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The Wiz Blu-ray CoverThe Wiz (Blu-ray) [re-issue]
Released: 08-08-2018

'The Wiz' is back in Japan on Blu-ray. The re-release will come out just before Michael Jackson’s Birthday on August 8th!

The magical Land of Oz jumps out of the pan in this spectacularly musical based on the Broadway case success.

In this Motown-production Dorothy 's a shy nursery school teacher out of Harlem. During a heavy snowstorm she goes to look after her lost dog Toto and she's taken along with to a fairy-tale land where she should follow the yellow way.

Director Sidney Lumet wanted more than filming only the theatre production and has conjured New York City into the magical Land of Oz.

Diana Ross plays the beautiful role as Dorothy and is working together with stars such as Michael Jackson the scarecrow), Nipsey Russell (the tin man), Ted Ross (the cowardly lion), Lena Horne (Glinda the good witch) and Richard Pryor (the big magician of Oz).

With such a cast, splendid musical songs and fantastic visual effects 'The Wiz' shall charm movie fans of different generations.

Starring: Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Ted Ross
Director: Sidney Lumet

Publisher: Universal
Series number: 4988102689865
Playing time: 135 Minutes
Sound: English DTS HD Master Audio 5.1ch / Japanese Dolby Digital 2ch Stereo
Picture format: 1080p HD Wildescreen
Printed: Japan
Guide price: 11 €

Order the Blu-ray here at CD Japan.

Soul Illustraded (Limited Number) Magazine CoverSoul Illustraded (Limited Number) [Magazine]
Released: 17-07-2018

Fans of Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 are familiar with the Soul magazine of which very many units were devoted to Michael and the Jackson family during the 70's.

Well, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the magazine, Soul Newspaper (USA) has decided to publish an extremely limited number of 'Soul Illustrated' original issues of April 1971 in excellent condition.

This issue, which features the Jackson 5, also features Roberta Flack, Jimmy Hendrix, Isaac Hayes, Smokey Robinson, and more.

For the record, Soul magazine existed from 1966 to 1982 and was one of Los Angeles' first black music publications. Owning numbers from such a magazine allows you to get back into the history of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 as if you were there.

It was in 1969 that the magazine published its first presentation of the Jackson 5 in its edition of September 8 and the group made the UNE of the magazine as of June 1, 1970.

Finally for all those who own the double album Live At The Forum, the magazine had at the time made an account of the two concerts and we talked about all this in 2010.

If the years pass quickly, this extremely limited publication of this special Soul Illustrated issue of April 1971 will most certainly allow you to dive into the HIStory once more.

Released: 04-1971
Issue: Vol. 3, #1
Pages: 66
Guide price + shipping 42 €

Order the magazine here at Soul Newspaper.

 Michael Jackson: Songs & Stories From The Vault Book CoverMichael Jackson: Songs & Stories From The Vault (Book)
Released: 22-06-2018

Previously released as 'Xscape Origins', this newly revised and expanded edition details the anatomy of Michael Jackson’s craftsmanship as told by those who were there, with Jackson, creating the music he left behind.

Now available as 'Michael Jackson: Songs & Stories From The Vault', and featuring dozens of exclusive interviews with the King of Pop’s closest collaborators, this book takes you inside the studio, showcasing the creative process of the most successful recording artist in the history of popular music.

Author Damien Shields delivers captivating fly-on-the-wall accounts of how Jackson and his collaborators crafted the eight songs that would ultimately be resurrected several years after his death on the 'Xscape' album. “Breaks down the studio door and places you right there behind the mixing deck for a front row view of the star’s process.”

Charles Thomson, Huffington Post “Damien Shields delves deep to deliver a collection of untold stories detailing the origins and development of Jackson’s unreleased work.” - Michael Prince, Recording Engineer for Michael Jackson “Just as Michael said, ‘Study the greats,’ this book allows us to study how his creative genius made him the most popular entertainer on the planet.” - Matt Forger, Recording Engineer for Michael Jackson.

Publisher: Modegy LLC
ISBN: 978-0986199172
Pages: 172
Printed: USA
Guide price: 21,30 €

Order the magazine here at Amazon.

Conspiracy (Special Edition) Book CoverMichael Jackson Conspirary (Special Edition) [Book]
Released: 13-06-2018

Aphrodite Jones, fans of the King of Pop know well as being one, see the only journalist to have made his mea culpa on the mistreatment media and charge against Michael Jackson realized during the trial of 2005, will release a special edition of his book entitled 'Michael Jackson Conspirary'.

This date was chosen as the anniversary date of the day Michael Jackson was found not guilty of all the charges against him.

This book contained a foreword by Michael Jackson's lawyer Thomas A. Mesereau Jr., which stated that "Whoever wants to know what happened in the courtroom during the trial of Michael Jackson must read this book. It details, in a precise and overwhelming way, the reasons why an innocent and generous musical genius was acquitted by a conservative jury of Santa Maria, California."

This special edition, only in English, will contain color photos (which were in black and white) and some links to photos of the accuser taken during police hearings.

Publisher: Aphrodite Jones Books
Author: Aphrodite Jones
Pages: ?
Printed: UK
Guide price: 8,5 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Calendar 2019 CoverMichael Jackson Official 2019 Calendar (USA)
Released: 26-05-2018

The official Michael Jackson 2019 calendar has just released in the USA by Brown Trout.

Since the beginning of his solo career at the tender age of 13, Michael Jackson has won over millions of fans with his chart-topping hits and iconic dance moves. One of the most globally famous pop sensations in history, Michael Jackson's likeliness is instantly recognizable, and his impact on pop music, immeasurable. Celebrate the extraordinary life and career of The King of Pop with this striking wall calendar.

Classic square format. Updated style. Our square 16-month wall calendars include 13 stunning images and even clearer grids and text. Each of these 12" x 12" calendars features an opening spread with a beautiful four-month (September-December 2018) calendar to plan the last four months of the year and rev up for 2019. Filled with an abundance of holidays, each month’s grid is large enough for daily tasks and appointments.

Publsher: Brown Trout
EAN: 9781465075253
Guide price: 12,8 €

Order the calendar here.

Pepsi Cans (Limited Edition Box)
Released: 26-05-2018

Following the release of Michael Jackson Pepsi cans (and bottles) in the US and the Social Media Statement from the Michael Jackson Estate that more countries will get the privilege to get MJ on Pepsi cans, here come the first one: China!

Back in 2012, Pepsi launched a massive campaign in China with a selection of different Michael Jackson cans and the cans were available everywhere!! Huge success for Pepsi which the cans was later on that year released in the US and Romania.

This time, Pepsi China goes the opposite as only 2,000 people will get a limited box set of 4 retro Pepsi cans including the Michael Jackson one.

To get the box set, you will need to enter a lottery system… and be resident of the Republic of China!

Pepsi Cans (Limited Edition)
Four limited edition Pepsi cans of Michael Jackson.

Hopefully we will get more wildly available MJ cans soon and especially Europe as fans here are hungry for them!

The Ultimate Collector Book Volume V (Pocket Edition) CoverThe Ultimate Collector Book Volume V (Pocket Edition)
Released: 13-05-2018

In 2015, we released the first publication from ‘The Ultimate Collector Book Series’ – Volume V HIStory: from 1995-2000. The book charts the collectible items for the World’s Greatest Entertainer Michael Jackson, from his epic HIStory era.

Following a number of print runs, the book officially sold out before the end of the year and has become a much sought after publication, even in its infancy!

'Volume V' is released on May 13 and returns in brand new pocket size format. Containing all the same content as the original issue, this paperback, features over 500 pages of collectors items from the 1995 – 2000 time period. Complete with colour images, the book is split in to various chapters to make it easier to navigate through the different types of collectibles that have been carefully catalogued.

Merchandise includes Tape, 7", 12", CD Singles, Maxi Singles, Albums, Tour Merchandise, toys, memorabilia and much more.

Featuring foreword from HIStory Statue sculptor Diana Walczak and an Introduction from Iconic Editor Pez Jax along with praise from assistant engineer for HIStory, Rob Hoffman and HIStory era photographer Christophe Boulmé.

Publisher: Sixteen 11 Media
Author: Sebastian Mille & Fabrice Ancellet
Pages: 520
ISBN: 978-0993178009
Printed: ?
Guide price: 34 €

Orrder the book here at Sixteen 11.

Dangerous (2LP Set) Album CoverDangerous (Album) [re-issue]
Released: 04-05-2018

Michael Jackson’s 'Dangerous' album (vinyl) will be re-issued on May 4th this year!

The US had their re-issue of this album few years back so here comes the one for Europe from Sony Music CMG!

'Dangerous' is the eighth studio album by Michael Jackson, released by Epic in the USA on November 26th, 1991. Jackson ended his association with Quincy Jones, and enlisted the producing talents of new jack swing inventor Teddy Riley. The RIAA certified 'Dangerous' at 7x Platinum, internationally the album has sold an estimated 32 million copies, tying it with 'Bad' as the second best-selling album of Jackson's career.

All songs produced by Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley and Bill Bottrell.

Track list:

LP 1:
1. Jam - 5:39
2. Why You Wanna Trip On Me - 5:25
3. In The Closet - 6:32

1. She Drives Me Wild - 3:42
2. Remember The Time - 4:00
3. Can't Let Her Get Away - 5:02
4. Heal The World - 6:24

LP 2:
1. Black Or White - 4:16
2. Who Is It - 6:35
3. Give In To Me - 5:28

1. Will You Be There - 7:40
2. Keep The Faith - 5:57
3. Gone Too Soon - 3:22
4. Dangerous - 7:00

Record label: Sony Music CMG
Series number: ?
Printed: EU
Guide price: 46 €

Order the album here at Amazon.

If you are interested in the re-issues of 'Bad' and 'Off The Wall', the two CD's will be re-released on May 2nd by Sony Legacy.

Order 'Off The Wall' here and 'Bad' here.

On Michael Jackson Book CoverOn Michael Jackson (Book)
Released: 03-05-2018

The updated book 'On Michael Jackson' is released on May 3rd in the USA by publisher Granta Books.

Michael Jackson: provocateur, icon, enigma.

Who was he really? And how does his spectacular rise, his catastrophic fall, reflect upon those who made him; those who broke him; and those who loved him?

Almost ten years on from Jackson's untimely death, here is Margo Jefferson's definitive and dazzling dissection of the King of Pop: a man admired for his music, his flair, his performances; and censured for his skin, his erratic behaviour, and, in his final years, for his relationships with children.

Publisher: Granta Books
Author: Margo Jefferson
Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-1783784202
Printed: USA
Guide price: 10 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Behind The Gates Of Neverland Book CoverBehind The Gates Of Neverland (Book)
Released: 30-04-2018

Last year, we told you about a e-book titled ‘Behind The Gates Of Neverland’ written by Lori Armstrong & Ray Robledo which you could order on Amazon. The book is now available to order.

Ray Robledo was Michael Jackson’s friend and was also Michael’s Neverland Valley Amusement Park Manager from 1988 to 1996. They shared a deep, true bond and had a mutual respect for each another.

Ray grew tired of the false accusations surrounding his friend and therefore teamed up with author Lori Armstrong to publish the truth as he had witnessed it.

This book is written with “…kind eyes, open ears and hand-written notes of Ray.” It includes the humorous side of Michael, Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding at Neverland, the ghostly spirit of “George” who roamed Neverland, the actual arrest of the REAL Billie Jean at the ranch, (she was apprehended by Ray), and so much more. It also includes all of Michael’s humanitarian work with never-before-seen-pictures.

‘Behind the Gates of Neverland – Conversations with Michael Jackson’ is now available on Amazon with three options: e-book, full-colour coffee table book and black/white coffee table book.

Publisher: Independently published
Author: Ray Robledo, Lori Armstrong
Pages: 191
ISBN: 978-1549567476
Printed: ?
Guide price: 25 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Jackson Collectors Book 2009-2010 CoverJackson Collectors Book 2009-2010 (Re-issue) [Book]
Released: 19-04-2018

Surprise! In 2011, the MJ Backstage revived the fashion of the 'Collectors Book' by gathering in a big volume of 184 pages all the Jackson releases of the years 2009 and 2010. CD's going through the DVD's, the books, the merchandising, the tribute magazines, etc. Hundreds of Michael Jackson pieces, with descriptions, references and photos.

In 2011, they edited this limited edition press with the black and white interior. Faced with the demand of many fans to repeat this pressing, the MJBackstage is pleased to announce the availability of the MJ Backstage 'Collectors Book 2009-2010' version 2018, today.

This re-issue is an A5 format of 184 pages printed in 100% colors. A unique opportunity to get your hands on this reference book that will complete your "Jackson" collection. To order it, simply go to the special page of the MJ Backstage created for the occasion and follow the steps indicated by their partner Peecho who is in charge of logistics.

Publisher: ?
Author: Christophe Charlot, Gilles Moris and Marie Lefebre
Pages: 184
Printed: France
Guide price: 22,56 €

Order the book here at MJ Backstage.

An American Dream DVD CoverThe Jacksons: An American Dream (DVD)
Released: 13-04-2018

On April 13, Germany will be able to get 'The Jacksons: An American Dream' on DVD.

The miniseries was released in 1992 and was based on the history of the Jackson family and was produced by Suzanne de Passe and Stan Marguiles.

Based on the inspiring and true story of the First Family of music, 'The Jacksons: An American Dream' is an epic account spanning five decades -- beginning with the family's rise from a Midwestern steel town to the premier stages of the world.

The Jacksons is a hit-studded triumph with an all-star cast including Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Angela Bassett, Jason Weaver, Jermaine Jackson II, Holly Robinson, and special appearances by Billy Dee Williams and Vanessa Williams as Suzanne de Passe.

Featuring music from the Jackson 5, Boyz II Men, Jermaine Jackson & Syreeta Wright and Jason Weaver.

Publisher: Universal
Series number: ?
Playing time: 228:12 minutes
Sound: Stereo / Dolby Digital 2.0
Printed: Germany
Guide price: 20 €

Order the DVD here at Amazon.

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