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Iconic Magazine 12 CoverIconic Magazine – Issue 12 Now Available To Order. 31-08-'13

We are pleased to announce the next issue of the Michael Jackson magazine ‘Iconic’. Produced by LMJ partner MJVibe. ‘The Image’ putting Michael Jackson’s Image in focus. The cover features a studio shot from the famous photographer: Sam Emerson.

Some of the highlights for Issue 12:

WORLD EXCLUSIVE Interview with Sam Emerson
Iconic Magazine managed to secure this World Exclusive Interview with Sam Emerson after 6 months of negotiations. Iconic used the opportunity to talk with Sam about working with Michael, traveling the world and all those famous images you know and love!

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Diana Walczak & Jeff Kleiser – Creators of the History Statue

WORLD EXCLUSIVE Interview with Alex Topaller & Dan Shapiro a.k.a Aggressive, Directors behind the second Official Behind The Mask Video.


Iconic Innocent Magazine CoverAlso Featured
– John Jay Smith who?
– The Chosen One
– 2 x A3 Posters
– To Photoshop Or Not To Photoshop
– Destined for History

+ a Limited Edition of Iconic Special No1 ‘INNOCENT’ which includes:
– EXCLUSIVE interview with Aphrodites Jones
– RE-ISSUED interview with Tom Mesereau
– Statement from the Estate of Michael Jackson
– We’ve Had Enough: View of a fan
– 1 x A3 Michael Jackson Support Poster
*Limited to 5000*

And So Much More!

Order your copy today.

Source: King Of Shop / Billie Jean

Bent Spoon Given By Michael Jackson To Uri Geller Part Of Charity Auction. 31-08-'13

A Bent Spoon given to Uri Geller by Michael Jackson is among items in a charity auction which takes place Saturday.

Michael gave the spoon to his illusionist friend when Geller renewed his wedding vows at his house in Sonning in front of 130 celebrity guests in 2001. Now Geller has donated it to the auction at the Flowing Spring pub in Playhatch.

He has written on the spoon “7 March, 2001 M. J. gave me this spoon. Uri Geller” and it will be sold with a photograph of the two men.

The auction is in aid of Thames Hospice, which is based in Windsor. Landlords Nick Willson and Hazel Lucas chose to support the charity because Ms Lucas’s late aunt, June Green, and her husband Roland, helped set up the hospice in the Eighties. Mrs Green was cared for at the hospice before she passed away.

“The care she received was second to none,” said Mr Willson. “The charity relies on donations to fund 80 per cent of its work and we want to play our part. We hope to raise thousands of pounds as a thank-you for their brilliant and tireless work.”

Among the other 70-plus lots are a drum skin signed by Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice, who lives in Shiplake, a framed piece of red carpet from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding at Westminster Abbey in 2011 and the first canvas print of Kate Bush’s Fish People.

Bent Spoon

There is also an AC/DC hockey shirt signed by singer Brian Johnson, an England rugby shirt signed by the 2011/12 squad, a signed Richard Wilson photo, a signed photo of Ian Botham playing in the 1981 Ashes, a Thunderbirds postcard signed by the late Gerry Anderson and a Rolling Stones single signed by Ronnie Wood.

Mr Willson said the couple were astounded by the generosity of customers and local celebrities who had contributed items to the auction.

The auction will be held in a marquee at the pub from 7pm and hot food and pre-auction drinks will be served from 5pm. The food will cost £5 with all proceeds going to the charity.

Source: Henley Standard / Billie Jean

Snapshot: Jackson 5, Santa Monica (1969). 30-08-'13

Lawrence Schiller photographs the Jackson brothers dancing barefoot on the beach to mark Labor Day and the end of summer.

To mark Labor Day and the end of the summer vacation, the above photograph, taken in 1969 by Lawrence Schiller, a photojournalist who went on to work with Norman Mailer on the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Executioner’s Song, shows five brothers from Indiana dancing barefoot on Santa Monica beach, Los Angeles, as the waves roll in behind.

The image captures the Jackson 5 (above, from left, Tito, 15, Marlon, 12, Jackie, 18, Jermaine, 14, and Michael, 11) just before the launch of their debut Motown album Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5. The record was an immediate, phenomenal success, the singles “I Want You Back” and “Who’s Loving You” selling 6m copies in six weeks.

The photograph is one of 150 images featured in Los Angeles: Portrait of a City, part of Taschen’s Portrait of a City Piccolo series.

The Jackson 5 (1969)

Source: Financial Times / Billie Jean

Exclusive Story: Michael Jackson’s 'She Was Lovin’ Me'. 30-08-'13

On February 24th, 1999 the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles played host to the 41st Grammy Awards, attended by the music industry’s biggest artists, producers and executives.

At the time Elliot Straite, a talented songwriter and producer better known in the music industry as “Dr. Freeze”, was fortunate enough to have recently begun collaborating with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, on ideas for his next album.

They recorded in several studios including The Hit Factory in New York and Record One in Los Angeles, as well as at Jackson’s personal studio at his Neverland Ranch.

However, at the time of the 1999 Grammy Awards, the pair were working out of Marvin’s Room – an iconic Hollywood recording studio owned by John McClain – a mutual friend of Freeze and Jackson.

Jackson’s record label, Sony Music, was hoping to release the work-in-progress album at some stage before the new millennium, however after several postponements it became apparent that Jackson was not concerned with meeting their desired deadlines. As of early 1999 the label had not heard any of the new material.

But that was about to change.

Michael and Cory Rooney

Cory Rooney, Senior Vice President of Sony Music Entertainment at the time, recalls being invited to the studio by Jackson for a rare listening session with some of the Epic Records executives.

“Michael invited us to the studio to listen to some music because we were all out there for the Grammy's.”

The prospect of hearing what Jackson was working on was mouth-watering for the executives at the label.

“You know, for Michael to wanna unveil some music, that was a big treat for us because he never did anything like that,” Rooney explained. “You would rarely get the chance to hear what he was working on.”

Naturally the Epic Records team, including Rooney, took Jackson up on his extraordinary offer and attended Marvin’s Room, where Jackson was set to debut the music for them.

“It was myself, Tommy Mottola, John Doelp, Polly Anthony and David Glew – all the top Epic Records people,” recalls Rooney.

“So we walked in the studio and he played one record. Just one record.”

The song Jackson showcased in the session was the Freeze-produced “Break Of Dawn” – a track that would ultimately be released on the ‘Invincible’ album two-and-a-half years later.

Read the rest of this article on Damienshields.com.

Source: Damien Shields / Billie Jean

The Roosevelt Dance TeamBlock Party Celebrates The Life And Music Of Michael Jackson. 29-08-'13

Fans and performers from across the country gathered at 2300 Jackson St. to celebrate the life and career of Michael Jackson on what would have been his 55th birthday.

Four years after his death, the King of Pop still reigns in his hometown. Members of the Jackson family, including Katherine Jackson, watched the celebration from the single-floor house the family once called home.

Performances began Thursday afternoon, and will continue through the weekend. Well-wishers like Mary Singer of St. Petersburg, Fla., traveled long distances to remember the most influential performer in pop music.

Singer loved everything about the performer, and said she was a fan when she lived a few blocks away from the Motown recording studio in Detroit.

“I remember seeing the whole family go into Motown Records one day,” she said. “I’ve loved them ever since.”

Carmen Rodriguez of Schertz, Texas, flew in to Detroit and drove to Gary to celebrate her favorite singer.

“I still cry when I hear his music,” Rodriguez said.

As an artist, Kerry James Jr. of Gary said Jackson’s work influences his performance as a musician, both in dancing and singing. He stood in the crowd clutching his guitar in a soft case.

“He was a fantastic performer,” James said. “He’s an inspiration for a lot of the songs that I wrote and how I sing.”

Carlo Riley of Denver dressed as the pop performer, and often posed with fellow fans for pictures.

“He’s just a magical person,” Riley said. “That’s why he has fans across the world. There’s a third dimension to his music that everyone just identifies with.”

Dancing as the embodiment of Michael Jackson, Angel Diaz, 11, of El Pazo, Texas, has performed as an impersonator for years. He recalls when his mother told him of Jackson’s death, and began to watch his music videos, mimicking his moves.

“My grandpa showed me “Thriller,” and I was watching and started to dance. I practiced every day,” Diaz said.

James Malinchak and Tony Branch, who were featured in the ABC television show “Secret Millionaire,” talked about Jackson’s contributions to the world. Malinchak spoke about Jackson’s career as a musician, including the records set in sales. Some of his songs, such as “We Are the World” and “Heal the World,” provided millions of dollars to charity, they said, and Jackson created several charity organizations and often donated ticket sales from performances.

Speaking to the crowd, Branch drew comparisons between Michael Jackson’s work of breaking down racial barriers, and the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech during the March on Washington in 1963.

“Martin and Michael cared more about other people than they did themselves,” Branch said. “They did so much for the race. And I’m not talking about the black race, or the white race, but the human race.”

Source: Post Tribune / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's Top 50 Billboard Hits. 29-08-'13

In a career that spanned almost all 50 years of his life, Michael Jackson became a mainstay on the Billboard charts. It was his dominance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100, however, that entered him into the record books: As a solo artist, 13 of his singles went to No. 1 -- the most by a male artist -- and an additional four songs by the Jackson 5 also topped the chart.

Here, Jackson's top 50 singles are ranked based on a track's performance on the Hot 100. (Nielsen SoundScan started tabulating sales data for Billboard in 1991; as many Jackson songs were released before then, a measurement based on strict sales numbers would be incomplete.) Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at No. 100 earning the least.

What song is ranked number one? You will be surprised! Click here to find out and to listen.

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Requested Propofol Long Before Death, Says Doctor. 29-08-'13

Dr. Christine QuinnA Los Angeles jury heard testimony on Wednesday Aug. 28th, from a Las Vegas plastic surgeon, who described Michael as being familiar with the anesthetic propofol in 2002 and seemed like he was accustomed to favors from doctors.

Michael requested the anesthetic propofol to help him sleep at least a decade before he died from an overdose of the drug, a doctor testified Wednesday.

Dr. Christine Quinn, testifying for the Defense, said Michael summoned her to a Beverly Hills hotel in 1998 or 1999 and asked her to give him propofol. The request came after she met the entertainer while he was undergoing dental procedures.

She said she refused the request and told Michael it wasn’t appropriate to use anesthesia as a sleep aid.

“I told him that the sleep you get with anesthesia is not real sleep, not restful sleep,” Quinn said.

Michael responded by saying his time under anesthesia was the best sleep he had ever had, she testified.

Quinn was testifying for the defense in a negligent hiring lawsuit filed by Michael’s mother against AEG Live LLC. Quinn said she gave him anesthesia for procedures done after the meeting at the hotel. He never asked for propofol after the meeting or requested that he be kept under for longer than was medically necessary, she said.

Source: ABC7 Court News / AP / Billie Jean

Birthday Message From ‘Sugarfoot’. 29-08-'13

Michael’s drummer, Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett, has sent us a message for Michael’s birthday which he would like us to share with all Michael’s fans around the world. Here is his message.

Kings don’t look like Kings at time of birth. They come into this world unannounced, much unlike the story of the ‘King of Kings,’ a story well known and the ‘King of Manifested Gifts,’ who came mostly and primarily un-noticed from birth through infancy, until its youth of childhood, that is, until an awakening within of awareness and the awakening without from all those around them, who’d almost suddenly come to realize that something’s different about this ONE!

That of those things unique that portray an ability of power, or a trait that exhibits a sense of supernatural ability, uncommon to one of their age or level of intelligence, for it seems beyond belief, or defies reality, yet exists in actuality to those who bare witness with rationality, so began, ‘The Legend,’ and now, ‘The Legacy’ of Michael Jackson, my brother in heart and spirit. For his, is a story of legends. His is a classic, of myth. His, is of that which fairy tales much like the ones he himself loved to read and adored. Of Disney revelation and now his life’s story has mirrored the fantasy like world of which his imagination delved in, thrived on, and manifested the dreamer he was, and became!

Jonathan Moffett

It is said that genius, is born out of and from genetics! Yet on occasion, genius can be created by the depth of the spirit of one’s imagination. The depth of spirituality, depth of great sensitivity and an open vision, of what can, and should be, and if one works hard enough, diligently nurtures one’s self, and believes, then the sense and abilities’ of genius, will be!

In whatever or which ever form it may be, this, along with the awakening of God’s silent gifts, embedded before birth, is all of which Michael was chosen to be!

We have been fortunate enough to have witnessed the birth of a KING of many things! The King of Pop – The King of Entertainment – The King of Hearts – The King of Caring and Concern for Children – The King of Love of All – The King of Revolution against Creative Normality – The King of Innovation.

The one who brought back ‘Flashy Socks’, and he made ‘Flashy Socks’ cool, and when he tipped his fedora hat the whole world screamed! When he donned his mother’s all black sequenced jacket, at the proper time, his fans, friends, and the curious alike, rediscovered euphoria! And when the one white sequenced glove entered the spot lights, it was sheer pandemonium from those of the very youngest to the middle aged and to the elders there, ninety years old and more. But when he’d walk on the moon in his super-glide movement he set the entire entertainment world and his loving fans around the globe and planet earth off axis, in frenzy! Yet most of all when he sang the songs, of ‘Thriller,’ ‘Off The Wall,’ ‘Dangerous,’ ‘Invincible’ and the like, hearts were moved, souls churned, bodies couldn’t keep still and those who fainted got carried away! And the minds of all who witnessed were doomed! For through the measure of time and the measure of his deeds and personal accomplishments, I, we’ve, come to realize and know that Michael Jackson, is not just KING OF POP or KING OF ENTERTAINMENT in an Industry!

Michael Jackson is A CULTURE in society that has fuelled the world with, through, and from his gifts and caring and love for his fans, and from his fans.

For my dear friends and MJ family, love is a two way street!

So, on THIS DAY of his birth, let us CELEBRATE HIM with Thanks!

With Sincere Thanks and Love

Jonathan Moffett


Source: MJWN / Billie Jean

Cherilyn LeeNurse Details Michael Jackson's Fatal Search For Sleep. 29-08-'13

A nurse collapsed on the witness stand after describing her unsuccessful attempt to convince Michael Jackson not to use propofol to treat his insomnia.

"I can't do this anymore! I can't do this anymore," Cherilyn Lee cried at the end of Wednesday's testimony in trial to decide if concert promoter AEG Live is liable in Jackson's death. As she broke down, she was assisted by others in the courtroom including one of the lawyers.

Lee broke into tears after telling jurors that she believed people, including Jackson and her own mother, have died because they listened to bad advice from doctors who over prescribe drugs.

The certified nurse practitioner -- who specializes in holistic health care -- continues her testimony Thursday about trying to help Jackson in his desperate search for sleep in the last months of his life.

Jackson would have turned 55 on Thursday had he not died from an overdose of the surgical anesthetic propofol on June 25, 2009.

The singer's mother and children are suing AEG Live, claiming the company that was promoting and producing his comeback tour negligently hired, retained or supervised Dr. Conrad Murray.

The company's lawyers argue Jackson chose and controlled Murray and that its executives had no way of knowing about the treatments he was giving that ultimately killed the pop icon.

Murray used propofol infusions to put Jackson to sleep each night for two months, beginning soon after Lee stopped treating the singer's insomnia with IV drips of a vitamin cocktail.

Lee began treating Jackson in his Los Angeles home on February 1, 2009, days after he signed a three-year contract with AEG Live for a world tour, which would start with 50 shows in London to debut in July.

"My concern was that he was drinking Red Bulls," she said. He drank several cans of the energy drink during their first meeting. "I was thinking his tiredness and fatigue was related to that."

Jackson "started to feel really great" and "looked healthier" after a month of her IV treatments of Vitamin C and other nutrients, she testified.

But he still couldn't sleep more than five hours a night and with rehearsals for his "This Is It" tour cranking up in April "he needed something a little more," she testified.

Jackson rejected her recommendation that he have a sleep specialist visit his home to study his insomnia or that he cut down the lights and music in his bedroom, she said.

Earlier testimony suggested that Jackson had already given up on Lee's methods and decided that propofol, which German doctors had used to treat his insomnia during a 1997 tour, could be his answer for rest.

Jackson and Murray tried to recruit a Las Vegas anesthesiologist to join them on the tour in late March 2009, according to Dr. David Adams' video testimony shown to jurors last week.

"I just need you to help me get my rest," Adams said Jackson told him. "They were pretty vague, but on hindsight I know what they were talking about."

Murray, not Adams, eventually took the job.

Jackson was apparently still looking for a doctor to give him the propofol when Lee visited his home the morning of April 19, 2009.

"He wasn't quite himself," she testified. "He just seemed really stressed or something. He said at certain points he was under a lot of pressure to finish rehearsals and he said 'I've got to get my sleep so I can do this.'"

Jackson told Lee he wanted her help in getting propofol infusions instead of the vitamin cocktail IVs, she said. Lee didn't know about the drug, so she looked it up in her Physician's Desk Reference manual.

"I remember telling him that it wasn't something he wanted to use at home," she said. "It wasn't a safe medication. It was definitely not a medication for insomnia."

Lee's handwritten notes from that day described their conversation: "I went as far as to say I understand you want a good night sleep -- want to be 'knocked out' -- but what if you don't wake up," she wrote. "He said 'I'll be ok. I only need someone to monitor me with equipment while I sleep.'"

Jackson "kept telling me 'You don't understand, doctors are telling me it's safe just as long as I am being monitored,'" Lee testified.

It was then that Lee collapsed on the witness stand. "It's so unfair," she cried. "I am so sick."

As Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos recessed court for the day and sent jurors out, AEG Live lawyer Sabrina Strong, who was sitting in the rear of the courtroom, ran to the witness stand to console the witness.

"That's not appropriate," Jackson lead lawyer Brian Panish protested. "Lawyers don't do that. It's not appropriate for lawyers to come out of the audience in front of the jury."

"Appropriate or not, it happened," Palazuelos said.

Panish argued that Strong was trying to "curry favor" with the jury by appearing compassionate. He demanded that the judge admonish her in front of the jury. The judge suggested he put his request in writing for her to consider.

Jackson's belief that propofol could help him sleep dated back to the late 1990s, according to another witness who testified Wednesday.

Dr. Catherine Quinn, a dentist who specializes in giving anesthesia during dental procedures, said Jackson asked her to infuse him with propofol in 1998.

"He told me that he has trouble sleeping," Quinn testified.

"I said that's inappropriate use of anesthesia," Quinn said. "He needs to speak with his physician about sleep aids. I told him that the sleep that you get with anesthesia is not real sleep, it's not restful sleep. He told me that it's the best sleep he ever had."

A drug addiction expert who testified Tuesday that Michael Jackson suffered a "quite extensive" drug addiction acknowledged Wednesday there was no evidence the singer used more painkillers than medically necessary.

The conclusion by Dr. Petros Levounis that Jackson was dependent on painkillers was not a revelation, considering Jackson himself announced it when he cut his "Dangerous" tour short to enter a rehab program in 1993.

"If he announced it to the world it's not very private, is it?" Jackson lawyer Michael Koskoff asked Levounis.

"At that moment, he was not secretive," Levounis replied.

Jackson's drugs of choice were opioids -- painkillers given to him by doctors repairing scalp injuries suffered in a fire and during cosmetic procedures to make him look younger, Levounis testified.

Labeling Jackson an addict could tarnish the singer's image among jurors, but its relevance to AEG Live's liability is questionable. Opioids played no role in Jackson's death, according to the Los Angeles County coroner. The judge would not allow Levounis to testify if he thought Jackson was addicted to propofol.

Levounis conceded he saw no evidence that Jackson used painkillers after he left rehab in 1993 until 2001 or between July 2003 and late 2008. He said it is not inconsistent for an addiction to go into remission.

Under cross examination Wednesday morning, Levounis conceded that he never saw evidence that Jackson injected himself with narcotics, ever sought or used illegal drugs such as cocaine, meth or heroin, or abused drugs to produce euphoria or get high.

There was also no evidence Jackson used more painkillers than doctors prescribed, he said.

Jackson lawyers have never disputed the singer's drug dependence. In fact, they contend that AEG Live executives, including one who was Jackson's tour manager when he entered rehab, were negligent for paying a doctor $150,000 a month just to treat Jackson. The high salary created a conflict for the debt-ridden Murray, making it difficult for him to say no to Jackson's demands for drugs.

Paul Gongaware, the AEG Live co-CEO who was in charge of Jackson's 2009 "This Is It" tour, was also tour manager for his "Dangerous" tour in 1993. Levounis acknowledged in testimony Wednesday that there was evidence that Gongaware knew about Jackson's painkiller addiction 15 years before his death.

Levounis' testimony about the dangers of a doctor being too friendly with an addicted patient, which he said Murray was, could help the Jacksons' case.

"A very close friendship between an addicted patient and a doctor is problematic," Levounis testified. "It makes it much easier for a patient to ask for drugs and it makes it more difficult for a provider to resist."

The medical records of Murray's treatment of Jackson between 2006 and 2008 -- when the singer lived in Las Vegas -- showed no painkillers prescribed during seven visits. Murray's notes did show he treated Jackson's complaints of insomnia with a sedative in 2008.

Wednesday was the 76th day of testimony in the trial, which is expected to conclude near the end of September.

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Would Have Been 55 This Year. 29-08-'13

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson, today marks the day you would have been 55 years old. We celebrate your life, music, and the legacy you have left behind.

Today we remember this beautiful human being. Although we still feel the pain of this great loss every day, today we will celebrate his life. We are thankful for that we have witnessed his presence on earth.

There will never be another shining star like you, Michael. As with all beautiful stars, we admired and gazed at you for our enjoyment until you faded out before our eyes, way too soon.

Michael Jackson died at age 50 on June 25, 2009. Michael will forever be remembered as the KING OF POP and his songs will be played for hundreds of years.

Michael I miss you everyday more and more.

Love you Michael, Gone Too Soon.

Webmaster Dirk.

Source: Billie Jean

Jackson Photo Exhibit Unveiled In Gary. 28-08-'13

Gary’s most celebrated native and his brothers are being honored in a rare photo exhibit that debuted Wednesday at South Shore Event Center at Majestic Star Casino in Gary.

The exhibit “Never Can Say Goodbye — Celebrating the King of Pop and J5,” presented by the Chicago Blues Museum and Majestic Star Casino and Hotel, opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and was attended by Katherine Jackson, Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson and more than 300 invited guests.

“I’m delighted that we have partnered with the Chicago Blues Museum to bring this exhibit here,” said Chareice White, corporate director of community relations for Majestic Star Casino.

White said it’s especially fitting to open the exhibit at this time since Michael Jackson’s birthday is today. Jackson, who died June 25, 2009, would have turned 55.

“The exhibit gives a glimpse into the lives of Gary’s famous sons,” White said. Photos in the display, culled from the collection of Chicago Blues Museum founder Gregg Parker, depict various stages in the careers of Michael Jackson and his brothers. Pictures from performances in Gary by The Jackson 5 to shots of the King of Pop’s solo career are highlighted.

Jackson Photo Exhibit Unveiled In Gary

At Wednesday’s event, Craig Ghelfi, general manager of Majestic Star Casino, said it was an honor to have the notable exhibit on the casino grounds.

“It’s great and always exciting to do something for Michael Jackson and his family. They are Gary,” Ghelfi said. “We’re proud to have Gregg Parker and his group (Chicago Blues Museum) here.”

Freeman-Wilson welcomed the crowd to the event and said she was particularly happy that Katherine Jackson was a special guest.

“It’s no surprise to me that Michael and his brothers have made such great accomplishments around the world seeing the type of person their mother is,” Freeman-Wilson said.

Katherine Jackson, who was presented with flowers, thanked casino personnel, the mayor, blues museum organizers and guests.

“So graciously for the last three years you all have done this (honored Michael). I thank you so much,” Jackson said.

The exhibit was scheduled to open to the public at 10 p.m. Wednesday and remain open through Sept. 5.

Source: NWI Times / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Was Generous To The Homeless. 28-08-'13

Michael Jackson used to generously hand out hundreds of dollars to homeless people because he was one of the world’s “best people”.

The late pop legend – who amassed a huge fortune throughout his career – was keen to help those less fortunate then himself and would regularly pull over in his car and hand over whatever money he had in his wallet when he saw beggars on the street.

His mother Katherine Jackson told HELLO! magazine:

“What I love about Michael, he was such a humble person. I am not just saying it because he’s my son, but he was one of the best people. He’d seen somebody standing in the corner beginning and he’d stop the car and just give them all the money in his pocket $300 or $400 and sometimes more.”

Katherine thinks about her son – who died in June 2009 from acute Propofol intoxication at his home in Los Angeles – everyday and wishes he was still here to enjoy time with his family, especially his three children, son Prince, 16, daughter Paris, 15, and youngest son Blanket, 11.

The 82-year-old star – who, along with her grandson TJ, is guardian to Michael’s kids – said:

“Nothing can replace my son. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about him, when I don’t shed a tear. His life was snatched from his children – and he was all they had. He was a very good father, the best. He was a very good son too.”

Source: Yahoo News / Bang Showbiz / Billie Jean

Timbaland Unveils He Is Working On A New Michael Jackson Project. 28-08-'13

TimbalandTimbaland may be busy in the studio with Justin Timberlake finishing up his The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to set aside for the King of Pop. In an interview video with Revolt TV that went live yesterday (August 27) and has since been taken down, Timbaland confirmed that he’s working on a Michael Jackson project.

In the clip, Timbaland said L.A. Reid approached him on the project saying he has “something big I want to do.”

While Timbaland didn’t give away too many details, he did say that the first single will be “Chicago” and he’s “going to set it up right.”

“Now it’s my turn. Watch me go,” he added.

Note : this information is not confirmed by LMJ or the Michael Jackson Estate!

Source: Power 98fm / Billie Jean

Be A Part Of The First Michael Jackson “We Are One” Worldwide Birthday Celebration. 28-08-'13

“We Are One” Worldwide Birthday CelebrationMichael Jackson fans around the planet who are unable to attend the special performance of Michael Jackson ONE (https://www.facebook.com/events/627774083908425/) in Las Vegas celebrating the King of Pop’s birthday can still participate in an unprecedented global event honoring Michael starting at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, August 29 during the first ever Michael Jackson We Are One Worldwide Birthday Celebration (link to be announced).

Michael Jackson believed that all humans are unique and equal, regardless of race or culture, and that working together as one will make for a better world. His message was one of unity, harmony and hope. What better way to honor Michael on his birthday than by spreading his message and posting a short video expressing hope for making the world a better place.

This worldwide event begins at the international dateline in the first time zones (Kiribati Island and New Zealand), then rolls around the world before ending at midnight in the last time zones (Hawaii and American Samoa). Fans will have the opportunity all day to create and share their Instagram photos and videos honoring Michael with their ideas for a better world and recognizing this special day.

Throughout the day, a Michael’s We Are One worldwide map will display the thoughts and wishes expressed by fans for a better world, linking together the international #MJWeAreOne as a true global community.

Fans are encouraged to post their Instagram videos and pictures with the #MJWeAreOne hashtag to take part in the international celebration of Michael’s birthday.

Michael Jackson ONE, which premiered on June 29, is a new immersive music experience which is the second collaboration between The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil. The critically acclaimed production is in permanent residence at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The previous collaboration between The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil—the Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour concert experience–was one of the world’s top-grossing tours in 2012 and is now playing to sold-out arenas in Asia.

Since Michael Jackson was a multifaceted artist who strove to fuse together various musical styles and art forms, Michael Jackson ONE is a fitting title for a unifying journey into the creative world of the King of Pop, the genius, the visionary, the One. But it was actually chosen as the show’s title because it expresses Michael’s philosophy of love, hope and peace: “We Are One.”

Go to the site of michaeljackson.com.

Source: MichaelJackson.com / Billie Jean

City Of Gary To Celebrate Michael Jackson. 28-08-'13

GARY, Ind. – Fans of Gary native and world famous performer Michael Jackson will have a chance to celebrate this iconic entertainer for three days.

Beginning Aug. 29 at 3:30p.m., a block party will kick-off at 2300 Jackson St. filled with an afternoon of music, live entertainment and food vendors. Festivities will continue Friday, Aug. 30 at 3:30p.m. with more performances by local Gary talent as well as acts from across the country. The block party on Saturday will begin at 11:30a.m. with music, fun, games and will conclude with a fireworks display at dusk.

At the request of matriarch Katherine Jackson, President of 442 No. Mass. Productions Sandy Christmas has been working with city officials to plan this tribute.

“Mrs. Jackson, in honoring her son, wanted to give back to the city of Gary, Indiana,” said Christmas. “The city has been very helpful in identifying local talent and vendors to ensure that this event will be successful.”

City Of Gary To Celebrate Michael Jackson

Jackson will also be presented with an award from representatives of Roosevelt High School at the start of Friday’s festivities.

Some of the vendors include Miller Pizza, Glen Park Shrimp, Big Daddy’s Barbeque, Jamba Juice along with several others. There will also be a DJ on-site each day playing MJ tunes in between the performances.

“We are honored that Mrs. Jackson is hosting such a celebratory affair for Gary’s most famous native son,” said Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson. “Fans from near and far are invited to come out and have a great time. It’s a perfect way to kick-off your long weekend.”

For a more information about the line-up of performers, visit theofficialmjjtribute.

Source: Inside Indiana Business / City Of Gary / Billie Jean

Dr. Petros LevounisAEG Expert: Michael Jackson Was A Drug Addict. 28-08-'13

Michael Jackson suffered a "quite extensive" drug addiction the last 15 years of his life, according to an addiction expert testifying Tuesday in the AEG Live wrongful death trial.

Lawyers for the concert promoter, accused of liability in Jackson's death, hired Dr. Petros Levounis to boost its defense argument that Jackson was so secretive about his addiction that its executives had no way of knowing the singer was in danger when he was preparing for his comeback concerts in 2009.

The conclusion was not a revelation, considering Jackson himself announced he was addicted to painkillers when he cut his "Dangerous" tour short to enter a rehab program in 1993.

"If he announced it to the world it's not very private, is it?" Jackson lawyer Michael Koskoff asked Levounis.

"At that moment, he was not secretive," Levounis replied.

Jackson's drugs of choice were opioids, painkillers given to him by doctors repairing scalp injuries suffered in a fire and during cosmetic procedures to make him look younger, Levounis testified.

Labeling Jackson an addict could tarnish the singer's image among jurors, but its relevance to AEG Live's liability is questionable. Opioids played no role in Jackson's death, according to the Los Angeles County coroner. His June 25, 2009, death was ruled a result of an overdose of the surgical anesthetic propofol.

Dr. Conrad Murray told investigators he infused the singer with propofol for 60 consecutive nights to treat his insomnia so he could rest for rehearsals. The judge would not allow Levounis to testify if he thought Jackson was addicted to propofol.

Source: CNN / Billie Jean

What's Michael Jackson's Image Worth? A $434 Million Question For The IRS. 27-08-'13

Michael JacksonWhat's a face worth? Or a look? Or a dance move?

When it comes to Michael Jackson, there's a huge difference between how the government values his image and what his family thinks the likeness of the "Man in the Mirror" is worth.

About $434 million to be exact.

There's a big disparity over Jackson's image, as well as his recording legacy. The estate said the taxable value of the singer's image and likeness was $2,105 — while the IRS says it's more like $434 million. The estate's stake in Jackson's recording assets was valued at $469 million by the IRS, but was not even included in the 2009 estate filing.

The Internal Revenue Service says that the Michael Jackson estate owes $702 million in federal taxes, plus penalties, according to charges the agency brought in U.S. Tax Court.

IRS representatives say the estate has undervalued the late "King of Pop's" assets by hundreds of millions of dollars, amounts they say were not disclosed in a court challenge the estate filed in July, as a response to a bill from the IRS.

Essentially, the estate is saying Jackson's legacy is worth considerably less than the tax agency believes it is.

"Every estate wants to lowball the value of assets," said Alex Raskolnikov, a professor at Columbia Law School, who specializes in tax law. "The amount of tax an estate has to pay is based on the value of the assets."

Raskolnikov told NBCNews.com that there is no magic formula the IRS uses to determine the value of assets. "Every time there is a valuation of substantial assets, they will use a panel of experts."

He said, for example, if artwork is involved, the tax authorities will consult a number of experts in the field to put a value on the assets. "For estate tax purposes, it is 100 percent reviewed by a panel of experts," which issues annual reports

But, when it comes to a likeness or image of a celebrity, as opposed to physical assets, Raskolnikov said, "it is prone to disagreement.

"If they (Jackson estate) do not settle, the IRS will get its experts and the family will get theirs and there will be different valuations."

Then the case will probably go to federal tax court, he said, "although, given the valuations, I do not think the family will want to go to court," Raskolnikov said.

Jackson died on June 25, 2009, which is the date of the estate's tax return, and left his estate to his mother Katherine, his three children and various charities. The filing the estate submitted indicated that his estate was valued at $7 million, for tax purposes. But in May the IRS said that was deficient by $505.1 million, plus penalties of $196.9 million. Tax Court documents indicating the amounts were released Tuesday, said Reuters.

A spokesperson for the Jackson estate disputed the IRS's appraisals, telling Reuters that they were "based on speculative and erroneous assumptions unsupported by the facts or law."

So far, the Jackson estate has paid $100 million in taxes, said the spokesperson.

But as per Tax Court rules, the estate will not have to pay any taxes or penalties unless the court rules in favor of the IRS.

Source: NBC News / Billie Jean

Hello Magazine CoverParis 'In A Good Place' Said Grandmother In Hello Magazine. 27-08-'13

Michael Jackson's mother Katherine has said her granddaughter, Paris, is ‘doing much better’ after her suicide bid in June.

The 15-year-old schoolgirl was rushed to hospital from the family home in Los Angeles after cutting her wrists and swallowing a large number of over-the-counter painkillers and is now being treated in a secluded residential facility which specialises in helping troubled youngsters.

Speaking to Hello! Magazine Mrs Jackson said:’She is in a good place, getting the help she needs.’

The 83-year-old Jackson family matriarch shares legal guardianship of Paris and her brothers, Prince, 16, and Blanket, 11, with her grandson TJ.

She continued about her granddaughter: ‘She is doing much better.

‘The treatment is going good, really good. She's my baby. It's hard for me, really hard. All I wanted these kids to be is happy. The night Michael died Paris was crying and said 'I want to go and see Daddy, I don't want to be without him'.’

Mrs Jackson said ‘not a day goes by’ she does not think of the singer, whom she called ‘a very good father’ and ‘a good son’.

But she admits her style of parenting is different from his - and she has got rid of the masks the children famously used to wear.

She said: ‘They were sheltered a lot when Michael raised them.

‘I had thought about it and I said 'I am not going to raise them like that (wearing masks). But Michael had a good reason. He was trying to protect them.’

She said the children were ‘incredibly polite’ and that was down to the pop superstar.

She said: ‘He instilled good manners but it's a different generation, of course, and I don't understand the whole social media thing. They are always on their phones.’

Paris was rushed to hospital in June of his year.

At the time a lawyer for Katherine alluded to how Paris is still coming to terms with the loss of her father Michael Jackson, four years after his death.

'Being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are.' Perry Sanders said in a statement to MailOnline.

'It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you. Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention,' Mr Sanders added

Read the full story in Hello! Magazine out now.

Katherine Jackson

Source: Daily Mail / Billie Jean

The Immortal World Tour Will Visit Johannesburg In March 2014. 27-08-'13

The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil announced today that Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour™ will visit Johannesburg at the Coca Cola Dome from March 19 to March 23, 2014 following the very successful North American and European tour.

This once-in-a-lifetime electrifying production combines Michael Jackson music and choreography with Cirque du Soleil creativity to give fans worldwide a unique view into the spirit, passion and heart of the artistic genius who forever transformed global pop culture. Written and directed by Jamie King, the show includes more than 60 international dancers, musicians and acrobats.

For tour schedule and ticket information, please visit www.cirquedusoleil.com/michaeljackson.

The Immortal World Tour

Source: Webwire / Billie Jean

Katherine Jackson To Appear Next Sunday On 60 Minutes Australia. 26-08-'13


Source: 60 Minutes / YouTube / Billie Jean

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