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Lawsuit Tossed Out Of Federal Court. 05-01-'06

Two years ago, Michael Jackson filed a lawsuit against Henry Vaccaro, a Jew Jersey man, over memorabilia that Vaccaro had posted for sale on a pay - per - view website. On Wednesday (January 4), the suit was thrown out of court. It was tossed because Michael ceased pursuing it.

Michael alleged that some of the items that had been displayed still belonged to him and that Vaccaro had no rights to them. U.S. District Judge Florence - Marie Cooper previously acted on the allegations by issuing an order barring Vaccaro from displaying or selling the items while the case was in dispute.

The lot includes costumes, letters, court papers and pictures. It is unclear how the dismissal order can affect the display of the items.

Henry Vaccaro
Memorabilia of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family including a license plate, a clock, photos and an unidentified award statue. Henry V. Vaccaro Sr., who acquired the collection, now says it's been stolen from a Nevada storage facility and auctioned without his knowledge.

The items had been stored in an Oxnard storage facility. They were sold as part of a bankruptcy lot involving the Jackson family, including Michael's parents, Tito and Jermaine. An attorney for Vaccaro, Edgar Pease, said that his client paid about $25,000 for the items left in storage.

The items were catalogued and then displayed on a web site that reportedly held "the MOST juicy information" about Michael, Janet, LaToya and the rest of the family.

Although there was a court order barring Vaccaro from selling the items, several news agencies reported in 2002, prior to the order being issued, Vaccaro had already sold several of the items to a European buyer.

Michael had sought at least $10 million from Vaccaro.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

New Year Message From Mr & Mrs Jackson. 05-01-'06

We would like to wish all of the fans a Happy New Year!
Your support of our family has been so appreciated and we will always remember the love you have given us.

We will always love you!


Mr and Mrs Jackson & family!

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Announcing The Michael Jackson Visionary Party On April 2006, London. 05-01-'06

Following the successful Unbreakable Party, which took place on August 28th 2005, in London, MJ News Online will be organizing a Visionary Party, set to take place on April 23rd, 2006.

There will be a Michael Jackson cinema screening in the Prince Charles Cinema from 1-3pm, and in the CC Club the Visionary Party from 4-11pm.

More news about the Visionary Party later this month.

Visionary Party
On April 23rd of this year, fans from across the globe will unite in London's west end to celebrate the remarkable career, song, and dance of the King of Pop, their idol, Michael Jackson.

Source: MJ News Online / Billie Jean

Release Singles Box Set. 04-01-'06

Like you already know is the Box Set release date been putting off to February 20th 2006.

Each week over a 5 month period Sony BMG will release 20 of Michael Jackson's greatest singles. Each single will be issued as a Dual Disc allowing not only his most popular singles to be collected but also their accompanying videos.

This new technology allowing CD and DVD content on one disc is the perfect medium for an artist whose music, videos and love of innovation is renowned. In yet another landmark in Michael's career he will become the first performer ever to release a single on Dual Disc.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Number Ones ('Off The Wall', 'Thriller', 'Bad' and 'HIStory') CD Album Cover'Number Ones' Again In The UK Charts. 04-01-'06

Michael Jackson's collection album 'Number Ones' is become again in the official UK Album chart and that on number 31.

'Number Ones' is a greatest hits album by Michael Jackson that was released on November 17th, 2003 worldwide and on November 18, 2003 in the United States by Epic Records in the trademark of Sony Music.

The album also features the last original single released during Jackson's lifetime,'One More Chance', released as only single on November 24th 2003.

Source: UK Charts / Billie Jean

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