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Uri GellerUri Geller Slams Jackson's Lies. 28-02-'06

Michael Jackson's former friend Uri Geller has attacked the pop superstar for lying about undergoing plastic surgery during his infamous TV interview with British journalist Martin Bashir.

The celebrity psychic was amazed at Michael's naivety during Bashir's damning documentary, and insists lying on film sparked his public downfall and irretrievably damaged his reputation.

He says, "First, Michael didn't contact his lawyer.

"The second mistake was that Michael sat there holding this boy's hand saying he had never had plastic surgery.

"If only he had said, 'I had plastic surgery because I didn't want to look like my father.' That's all.

"I'm not putting words in his mouth, but that's my opinion."

Source: MJ Star / Billie Jean

Jackson Spring Party - May 28th 2006, Club Manhattan In Arnhem. 27-02-'06

Together with The Legend Continues and Stars Events, they started the preparations of a 'Spring Party' to present you with a wonderful day with the best performances, rare merchandise and lots of great stuff: spectacular acts, special effects, best dressed competition, exclusive prizes to be won, the best music in the world and lots lots more! So don’t miss out!

Place: Club Manhatten in Arnhem, 13.00 – 17.00 hours. Entrance: € 10,00.

Source: Jackson Source / Billie Jean

Rock With You Video Single Cover 'Rock With You' (Visionary - Video Single) Is Released. 27-02-'06

The Visionary - Video Single 'Rock With You' are available for the price of 7,99 €.

This is the 3rd video single of the 'Visionary Box Set', each week over a 5 month period (between February 20th and June 26th) Sony BMG will release 20 of Michael Jackson's greatest singles. Each single will be packaged with an outer and inner card wallet. The outer sleeve will feature an exact replica of the original 7'' or 12'' artwork (front and reverse) and be numbered.

Michael Jackson's 'Visionary - Video Singles' is something to have for each collector.

Track list:

1. Rock With You (Music Video) - 3:22
2. Rock With You - 3:25
3. Rock With You (Masters At Work Remix) - 5:32

Record label: Epic
Series number: 82876725132
Printed: EU
Guide price: 7,99 €

Order the video single here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Thomas MesereauStatement Of Attorney Thomas Mesereau. 24-02-'06

Attorney Thomas A. Mesereau, Jr., issues the following statement regarding Mr. Michael Jackson:

“I am very disturbed by the false, erroneous, and self-serving reports about the relationship between Michael Jackson, my law partner, Susan Yu, and me.

“At the conclusion of the criminal trial in Santa Maria, CA., Michael Jackson was acquitted 14 times. The jury acquitted him of 10 felonies and 4 lesser- included misdemeanors. Michael Jackson was completely vindicated and exonerated by these verdicts.

“Shortly thereafter, Michael Jackson, and his beautiful children, moved to the Middle East. Attorney Susan Yu and I were asked to help him during this difficult period of transition. Michael and his children were exhausted by the terrible, unjust prosecution, and needed to start a new chapter in their lives.

“Because Michael Jackson was our client, and is our friend, Attorney Susan Yu and I agreed to help him, and his family, during this time of transition. For approximately seven months, we assisted Michael Jackson in this effort.

“We never intended to assume these obligations on a permanent basis. For example, my love is Criminal defense. I will be in trial in the State of Alabama during April and June, in two Capital murder cases, in which I am representing the client free of charge. I am also assisting in the development of a free legal clinic for the poor at a prominent African American church in Los Angeles. Attorney Susan Yu has other clients that she needs to attend to as well.

“We are still in communications with Michael Jackson, and his assistants, and remain close friends. Mr. Jackson completely understands the situation and is grateful to us for helping him with the transition. The speculation that surrounds this situation is nothing but shallow tabloid reporting.

“People should leave Mr. Jackson and his family alone.”

Source: MJFC / Raymone K. Bain / Billie Jean

Thomas MesereauJackson's Lawyer Quits. 23-02-'06

Michael Jackson's lawyer Thomas Mesereau will no longer represent the troubled singer after he withdrew his name from two impending lawsuits.

The white-haired attorney and his partner Susan Yu successfully defended Jackson in his 2005 child molestation trial after they were brought in to replace the case's original lawyer Mark Geragos in April 2004.

In two separate lawsuits filed against the 'Thriller' hitmaker by his former aides Dieter Wiesner and Marc Schaffel, Mesereau Jnr and Yu have formally removed themselves as the star's legal representation, reports the New York Post newspaper.

Jackson's was recently represented by Thomas Hall in a California Court Of Appeal ruling last week (February 15) in a legal battle with his ex-wife Deborah Rowe, concerning the former nurse's parental rights over their two children.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

MJ GloveJackson's Glove. 23-02-'06

The bidding for a diamond-studded glove allegedly worn by Michael Jackson started at $250,000, but some die-hard Jackson fans are questioning its authenticity.

In 2002, Jackson told Webster Hall's Baird Jones that he gave his gloves only to charities, never "to individuals, even if the person is someone very close to me." The glove had belonged to Liza Minnelli's ex David Gest, who produced Jackson's 2001 Madison Square Garden concert, and is now being offered by a Parisian seller.

A rep for Gest insists that it belonged to Jackson.

The inimitable piece of pop memorabilia is being sold by a Paris-based individual, having originally been part of Liza Minnelli's ex-husband David Gest's private collection.

The white glove was worn countless times on-stage by Jackson during his 90's pop pomp, when he was considered the biggest star on the planet.

The description of the item is as follows: "This is specifically a glove to be worn in concert as there are no stones on the palm side, so holding the microphone and manipulating the fedora hat is easier.

"On the back side of the glove are hundreds of rhinestones individually sewn on. This glove is a significant piece of pop history."

However, anyone who had considered buying the item was been warned: "The palm side is visually stained through use."

Source: Daily News / Billie Jean

Kayne WestJackson In London Records With Kanye West. 22-02-'06

The word from London over the weekend: Grammy winner Kanye West, who knows more samples than anyone in the garment district, has been working with Michael Jackson in the recording studio.

I’m told that West, who played a gig at London’s Hammersmith Odeon last night, was sent by Island/Def Jam’s L.A. Reid to help Jackson with his charity single 'I Have This Dream' which otherwise features a list of B-level pop stars as guests and was written for a contest.

West would be the right person to work with Jackson, whose music could use a little modernizing. At the same time, West’s collaboration with Jackson would cement the distribution deal that Jackson’s associates have been trying to make with Reid for the charity single and a record label featuring Jackson owned by the Prince of Bahrain.

But while this is going on, and Jackson and his entourage are lodged at London’s Dorchester Hotel, there’s a lot of other intrigue in the Jackson camp that now involves not one, but three different Arab entities.

Source: Fox / Billie Jean

'Visionary' - Video Singles 'Thriller' + 'Don't' Stop 'Til You Get Enough' Is Released. 20-02-'06

The 'Visionary - Video Singles' are available, the 'Thriller' and 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough' video singles + the Box you can buy for the price of 23,98 €.

The first two video singles 'Thriller' + 'Don't' Stop 'Til You Get Enough' are released in a beautifully designed, limited edition numbered box. This box will house all future releases in the series.

Each week over a 5 month period Sony BMG (between February 20th and June 26th) will release 20 of Michael Jackson's greatest singles. Each single will be packaged with an outer and inner card wallet. The outer sleeve will feature an exact replica of the original 7'' or 12'' artwork (front and reverse) and be numbered.

Thriller + Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Video Singles Cover
The first two video singles 'Thriller' + 'Don't' Stop 'Til You Get Enough' are released in a beautifully designed, limited edition numbered box. This box will house all future releases in the series.

The front of the inner wallet will replicate a generic Epic 7'' or 12'' singles bag. This will be distressed to give it an aged feel. As with the original Epic bags the inner wallet will have around die cut hole where you will be able to see the Dual Disc within.R26; The reverse of the inner wallet will utilise the same collage technique used for the box design. However rather than having different Jackson images on each of the 20 inner wallets they will feature one classic shot of Michael which is divided across all 20 sleeves. Once the collection is complete the sleeves can be collated to reveal the full image.

Michael Jackson's 'Visionary - Video Singles' is something to have for each collector, this new technology allowing CD and DVD content on one disc is the perfect medium for an artist whose music, videos and love of innovation is renowned.


Track list:

1. Thriller (Music Video) - 13:41
2. Thriller - 4:12
3. Thriller (Album Version) - 5:58

Record label: Epic
Series number: 82876725202
Printed: EU
Guide price: 7,99 €

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough:

Track list:

1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Music Video) - 4:12
2. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - 4:02
3. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Original 12" Edit) - 5:55

Record label: Epic
Series number: 82876725112
Printed: EU
Guide price: 7,99 €

Order the video single 'Thriller' here at Amazon and the 'Don't' Stop 'Til You Get Enough' here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

2 Seas RecordsKatrina Song Said To Be Ready. 18-02-'06

The much anticipated Katrina relief song penned by Michael Jackson will soon be ready. So says Sheik Absullah bin Hamad Al Kahifa, son of the king of Bahrain, in a telephone interview with Associated Press. The record is coming along great. We've been taking our time to perfect it and mix it."

The song is currently titled 'I Have This Dream', and it includes Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, Ciara, Keyisha Cole, James Ingram, Jackson's brother Jermaine, Shanice, the Rev. Shirley Caesar and the O'Jays, the prince said.

The release of the song also had been delayed.

The Prince said that the release has been delayed because more artists wanted to contribute. As to who the artists are, he said that he would "like to keep that as a surprise." He also declined to name the company claimed to have the rights to sell the song through CD's and the internet.

Prince Abdullah, 30, plans to release the song on his own 2 Seas label. "Michael did a wonderful track," he said. "His voice was phenomenal." He said that the song "is a message of peace and help and caring. It's a song of total oneness."

While Michael has been staying in Bahrain until recently and has purchased a house there, the Prince said that he doesn't know if Michael has plans to settle there permanently.

Several of the participating artists recorded their portions of the song on November 1st, 2005, gathering at a Los Angeles studio, Bain said.

"James Ingram, Ciara, Snoop Dogg and Shirley Caesar were all there," said Eddie Levert, lead singer for The O'Jays. "Michael produced it on the phone from Bahrain. He talked to Shirley Caesar, he talked to James Ingram. He talked to everyone except me."

"Overall, it came out very well," Levert said. "It had a strong gospel feel. I think it's really a great song. If radio plays it, it could do very well."

"To work with him on this project was such a privilege and a blessing," Caesar said. "Michael is a true humanitarian."

Is this the beginning of a new album? Prince Abdullah laughed and said, "I will just say we've been very busy."

"This is a raindrop before the thunderstorm,' he said. "He's getting ready to come out with a lot of bells and whistles. He's so energized. It's explosive."

Source: AP / Billie Jean

'Music And Me / Tamla Motown Early Years / Children Of The Light' Box Set Is Released. 17-02-'06

Music And Me / Early Classics / Children Of The Light (3CD Set) Box Set CoverThe box set of 'Music And Me / Early Classics / Children Of The Light' is released in Europe through Universal Music.

'Music And Me' CD compilation featuring 14 super hits from Michael his solo career. Jackson, who was 14 years old at the time, as he was experiencing vocal changes and facing a changing music landscape. Features the #1 smash 'Rockin' Robin', 'Ain't No Sunshine' and 'We've Got Forever'.

'Early Classics' CD compilation featuring 18 super classics from the family band from Gary, Indiana that conquered the pop and soul charts as well as the hearts of many. Not just the hits, this disc compiles more LP tracks as well for a more complete portrait of the group.

'Children Of The Light' CD contains a single disc. Budget-priced compilation featuring 14 of the greatest songs that Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael cut for Motown in the early 70's. Features the #1 smash 'The Love You Save'. Alongside their renditions of contemporary pop hits like 'Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing', 'Little Bitty Pretty One' and 'Doctor My Eyes'.

Track lists:

CD 1:
1. Rockin' Robin - 2:30
2. Johnny Raven - 3:31
3. Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day - 3:14
4. Happy (Love Theme From "Lady Sings The Blues") - 3:19
5. Too Young - 3:37
6. Up Again - 2:47
7. With A Child's Heart - 3:36
8. Ain't No Sunshine - 4:12
9. Euphoria - 2:48
10. Morning Glow - 3:36
11. Music & Me - 2:35
12. All The Things You Are - 2:55
13. Cinderella Stay Awhile - 3:11
14. We've Got Forever - 3:12

CD 2:
1. I Want You Back - 2:59
2. Can You Remember - 2:58
3. Who's Lovin' You - 3:59
4. True Love Can Be Beautiful - 3:28
5. In Our Small Way - Michael Jackson - 3:39
6. Goin' Back To Indiana - 3:33
7. Can I See You In The Morning - 3:11
8. I'll Bet You - 3:16
9. Rockin' Robin - Michael Jackson - 2:33
10. People Make The World Go Round - Michael Jackson - 3:15
11. Doggin' Around (Michael Jackson Solo) - 2:52
12. Never Can Say Goodbye - 3:00
13. Lookin' Through The Windows - 3:38
14. We've Got A Good Thing Going - Michael Jackson - 3:03
15. The Young Folks - 2:57
16. My Little Baby - 2:58
17. (We've Got) Blue Skies- 3:23
18. With A Child's Heart - Michael Jackson - 3:27

CD 3:
1. The Love You Save - 3:01
2. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing - 2:27
3. Lookin' Through The Windows - 3:37
4. Don't Let Your Baby Catch You - 3:10
5. I Can Only Give You Love - 2:31
6. Little Bitty Pretty One - 2:48
7. Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah - 3:12
8. Ready Or Not, Here I Come (Can't Hide From Love) - 2:36
9. E-Ne-Me-Ne-Mi-Ne-Mo (The Choice Is Yours To Pull) - 2:49
10. If I Have To Move A Mountain - 3:14
11. Don't Want To See Tomorrow - 2:40
12. Children Of The Light - 2:23
13. Doctor My Eyes - 3:11
14. My Cherie Amour - 3:39

Record label: Universal Music
Series number: 0602498089774
Printed: EU
Guide price: 30 €

Order the box set here at Amazon.

Jackson and RoweJackson/Rowe Hush Money Settlement Revealed. 17-02-'06

Michael Jackson agreed to pay his ex-wife Debbie Rowe $900,000-a-year in hush money after they split, according to new court documents.

The former Mrs Jackson also picked up a mansion in Beverly Hills, California, and a lump sum of at least $4 million as part of a divorce settlement.

The legal documents have been made public as part of a new custody battle as Rowe fights for the couple's kids Michael Jr and Paris.

Obtained by entertainment news website TMZ, the documents feature court transcripts from a hearing last June (05), in which Jackson's lawyer, Thomas Hall, told Judge Stephen Lachs, "Mr Jackson was under an agreement with Petitioner (Rowe), which he was to pay her four or five million dollars up front, gave her a mansion in Beverly Hills, and then was to pay $900,000-a-year, for a number of years, if she abided by agreement terms."

Jackson reportedly stopped paying Rowe her annual stipend after claiming she violated their confidentiality agreement by publicly speaking about him.

Also in the court file, Rowe is quoted as stating, "I have just been advised by Michael's 'inner circle' that he is abusing drugs and I was even given the name of the physician that is prescribing all of Michael's medications, which I fear is dangerous not only to Michael but also to the children."

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Debbie Rowe
Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe.

Jacksons Custody Problems. 16-02-'06

Michael Jackson's ex-wife once made it clear she wanted him to have sole custody of their two children, but an appellate court has ruled that her parental rights were not properly relinquished under the law.

The decision Wednesday (February 15) was a victory for Deborah Rowe in her battle over the children, setting the stage for further litigation.

"A court cannot enter a judgment terminating parental rights based solely upon the parties' stipulation that the child's mother or father relinquishes those rights," the appeals court said.

The pop star, who has been living out of the country since his acquittal on molestation charges last June, could appeal the ruling. He is reportedly travelling with his children in Italy.

Lawyers for Jackson and Rowe did not immediately return calls for comment Wednesday.

Jackson and Rowe married in November 1996 and filed for divorce in October 1999 after the births of son Prince Michael and a daughter, Paris. Jackson also has another son, Prince Michael II, whose mother hasn't been identified.
Rowe gave up custody in an October 2001 court proceeding in which she said she was willing to do so "because Michael is a wonderful man ... a brilliant father."

"These are his children. I had the children for him," she said at the time. "They wouldn't be on this planet if it wasn't for my love of him. I did it for him to become a father. Not for me to become a mother. You earn the title parent. I have done absolutely nothing to earn that title."

A judge voided the order at her request in 2004 after her attorneys argued that proper court procedures weren't followed, according to court records.

She cited publicity surrounding Jackson's prosecution on child molestation charges and press reports that he was associating with the Nation of Islam as reasons for the decision.

"Because she is Jewish, Deborah feared the children might be mistreated if Michael continued his association with the Nation of Islam," the ruling noted.

Loyola Law School professor Laurie Levenson said in an interview that Wednesday's ruling puts Rowe back in the position she was in before she relinquished her parental rights. If the case returns to court, she said, state agencies would probably be asked to evaluate the situation.

"No court has ever really figured out what would be best for these kids," she said.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

MJ GloveJackson's Glove On Ebay. 15-02-'06

Michael Jackson's famous white glove is being auctioned on eBay - with the starting price set at $250,000.

The diamond studded accessory, worn onstage by Michael during the 1990's, was previously part of Liza Minnelli's ex-husband David Gest's private collection, and is now available to buy from a Paris-based seller.

The online description reads: "This is specifically a glove to be worn in concert as there are no stones on the palm side, so holding the microphone and manipulating the fedora hat is easier.

"On the back side of the glove are hundreds of rhinestones individually sewn on. This glove is a significant piece of pop history."

Potential buyers are warned the piece is not in perfect condition.

"The palm side is visually stained through use."

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Pictures In London. 15-02-'06

An exhibition of over 60 photographic images of Michael Jackson will be on display at the Sony Ericsson Proud Central Gallery in London on Friday February 17th.

Photographers Lynn Goldsmith and Harrison Funk have contributed the images, which will be on display from February 17th - April 1st.

Goldsmith's photographs relate to the beginning of Michael's solo career, taken between 1980-85. "Michael is not like anyone else I have ever met," said Goldsmith.

Harrison Funk was Michael's official photographer from 1984-95, and his contributions include images taken from 84's Victory tour and 87-88's Bad tour. "Working with Michael was one of the most amazing creative experiences of my life," said Funk.

The exhibition will be on display at the Sony Ericsson Proud Central Gallery from February 17th - April 1st, the address is below:

5 Buckingham Street
The Strand

Entry to see the exhibition is FREE and will be on display 10am-7pm Mon-Thur, and 11am-6pm Fri-Sun.

Source: Anda Spirit / Billie Jean

My World - The Official Photobook Vol.1 Book Cover'My World - The Official Photobook Vol.1' Book. 15-02-'06

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, breaks his silence. In his first book in 14 years, the living pop-icon tries to explain himself to the world once again. In 'My World', Jackson speaks out about his childhood-idols, his inspirations and about living the most famoust life in the world with only a few normalities.

The book features more than 40 full colour photos from Michael Jackson's private photo archive. Never before seen pictures show Michael Jackson on stage, in the studio, on award-shows and very privately at his home. A photographic review of his career and unique life on and off stage. A close up portrait of the world's greatest entertainer, a human being with emotions and fascinating thoughts which are the result of forty years being in the worldwide spotlight.

My World - The Official Photobook Vol.1 book will be released on March 30th 2006.

Publisher: MJ Liscensing LLC
Author: Michael Jackson
Pages: 52
ISBN: 0-9768891-1-0
Printed: EU
Guide price: 25 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Prince JacksonBirthday Of Prince Michael Junior. 13-02-'06

Today it's Michael Jackson's oldest son his Birthday and he may blow out 9 candles. So by the family Jackson is there a lot of joy.

Prince Michael was born on February 13th, 1997 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was named after Michael's grandfather and great-grandfather, who were both called Prince.

We hope your special day is filled with love and laughter. We love you!

With Love,
Michael Jackson Fan Site Billie Jean

Source: Billie Jean

Jackson Hides Whilst In Italy. 10-02-'06

Michael Jackson has spent five days in the Neapolitan Riviera resort of Sorrento without anyone noticing he was there, it emerged on Thursday (February 9).

Jackson, who is touring Italy, was recently mobbed by admirers in Florence and Venice. In Sorrento, by contrast, he was secreted away in a lavish villa owned by two society ladies, local dailies reported on Thursday.

Jackson was accompanied by a male friend and his three children: seven-year-old Prince Michael I, eight-year-old Paris and three-year-old Prince Michael II.

He reportedly spent most of his time chilling in the villa but did manage one sortie - a nocturnal shopping expedition to one of the resort's famed woodcut and inlayed furniture workshops.

Source: ANSA / Billie Jean

Raymone K. BainRaymone K. Bain Releases Statement. 07-02-'06

Michael Jackson's spokesperson, Raymone K. Bain, has released the following statement regarding the recent reports that Michael is in talks to record music to the prayers of Pope John Paul II.

"Washington, D.C. ... Contrary to published reports in Italy, and the United States, Michael Jackson has not participated in any discussions with the Vatican, or Edizioni Musicali Terzo Millennio, an Italian music label specializing in religious songs, to record music to Pope John Paul II's prayers.

"None of Mr. Jackson's authorized representatives have contacted either the Vatican, or Edizioni Musicali Terzo Millennio, regarding this proposed project.

"Michael Jackson is unaware of this project, and news reports stating otherwise are completely erroneous."

Source: MJNI / Billie Jean

Visionary: The Video Singles (Limited Edition) [20 DualDisc Set] Box Set'Visionary - Video Singles' Update. 07-02-'06

Between February 20th and June 26th Sony BMG will release 20 of Michael Jackson's greatest singles. Each single will be issued as a Dual Disc allowing not only his most popular singles to be collected but also their accompanying videos.

This new technology allowing CD and DVD content on one disc is the perfect medium for an artist whose music, videos and love of innovation is renowned. In yet another landmark in Michael's career he will become the first performer EVER to release a single on Dual Disc.

Below is the complete track listing for the forthcoming Visionary singles:

Video Single 1:
1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Music Video) - 4:12
2. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - 4:02
3. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Original 12" Edit) - 5:55

Video Single 2:
1. Rock With You (Music Video) - 3:22
2. Rock With You - 3:25
3. Rock With You (Masters At Work Remix) - 5:32

Video Single 3:
1. Billie Jean (Music Video) - 4:55
2. Billie Jean - 4:57
3. Billie Jean (Original 12" Edit) - 6:23

Video Single 4:
1. Beat It (Music Video) - 4:56
2. Beat It - 4:21
3. Beat It (Moby's Sub Mix) - 6:10

Video Single 5:
1. Thriller (Music Video) - 13:41
2. Thriller - 4:12
3. Thriller (Album Version) - 5:58

Video Single 6:
1. Bad (Music Video) - 4:20
2. Bad - 4:06
3. Bad (Dance Extended Mix Inc. False Fade) - 8:25

Video Single 7:
1. The Way You Make Me Feel (Music Video) - 6:44
2. The Way You Make Me Feel - 4:26
3. The Way You Make Me Feel (Extended Dance Mix) - 7:56

Video Single 8:
1. Dirty Diana (Music Video) - 5:04
2. Dirty Diana - 4:42
3. Dirty Diana (Instrumental) - 4:44

Video Single 9:
1. Smooth Criminal (The Sped Up Video) - 4:11
2. Smooth Criminal - 4:12
3. Smooth Criminal (Extended Dance Mix) - 7:49

Video Single 10:
1. Leave Me Alone (Music Video) - 4:36
2. Leave Me Alone - 4:40
3. Another Part Of Me (Extended Dance Mix) - 6:21

Video Single 11:
1. Black Or White (Music Video) - 11:00
2. Black Or White - 3:22
3. Black Or White (House With Guitar Radio Mix) - 3:53

Video Single 12:
1. Remember The Time (Music Video) - 9:10
2. Remember The Time - 4:00
3. Remember The Time (New Jack Jazz Mix) - 5:05

Video Single 13:
1. In The Closet (Music Video) - 6:03
2. In The Closet - 4:47
3. In The Closet (Club Mix) - 8:03

Video Single 14:
1. Jam (Music Video) - 7:58
2. Jam - 4:11
3. Jam (Silky 12" Mix) - 6:30

Video Single 15:
1. Heal The World (Music Video) - 7:31
2. Heal The World - 4:33
3. Will You Be There - 5:25

Video Single 16:
1. You Are Not Alone (Music Video) - 5:33
2. You Are Not Alone - 4:35
3. You Are Not Alone (Classic Club Mix) - 7:39

Video Single 17:
1. Earth Song (Music Video) - 7:28
2. Earth Song - 5:02
3. Earth Song (Hani's Extended Radio Experience) - 4:35

Video Single 18:
1. They Don't Care About Us (Music Video) - 7:07
2. They Don't Care About Us - 4:10
3. They Don't Care About Us (Love To Infinity's Walk In The Park Mix) - 7:18

Video Single 19:
1. Stranger In Moscow (Music Video) - 5:33
2. Stranger In Moscow - 5:23
3. Stranger In Moscow (Tee's In-House Club Mix) - 6:57

Video Single 20:
1. Blood On The Dance Floor (Music Video) - 4:15
2. Blood On The Dance Floor - 4:15
3. Blood On The Dance Floor (Fire Island Mix) - 8:55

Source: Sony / Billie Jean

Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II

Jackson In Talks To Set Late Pope's Prayers To Music. 06-02-'06

SECRET discussions between the Roman Catholic Church and Michael Jackson to put the prayers of Pope John Paul II to music appeared to be in disarray last night after the singer fled members of the press who had got wind of the project.
Pope John Paul, who died last April, wrote 24 religious prayers and chants and Church officials now want to set them to music.

Jackson, recently cleared of child sex abuse charges in California, is seen as a prime candidate because of his worldwide celebrity status.

Yesterday (February 5), Father Giuseppe Moscati, of the Millennium Music Society, which specialises in church music and organises musical events at the Vatican, reluctantly confirmed the details.

Fr Moscati said: "We have the rights for the 24 prayers written by Pope John Paul.

"We had hoped the fact that we have been in contact with Michael Jackson would remain a secret. But sadly it has leaked out ahead of time. We are in discussions and trying to sort it out.

Fr Moscati dismissed Jackson's controversial past and insisted it was no barrier to him working with the Catholic Church. The priest said: "He was cleared and found not guilty by a jury.

"Michael Jackson is very interested in this project - we shall see what happens."

Last night it emerged that Jackson had secretly flown to Venice to sign a contract. But as news of his arrival leaked he fled the city and was thought to be on his way back to the United States.

He had arrived in Venice with his three children, but changed his plans after learning that photographers and reporters were waiting for him.

Jackson shot to superstar status with his album 'Thriller' in the early 1980's. He also had a massive global hit with his famine awareness single 'We Are The World'.

A source in Venice said: "We were all ready to put the deal to Michael Jackson but he was scared off when the news leaked out. As soon as he knew everyone was waiting for him and the project had been found out he disappeared. We don't know where he is now."

The Vatican deal would be Jackson's first musical work since his trial.

Source: The Scotsman / Billie Jean

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