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Thriller (CD Single/Ringle) CoverThriller (CD Single/Ringle)
Released: 23-10-2007

'Thriller' CD single/ringle is released in the USA by way of the record label Legacy/Epic. This new release is a part of the 'Thriller 25th' Anniversary CD/DVD set.

This rare US 2 track ringle (ring tone+single) is for mobile phones and PC compatible.

On the CD single/ringle are a bonus track, 'Can't Get Outta The Rain', you get also a code with which you can download for free the ring tone of 'Thriller' and mobile wallpaper.

Withdrawn from the market after a few days after it's release.

Track list:

1. Thriller (Single Version) - 4:08
2. Can't Get Outta The Rain (the first time on cd-single) - 4:09

Record label: Legacy/Epic
Series number: 88697 18009 2
Printed: USA
Guide price: 120 €

Michael Jackson Conspiracy Book CoverMichael Jackson Conspiracy (Book)
Released: 06-06-2007

The book 'Michael Jackson Conspiracy' is released in the USA by publsher iUniverse.

During Michael’s trial in 2005, Aphrodite Jones was one of the media’s main protagonists against him, and was vociferous in her condemnation of his actions.

However, since the ‘Innocent’ verdicts, she has come to believe that she was wrong, and has changed he mind and in doing so, has written a book called ‘The Michael Jackson Conspiracy’.

The book, which she believes will set the record straight and examines in detail the case against Michael.

With a foreword by Tom Mesereau. "To anyone who wants to learn what happened in the Michael Jackson courtroom, this is the book to read." - Thomas A. Mesereau, Jr.

Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Aphrodite Jones
Pages: 296
ISBN: 0-7552-2067-8
Printed: USA
Guide price: 25 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

The Silver Collection CD Album CoverThe Silver Collection (CD Album)
Released: 31-05-2007

'The Silver Collection' CD album of Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5 is released in the EU by Universal and contains previously released Jackson 5 material originally on Motown in the 70's, including 'Goin' Back To Indiana' and 'I Want You Back' and Michael solo song 'Rockin' Robin'.

This compilation should be avoided especially when compared to similar budget sets that contain a majority of hits, specifically, Greatest Hits on Motown.

Track list:

1. I Want You Back - 2:59
2. Rockin' Robin - 2:32
3. Goin' Back To Indiana - 3:31
4. (Weve Got) Blue Skies - 3:22
5. Don't Let Your Baby Catch You - 3:10
6. Skywriter - 3:09
7. Can You Remember - 2:58
8. Morning Glow - 3:34
9. Children Of The Light - 2:20
10. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah - 3:13

Record label: Universal
Series number: 9846942
Printed: EU
Guide price: 10 €

Jackson Family Auction Vegas Catalogue  Book CoverJackson Family Auction Vegas Catalogue (Book)
Released: 05-2007

The 'Jackson Family Auction Vegas Catalogue' book is created in an extremely limited edition to promote the 'Jackson Family Memorabilia Auction' being held live at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel on May 30 and 31, 2007.

The Jacksons Collection contains thousands of items from the "King of Pop" and his talented siblings from as far back as their first appearances as the Jackson Five on through the early 1990's. Fabulous stage worn costumes and personal clothing, props and instruments, awards, gold records and paper ephemera (from performance contracts and unpublished photographs to hand written music), on to items given to

Michael and his brothers and sisters by other legendary entertainers and sports superstars made up only a portion of this unprecedented collection. Over 1,100 Jackson family items brought in between $1.8 million and $2.4 million. Ten percent of the proceeds of the sale were donated to charities.

This luscious, beautifully designed 235-page catalogue includes hundreds of colour pictures and descriptions of these spectacular personal Jackson Family items. A must-have !

Publisher: ?
Author: ?
Released: 05-2007
Language: English
Pages: 235
Printed: ?
Guide price: 50 €

Michael Jackson For The Record Book CoverMichael Jackson For The Record (Book)
Released: 27-02-2007

'Michael Jackson For The Record' book is released in the UK by publisher Authors OnLine Ltd and written through Chris Cadman & Craig Halstead.

The aim of this book is to document the many songs Michael has been involved with over the years – as singer, as writer, as producer, or simply as the inspiration or subject. The songs are listed numerically and alphabetically, and each listing includes the artist, release date and connection to Michael, together with other interesting information.
The starting point, naturally, was the officially released singles and albums by Michael and his brothers.

Many unreleased songs Michael has written or co-written have been registered, also included and detailed: Official remixes, notable demo versions, cover versions & other hit versions, notable adaptations and tracks, especially hits, which have sampled a Jackson or Jackson-related song.

So there are demos that have been officially or unofficially released, or where interesting facts about the demo are known.

We have also compiled a ‘Rumour Has It’ section. This features a list of titles that might exist and might be Michael-related, but equally might not.

Publisher: Authors OnLine Ltd
Author: Chris Cadman & Craig Halstead
Pages: 401
ISBN: 0-7552-2067-8
Printed: UK
Guide price: 35 €

Order the book here at Good Reads.

Number Ones (re-issue) [Discbox Slider] CD Album CoverNumber Ones (CD Album) [re-issue]
Released: 26-02-2007

As part of a new mid price series called 'Discbox Slider', the 'Number Ones' CD album has been re-released in Europe, this promotion is available until the end of April 2007.

This CD is the same as the original album released in 2003 (samecover, same track listing). However, the CD is packed in a digipack sleeve.

'Number Ones' was Jackson's first proper compilation album with Sony, after the release of 'HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I' in 1995 (and after the re-release of that album as 'Greatest Hits: HIStory, Volume I'). The album included Jackson singles that reportedly reached number 1 in charts around the world.

It is more than just a collection of greatest hits; it is a timeline, a history lesson, a journey, an escapade, and a cacophony of rich, textured, vibrant sounds. It is a lifetime of music. And at the same time, 'Number Ones' ushers in a new era for Jackson's unmatchable accomplishments.

Track list:

1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (7" Single Edit) 3:55 (Off The Wall)
2. Rock With You (Album Version) 3:38 (Off The Wall)
3. Billie Jean (Album Version) 4:52 (Thriller)
4. Beat It (Album Version) 4:17 (Thriller)
5. Thriller (Single Edit) 5:18 (Thriller)
6. Human Nature (Album Version 4:05 (Thriller)
7. I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Album Version) 4:13 (Bad)
8. Bad (Album Version) 4:07 (Bad)
9. The Way You Make Me Feel (Album Version) 4:57 (Bad)
10. Dirty Diana (Album Version) 4:41 (Bad)
11. Smooth Criminal (Album Version) 4:16 (Bad)
12. Black Or White (Single Edit) 3:22 (Dangerous)
13. You Are Not Alone (Radio Edit) 4:29 (HIStory)
14. Earth Song (Radio Edit) 4:58 (HIStory)
15. Blood On The Dance Floor (Album Version) 4:13 (Blood On The Dance Floor)
16. You Rock My World (Radio Edit) 4:25 (Invincible)
17. Break Of Dawn (Album Version) 5:32 (Invincible)
18. One More Chance (Album Version) 3:50 (single - 22nd November)

Record label: Epic
Series number: 88697046592
Printed: Europe
Guide price: 30 €

The cd album is available at Amazon.

Colour Collection (Green Cover) CD Album CoverColour Collection (CD Album) [Green And Purple Cover]
Released: 23-02-2007

The 'Colour Collection' CD album by Michael Jackson is released in Europe through Motown under the Universal Music label. This 15-tracks compilation comes with a die-cut cover which shows a green coloured CD inside, the other one shows a purple coloured CD inside.

The CD album featuring a collection of 15 hits and rarities including 'One Day In Your Life', 'Ben', 'Rockin' Robin' and many more.

Track list:

1. One Day In Your Life - 4:13
2. Rockin' Robin - 2:31
Colour Collection (Purple Cover) CD Album Cover3. People Make The World Go Round - 3:16
4. Happy - 3:29
5. With A Child's Heart - 3:34
6. Music And Me - 2:38
7. Got To Be There - 3:23
8. Ben - 2:47
9. We're Almost There - 3:47
10. Just A Little Bit Of You - 3:08
11. I Wanna Be where You Are - 2:57
12. In Our Small Way - 3:40
13. My Girl - 3:08
14. Dapper Dan - 3:08
15. We've Got A Good Thing Going - 3:04

Record label: Motown/Universal
Series number: 0602498436332
Printed: EU
Guide price: 15 €

Order the CD album here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

On Michael Jackson Book CoverOn Michael Jackson (Book)
Released: 09-01-2007

The book 'On Michael Jackson' is released in the USA by publisher Vintage Books.

Michael Jackson was once universally acclaimed as a song-and-dance man of genius; Wacko Jacko is now, more often than not, dismissed for his bizarre race and gender transformations and confounding antics, even as he is commonly reviled for the child molestation charges twice brought against him. Whence the weirdness and alleged criminality? How to account for Michael Jackson's rise and fall? In 'On Michael Jackson --an at once passionate, incisive, and bracing work of cultural analysis--Pulitzer Prize-winning critic for The New York Times Margo Jefferson brilliantly unravels the complexities of one of the most enigmatic figures of our time.

Who is Michael Jackson and what does it mean to call him a "What Is It"? What do P. T. Barnum, Peter Pan, and Edgar Allan Poe have to do with our fascination with Jackson? How did his curious Victorian upbringing and his tenure as a child prodigy on the "chitlin' circuit" inform his character and multiplicity of selves? How is Michael Jackson's celebrity related to the outrageous popularity of nineteenth-century minstrelsy? What is the perverse appeal of child stars for grown-ups and what is the price of such stardom for these children and for us? What uncanniness provoked Michael Jackson to become "Alone of All His Race, Alone of All Her Sex," while establishing himself as an undeniably great performer with neo-Gothic, dandy proclivities and a producer of visionary music videos? What do we find so unnerving about Michael Jackson's presumed monstrosity? In short, how are we all of us implicated?

In her stunning first book, Margo Jefferson gives us the incontrovertible lowdown on call-him-what-you-wish; she offers a powerful reckoning with a quintessential, richly allusive signifier of American society and popular culture.

Publisher: Vintage Books
Author: Margo Jefferson
Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-0307277657
Printed: USA
Point price: 8 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

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