of Michael Jackson Movie Weigh In On His Children. 28-06-'17

Stars of the Lifetime movie 'Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland' weigh in on the late pop star's children: "He would be very proud of them," says producer Suzanne De Passe.


Sourced: MSN / Billie Jean

Iron Maiden’s ‘The Trooper’ Meets Michael Jackson’s 'Beat It' in Seamless Mashup. 18-06-'17

This might be the greatest pop-meets-metal mashup we’ve ever heard. In this Best of YouTube clip, we revisit an incredible mix between Iron Maiden’s 'The Trooper' and Michael Jackson’s 'Beat It'.

YouTuber Nightmare Lyra has created a bunch of mashups, but 'Beat It, Trooper' is by far the most popular with over 370,000 views… which is still not nearly enough for something as good as this. In fact, it’s the only Nightmare Lyra mashup that’s surpassed 4,000 views, so you know this clip is the chosen one.

'Beat It, Trooper' begins with Iron Maiden’s iconic 'Trooper' riff, but before a vocal line even begins, the secondary guitar riff from 'Beat It' adds an extra layer to the Maiden classic almost seamlessly. Instead of Bruce Dickinson’s operatic voice singing the horrors of warfare, we get MJ’s famous lines as Maiden’s instrumental section drops out in the verse’s opening measures.

It’s eerie how well it all comes together, even without Dickinson’s woahs in the mix. In place of Maiden’s most powerful chant, Michael Jackson roars in with Beat it, beat it, no one wants to be defeated.” For a little added depth, samples from Anthrax’s 'Caught In A Mosh', Billy Idol’s 'White Wedding' and Judas Priest’s 'Painkiller', but you’d hardly notice.


Source: 103.7 The Loon / YouTube / Billie Jean

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