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Die Jacksons Book Cover'Die Jacksons' Book By Joseph Jackson Is Released. 30-09-'04

The book 'Die Jacksons' is released in Germany by publisher Random House Entertainment.

The book is written through Joseph Jackson, he is not only responsible person for the success of his children but also for the success of his most famous son. And actually it wasn’t that bad, at that time, during the childhood of his pupils…

Joseph Jackson indeed tries desperately to maintain the illusion that everyone in the family loves each other, including Michael. This book forces everyone who knows it better to an unbelievable disapproval.

He was their father – he became their manager - On his own, Joseph Jackson founded the most influential clan in pop music. The Jackson 5 with their joyful songs, Michael, the “king of pop”, with his driving rhythms or his younger sister Janet with her hot soul groove: For more than 4 decades, the sound of the Jackson -family has been thrilling countless fans all over the world. Recently, however, cracks have appeared on the surface of the hitherto unblemished image of the most significant family in the pop business. Now, for the first time, we hear Joseph Jackson: In his book 'The Jacksons', he reveals the plain truth about his extraordinary family.

Publisher: Random House Entertainment
Author: Joseph Jackson
Pages: 256
ISBN: 3-8090-3028-7
Printed: Germany
Guide price: 30 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Sholeh Bocchelli
Sholeh Bocchelli

Jackson's Denials Tested With Paternity Test. 30-09-'04

Michael Jackson's denial Sholeh Bocchelli is carrying his twins will be investigated when she carries out DNA tests next year (05).

The actress insists she was originally pregnant with Michael's quadruplets after IVF treatment in May (04), but two of them were aborted to save the others, and she's furious the singer's insistence he's not the father has prompted death threats from his fans, forcing her into hiding.

Jackson's three children, Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (Blanket) are believed to have been conceived in a surrogacy deal, and Bocchelli claims she'll prove her children were also the result of IVF treatment with the troubled superstar.

The 35-year-old says, "These are his sons and I don't know how he can say otherwise. I will have DNA tests carried out when my sons are born and the world will know the truth."

A close friend tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "She moved into a secret home and virtually never leaves. She is terrified something will happen to her and her babies. She has known Michael since 1994 and he offered to pay for IVF treatment for her with himself as the father. She was over the moon because she couldn't afford the treatment."

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Maurice GibbMichael Invited To Maurice Gibb Tribute Concert . 29-09-'04

Late Bee Gee Maurice Gibb, who died in January 2003 following surgery on his intestines, is to be honoured with a tribute concert. The event is being organised by Maurice's twin brother Robin and shall take place in the US next year.

Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake have been invited to perform. So far Michael has not confirmed he has accepted. Actor John Travolta has been approached to host the event because of his role in 'Saturday Night Fever' which featured a Bee Gees soundtrack.

Robin Gibb about the event: "Maurice loved life. We want to celebrate his life and talent the best way we know how - through music." The concert will raise money for the Gibb Family Foundation, set up in the memory of Maurice and his brother Andy who died of a heart attack at the age of 30. The Gibb Family Foundation donates money to a number of charities including Diabetes Research Institute and National Drug Abuse Council.

Robin Gibb is also working on a commemorative album featuring artists singing classic Bee Gees hits. Among those who have agreed to participate in the album are Alicia Keys and the Black Eyed Peas.

Source: BBC News / MJFC / Billie Jean

Omer BhattiOmer Bhatti Teen-Ager Son Of Michael? 29-09-'04

According to unknown sources there's been maintained that Michael has another son more? Omer Bhatti is now 19 years old and even resembled very much like Michael.
Michael should have told to his best friends that the mother of the boy comes from Norway, and where he once shared the bed with.

Omer and Michael became close friends, and Omer travelled even sometimes with Michael around the world and performed as a sort of mini-Jackson together with the pop star. Bhatti and his family sold their house in Holmlia, Oslo, and went to live on Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. Omer Bhatti has lived there for a few years and is still a great friend of his idol.

Now they seem to maintain that Omer is the son of Jackson, or are these again false rumours of the media "once again".

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

Janet ArvizoAccuser's Mom Janet Arvizo Signed Video Releases. 24-09-'04

Janet Arvizo, the mother of the 12-year-old boy who has accused Michael Jackson of child molestation has claimed that she was forced to participate in a video extolling the singer’s virtues. The video was made on Feb. 19, 2003, and sold to FOX as a rebuttal to the Martin Bashir interview that aired on ABC 10 days earlier.

But wait: It turns out that far from being forced to do anything, the mother and all three of her children signed releases agreeing to participate in the video project. And, according to my sources, not only did they sign the releases, but the mother re-wrote the standard boilerplate wording she received from Jackson’s staff. The result was a shorter document that actually gave her no more rights than the original piece of paper.

I’ve seen the releases, dated Feb. 19, 2003, and I can tell you they will be put into evidence when the State of California v. Michael Joseph Jackson goes to trial on Jan. 31, 2005. They will be just four of many other pieces of paper the Jackson defense is waiting to spring on Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon.

Ironically, on the witness stand recently during pre-trial hearings, the mother’s then-fiancé, U.S. Army Major Jay Jackson, conceded that he’d asked the video producers what they were going “to do for this little family.” But I’m told that he became so bored during the actual video shoot that he left, and the mother — wanting to put her kids in the video with an eye toward making them famous — took over.

Part of the indictment against Jackson includes a charge of conspiracy as well, founded on grand jury testimony from the mother that she was held against her will by Jackson’s employees. At one point, she claimed that Jackson was sending her and her family to Brazil to get rid of them.

But I’ve also seen paperwork indicating the mother was so happy to go on the Brazil vacation that she made the Jackson team buy her a new set of luggage. “She wanted red Kiplinger suitcases,” a source told me yesterday. “She gave a description of what she wanted and she got them.”

The mother also ran up bills for her own shopping and for manicures and pedicures — “hardly something someone gets when they’re kidnapped,” an insider said with a chuckle. The bills are currently in the hands of the prosecutor’s office as the result of raids on Jackson papers last winter and spring.

Meantime, a certain bad mix of egos may be causing trouble on Jackson’s legal team. I’ve heard that lead criminal defense attorney Thomas Mesereau is not getting along with long time Jackson criminal attorney Steve Cochran. The result could be the departure of Mesereau before Jackson’s trial begins. Who could replace him? I’ve said it since the day this case first materialized last November: Miami’s Roy Black is the answer for Jackson.

Source: Roger Friedman; Fox News / Billie Jean

Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando

Brando's Last Big Trip Was To See Jackson. 23-09-'04

Screen legend Marlon Brando's last significant trip from his Hollywood Hills home was to visit a close pal of his - pop superstar Michael Jackson.

More than a year before his 1 July (04) death of lung failure, the reclusive star left his home and travelled north to the Santa Ynez Valley to enjoy the luxuries afforded to him whenever he stayed at Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

Brando's son Miko, who began working for Jackson almost two decades ago as a security guard, tells the Los Angeles Times, "The last time my father left his house to go anywhere, to spend any kind of time, it was with Michael Jackson.

"He loved it... My father had a 24-hour chef, 24-hour security, 24-hour help, 24-hour kitchen, 24-hour maid service. Just carte blanche.

"He met Michael through Quincy Jones back in the 1980's."

Miko says that Jackson even bought a plasma TV screen for his father's bedroom. When Brando moved the set to another room, Jackson bought him another.

Jackson is godfather to Miki's nine-year-old daughter Prudence.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Attorney Thomas Mesereau Releases New Statement. 21-09-'04

Thomas MesereauAfter news reports in the media about pictures of nude children being found at Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson’s attorney has released – with the approval of judge – a new statement today.

Thomas Mesereau has released following statement:

The Michael Jackson defense team has learned that information is circulating throughout the media regarding alleged photographs supposedly seized from Mr. Jackson’s residence. That information is false. The prosecution has confirmed that it is false.

We demand an immediate retraction from any news or media organization that made such an announcement. Journalistic integrity is an important factor in all reporting. This kind of reporting is irresponsible. Mr. Jackson, like all other people in America, is entitled to a fair trial. This case will be fought in the courtroom, not in the media. Mr .Jackson is innocent and will be vindicated.

Source: Thomas A. Mesereau / MJFC / TMC / Billie Jean

Santa Maria: Mother Of Accuser Testifies. 18-09-'04

Michael has seen for the first time the mother of the so called victim. He has accused the woman of strewing lies around to get some money from him.

Michael and his family were completely dressed in white clothes, by the arrival at the court house in Santa Maria yesterday (September 17), Michael was been extend with a hearty welcome by a numerous of fans. They called "Michael is innocent" and sung some songs about their idol.

The pop star wanted to attend the hearing as a spectator. According to the American media, the defence of Michael wanted to ferret out if the woman knew some information about the round-up on the Neverland Ranch, by which the detectives seized video tapes with some interviews on from members of the family of the boy.

Michael Jackson at Courthouse
Michael Jackson arrived at the Santa Maria Superior Court in California. The mother of the boy at the center of the molestation case finally took the stand today.

After a court appearance in Santa Maria, Michael Jackson invites his family for dinner at "Epiphany" Restaurant in Santa Barbara, CA.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Accuser's Mother Hired Numerous Lawyers, Says Children Can Sue Jackson. 17-09-'04

Janet Arvizo
Janet Arvizo, the mother of Gavin Arvizo.

Michael Jackson's lawyers sought to portray the mother of the boy who has accused him of child molestation as a liar who has made similar claims against an ex-husband. Jackson stared grim faced at the 36-year-old woman, named in court documents only as Jane Doe, as his lead attorney Thomas Mesereau launched into a combative exchange with the woman. Mesereau highlighted contradictions in a sworn statement and documents filed with the court in a bid to portray one of the key prosecution witnesses in the case against Jackson as unreliable.

The lawyer has previously called the woman a liar in court and this time he suggested her motive for accusing the self-styled King of Pop was mercenary. "She made statements that her children can sue Michael Jackson after they turn 18," Mesereau declared. "She said she is not after money then she says she is after money. "She has hired numerous lawyers and used resumes for work that show she is sophisticated in investigation and prosecution and can supervise surveillance." The court was not told what the woman's job was.

But Mesereau said the woman knew how to file lawsuits and had once accused her ex-husband of molesting one of her sons and falsely imprisoning him in Los Angeles. Jackson faces charges 10 counts including child molestation and false imprisonment. The woman, who wore a black suit and open neck white blouse, appeared to avoid eye contact with Jackson as he sat at the defence table staring intensely at her while occasionally mopping his brow with a white handkerchief. The woman crossed herself before taking a seat in the witness box and was quickly involved in court combat with Mesereau, frequently challenging his line of questioning. "What are you asking?" she challenged, as Mesereau tried to press her about whether she knew private investigator Bradley Miller was working for Jackson's former attorney, Mark Geragos.

Jackson's team claim the woman and California prosecutors knew of the relationship when investigators swooped on Miller's Los Angeles office on November 18 to search for evidence of child abuse. "He told me he was with Michael Jackson's security team," the woman said. "It don't matter what the transcript said," she went on, referring to an account of an interview between her and Miller in which he identified himself as working for Geragos. "He said he was Michael's PI (private investigator), or (somebody) said that. I don't remember, I wasn't paying attention." The woman has two children, including the alleged victim, by her first husband, and has just had a baby with her new husband.

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

Jackson's Maid 'Was Suspicious' During Raid. 17-09-'04

Michael Jackson's maid acted suspiciously when the star's Neverland Ranch was raided last year (November 03), a court heard at last week's, pre-trial hearing.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Sergeant Ross Ruth said officers questioned the unnamed servant during their search, while Michael was in Las Vegas, and claimed she flicked a light on and off as a warning signal to others in the mansion.

He also said she gave police "evasive answers".

Ruth said, "Sometimes she was saying truths, sometimes she wasn't."

Jackson - who complained the search was performed illegally - is expected to attend a court hearing today and is due to stand trial in California in January (05) on charges of committing a lewd act upon a child, administering an intoxicating agent and conspiring to commit child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe's Custody Battle Confirmed. 16-09-'04

Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe is keen to reverse a custody settlement she signed off on the couple's two children Paris and Prince Michael, according to her attorney.

The former nurse agreed to hand over custody of the children to her ex when the couple separated in 1999 after a three year marriage.

But now her lawyer Warren Camp has confirmed Rowe wants to be a bigger part of her kids' lives.

Speaking exclusively to American news show Entertainment Tonight, Camp says, "She really wants to get back into the lives of these children and be a mother to them.

"Her current contact with the children is currently she doesn't have any visitation."

But Camp suggests that Rowe doesn't want to have to pile more legal worries on Jackson as he faces multiple child molestation charges - and may wait to fight for custody of her kids.

Camp adds, "She's certainly not trying to do anything that is in anyway going to jeopardise his criminal case."

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Michael and JanetMichael And Janet Duet 'We've Had Enough'. 16-09-'04

It has been rumoured that Michael Jackson and his little sister Janet are to duet once again. According to the gossip site 'The Scoop' is the number 'We've Had Enough' an attack on the media. They are furious on the manner how the media made a deal with the child molestation of Michael and how they have reported Janet's nipple gate.

Michael and Janet are going to sing off those frustrations and transform into a new single.

The siblings only previous duet came with 1995's 'Scream', which featured on Michael's album 'HIStory'.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Sheriff Searches Home Of King Of Pop´s Personal Assistant Evvy Tavasci. 15-09-'04

Santa Barbara County SheriffAuthorities searched the home of Michael Jackson´s personal assistant Evvy Tavasci, cites a recently released court document.

The edited version of the court document reportedly has Michael Jackson´s defense team filing an "emergency application" with the court seeking to have all the items taken in the raid by Santa Barbara County Sheriff investigators to be sealed. The defense´s request was honored by Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville.

The prosecution continues their active hunt for evidence against Mr. Jackson in the child-molestation case a year after charges have been filed. This was the second raid that the defense has protested.

The defense filed to place the seized items under seal on September 16, and was one of the issues heard by Judge Melville during a defense-only hearing the next day.

In the court document, Mr. Jackson's defense attorney Robert Sanger described the assistant as being someone who "maintains Mr. Jackson´s personal papers and files."

Mr. Sanger also stated that among the items taken were "a fax sent on behalf of the client to his lawyer regarding possible trial witnesses" and three folders labeled "Mesereau," referring to Tom Mesereau one of Mr. Jackson´s other attorneys.

The defense stated that the prosecution might have violated the attorney-client privilege. This is not the first time that the defense accused the prosecution of a legal violation. The issue was heavily argued during recent evidentiary hearings.

Mr. Jackson´s team has stated that all items seized in a raid last November at the office of private investigator Brad Miller should be thrown out because they were protected by attorney-client privilege. Mr. Miller was hired by Mark Geragos, a former attorney of Mr. Jackson.

A written ruling from Judge Melville addressing the legality and admissibility of the evidence taken during the Miller raid is expected before October.

"Law enforcement and the district attorney continue to attempt to use search warrants after a case has been filed, and after a client has retained counsel, despite being aware that they run the risk of invading the defense camp," Sanger wrote in the filed document.

Mr. Jackson´s defense team asked that appropriate procedures be enacted to determine if the items seized are "covered by privilege and to fashion appropriate remedies."

On another topic, Judge Melville released a notice of intent that he plans to unseal a request by Mr. Jackson to make a statement on the recently aired VH1 television movie 'Man In The Mirror'. The Judge had a change of thought since the document was previously sealed.

Judge Melville stated that "upon further consideration" he has decided that Mr. Jackson´s request should be made public. The purpose of Mr. Jackson´s request being made public was not addressed.

If either side does not object, the document will be placed in the public file September 27.

The next court hearing in the Jackson case is set for October 14.

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

Jackson Family Prepare For Friday Appearance. 15-09-'04

Michael Jackson and his star-studded kin are expected to face the mom of his sex-abuse accuser in a California court Friday (September 17) for the first time since he was charged with child molestation last year.

The fabled musical family plans another big turnout to see the accuser's mom - who has called Jackson "the Devil" - get grilled by the pop star's lead defense lawyer. Last month, Jackson and sibs Janet, LaToya, Jermaine, Randy and Jackie showed up at court all dressed in white to show "family unity," a source said.

"In my opinion, the family has a right to and wants to face the accuser," said lawyer Debra Opri, who represents Jackson's parents.

Jackson's attorney, Tom Mesereau, told the judge last month, "We believe this woman lies under oath and has done so repeatedly on many issues."

Judge Rodney Melville had suggested the 36-year-old mom, who was recovering from the Caesarean section birth of her fourth child, might be spared the 170-mile trip to court and be allowed to submit sworn testimony in writing.
Mesereau rejected that idea. "If she lies again, we'd have no opportunity to cross-examine," he argued. The judge ordered the mom to appear.

Source: New York Post / Billie Jean

Raymond Chandler
Raymond Chandler

Uncle Of Ex-Jackson Accuser Tells All. 14-09-'04

For those following the soap opera that is Michael Jackson's child molestation case, here's another thriller for you—new revelations about his 1993 molestation probe.

The boy who accused the pop star of sexually assaulting him more than a decade ago still refers to Jackson as "the Devil in God's clothes," according to his uncle.

In an exclusive interview with NBC's Dateline (September 13) to promote his new tell-all tome, 'All That Glitters: The Crime and the Cover-up', Ray Chandler disclosed details about the Gloved One's alleged seduction of his nephew, including why the family refused to bring molestation charges and opted for a multimillion-dollar payout.

The uncle, who had no part of the estimated $20 million settlement, played audiotapes he made with the boy's father that paint a disturbing portrait of Jackson at the time of the scandal.

In the recordings, made by Chandler with his older brother's knowledge and made available to Dateline's producers, the father is heard expressing sympathy for the then 35-year-old King of Pop, believing the relationship he struck up with his 13-year-old son in the fall of 1992 was strictly platonic.

"He's childlike. He's a child. Nothing to fear," the father said on one tape. "You put that together with the way he looks...and you feel sorry for him, okay. And you know that he--this tells you that he grew up an intensely lonely person."

According to Dateline, the pair began spending more time together.

Jackson invited the boy to sleep over at his Neverland Ranch and the entertainer, in turn, would spend the night in the boy's bedroom at the suburban home where he lived with his mother. That was in addition to showering both mother and child with expensive gifts and sending them abroad on lavish all-expenses paid vacations.

The uncle said his brother realized the singer might have had other intentions after one day finding his son cuddling with Jackson in his bed with the star's hand resting above the sheets atop the boy's groin area.

Terrified and angry because he hadn't put a halt to their relationship, the father went to court to try and gain custody of the child from his ex-wife. It was during that legal skirmish that the boy reportedly admitted to his father that Jackson sexually abused him--including kissing, fondling, masturbation and oral sex--and warned him not to speak about it or the police would send him to jail.

The father eventually confronted the Moonwalker at a Los Angeles hotel, with the boy present in the room, but Jackson denied the molestation allegations. In another recording, the father described how his son's body language and Jackson's blasé indifference belied those denials.

"[My son] was not different than a little fawn out in the woods at night that gets caught in the headlights," said the father. "You could see the fear in the eyes. Anybody could see that."

In the end, however, the boy's father didn't go to the police, because he feared the publicity that would envelop them should the allegations be made public. Instead, the boy ended up coming clean about the alleged abuse to a psychiatrist, who promptly notified the authorities, per California law.

Ultimately, Chandler said Jackson's superstar status blinded the parents to the point where they absconded from their parental responsibilities--while Jackson's own child-like demeanor helped him cover up any alleged misconduct.

The uncle told Dateline that the family did their best to bring charges against Jackson, but decided to drop the probe and agree to a multimillion-dollar settlement once it was clear authorities would not protect their anonymity.

Earlier this month, Dateline also reported that Jackson paid more than $2 million to the son of a onetime employee around the same time he settled with Chandler's nephew.

The music legend's camp declined to comment on the report.

At the time of the settlement, however, Jackson proclaimed his innocence and the rest was HIStory--at least until the latest allegations of child molestation surfaced against him.

As for his alleged victim, the unidentified boy is now 24 and has undergone extensive therapy. He recently graduated college and is dating.

As for Cahndler, he's no longer close with his brother because of an unrelated family rift. But he said he wrote the self-published book not to cash in but to get the facts about Michael out in the open as he sees them.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Debbie Rowe Sells Up Dream House. 14-09-'04

Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe is being forced to sell the dream house the King of Pop bought her, because she can't keep horses in Beverly Hills.

Jackson bought Rowe a home for her and her beloved dogs as part of the couple's divorce settlement, but Rowe has since made a success of her horse breeding company north of Los Angeles, and she's having to spend more time there.

She admits she'll be sad to see the home Michael bought her go: "The only reason I'm leaving paradise is because they don't allow horses here and that's becoming a really large part of my life, so it's necessary to move on."

Beverly Hills House
Debbie Rowe's house (former), Beverly Hills, California (CA), US.

Rowe, who was married to Jackson for three years from 1996 and bore two of his three children, has listed her home for slightly less then $2 million.

The home has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Features include walls of glass and an outdoor area with a pool, sauna, bar, fire pit and surround-sound speaker system.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

The Video Clip Of 'Cheater' Aired On MTV. 14-09-'04

Cheater' was today first aired on MTV, the music video features clips from the 'Live In Bucharest': The Dangerous Tour DVD.
The song is previously unreleased and was released on 'The Ultimate Collection' box set (2004).

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

Karen FayeStatement From Karen Faye. 10-09-'04

On August 16, 2004, I was shocked to hear the false allegations made against me on national television in a conversation between Catherine Crier and Diane Dimond on the program Catherine Crier Live. I was even more dismayed by the continuation of this conversation on the same Court TV program on the following day just after I released a statement denying the allegations.

In their conversation, these reporters suggest that they received information from an informant alleging that I had participated in activities that were not only immoral, but illegal as well, in that I helped my client, Michael Jackson, in an effort to wrongly convince the public and law enforcement authorities that he had been subjected to unreasonable force at the hands of Santa Barbara law enforcement. The truth is I’ve done nothing of the kind.

Unfortunately, my stress and anguish was exacerbated by the suggestion that the California Attorney General’s Office and the California Bureau of Investigation had unsuccessfully tried to find me, and that I was somehow avoiding them. The truth is that I had willingly cooperated with the CBI investigators, and had already submitted to a very long interrogation by them.

Being exposed to public disgrace and humiliation was a horrible ordeal. Knowing for a fact that the opposite (of what I was being accused of) was true, it was adversely effecting not only my personal life, but my professional life as well. As an American citizen I believe that I have a right to to either know the name of the person who has accused my of these things, or to have the statements made by Catherine Crier and Diane Dimond publicly and conspicuously retracted. On September 2, 2004, I, through my attorneys, demanded such retraction and public apology.

I believe that the First Amendment which protects the right of the media to be free also protects me to be free from malicious accusations which show a total disregard to the truth. It was not intended to serve as a shield behind which disingenuous members of the media hide when they wish to attract a larger viewing audience or to use as a diversion to the real truth. Journalists should not be given protection under the law when they recklessly or deliberately engage in giving the public false impressions of private citizens. I am just a working mother trying to balance a job and a household. I just happen to have a very famous client. It is a sad commentary on humanity when the media is free to bulldoze lies over us to force their agenda down the throat of an unsuspecting viewing public. I just received a small dose of what Michael Jackson has been dealing with for many years....and it hurts.

Source: MJJSource / Billie Jean

Debbie Rowe ET InterviewJackson's Ex-Wife Debbie Rowe Speaks - And Cries. 10-09-'04

Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe has broken down on a taping of a new TV interview - insisting it will be the last she gives.

The former dental nurse, who bore Jackson two kids and then walked away from family life, invited American news show Entertainment Tonight into her home to talk about her feelings for her ex and her plans to win custody of her kids.

Rowe told the show, "I am trying to figure out what I want," before bursting into tears.

The interview will air on the show on Monday (September 13).

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

'The Ultimate Collection' Box Set Of Michael Jackson In Stores November 21st. 10-09-'04

The Ultimate Collection Box SetThree and a half decades after an 11 - year old phenomenon from Gary, Indiana and his teenage brothers forever changed the face of popular music, 'Michael Jackson - The Ultimate Collection' marks the most extensive presentation of his artistry ever assembled in one package.

The deluxe box set will house four audio CD's (totaling 57 tracks) of hit singles, album tracks, 13 previously unissued recordings, and other rarities from his archives spanning 1969 to 2004. In addition, the set will include a completely unreleased 1992 live concert DVD filmed in Bucharest. 'The Ultimate Collection' will arrive in stores November 21st on Epic Records, a division of Sony Music. The box set was executive produced by Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson is a global superstar, having sold over 135 million solo albums worldwide, including 47 million alone for 'Thriller,' the biggest selling album of all time. This box set is the record of his career to date.

'The Ultimate Collection' lives up to its title with the inclusion of 13 previously unissued tracks spanning more than a quarter-century of development. Among these are nine never-before-heard demo recordings that Michael Jackson has decided to unveil on this box set: 'Shake A Body' (with The Jacksons, a fascinating glimpse into the creative process that turned into 1978's 'Shake Your Body'), 'Sunset Driver' (from the 'Off The Wall' sessions), 'P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" (from the 'Thriller' sessions), 'Scared Of The Moon,' 'We Are The World' (Michael's own solo demo of this song he co-wrote with Lionel Richie), 'Cheater' (from the 'Bad' sessions), and 'Fall Again,' 'Beautiful Girl,' and 'The Way You Love Me.'

In addition to the hours of audio and video content on this box set, there is also a 64-page color booklet. Full details of every track (composers, publishers, recording dates, studio personnel and musician rosters, album references and so on) are enhanced by dozens of rare photographs and personal memorabilia from Michael Jackson's archives. A chronological timeline traces his entire story and an essay by noted journalist Nelson George adds further insight into Michael Jackson's singular career.

Source: Sony Music / Billie Jean

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