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Mark LesterMark Lester: MJ Wanted To Perform For His Children. 01-07-'09

Michael Jackson's friend Mark Lester has said that one of the reasons the icon had planned to perform `This Is It' concerts was that he wanted his children to see him live on stage.

"He wanted his children to see daddy do what daddy does best, " The Scotsman quoted him as saying. He added: "The kids had never seen Michael performing live. This was their opportunity to see him. "They had watched him on DVD's and on television, but they had never watched him doing his stuff live.

"He wanted that very much for his children to see, and of course for all the fans and everybody else, but the main motivation behind it was for them to see their daddy." Mark also said that the three children - Michael Joseph Jackson Junior, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II- meant "everything" to the singer.

Lester also dismissed gossips that the icon was under too much strain to do the shows and would not have been able to finish them. He said: "Michael wouldn't have taken it on if he had any doubt that he couldn't have done it.

"He was a perfectionist and if he couldn't have done it to how he wanted to do it, he wouldn't have taken it on."

The former Oliver! child actor also said that he had met Jackson for the last time in March.

"We saw him in March and spent the weekend together - he was fit and healthy, we had fish and chips, his favourite meal whenever he comes to London," he said.

Source: TopNews / Billie Jean

Michael First Artist To Sell Over 1 Million Downloads In A Single Week. 01-07-'09

Michael JacksonJackson's final rehearsal, at Staples Center in Los Angeles.
As the Michael Jackson’s body is being prepared for transport to a public viewing at the Neverland Ranch, his music rules the charts once again.

Billboard’s latest sales charts show the king of pop as the first artist ever to sell more than a million downloads in a single week, among other firsts.

Fans flocked to the late popstar’s greatest hits, purchasing a record-breaking 2.6 million Jackson solo recordings and Jackson Five songs, according to Nielsen SoundScan data for the week ending June 28. Jackson also dominated Billboard’s “Comprehensive Album Chart,” which tracks both new albums and older catalog albums — the first time a catalog album has ever scanned more sales than any new album.

The “massively talented boy-man,” as his former collaborator Paul McCartney described the eccentric star, posthumously claimed the top three spots with two greatest hits collections and the legendary Thriller album:

1. Michael Jackson - Number Ones (108K album sales scanned)

2. Michael Jackson - The Essential Michael Jackson (102K)

3. Michael Jackson - Thriller (101K)

4. The Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D. (88K)

Jackson may once more rule the charts, but times have changed for the record industry since the ’80s heyday of cassette and vinyl retail sales. Last week, Billboard estimated that retailers sold 415,000 solo Michael Jackson albums (an increase of 4,150 percent from his total the previous week). In the months following its release, Thriller alone regularly sold twice that in a week.

Jackson rehearses for the last time for his now-canceled comeback tour.
Still, Jackson’s domination of several other key charts (six of the top ten digital albums, 25 of the top 75 digital songs, nine of the top ten pop catalog albums) is a clear reminder of the sort of sales that were possible before technology and choice fractured the listening public into a million little niches, when the mainstream still ran strong.

It seemed like everyone tuned in to watch the 13-minute Thriller video when it debuted in 1983, even though that meant staying up past bedtime for some, and wrangling with new-fangled VHS or Betamax recorders for others. ABC estimates that 55 percent of US television sets were tuned to Jackson’s 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey (over 62 million viewers total), while this year’s American Idol finale — arguably the biggest thing in music — drew only 32.5 million viewers, despite viewer ship having grown since ‘93.

Google thought it was under attack in the hours after Jackson passed away, causing some to speculate that he “almost [took] the internet with him.” The idea of one music superstar capturing the world’s attention could also perish with Jackson.

Thriller is the top-selling studio album in US history, with 28 million RIAA-tracked sales and well over 100 million copies sold worldwide. Given consumers’ growing preference for singles and the trajectory of the recorded music industry in general, those records are likely to stand for quite some time.

Source: Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMJ About To Rock Billboard Charts. 01-07-'09

Nielsen SoundScan's sales numbers won't be released until Wednesday (July 1) morning, but industry prognosticators indicate that three of Jackson's albums -- "Number Ones," "The Essential Michael Jackson" and "Thriller" -- each sold around 100,000 copies last week. The sales tracking week ended at the close of business on Sunday (June 28) night.

To compare, Jackson's entire catalog of solo albums sold 10,000 in the week that ended June 2.

The aforementioned titles will also be the top three albums on Billboard's Top Pop Catalog chart, and Jackson may lock up anywhere between six to nine slots in tally's the top 10.

Other Jackson albums looking to make a big splash on the chart include "Off the Wall, "Bad," "Dangerous" and his box set "The Ultimate Collection." Additionally, two Jackson 5 compilations -- "The Ultimate Collection" and "20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection" -- are both doing brisk business.

Previously, the record for the most concurrent top 10 titles by an act was five. Both AC/DC and the Beatles managed that feat. There is also the chance that the entire top 10 on the Pop Catalog chart may be filled with Jackson-related titles, counting the two Jackson 5 compilations.

Last week's No. 1 on the Pop Catalog chart was TobyMac's "Portable Sounds" with 9,000 copies sold. The Pop Catalog chart, established in 1991, houses albums that are at least 18 months old. Catalog albums are ineligible to appear on the Billboard 200 albums chart, though they can chart on the all-encompassing Top Comprehensive Albums list.

Last year, Jackson's expanded reissue of "Thriller" pushed the set to a re-entry at No. 1 on the Pop Catalog tally with 166,000 copies sold in its first week.

With the Black Eyed Peas' "The E.N.D." looking to recapture the No. 1 slot on the Billboard 200 chart with slightly less than 100,000, this week will mark the first time a catalog album has sold more than the No. 1 current release.

The bulk of Jackson's album sales came from digital retailers, as many brick and mortar stores quickly ran out of available stock. Sources say his "Essential Michael Jackson," "Number Ones" and "Thriller" each sold more than 30,000 digital albums, with "Essential" moving more than 70,000 downloads alone.

The digital impact will also be felt on our Hot Digital Songs chart, where the King of Pop is certain to make a big splash. His digital track sales went from about 40,000 the week ending June 21 to -- label sources say -- around 1.8 million last week. His top sellers will include "Man in the Mirror," "The Way You Make Me Feel," "Billie Jean" and "Smooth Criminal."

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

Neverland RanchMichael's Body Will Return To Neverland. 30-06-'09

Reportedly, the body of Michael Jackson, King of Pop, Rock And Soul, will be driven to Neverland Valley Ranch late on Thursday morning.

Upwards of a thirty car motorcade, including Michael's body, will be traveling from Los Angeles to Neverland at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday. Law enforcement is currently meeting to discuss security and traffic control.

Sources say that plans are in the works for a public viewing on Friday.

A private memorial service is scheduled for Sunday.

So far there has not been an official announcement by the Jackson family on this matter.

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

"This Is It" RehearsalMazur: Magical MJ Was Back. 30-06-'09

The photos from Michael Jackson's last show rehearsal at Staples Center in Los Angeles (USA) on June 23, 2009 that were published recently were taken by Kevin Mazur.

In a press release, Mazur said:

"I am devastated by the sudden loss of the 'KING of POP' who I have photographed numerous times since the Victory Tour in the 80's.

When he hit the stage at rehearsal, I was thrilled that the magical Michael Jackson was BACK!!! I felt the same adrenaline rush as when I photographed him the 1st time moonwalking.

I was so looking forward to shooting the O2 Arena performances with the amazing production that Kenny Ortega and AEG put together with Michael for his fans."

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

David Gest: Michael Jackson 'Talked, Shook A Hand Like A Real Man'. 30-06-'09

David Gest runs to Brit tabloid The Sun with his story of the King of Pop:

“There is nobody who knew Michael like I did. He was so gifted, it’s hard for me to picture him gone. There is a whole side to him people never saw. For instance, people always think of him as talking in that high, soft voice, but he didn’t really speak like that — it was a facade. Still to this day I am not sure why he did it. The Michael I knew talked like a real man, acted like a real man and shook a hand like a real man.”

David Gest

Source: towleroa / Billie Jean

Lou FerrignoFerrigno: Last Time I Trained MJ, He Looked Fantastic. 30-06-'09

Former The Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno said that Michael Jackson"looked fantastic" just last month.

The bodybuilding champion was hired to train the King of Pop for his comeback shows in London, often visiting the star at his Los Angeles home in a bid to prepare him for the strenuous schedule of the 50-date residency.

Ferrigno has spoken out of his shock and devastation over his beloved friend's death, and explained to TV host Larry King that he had never seen the star look so fit.

"I trained him on and off for 15 years. But when I saw him a few months ago, he looked fantastic. The way he moved, I worked with him on different exercises. And I've never seen him look better."

The comments come as pictures of a vibrant Michael dancing his way through a rehearsal, taken just before he died, were published.

And Ferrigno never heard the star complain of feeling unwell.

"Never (complained of heart pains). With him, never. As a matter of fact, sometimes he would be dancing, showing the moves between a set and exercising. And he convinced me. I said this guy is going to pull it off.

When I saw him, he was not frail."

When quizzed over the Thriller singer's reported dependency on prescription drugs, Ferrigno insists there were no signs the star was heavily medicated.

"I don't know anything about his real personal life. But the last month, I don't know what happened. But the time I was with him, he seemed fine, alert, no pain at all. As a matter of fact, he's done a lot of those stretching exercises, because when you have a lot of pain, you can't stretch that much. So he was very eager to do what I told him. He was the same as like 20 years ago."

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

Dr. MurrayDoctor: Michael "Had A Faint Pulse". 30-06-'09

Jackson family attorney Londell McMillan voiced the family's concerns over Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael's personal physician, who was in his bedroom when the entertainer fell into cardiac arrest.

"It's been well documented that Michael was receiving medical care on the bed as opposed to on the floor," McMillan said.

Health care experts recommend CPR be given on the floor or another hard surface.

Meanwhile Dr. Murray claims Michael Jackson had a faint pulse, but was not breathing when he discovered him in his bedroom. His attorney Edward Chernoff told "Dateline" on Sunday night that Michael Jackson was given gentle chest compressions on his bed due to his frail condition.

"He was a frail man. He didn't like to drink or eat. He wasn't exactly healthy," Chernoff claimed. "He had one hand behind his back and he was compressing with the other hand… He was compressing hard enough that the doctor knew he was pumping blood throughout the system."

Dr. Bruce Hensel, a cardiologist and emergency room doctor said that if it's true Michael Jackson had a pulse, he could have been saved.

"People who have cardiac arrest, if you get to them soon enough, and their heart rate is such that it will respond to medicines, you can survive."
While it's been claimed Michael Jackson abused the narcotic drugs Demerol and Oxycontin, attorney Chernoff maintains they were not prescribed by Dr. Murray.

"Dr. Murray certainly wasn't prescribing or administering those drugs to Michael Jackson. Now, if toxicology comes back and shows those drugs in his system, it will be a surprise to us."

Source: Access Hollywood / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonThe “Dome Project” - A Last Video? 30-06-'09

Two weeks ago, Michael Jackson finished what is being called his final video piece. It has been dubbed “Dome Project.”

The details are sketchy at best. Two people who have knowledge of the project confirmed it's existence on Monday to the Associated Press on the conditions that they are not to be identified because of confidentiality agreements. By evening, US West Coast time, it is being repeated in MSNBC news.

The leaks report that the “Dome Project” lasted five weeks and was filmed at Culver Studios. Those studios were the set for the classic film, “Gone With The Wind” some 70 years ago. Four sets were constructed for the production, including one that recalled the epic 1983 “Thriller” video.

The shooting lasted from June 1 – 9, and Michael was on the set for most of that time. The project is now in post – production and is expected to be completed next month.

Producer Robb Wagner, the founder of music video company Stimulated Inc, did not return messages seeking comment and Michael Roth, spokesperson for LA based promoter AEG Live said that he had not heard about this production. He added that it could have been part of the company contract with Michael.

An unidentified worker with knowledge of the project said that Michael left a memorable impression on the crew. He arrived in a caravan of SUV's, surrounded with security guards. The person said Michael introduced himself to the workers on the set. Michael walked with a spring in his step, but at one point needed assistance when descending steps off a stage.

Besides the cemetery set, another was draped in black with a portrait of Michael in his Thriller werewolf costume. Yet another set simulated a lush jungle. A fourth was built to look like a construction site, with a screen behind it to allow the projection of different backgrounds.

Taping of the piece happened in marathon sessions that ended early in the morning. It is still unclear what final forms the final video project will take.

According to Stimulated's web site, the company had been hired to produce the screen content for Michael's concerts in London.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Gone Too SoonGone Too Soon - Ryan White's Mother Shares Her Feelings. 30-06-'09

Ryan White and Michael Jackson shared a special bond. Michael met Ryan, who suffered with HIV after receiving contaminated blood during a treatment, back in 1987. Now, Ryan's mother is sharing a telephone recording that he and Michael had:

Ryan White: Hey Michael, I have tickets to the Batman premier. Want to come?

Michael Jackson: 'Yeah, I would love to Ryan, but I might be recording, have to see.'

Ryan's mother, Jeanne White, says that Michael was truly a good hearted person. “He worked so hard ever since he was a kid, that he didn’t have childhood and when you went to Neverland, you too would act as a kid."

Ms White was in the Chicago airport when she heard the news that Michael had been rushed to the hospital. To her, he was not the King of Pop, but a dear family friend. Michael stood by her and her son during the most difficult moments of their lives. And Michael was there when Ryan passed away.

In 1990, Michael wrote the now famous “Gone Too Soon” dedicated to Ryan. And that is how Ryan's mother now feels about Michael...Gone Too Soon.

Source: Fox / Billie Jean

This Is It Rehearsel (23-06-2009)Michael Jackson's 02 Performance Filmed For Future. 29-06-'09

Michael Jackson’s last rehearsal at the Staples Center on Wednesday, the eve of his death, was recorded in multi-camera, high-definition video and multi-track audio, and could be released as the performer’s last album, according to several people close to the now-defunct concert tour.

The recordings were made as part of concert promotion company AEG Live’s deal with Jackson, which included a plan to produce both an album and DVD of what Jackson had billed his “final performance” tour, titled “This Is It.”

The entertainer died of heart failure on Thursday.

Randy Phillips, president and CEO of AEG Live, the nation's second largest concert promoter, emailed that he would not comment for the story.

The recordings also could be used to produce both a DVD or Blu-ray disc of the entertainer’s last performance -- the entertainer singing his greatest hits.

One AEG official boasted to a colleague this weekend, “We have a live album in the can.”

And what an album it would be. Amazon, record stores and retailers like Barnes and Noble sold of all Michael Jackson stock almost immediately -- and in a matter of minutes following the news of Jackson’s death, in the case of Amazon.

Press reports have said that AEG Live stands to lose tens of millions of dollars from the unexpected cancellation of Jackson’s 50-date London tour.

But any audio and video release of the final concert would undoubtedly sell millions -- if not tens of millions -- of units worldwide and would be the music industry’s equivalent of a license to print money.

Jackson had failed to appear at many of the scheduled rehearsals in Los Angeles over the past two months. But he did show up at a full rehearsal at the Staples Center of his scheduled July 13 London concert on the night before his death.

The rehearsal, which went on for several hours, included dancers, musicians and aerial performers. Three people close to the production said it had been captured by multiple cameras, and the audio digitally recorded in a manner that could be used to produce a surround-sound DVD and audio products.

Source: The Wrap / Billie Jean

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe: “I Lost My Best Friend”. 29-06-'09

On his web site Showbiz411.com Roger Friedman published a short interview with Debbie Rowe:

Debbie Rowe, mother of Michael Jackson’s two eldest children, is holed up at her ranch a couple of hours away from Los Angeles. She can’t leave because paparazzi have been staking out her house since Thursday. It doesn’t matter. She is, as I told you on Thursday ”inconsolable.”

She told me during a brief conversation today: “I lost my best friend.”

Rowe was married to Jackson when she had Prince Michael I and Paris Katherine. But it was always understood that they’d part. Now, she is in tears missing her friend.

So far, Rowe has not addressed the issue of the kids or custody despite frantic reports. She wouldn’t do that, she says. “Michael hasn’t even been buried,” she says. Rowe has always had an excellent relationship with Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, and looks forward to talking to her soon, and possibly even seeing the children when the time is right.

For right now, though, she’s turned off her phones and Internet, and is trying to observe a period of mourning. How utterly sensible!

One thing I didn’t bring up with Rowe, but shouldn’t be forgotten: her friendship with Michael was the thing that saved him at his child molestation trial in 2005. Rowe testified for him in court, clearing up for the jury all misconceptions about the pop icon. Her testimony is generally thought to have been the deciding factor in the jury’s deliberations, and kept Jackson out of jail.

Source: Showbiz411.com / Billie Jean

U.S. President Barack ObamaObama Has Written To Jackson Family. 29-06-'09

On the NBC program "Meet the Press," Obama adviser David Axelrod said the US president believes Michael Jackson was "an important and magnificent performer" who made an undeniable impact on music and entertainment.

Asked why Obama had yet to speak publicly about Michael Jackson's sudden death, Axelrod said: "The president has written the family and has shared his feelings with the family. He felt that was the appropriate way to go."

Source: MJFC / CNN / Billie Jean

Joseph JacksonJoseph Jackson Gives Press Conference. 29-06-'09

Flanked by the Ref. Al Sharpton, Michael Jackson's father spoke briefly to a gaggle of press and fans outside their home in Encino.

"I am so proud of my son, Michael" the Jackson family patriarch stated.

He told the press that Katherine had been granted guardianship of Michael's three children and reported that they were fine and playing with the other children at the Encino home. Asked about Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of two of the children, Mr. Jackson stated "She has nothing to do with this." When asked about Mrs Jackson, he said that she "was fine."

In response that ex-nanny, Grace, would be returning to assist in caring for the children, Mr. Jackson acknowledged that she was "a friend of the family," but that had not been decided yet.

Mr. Jackson said that no plans for a funeral have been made yet and assured the press that they would be told as soon as that information would be available. The time and place are, naturally, up to the family. Mr. Jackson said that Michael will not be buried at Neverland, as had been speculated.

He also said that he had not seen Michael's will yet.

On the entertainment side, it appears that there is a project in the works to assist talented underprivileged artists in Michael's name.

Source: MSNBC / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael’s Number 1. 29-06-'09

Michael has topped the UK album chart with his 2003 greatest hits package ‘Number Ones’. His hit song ‘Man In The Mirror’ also topped the singles chart, making it his first number one since ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’ in April 1997.

On the album charts, as well as ‘Number Ones’ in the top spot, ‘Thriller’ is at number 7, ‘King Of Pop’ is at number 14, ‘Off The Wall’ is at number 17 and ‘The Essential Michael Jackson’ is at number 20. In total 11 Michael Jackson or Jackson Five albums featured in the top 200.

In the singles chart, 43 out of the top 200 singles feature the King of Pop, with Michael’s hits accounting for all but one of the new entries in the top 40. Here is a list of the songs to hit the chart:

‘Man In The Mirror’ - #1
‘Smooth Criminal’ - #11
‘Billie Jean’ - #13
‘Thriller’ - #17
‘Beat It’ - #18
‘I Want You Back’ - #19
‘Black Or White’ - #27
‘Dirty Diana’ - #29
‘Blame It On The Boogie’ - #30
‘Ben’ - #32
‘Earth Song’ - #36
‘You Are Not Alone’ - #37
‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ - #38
Overall, Michael accounted for over 300,000 record sales across singles and albums in just two days this week.

Source: BBC / Billie Jean

Janet JacksonJoseph & Janet Jackson Tribute To Michael At The BET Awards. 29-06-'09

Sunday's BET Awards at Los Angeles's Shrine Auditorium honored entertainers for their achievements last year and also served as a tribute to Michael Jackson – whose father Joseph Jackson and sister Janet Jackson were present at the event.

Wearing a black hat, sunglasses and a dark suit, the patriarch of the Jackson family walked the red carpet and told CNN about Michael:

"I wish the world had recognized him when he was living. Right now, he's bigger than ever. But I wish he was here to see all this, to hear all this."

The memory of Michael dominated the event. Host Jamie Foxx made his entrance in a red leather "Billie Jean" jacket. "No need to be sad. We want to celebrate this black man," said Foxx. "We gonna go through all of Michael Jackson."

The host closed his opening monologue with his rendition of Jackson's signature Moonwalk. "I hope I can make it," said Foxx, adding that it was his first attempt since 1983.

Throughout the evening, entertainers, including Beyoncé, paid tribute to Michael as his father sat in a front row seat in the auditorium, accompanied by Rev. Al Sharpton. Beyoncé dedicated her award to Michael, whom she called "my teacher and hero."

Moreover, presenter Marlon Wayans, accompanied by Entourage star Jeremy Piven, addressed Joe Jackson and said, "The Jacksons had a profound effect on my family. If it wasn't for the Jacksons there would be no Wayans. Thank you."
Basketball star LeBron James, collected his best male athlete trophy, told the crowd, "My heart and prayers go out to the whole Jackson family. What they did for us ... was amazing."

At the close of the ceremony, Janet Jackson addressed the audience for the first time since Thursday about Michael. "My entire family wanted to be here tonight but it was too painful," she told everyone, including her father who stood and applauded from his seat. "To you, Michael is an icon. To us, Michael is family. He will forever live in all of hearts."

A visibility emotional Janet added, "On behalf of my family and myself, thank you for all of your love, thank you for all of your support. We miss him so much. Thank you so much."

In the pressroom, where he made a quick appearance, Joe Jackson was asked if Michel might have a message for his fans at this time. He responded, "I think if Michael was here he would've enjoyed the celebration, but … he couldn't be here. It's like he was larger than he was ever before. I think Michael gives his love to everybody and we hope his record will never be broken."

When asked how he would like his son to be remembered, Mr. Jackson said, "Well as you know, since the tragedy has happened, I would like him to be remembered forever all over the world. We know that all over the world everybody will support him."

Source: MJFC / People / Billie Jea

Michael JacksonMichael Had A Pulse When Doctor Found Him? 28-06-'09

Housten attorney Edward Chernoff, representing Dr. Conrad Murray, said today that Dr. Murray reported Michael was in bed and had a faint pulse when he arrived in his room.

Dr. Murray stated that although Michael was not breathing, he was still warm to the touch and had a faint pulse. He then immediately began administering CPT. He added that he did did not prescribe nor give Michael the drugs Demerol or Oxycontin.

Through the lawyer, Dr. Murry reportedly said that any drugs prescribed were given in response to a specific complaint from Michael.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Dr. MurrayCardiologist Completes Interview With Police. 28-06-'09

Cardiologist Dr. Conrad Murray who attended to Michael Jackson during his final moments has concluded a three hour interview with investigators in Los Angeles. His spokeswoman said that the interview to explain his actions concluded with findings that he is not a suspect. In the statement, it says that Murray has been in LA since the death and plans to remain until his assistance is no longer needed. The statement added that he was cooperative and provided information that will assist in the investigation.

In his interview with police, the doctor "helped identify the circumstances around the death of the pop icon and clarified some inconsistencies," Murray's spokeswoman Miranda Sevcik said in a statement Saturday. "Investigators say the doctor is in no way a suspect and remains a witness to this tragedy."

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Chris BrownChris Brown Speaks About MJ. 28-06-'09

Singer Chris Brown recently made these comments to eonline about his idol, Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson is the reason why I do music and why I am an entertainer. I am devastated by this great loss, and I will continue to be humbled and inspired by his legacy. My prayers are with his family. Michael will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. He's the greatest...the best ever.

No one will ever be better."


Source: eonline.com / Billie Jean

Joseph JacksonJoseph Jackson Speaks To Geraldo Rivera. 28-06-'09

During an exclusive interview with Geraldo Rivera from FOX News, Joseph Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, stated,

We’re going to miss the great superstar, the biggest known in the world.”

Rivera asked Mr. Jackson if he felt that Michael would be more well known in death than in life. Jackson replied that this attention,

....should have been done while he was alive so he could enjoy it.”

Regarding Michael Jackson’s children, Mr. Jackson stated,

They are doing fantastic and are enjoying themselves with the other kids.”

According to the Associated Press, a family friend stated that although Michael did not see his family often, he did speak with his mother regularly and had recently seen his father. Regarding his brothers and sisters, the friend added, he was closest to Janet and Jermaine, but was not estranged from the others.

Source: Fox News / Billie Jean

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