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MJ50th Billboard Project: Calendar. 31-07-'08

Michael Jackson 2008 Limited Edition Calendar - MJ50TH SPECIAL TRIBUTE RELEASE: Buy the MJ50TH calendar within August 13 and your name will be included in the FULL page advertisement in Billboard Magazine dedicated to honouring Michael on his 50th birthday!

Description: Spiral bound with its own hanger. Multilanguage. High-quality deluxe glossy paper UV-LAMINATED offset printing technology! Featuring previously Never-Before-Seen Official Stunning Photographs of the One and Only King of Pop (incl.: Behind-the-scenes and short films set from: Black Or White, Ghosts, In The Closet, Smooth Criminal, Come Together Performance Rehearsals from Moonwalker, Live in concert Dangerous Tour, HIStory Tour, LA Gear Photo shooting, Awards Ceremonies and Celebration of Love Event).

About the MJ50th Billboard Project: We want to show the entire music industry that we friends and fans of Michael are still here and honouring him as the one and only King of Pop, Rock and Soul. We plan to take out a FULL page advertisement in Billboard Magazine dedicated to honouring Michael on his 50th birthday. Please consider donating to this effort. No amount is too small to make a difference. We guarantee that your name will be included in the ad!

The highest donation will be awarded a special prize: a promotional set of 2CD 'Michael Jackson - Live in Jerudong Park Garden (Brunei) on Dec. 31, 1996' !!! More details at www.mj50th.com.

Time is counting down! This could be your LAST chance to take part in this wonderful GIFT to The King Of Pop!

Offline donations deadline: August 4, 2008

Online donations deadline: August 13, 2008

Source: www.mj50th.com / Billie Jean

BRAVO To Publish Special On Michael. 29-07-'08

The German BRAVO magazine, one of the the biggest teen magazines in Europe, will publish a special on Michael Jackson in celebration of his 50th birthday.

According to Alex Gernandt, assistant chief editor, the special will be about Michael's life, his unbelievable career and the many meetings with BRAVO. You can definitely expect a positive story since BRAVO has always been very supportive to Michael.

BRAVO plans to publish the special in 4 parts - starting July 30, 2008.

Source: Bravo / Billie Jean

The Essential Michael Jackson 3.0 - UPDATE. 27-07-'08

Sony BMG USA will release a new Michael Jackson CD, The Essential Michael Jackson 3.0, on August 28, 2008.
This 3CD set will include the US version of the 2005 release The Essential Michael Jackson + 1 Bonus CD.

Here is the track list of that third CD:

1. Can't Get Outta The Rain Michael Jackson
2. Say, Say, Say [Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson
3. Jam
4. They Don't Care About Us
5. Blood On The Dance Floor
6. Stranger In Moscow
7. Butterflies
8. One More Chance

Note: here is the track list of the 2 other CD's:

Disc One :
I Want You Back - The Jackson 5 / ABC - The Jackson 5 / The Love You Save - The Jackson 5 / Got To Be There / Rockin' Robin / Ben / Enjoy Yourself - The Jacksons / Blame It On The Boogie - The Jacksons / Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) - The Jacksons * / Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough / Rock With You * / Off The Wall * / She's Out Of My Life / Can You Feel It - The Jacksons * / The Girl Is Mine - Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney / Billie Jean / Beat It / Wanna Be Startin' Something * / Human Nature * / P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) / Thriller (2003 Edit)

Disc Two :
Bad / I Just Can't Stop Loving You - Michael Jackson and Siedah Garrett / Leave Me Alone / The Way You Make Me Feel * / Man In The Mirror / Dirty Diana * / Another Part Of Me * / Smooth Criminal / Black Or White * / Heal The World / Remember The Time / In The Closet - Duet by Michael Jackson and Mystery Girl * / Who Is It * / Will You Be There * / Dangerous / You Are Not Alone * / You Rock My World

*: Single Version

Preorder (Amazon)

Source: MJFC Germany / Billie Jean

Updates On Bday Greetings Project. 25-07-'08

JAM / MJFC Germany is calling on fans worldwide to participate in their birthday project: Make your own video with a birthday greeting for Michael Jackson - who will celebrate his 50th birthday on August 29, 2008.

Record your personal greeting message for Michael Jackson on video. It can either be a few words addressed at the King of Pop or you can sing or dance. You can upload your videos at the popular video portals (e.g. YouTube, MyVideo, Clipfish). Then send the link of your video to JAM via their contact form. The videos shall not contain any kind of racist, sexual or otherwise offensive content. All videos will be checked before publication on a special birthday page.

Michael Jackson will be the first to have the possibility to view the videos on the special birthday page (JAM does not give any guarantee that Michael Jackson will view the video.) All other fans will get a chance to view them a few days later.

If you don't have a video camera, you can also send an image of yourself or a painting together with your birthday message (in English) to MJFC Germany via their contact form.

The new deadline for this project is August 26, 2008.

Source: MJFC Germany / Billie Jean

'King Of Pop' - Belgium Edition. 25-07-'08

Belgium fans can vote for their favourite Michael Jackson tracks, choosing 5 songs from a list of 122.
The songs with the most votes will be included on the Belgium edition of the album 'King Of Pop' - celebrating Michael's 50th birthday.

Make a chance on one 3 the exclusive iPods (numbered collector's items and engraved in the Michael Jackson topic) or one of the 20 free CD's.

The release date of the album will be August 25, 2008.

Source: nieuwsblad.be / Billie Jean

MJ50th Project: Win Very Rare CD! 25-07-'08

To All Michael Jackson's Fans: We want to show the entire music industry that we friends and fans of Michael are still here and honouring him as the one and only King of Pop, Rock and Soul. We plan to take out a FULL page advertisement in Billboard Magazine dedicated to honouring Michael on his 50th birthday.

Please consider donating to this effort. No amount is too small to make a difference. We guarantee that your name will be included in the ad!

The highest donation will be awarded a special prize: a promotional set of 2CD 'Michael Jackson - Live in Jerudong Park Garden (Brunei) on Dec. 31, 1996' !!!

Disc 1
Scream - They Don't Care About Us - In The Closet - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - Stranger In Moscow - Smooth Criminal - You Are Not Alone - The Way You Make Me Feel - Motown Medley - Billie Jean

Disc 2
Thriller - Beat It - Dangerous - Black Or White - Earth Song - Heal The World - MJ Thanking Speech - They Don't Care About Us Reprise - Gates Of Kiev - HIStory

Don't miss this incredible and unique chance to own one of the rarest collectible items! The winner will be announced via MJ50TH.COM mail shot.

Time is counting down! This could be your LAST chance to take part in this wonderful GIFT to The King Of Pop!

Source: www.mj50th.com / Billie Jean

A Jackson Museum In Gary? 23-07-'08

Gary, Indiana (USA) could soon be the site of a museum devoted to one of the most famous family’s in music – The Jackson’s! This was one of the topics discussed with Joseph Jackson and Gary Mayor Rudy Clay on Mr. Jackson’s visit back to Gary on July 22, 2008. Clay explained that there had been previous discussions to exhibit some of the Jackson family memorabilia in Gary; all of which were unsuccessful.

"We had to get a commitment solid from Joe here today. We got that on camera," Clay said. Asked whether he got the commitment in writing, Clay said, "Let me put it like this, the paperwork has to come after the commitment.
Although the project developer would not directly comment on the project, she did indicate that the project is still in the early stages of development and that the museum would be located on Grant Street and Interstate 80/94.

Source: CBS Broadcasting Inc / Billie Jean

Joe Jackson's Visit To Gary. 23-07-'08

On Tuesday, Joe Jackson was presented with the key to the city of Gary by Mayor Rudy Clay, heard about updated plans for the proposed Jackson Museum and Cultural Center and unveiled a new street sign in honour of the Jackson family at 2300 Jackson St. in front of the original home of the Jackson Five.

The entire interior of Gary City Hall was decked out with large, fresh-cut flower arrangements and draped fabric swags, while signs reading "Welcome Home Joe Jackson" covered all the doors and windows.

Clay said during a brief morning ceremony:

"This key not only represents the key to Gary, but also represents the key that will unlock the door of the future Jackson Family Museum."
Clay, Jackson and Joel Rodriguez, special assistant to the mayor for the department of development, had also met for a roundtable discussion before the key ceremony to discuss plans for the Jackson Family tribute property. The concept first was unveiled by former Mayor Scott King during Michael Jackson's 2003 visit.

Afterwards they left to lunch at the new Dusty's Buffet Restaurant inside the Gary RailCats stadium.

Joe Jackson said about the visit:

"We, as the Jackson family, are proud of our Gary roots," said Jackson, whose last visit to Gary was nearly two decades ago.
So much has changed here since my last visit. There are great days ahead for Gary."

He was particularly pleased to see an easel in the main foyer of Gary City Hall displaying a photograph of Clay with Obama, or as Joe Jackson described him: "the next president of the United States":

"Myself and my entire family supports Obama and he will be our next president."

Source: NWI Times / Billie Jean

Ne-Yo Talks About Working On New Album. 23-07-'08

In a recent interview with New York Magazine, singer Ne-Yo talks about working on Michael's new album. He confirmed his involvement saying, Yeah, Michael's putting together a new album, and I'm helping him out with it."

According to Ne-Yo, Michael himself called to get him onboard.

I actually hung up on him because I thought someone was playin'." "[I said] 'Who's this?' 'This is Michael Jackson.' Click. Then his representative called back. 'This is Peter Lopez. I have Michael Jackson on the phone.' And I was like, 'Oh my God. Are you serious?' And then I apologized for the next ten minutes.

But despite the initial confusion Michael managed to talk Ne-Yo into working on the project.

He said he had a very high appreciation for my appreciation for melody. His music is all about the melody, and that's the only sort of real direction he gave me: 'Just make sure the song is as melodic as possible. I want to get back to that.'

Apparently the two also discussed subject matter for lyrics as well but Ne-Yo says that was very much "keep it to yourself."

Ne-Yo says that so far he has written a number of tracks, which he submits to Michael as MP3s via e-mail. Then he just sits back and waits for a phone call,

He'll call me back and say, 'I really like song No. 3. Song No. 4, the hook could be stronger. Song No. 1, change the first verse. Okay, bye.' Click. And then I redo them and he's like, 'Okay, they're perfect. Send me more.' So I don't know what he's keeping, what he's getting rid of, what he's recording."

So, will this be Michael Jackson's "comeback" album? Ne-Yo says he hopes so.

He's definitely trying. He's trying to get back to a place where people remember why they love Michael Jackson in the first place. In the beginning, you didn't care about Michael Jackson's personal life. It was about his dancing and his music. That was why you loved Mike. He's trying to get back there. And I'm trying to help."

Source: nymag.com / Billie Jean

'King Of Pop' - Dutch Edition. 21-07-'08

Dutch fans can vote for their favourite Michael Jackson tracks, choosing 5 songs from a list of 100. The songs with the most votes will be included on the Dutch edition of the album 'King Of Pop' - celebrating Michael's 50th birthday.

The release date of the album will be August 22, 2008.

Source: Sony BMG nl / Billie Jean

'King Of Pop' UK Edition. 19-07-'08

Sony BMG UK has issued the following press release on the fan-voted album 'King Of Pop' in celebration of Michael's 50th birthday:

There is only one Michael Jackson. There is only one King Of Pop.

Michael Jackson fans will be given the chance to become part of music history, as Sony BMG Music release a brand new ‘hits’ album from the superstar performer entitled, ‘King of Pop’. Release date August 25th, all the tracks on the album will be chosen exclusively by his UK fans.

‘King of Pop’ will honour Michael Jackson’s 50th birthday on the 29th August. Sony BMG have partnered with GMTV and The Sun newspaper to give his fans in the UK the chance to vote for their favourite songs – the top 18 will form the album’s track listing.

Voting will commence today, Friday 18th July, for the duration of three weeks, closing Sunday 10th August. This will be an exciting opportunity for devotees everywhere to choose their favourites from a 50 strong list of Michael’s most popular hits, as well as a few rare releases.

Fans can choose from a classic line up of tracks, produced by world-class producers, that showcase Michael’s amazing musical diversity over the years. Super slick dance floor favourites such as ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Off the Wall’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Thriller’ will be included on the list for voting as well as famous iconic collaborations such as ‘The Girl is Mine’ and ‘Say Say Say’ with Paul McCartney along with ‘Scream’ featuring his sister Janet.

‘King of Pop’ will be the first fan driven selection of its kind and what better way to celebrate Michael Jackson’s 50th milestone, than for his UK fans to decide exactly which tracks represent him at his absolute best and show that he is still undeniably The King of Pop.

Each Sony BMG territory around the world will operate a similar fan voting systems, potentially creating different versions of ‘King of Pop’.

Source: Sony BMG UK / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Special On TV - France 2. 19-07-'08

Michael Jackson fans on Wednesday 23rd July is there on the TV station France 2 a special about Michael Jackson.
It begins at 10.25 PM and ended around 00.00 AM.
The special goes about the 50th birthday of Michael, his latest album and his private life.
Don't forget it.

Source: France 2 / Billie Jean

'King Of Pop' - UK Edition. 18-07-'08

Michael Jackson celebrates his 50th birthday on August 29 and SONY BMG, GMTV and The Sun newspaper are giving UK fans the chance to become part of pop history. To recognise Michael's great success and celebrate his birthday, UK fans can help to choose the track list for the UK's the King of Pop album that will be released on August 25. The most popular 18 tracks will then become the track listing for the King of Pop.

They are also giving away five Michael Jackson iPods which are pre-loaded with the Top 100 Michael Jackson songs and are not for sale to the general public. All you have to do is answer a simple question: Which of the following is a Michael Jackson song?

Black & Red
Black & White
Black & Green
The competition closes 10 August 2008 at 11:59 PM.

Source: Sony / Billie Jean

Chicago Celebrates Joe Jackson’s 80th Birthday. 16-07-'08

Press Release: Chicago, Illinois – July 15, 2008 – Legendary music icon and businessman, Joe Jackson will celebrate his 80th Birthday in the Windy City on July 24, 2008. Joe Jackson, the father of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and the Jackson 5, will bring Hollywood to Chicago in a star studded, Hollywood style extravaganza at the exclusive Chicago hot spot, The Joynt Retro Club.

Mayor Rudy Clay of Gary, Indiana will present Joe Jackson with the Key to the city of Gary in an honorary ceremony where rededication of the former family residential street, Jackson Street will be renamed to Jackson Family Boulevard in tribute to the famous family on July 22, 2008 at City Hall.

Joe Jackson is also in production of his new reality show, “Meet Joe Jackson,” which will chronicle the life of Mr. Jackson in his quest to reunite his sons, The Jackson’s. The show will also follow Mr. Jackson as he develops new artists for his Chicago-based company, Chi-Coast Entertainment with his business partner, Rick Neville, and feature his Hayvenhurst clothing line.

Filmmaker, Mark Brown and his production company XONGER, will produce the new reality show. Brown is responsible for producing such films as Barbershop, Barbershop 2, and Two Can Play That Game, and currently executive producer of “Baldwin Hills” aired on the BET network.

A film crew from the reality show will capture the party and events to be aired this fall.

Source: MJFC / Billie Jean

Billie Jean Single Cover'Billie Jean' Voted Greatest Dance Song Of All Time. 16-07-'08

Michael Jackson's song 'Billie Jean' has been voted the greatest dance record of all time by BBC Radio 2 listeners in the UK.

The poll, revealed in a three-part series presented by Zoe Ball, was part of a BBC Radio 2 dance music season. A panel of music experts, including DJs Trevor Nelson and Danny Rampling, drew up a shortlist of 20 records, which were then voted for by listeners online. The songs, dated from 1966 to 2001, were selected for their "musical merit, and importance in the narrative of UK dance music".

The Top 10:

1. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson (1983)
2. I Feel Love - Donna Summer (1977)
3. Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine - James Brown (1970)
4. Strings Of Life - Rhythim Is Rhythim (1987)
5. Where Love Lives - Alison Limerick (1994)
6. Keep On Movin' - Soul II Soul (1989)
7. Can You Feel It - Fingers Inc. (1988)
8. Big Fun -Inner City (1988)
9. Theme From S'Express - S'Express (1988)
10. Key To My Happiness - The Charades (1966)

Presenter Zoe Ball said:

"I'm delighted that Billie Jean has been voted the greatest dance record ever made.
This is Jackson at his best. This track is way up there for me - Jackson's rendition of it at the Motown 25th anniversary show has got to be one of the great live performances of all time.

The bass line is awesome, the production is killer. It's just perfect."

Written by Michael Jackson, and co-produced by Quincy Jones, the track won two Grammy awards and went to the top of the UK charts in 1983. The beginning of the song is instantly recognisable because of the first few drum beats. Sound engineer Bruce Swedien said Michael Jackson asked for the song to have "the greatest sonic personality that you can possibly put on a track - starting with the drums".

Source: BBC / Billie Jean

Michael & Children See 'WALL-E'. 15-07-'08

According to WENN, Michael Jackson took his 3 children to see the new Disney-Pixar animated movie 'WALL-E' at the Palms resort in Las Vegas (USA) on Monday afternoon.

An eyewitness said he couldn't believe his eyes when he realised who was sitting in the same movie theatre:

"There were no disguises and the three kids weren't wearing the masks they've become famous for. Despite the guards, it was just a family trip to the cinema. They all wore red baseball caps.
There was me, my stepdaughter and a Japanese couple and their kid - and that was it, so I think Michael must have picked a quiet day to come and see the film. They seemed to enjoy the film; Jackson's daughter appeared to like it more than anyone."

Source: WENN / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson And Transitional Investors Reach Settlement. 15-07-'08

On July 14, 2008, a California superior court filing was made calling for the dismissal of the entire $29.7 million civil case which was originally filed by Transitional Investors against Michael Jackson and company one year ago.
The motion called for "the dismissal of the entire action of all parties and all causes of action with prejudice" which indicates that both sides reached a private out-of-court agreement or settlement.

Thus, the jury trial which was originally scheduled to begin on September 29, 2008 has been canceled. Additional details behind this settlement may or may not be made available in the future.

Source: SFSC / Billie Jean

'King Of Pop' - German Edition. 14-07-'08

Bild, Germany's largest newspaper, is teaming up with Sony Germany for a competition to let you choose the MJ songs which will be included on a special 50th birthday album:

The King of pop will become 50 on August 29. And special birthdays bring special presents - in this case for the German Michael Jackson fans. At Bild.de they can choose their very favourite MJ song. The 30 songs with the most votes will be included on a German edition 'Best Of' CD to be released August 22! Furthermore you can win a trip to Las Vegas worth about €2000.

Michael Jackson's album „Thriller“ its the most successful album worldwide and with songs like „Heal The World“ or „Earth Song“ he reached the public. In his songs Jackson talked about poverty and destruction of nature. The singer received numerous awards for his music, e.g. „World Music Award“, „Bambi“, and „Brit Award“.

With so many successful songs it's hard to choose. Which songs shall be included on the birthday album „Michael Jackson – King Of Pop“? You can choose! Bild put together 121 songs that you can choose from.

And there is even more: Those who can solve the Michael-Jackson-quiz (in German language), can win a long weekend for 2 persons in Las Vegas.

Other great prizes are:

2.- 5.: a limited edition „King of Pop“ iPod Nano
6.- 20.: one edition of the brand-new „Michael Jackson – King of Pop"
1.- 100.: your name will be included in the CD booklet of „Michael Jackson – King of Pop"

Deadline is July 28 (noon). Starting July 29 BILD.de will introduce the Top-30-songs in a countdown.

Source: JAM (MJFC Germany) / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson And Family Spotted At Bookstore. 09-07-'08

On July 7th, 2008, Michael Jackson and his three children (along with an aide/bodyguard) were spotted shopping at Barnes & Noble bookstore in Las Vegas. According to reports, they browsed through the store and read some children's books while inside, before eventually purchasing a box full of CDs and books.

Michael Jackson was in one of his traditional public disguises, while his children were without any disguise at all. Paparazzi photographs were taken.

The wheelchair-based disguise that Michael Jackson donned was similarly applied when Jackson attended the UFC fights virtually unnoticed a short time back, when he was in France a couple years ago, and at other times throughout the years.

One shopper said: 'He looked a bit weird wheeling himself around covered up in a surgeon's mask. He was in the shop for about two hours in total. When they left, the children came out first and he was wheeled out behind them.' Medics say Jackson is suffering from back injuries following a career of extreme dance moves.

Michael spotted at bookstore
Jackson left the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Las Vegas in a wheelchair, he wearing pajamas and slippers.

Source: Billie Jean

Thrill N' Chill Weekend September 12-13, Eindhoven, Holland. 09-07-'08

Shannon of MJJCommunity.com, alongside DJ Thijzzz, have released the following press statement with regards to an upcoming European Jackson fan party:

Thrill N' Chill Weekend September 12-13, Eindhoven, Holland

Sponsored by: McDonald's
Produced by: DJ Thijzzz
Supported and endorsed by: The European Jackson Event & MJJCommunity.com

Get ready for the MJ Party event of the year! On the weekend of Sept 12 & 13th, thousands of MJ fans will be descending upon Eindhoven, Holland to see the Thriller Live! Musical. The creators of The European Jackson event have decided to throw two after party extravaganzas to coincide with Thriller Live! The Thrill N' Chill MJ Event will be held at the Park Theatre in Eindhoven and will include:

Thrill N' Chill Weekend in Eindhoven Holland!

2 major after parties!

special International performances and surprises!

International DJ's!

Huge Laser show!

Hotel information and accommodations!

Win free ticket giveaway!

And much more!

This event is sponsored by McDonald's (Holland) and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

More information will come as soon as it's made available. Times to be announced. We will update this thread with pertinent information as soon as possible. To contact the event organizer for information, or to have your website to be designated as an official supporter.

This is the first of many events MJJCommunity will be endorsing and having involvement in. Stay tuned!.

Source: Billie Jean

'Destiny' And 'Triumph' Now Expanded Editions! 09-07-'08

Epic/Legacy, a division of Sony Music, has announced plans to release extended editions of both the DESTINY and TRIUMPH albums in honour of DESTINY's 30th Anniversary.

The DESTINY new release will include 2 bonus tracks of rare 12 inch disco mixes previously unreleased on CD, while TRIUMPH will include 3 bonus tracks of rare, previously unreleased mixes as well. Both CDs are expected to arrive in stores on August 12, 2008.

Source: LegacyRecordings.com / Billie Jean

Hold My Hand" Intended For Whitney Houston. 03-07-'08

Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Claude Kelly wrote the recently leaked Akon song "Hold My Hand" featuring Michael Jackson, but he confesses hearing the legendary singer's voice on the track the first time was a total surprise to him.

"I wrote the song and gave it to Akon with the intention of it going to maybe Whitney Houston, but Akon said he wanted to cut it himself. I thought, 'It doesn't get any bigger than this'," the 27-year-old New York native tells Billboard.com. "A few months after, Akon plays the song for me and all of a sudden I hear Michael Jackson's voice. I was literally shaking by the time the song was over."

The track, which is in contention to be the first single from Akon's new album, due late this year, has since been pulled off the Internet. As per when an actual Michael Jackson album will be released, Kelly says a date hasn't been set yet. What has been confirmed, as per Kelly's manager Michael "Make" Mentore from Star Power Media/Make Moves Management, is that the track will appear on both Akon and Jackson's albums.

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

Jackson Family Set For Reality TV. 03-07-'08

The lives of the Jackson family could be bound for a reality TV show for all to see, US reports now claim.

Insiders speculate the Jackson Five brothers and sisters, La Toya and Janet, are set to squash into the family home in Encino, California to film the series.

Michael Jackson will be the only sibling not based at the house but will contribute with singing from his private studio in Las Vegas.

'The show will follow the lives of the brothers as they move back into the old Jackson family home in the L.A. suburb of Encino and live and perform together again' an insider claims.

'They feel the timing is right - because Michael is becoming professionally active again, and they believe fans are ready to find out what the family is doing,' said the mole.

'Although Michael will stop in and oversee some of the recording with The Jacksons, he'll be doing most of his singing from his private studio in Las Vegas and then have the tapes transferred to where his brothers are laying down tracks in L.A..'

Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jermaine, 53, will reportedly run the show, but Michael 'wants the last say on the music.'

Source: Metro / Billie Jean

No Plans To Release Akon & Jackson Duet? 03-07-'08

Akon's record label has backed down on rumours that had suggested a new single ft Michael Jackson would be released in July.

A song that the two worked on for Akon's upcoming album was leaked to the Internet. An earlier version of the track, without Jackson's contributing vocals, leaked in February, just as the pair's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008" was officially released as the first single for the re-release of Thriller.

A mid-tempo ballad featuring strings at its beginning, "Hold My Hand" layers the singers' vocals over a drum machine and a twinkling piano melody as the pair trade off lyrics like "We're better off being together than being miserable alone" and "Nothing can come between us if you just hold my hand." Jackson's softer, more lilting vocal lines start the duet, but Akon soon becomes dominant, thanks to his distinctive phrasing.

Akon's label rep said that the singer's as-yet-untitled third album, due later this year, has not been completed, so there's no word on whether "Hold My Hand" will make the cut, and as such, there hasn't been any plan to release the song as a single.

Akon previously told MTV News that working with MJ was a dream come true, calling the King of Pop "incredible" and a "genius."

Source: MTV / Billie Jean

Universal Music Remove New Jackson Single. 02-07-'08

Universal Music have taken steps to remove the new single by Akon ft Michael Jackson from being shared on the internet.
As we reported yesterday, the new single was leaked, but it only took 24 hrs for the record giant to step in and stop further distribution.

An official release date for the new single is yet to be announced.

Source: Universalmotown / Billie Jean

Michael Crowned As Indiana's Best Solo Artist. 01-07-'08

The Boston Phoenix and thePhoenix.com announced today the release of its inaugural “50 Bands/50 States” list: a declaration of the All-Time Best Band, All-Time Best Solo Artist, and Best New Band from each of the 50 states. The piece highlights defining moments for each of the 150 winning artists, delivered in the opinionated manner of America’s brashest alternative weekly. The star of that group was Michael Jackson [...] who was named Indiana's all-time best solo artist. Additionally, The Jackson 5 were named Indiana's all-time best band.

The criteria for the survey were as follows:

* All-Time Best Band: based on where the band was formed. Winners range from the obvious (Velvet Underground in New York) to the historic (the Mississippi Sheiks in Mississippi) to the lesser-known (the Pink Slips in North Dakota).

* All-Time Best Solo Artist: one ground rule here — the artist had to be born in that state. If the state you’re born in is good enough to follow you around on your passport for the rest of your life, it’s good enough for this list. Our winners range from Motown superstar Stevie Wonder (Michigan) to native Aleut psychedelic nuggeteer Agafon Krukoff (Alaska) to psychobilly pioneer Hasil Adkins (West Virginia).

The Phoenix has a 40-year history of groundbreaking criticism, having been home to some of the country’s best-known music and movie critics (including Pulitzer-winning classical-music writer Lloyd Schwartz).

More about the PM/CG: the company was founded in 1966 when the Boston Phoenix began as a four-page arts-and-entertainment weekly. The Phoenix is the flagship property of the Phoenix Media/Communications Group, which in addition to the Phoenix weekly newspapers in Rhode Island and Maine and Stuff@Night, comprises the FNX Radio Network; Phoenix Interactive (thePhoenix.com, fnxradio.com, stuffatnight.com); Phoenix Ventures (the sports and magazine group that publishes the official yearbooks for the Boston Bruins, the Boston Celtics, and the Boston Marathon); People2People Group (audio text and social networking applications); g8wave (marketing and content using SMS and other mobile technologies); and Mass Web Printing (four-color offset printing).

Source: The Boston Phoenix / The Boston Crown / Billie Jean

Michael ft Akon - Hold My Hand. 01-07-'08

Akon's new single leaked, called 'Hold my hand', it features Michael Jackson.

I've listened a few times , and I must admit it's stuck in my head now.
It's good, but it's nice to hear Jackson getting ready for his comeback..
So what kind of music would Michael put on his Album? I think the music will be better and bigger as this song. (Mike fuck the rest and the press your are the best)

Source: Billie Jean

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