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Michael JacksonJackson Sued By Legal Firm. 31-07-'06

Michael Jackson's legal woes are mounting up again - he's now being sued for legal fees he allegedly owes a Los Angeles law firm. Bosses at Ayscough + Marar claim the pop superstar owes them $200,000 for their services in 2005.

In the lawsuit, filed last week (July 25) in Los Angeles and obtained by news website TMZ.com, attorney Brent Ayscough claims his firm was hired by Jackson to provide legal services during his child molestation trial. Ironically, one of the cases the law firm's legal eagles were allegedly asked to oversee was the suit brought against Jackson by former business associate Marc Schaffel.

That trial ended earlier this month (July 06) with a split decision. Ayscough and Marar's lawyers claim they were paid on time until mid-2005, when Jackson's legal fees were paid out by his trial lawyer Thomas Mesereau's company.

The plaintiffs claim the money paid to Mesereau was to be spread around several law firms, who were all working for Jackson. But Ayscough + Marar say they haven't seen any of that money. Mesereau + Yu are not named as defendants in the case. Besides detailing the payments that Ayscough + Marar claims it is owed, the lawsuit also describes significant debts owed by Jackson, including over $300 million to Fortress Investment Group and over $1.6 million to his brother Randy.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

CTE Offers New Multi Poster. 30-07-'06

The Italian Michael Jackson Fan Club CTE just released the brand new Michael Jackson - King Of Pop Limited Edition Multi Poster. The Michael Jackson Multi Poster is a Limited Edition Fan-Only Product! It contains 16 never-before-seen photos each one as mega-poster sized 35X50 cm!

High-quality deluxe glossy paper UV-LAMINATED offset printing technology! The Multi Poster is packaged like a calendar (but it's bigger than that) and it has a silver spiral bound with its own hanger.

Never before seen photos by MJJ archives, incl.: Behind-the-scenes short films set from: 'Remember The Time', 'Black Or White', 'Jam', 'Ghosts', 'The Way You Make Me Feel', 'Moonwalker', Live in concert Dangerous Tour, HIStory Tour, LA Gear photo shooting, rehearsals at Neverland, private and public events.

Michael Multi Poster
The Michael Jackson MultiPoster is a Limited Edition Fan-Only Product! It is a giant photobook that features 16 never-before-seen official photos.

Publisher: CTE Productions
Author: CTE - The Italian MJ Fanclub
Pages: 16
ISBN: 978-0955540707
Printed: Italy
Guide price: 15 €

Order the multi poster here at Amazon.

Source: CTE / Billie Jean

Jackson Sells Off Amusement Rides. 28-07-'06

Michael Jackson has reportedly closed down his Neverland Ranch funfair for good - and sold his amusement rides for $500,000.

The pop superstar, who now calls the Middle East home, chose not to return to his Santa Barbara County, California estate after it was raided by police looking for evidence into his 2004 and 2005 child molestation case. And, after finding homes for the wild pets Jackson housed on his sprawling estate, he has now sold his playthings to a Japanese collector. The new owner plans to open a theme park dedicated to Jackson in his native Japan.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

XtraJetMan Gets Eight Months For Secretly Taping Jackson. 25-07-'06

An air service businessman was sentenced yesterday (July 24) to eight months in federal prison for secretly videotaping Michael Jackson as the pop star flew to Santa Barbara with his attorney to surrender in a child-molestation investigation.

Arvel Jett Reeves also was ordered to spend six additional months in a halfway house that offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Dan Shallman. He also must pay a $1,000 fine.

Reeves and co-defendant Jeffrey Borer admitted they installed two digital video recorders to record "a professional entertainer" and his lawyer on a private jet from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara in November 2003, according to their plea agreements filed last September.

The entertainer they recorded was Jackson and his attorney Mark Geragos, although they are not cited by name in the plea agreements. Jackson was later acquitted of child molestation.

Borer, who instructed Reeves to obtain and install the equipment, intended "to sell these recordings to the media for a large sum of money," according to a plea agreement.

Borer and Reeves each pleaded guilty to one felony count of conspiracy. As part of the deal, federal prosecutors agreed to dismiss two other charges -- endeavoring to intercept oral communication and witness tampering -- in a three-count indictment filed against them.

Borer's sentencing was postponed to September. U.S. District Judge A. Howard Matz agreed yesterday to give Borer more time to submit information about his ailing wife.

Borer was the owner of XtraJet, which operated a Gulfstream jet that carried Jackson. Reeves was the owner of Chino-based Executive Aviation, which provided maintenance service for XtraJet's aircraft fleet.

Reeves purchased video and audio equipment and, with the help of a third party, secretly installed the recorders in the airplane's cabin, according to the plea agreement. They were unable to install the remote microphones because Reeves didn't get the proper connectors, so the two recordings were made without sound.

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

Soul Legends (Digipack) CD Album Cover'Soul Legends' CD Album (Digipack) Is Released. 25-07-'06

'Soul Legends' album of The Jackson 5 is released under the Universal Music label. The compilation cd album contains 19 tracks of the Jackson 5's greatest hits. Lesser known cover versions and rare remixes of 'I Want You Back' and 'ABC'.

Part of the brilliant Universal Soul Legends series housed in a digipack with simple yet eye-catching artwork and includes brief sleeve notes.

Track list:

1. Reach Out I'll Be There - 3:45
2. It's Your Thing - 3:38
3. Let's Have A Party - 3:10
4. I Want You Back (Kei's Routine Jazz Party Mix) - 5:26
5. My Girl - 3:05
6. Whatever You Got, I Want - 2:54
7. The Boogie Man - 2:55
8. I'll Bet You - 3:15
9. Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing (Don't Say No) - 7:11
10. Just A Little Misunderstanding - 2:40
11. Mama's Pearl - 3:10
12. ABC (Justa Roots Rock Mix) - 4:47
13. Dancing Machine (Album Version) - 2:36
14. Doctor My Eyes - 3:09
15. Money Honey - 2:55
16. A Fool For You - 4:33
17. I'll Be There - 3:54
18. Never Can Say Goodbye - 2:59
19. You've Got A Friend - Michael Jackson - 4:46

Record label: Motown/Universal
Series number: 0602498417539
Printed: EU
Guide price: 12 €

Order the cd album here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

MTVMTV’s 25TH Anniversary Poll. 25-07-'06

As previously reported on June 24th, MTV UK held a public vote to find The Top 100 videos that broke the rules.

Michael Jackson's Epic and controversial monster short film 'Thriller' enters the poll at No.3 while financially record breaking 'Scream' has entered at No.6.

'Thriller' was only beaten by the religiously controversial 'Like A Prayer' by Madonna and school-girl outfit wearing Britney Spears' 'Baby One More Time'.

Despite the best efforts of some fans, banned videos such as the prison version of 'They Don't Care About Us' and the disclaimer carrying 'Black Or White' are not expected to be in the Top 100.

The top ten looks like this:
1 - Madonna - Like A Prayer
2 - Britney Spears - Baby One More Time
3 - Michael Jackson - Thriller
4 - Madonna - Ray Of Light
5 - Madonna - Vogue
6 - Michael and Janet Jackson - Scream
7 - Robbie Williams - Rock DJ
8 - Eric Prydz - Call On Me
9 - Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity
10 - Spice Girls - Wannabe

Watch the Top 100 videos that broke the rules, August 1st at 3.30pm on MTV.

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonThings Looking Up For 'King Of Pop'? 20-07-'06

Jackson's representatives said things are starting to look up for the singer. Santa Monica County Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Connor, who oversaw the case, plans to hold a separate accounting phase of the trial to look further at Jackson's claims that Schaffel owes him money. That could lead to an adjustment in the awards.

"Michael is no longer an easy target for people with frivolous claims who believe that suing Michael Jackson is a ticket to fame and fortune," said Jackson's lawyer, Thomas Mundell.

Mundell said Schaffel took $400,000 from Jackson's account to buy his California home, and also wrote himself a $65,000 check he called a producer's fee.

Howard King said he does not expect a court to find that Schaffel owes Jackson more money.

"That's a dream come true [for Jackson], but it's not going to come true," King said. "That may work in Neverland but not in Santa Monica."

Yet for all these bitter money disputes, Schaffel spoke positively about Jackson.

"I have to say, with his own children, he absolutely shows to be 100 percent a wonderful father," he said. "He has full-time care of the children, spends a lot of time with his children."

Schaffel also said Jackson is "pretty much like any other person."

"Michael has good times; he gets angry. Michael screams, yells, swears," he said.

ABC News' Heather Nauert and Bill Ritter reported this story for "Good Morning America."

Source: ABC News / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonJackson Trapped In Bahrain. 17-07-'06

Michael Jackson will have to pay Marc Schaffel about a million bucks after a Santa Monica jury's decision Friday (July 14). Schaffel won about $900,000, plus court costs from Jackson. The total amount included $300,000 that Schaffel claimed he used to buy the continued silence of a family Jackson had already bought off. In a counter claim, Jackson won $200,000. The math is easy. How Schaffel will get his money isn’t.

According to my sources, the lawyer who handled the case for Jackson, Thomas Mundell, is owed millions by the singer. The next thing you know, he’ll be suing Jackson.

At this point, Jackson is really a man without a country. I’m told that he is back in Bahrain after attempting a flight to freedom earlier this month. He thought he’d move to Europe from Bahrain, buy a mansion and be free of Prince Abdullah and his 2 Seas Records deal.

Remember all that Ireland-Paris-UK gossip that got tongues wagging? Alas, that is not possible.
First of all, Jackson has no cash. His restructured finances gave him little loot to play around with — he’s still got a $300 million loan with Fortress Investments, increased from $270 million to buy out his former attorney, John Branca, from his 5 percent interest in Sony ATV Music Publishing.

Michael could, per the new agreement, sell half of his stake in Sony/ATV back to Sony. But right now, Sony sees no need to pay him for it. They have the agreement, and they’re in the driver’s seat. Sony literally can sit back and do nothing for a long time.

Not only does Jackson not like to honor signed agreements, he’s famous for flouting them. Right now he’s being sued for $48 million because he signed a contract with Darien Dash, cousin of Roc-a-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash, to secure him the original Fortress funding.

But Jackson’s deal with Prince Abdullah is iron clad. He’s got to make a record that the Prince can release on 2 Seas. And until he makes that record, Michael is stuck in Bahrain, where the Prince gives him a mansion, a driver and Bentleys. But outside of Bahrain, Michael is stranded. Hence, the quick trip back to the island state.

The big question now is will Prince Abdullah give Michael the money to pay off Schaffel? Or will Schaffel place a lien on Jackson’s accounts and Neverland?

On the latter issue, Schaffel would have to get in line behind Fortress to collect his money. But that also means that Neverland is so encumbered by debt that it’s no longer a viable asset for Jackson.

Source: Fox News / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonJackson 'Not Paying' Tiger Bills. 15-06-'06

The animal sanctuary looking after Michael Jackson's two pet tigers has complained the star is not contributing to their upkeep.

Former Hollywood actress Tippi Hedren agreed to look after Sabu and Thriller at her California wildlife preserve when Jackson's Neverland zoo closed. The singer was supposed to send a monthly cheque to pay for the animals' bills.

However, a spokesman for Hedren, 76, says, "Tippi needed two more tigers like a hole in the head. The upkeep of her sanctuary costs $75,000 a month and she still takes small roles to keep it running." Jackson's spokeswoman, Raymone K. Bain says, "I know nothing about this. We will look into it very carefully."

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Raymone K. BainRaymone K. Bain Releases Statement. 15-07-'06

As you may or may not know, a trial has been taking place in Santa Monica and once again Michael Jackson is the defendant.

In this case, his former associate Marc Schaffel has sued him for what he claims is money owed. Michael has counter-sued claiming damages against Schaffel.

Raymone K. Bain (Michael's spokesperson) has released the following statement;
"A jury of 6 women and 6 men turned back F. Marc Schaffel?s claims against Michael Jackson today, that Mr. Jackson owed him countless millions of dollars. "In the action, Mr. Schaffel first sought $6 million... $4 million... $3.2million, $2 million, and finally $1.5million.

"In round 1, the jury awarded Mr. Schaffel $900,000. However, the jury also awarded Mr. Jackson $200,000, plus interest, for Mr. Schaffel?s fraud, conversion and breach of fiduciary duty.

"Says Tom Mundell, Lead Defence Counsel, 'This was a great result for Michael. The judge divided the trial into two phases. In this first phase, the jury heard all of Schaffel's claims and one of Michael's claims. In about two weeks, the judge will hear testimony on the rest of Michael's claims against Schaffel. The value of Michael's remaining claims exceeds the small net amount in Schaffel's favour from Phase 1 of the trial, and we are confident that when Phase 2 is concluded, the overall judgment will be in Michael's favour.'

Says L. Londell McMillan, General Counsel to Mr. Jackson, 'It?s a new day for Michael Jackson. We were unwilling to pay one penny more than the amount Schaffel was owed, and the verdict proved successful. This lawsuit represents the beginning of a new approach and direction in the business of Michael Jackson.'

Source: Raymone K. Bain / Billie Jean

Marc SchaffelUpdate Marc Schaffel Case. 14-07-'06

On Thursday (July 13), the trial of former associate F. Marc Schaffel versus Michael Jackson has been placed in the hands of jurors.

Beforehand, Michael's lawyer Thomas Mundell told the jury in his closing argument that the plaintiff betrayed the entertainer and urged them to "send him from this courtroom with nothing." The attorney said Schaffel can't back up claims that he is owed $1.4 million in loans and expenses. Michael Jackson has countersued, claiming that Schaffel actually owes him $660,000. Mundell said that Schaffel took advantage of a pop star who is "useless in his own business matters."

He also argued that Schaffel actually pocketed $400,000 from a Japanese company for rights to the September 11 charity record, 'What More Can I Give', and that he used the money to make a down payment on a house.

Mundell read to jurors a voice mail message to Schaffel in which Michael Jackson said:
"Marc, please, please, never let me down. I have been betrayed so much by people. I want us to be friends and I want us to conquer the business world. Be my loyal, loyal, loyal friend."

Mundell concluded:
"Members of the jury, Marc Schaffel was not Mr. Jackson's loyal friend. I ask you to send him from this courtroom with nothing."

On the other side, Schaffel's lawyer Howard King argued that jurors must consider that his client's relationship with the singer existed in "Michael world, not our world."

"It's a world where a superstar professes love for Marc Schaffel and entrusts him ... Michael world — a world without receipts."

King urged jurors to accept circumstantial evidence and testimony from various witnesses about expenditures Schaffel made in the interest of promoting Michael Jackson's charity record, and $300,000 for a trip to South America.

The judge told the 12 jurors that only nine of them need to agree on any one cause of action for a verdict, but the same nine do not need to agree on each action. The five-page verdict form includes numerous questions the jury must answer relating to Schaffel's suit and Michael Jackson's countersuit.

Schaffel initially sued for $3.8 million but the claims were cut to $1.6 million, and on Thursday (July 13) his attorney asked for $1.4 million.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe Sues Michael Over Payment. 13-07-'06

Debbie Rowe filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 3, 2006. She is suing Michael Jackson, claiming he has failed to pay her what he promised when the two divorced in 1999. She seeks an immediate payment of $195,000 for attorney fees and $50,000 in living expenses.

In the lawsuit Debbie Rowe claims that Michael Jackson stopped making promised payments to her in October, 2003. The arrangement included $1 million per year for the first three years and $750,000 annually for six more years.

Rowe also received a house in Beverly Hills and a 1998 Ford Explorer. She agreed to visit her children only once every 45 days.

The next court hearing on the matter is slated for July 26, 2006.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Marc SchaffelUpdate Marc Schaffel's Case. 12-07-'06

When Michael Jackson found that his associate, Marc Schaffel, had produced gay pornography, he attempted to fire him, according to Michael's former attorney, Zia Modabber.

Mr. Modabber testified on Monday (July 10) that he told Michael about Schaffel's background and showed Michael a video of Schaffel at a porn fill shoot.

"I think he didn’t want to believe it was real or true,” said Modabber. “He appeared angry, upset."

Michael called Schaffel and told him that he was being released from the charity project for 'What More Can I Give'. This from Schaffel, himself, who took the stand on Monday (July 10).

Zia Modabber's testimony showed that Schaffel enriched himself at Michael's expense. Mr. Modabber testified on limited subjects after invoking client-attorney privilege.

Mr. Modabber identified letters brought in as evidence that passed between him and Schaffel's lawyer following Schaffel's notification of termination.

"My focus was on doing what I could to get the rights to release the single," Modabber said of the song, which was being held up because Schaffel claimed rights to it. "I got involved with trying to clean up that mess," Modabber said.
Mr. Modabber's letter continually warned Schaffel that he "has no rights to exploit, distribute or in any way pledge any interest in the master recording of 'What More Can I Give."

Mr. Modabber said that Shaffel continued pursuing the issue and collected $900,000 from the Music Fighters company. He said that the company received virtually nothing.

In videotaped deposition, Michael unequivocally stated that he was the composer of the song and that the rights belong to him.

Schaffel's lawyer, Howard King, attempted to question Mr. Modabber trying to show that Michael intended for Schaffel to have the rights to the recording.

Mr. Modabber said that he was aware of Michael's working on something with Schavvel again and that he advised against it. Michael's advisors told him that the matter was being handled.

Earlier, Michael's attorney, Thomas Mundell, questioned Schaffel about his rush to issue 18 backdated checks totalling $784,000 in the days after being fired by the pop star.

Showing him one of the checks, Mundell said, "And you dated it Nov. 14 because you knew if you dated it after that you would run into problems because of the termination?"
"Yes," said Schaffel.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Billie Jean Single Cover'Billie Jean' The Greatest Single. 11-07-'06

Michael Jackson's hit 'Billie Jean' has been named the greatest single of the 80's by a music magazine.

The 1983 track from the 1982 album 'Thriller' was voted the top tune of the decade by experts for British music bible Q.

It was one of the hits he wrote alone and during a TV performance of 'Billie Jean' at the 'Motown 25 Special' he debuted what would become his signature dance move, the moonwalk.

The song beat off competition from New Order's electro pop tune ‘Blue Monday’, which was released four times and peaked at No3 when it was remixed in 1988.

Prince's 1986 song 'Kiss' made it to the number three spot, ahead of 'Walk This Way' by Run-DMC featuring Aerosmith. 'Sweet Child O' Mine' by Guns N' Roses came fifth, reports Contact Music.

'The Joshua Tree' by U2 was voted the greatest album of the 80's.

Top songs of the eighties:
1. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
2. New Order - Blue Monday
3. Prince - Kiss
4. Walk This Way - Run-DMC featuring Aerosmith
5. Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine.

Source: Asian News International / Billie Jean

'Is It Scary', Michael Jackson Halloween Event. 10-07-'06

Welcome to an event unlike any other... One to celebrate Halloween, Michael Jackson style!

Hosting this event will be one of London's top Nightclubs in the West End, The CC Club.

Amongst many other surprises, there will be the chance to see performances from some of the most amazing Impersonators and Tribute Artists, not only from the UK but from abroad as well, including Earnest Valentino and many new faces who will dazzle you with their shows as they take to the stage of Horror!

After the show, you can then relax or party to your hearts desire at the after party, the music and atmosphere proving that only us MJ fans know how to do it best!

Optional dress code for the night is fancy dress, whether it be a ghost or a zombie to whatever you want, the choice is yours!

More details on this unique event will be available very soon, so please stay tuned!

Source: MJJunkies / Billie Jean

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe To Jackson -- "I Need Cash, STAT!". 08-07-'06

Michael Jackson's ex-wife claims the singer owes her a fortune and that she desperately needs money. She says she "sits on the brink of bankruptcy."

TMZ obtained a motion filed by Debbie Rowe, asking a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge to order Jackson to pay her $50,000 in living expenses for the next four months. In the legal papers Rowe claims she needs the money to continue her fight for the custody of the couple's two children. Rowe is also asking for $195,000 in legal fees. Rowe says if she does not get the money to pay her lawyers, she will have to represent herself in the custody battle.

In her motion, Rowe attached the couple's financial settlement agreement from their 1999 divorce case. The agreement provides that Rowe was to receive $1 million dollars up front, and an additional $1 million dollars a year for the next three years. After that, Rowe was to receive $750,000 a year for the next six years. Rowe's total take: $8.5 million. Rowe claims Jackson has not lived up to the agreement.

Under the settlement, Rowe also acquired the couple's Beverly Hills mansion.

The settlement agreement provides a peek into Jackson's lavish lifestyle. It lists 59 vehicles the singer owns, including a Rolls Royce limousine, four tractors and fire trucks.

The motion also includes the custody arrangement, which provides that Rowe was to get visitation once every 45 days, from 10 a.m. to 7p.m.

Rowe is currently challenging the custody and visitation agreement.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Calendar 2007 CoverMJ Official Calendar 2007 Available In September. 07-07-'06

The Official Michael Jackson Calendar for 2007 is now available, the release date for the calendar is the 18th of September.

The calendar is being published by MJ Licensing LLC, the same people who brought you the 'My World - The Official Photobook Vol.1'.

According to the publishers the calendar will contain 14 photos of the King Of Pop and the calendar is a photographic review of Michael Jackson's career, sources say there will be an extremely rare photo from the set of the 'One More Chance' video shoot.

Pages: 14
Guide price: 9 €

Order the calendar 2007 here at MJJCenter.

Source: MJJCenter / Billie Jean

Marc SchaffelUpdate Marc Schaffel's Case. 06-07-'06

The jury heard tapes of telephone conversations from Michael Jackson to Marc Schaffel Wednesday (July 5). The tapes dealt with business dealings between the two parties. The tapes were played to the jury to show that the two had a close business relationship and that Schaffel was entrusted to handle millions of dollars on Michael's behalf.

Schaffel had testified that he had been working on a number of projects for Michael, including handling loans from banks on Neverland and seeking out a second home in Beverly Hills.

In 2001, Schaffel said Michael had an idea to do a video in which Marlon Brando would interview him and he would interview Brando at the actor's island in Tahiti. Later, Jackson wanted to make an acting DVD with Brando. The project fizzled because of the cost, Schaffel said.

There were several messages from Michael to Schaffel inquiring about the status of the project because Brando was eager to proceed. Brando passed away in 2004.

Michael's other concern was the charity recording 'What More Can I Give', the project for victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The record was never released because of complications involving Michael's relationship with Sony. Many artists were involved in that production.

Later, Schaffel received calls from Michael who wanted to do another production for the war in Iraq. "It should be for America in Iraq," Michael said in one message. "... It's a perfect cause. It means more now than any other causes."

Schaffel also claims that he made a trip to South America on Michael's behalf to deliver $300,000 to take care of "a personal matter" that was not clarified.

Schaffel likewise claims that he is owed $664,000 in royalties from two videos sold to Fox television.

Schaffel's attorney also called to the stand Florida businessman Alvin Malnik, who said he advised Michael and found the singer bewildered by financial matters.

Malnik said he frequently loaned the singer money — $7 million to $10 million — all of which was ultimately returned.

Source: AP / Billie Jean

Soul Legends (Digipack) CD Album Cover'Soul Legends' CD Album (Digipack) Will Be Released. 03-07-'06

A new Jackson 5 compilation called 'Soul Legends' will be released this month under the Universal Music label. The compilation cd album contains 19 tracks of the Jackson 5's greatest hits. Lesser known cover versions and rare remixes of 'I Want You Back' and 'ABC'.

According to sources the compilation will be primarily released in Canada although other areas may follow. For UK fans the compilation can be ordered from Amazon.co.uk as an import, according to Amazon this new J5 CD will be released on the 25th of July.

Part of the brilliant Universal Soul Legends series housed in a digipack with simple yet eye-catching artwork and includes brief sleeve notes.

Track list:

1. Reach Out I'll Be There - 3:45
2. It's Your Thing - 3:38
3. Let's Have A Party - 3:10
4. I Want You Back (Kei's Routine Jazz Party Mix) - 5:26
5. My Girl - 3:05
6. Whatever You Got, I Want - 2:54
7. The Boogie Man - 2:55
8. I'll Bet You - 3:15
9. Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing (Don't Say No) - 7:11
10. Just A Little Misunderstanding - 2:40
11. Mama's Pearl - 3:10
12. ABC (Justa Roots Rock Mix) - 4:47
13. Dancing Machine (Album Version) - 2:36
14. Doctor My Eyes - 3:09
15. Money Honey - 2:55
16. A Fool For You - 4:33
17. I'll Be There - 3:54
18. Never Can Say Goodbye - 2:59
19. You've Got A Friend - Michael Jackson - 4:46

Record label: Motown/Universal
Series number: 0602498417539
Printed: EU
Guide price: 12 €

Pre-order the cd album here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

'Visionary - The Video Singles' Has Ended. 01-07-'06

'Visionary - The Video Singles' has now finished, and here's a little look back at the results of the nineteen chart releases.
Thriller was the only single from the 20 available that was not chart eligible.

Due to the introduction of downloads being chart eligible and the fact Michael's re-issues were not eligible, the singles may have not charted as high as they would have, with Billie Jean being the highest entry at No.11. Most weeks, the singles were quite high in the midweek charts before the sales of downloads contributed to the final position.

Visionary - The Video Singles Covers
Between February 20th and June 26th Sony BMG released 20 of Michael Jackson's greatest singles.

Source: MJNI / Billie Jean

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