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Angelica’s Memories Of Michael. 29-11-'13

Angelica Houston has written her autobiography, “A Story Lately Told” and in it speaks of her dream about Michael Jackson and starring with him in the Disney film ‘Captain EO’ where she stars as a witch from a faraway planet.

Angelica writes about a dream she had before the film about being in the desert with Michael, being in love with him and an elephant stampede. She was then offered the role in ‘Captain EO.’

This is what she writes about working alongside Michael in this famous 3-D short directed by Francis Ford Coppola, produced by George Lucas, and shown at Disneyland:

“Maybe a couple of months before, I had a dream about being in the desert with Michael Jackson, madly in love, and an elephant stampede came up behind us and they put their trunks around us as we were sort of floating in midair— this very beautiful dream. So when ‘Captain EO’ came about, I suddenly realized that it was prescient.

“It was surprising because it seemed that anger was very difficult for him. He had a high voice and he was very tentative, very nervous about how he would come across. And I remember his reluctance to show anger or anything violent.

Michael and Angelica Houston

“I think the whole thing took about three weeks to shoot. It was a short film about Michael Jackson coming to my ugly hideous planet. I play, of course, a grand high witch. … This was solidly in my witch period where I seemed to play every witch on the planet. But he comes to my planet and I’m cruel and evil, he sings to me and transforms my world. As it happened, [Michael] had a little retinue of space creatures, and one happened to be a green elephant, which only confirmed the prescience of my dream.

“I had extensive makeup, a lot of prosthetics, it took about seven hours to put on all my prosthetics every morning. … When the camera turned around on Michael, he asked that I still be in makeup even though I was off camera. I was initially a bit irritated by that because it took so long and I knew that I wouldn’t be on camera. But I did it and I remember from the moment he started to sing, I was sort of overwhelmed, I’d never seen a transformation like that. The power of his voice, the incredible sort of electricity that surrounded him when he began to sing was astonishing. And all of the inhibitions that he seemed to have as a person disappeared and he became this dynamic and extraordinary force.

Michael was a genius at what he did and capable of practically anything on stage. I think he was extraordinary.”

You can read the more of her story here.

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

Mary J. BligeMary J. Blige: I Wanted To Marry Michael Jackson. 29-11-'13

Mary J. Blige was so in love with Michael Jackson growing up she thought they’d marry.

The R&B star had a major crush on the late King of Pop when she was a teenager. Even at 42 the singer can instantly remember the depth of her feelings, admitting she believed they were destined to be together.

“As a kid, I was in love with Michael Jackson, and I just knew I was going to marry him someday,” she told Us Weekly.

Mary has been discussing her festive record A Mary Christmas a lot of late and is proud to have shown she can be a big band singer with the release.

She stopped short of saying whether her family will listen to the album over the holidays, although Mary did open up about their rituals.

“I don’t stuff the turkey!” she laughed to British newspaper The Guardian. “I have a chef, and my mom and sister help. I wrap presents, but I leave the cooking to everyone else. We get a Christmas tree in, and on the night the tree goes up, we all relax and look at the lights. On Christmas Day itself it’s food, friends, presents, lights.”

One thing that’s certain is that Mary won’t be indulging in a Christmas tipple this year. She quit drinking following the death of her friend Whitney Houston last year. The singer struggled with addiction during her life and cocaine use played a part in her death, with Mary deeply affected by her funeral.

“Being that close to someone you loved so dearly, in a coffin – it freaked me out. It made me realise the importance of my own life,” she explained. “I didn’t stop [drinking] overnight; it was a process, and then it was a dead stop. I feel great right now. I feel wonderful. I have more clarity, more focus, more patience. And I lost weight – it flies off. It’s all water weight, all the sugar in the alcohol, and when you stop, it flies off.”

The star and her husband Martin Kendu Isaacs will celebrate their tenth anniversary next month and even that won’t tempt the star to raise a glass. She plans to sip ginger ale to mark the occasion, insisting that’s all she needs.

Mary nearly didn’t become a singer as she was so good at doing people’s hair and thought she would end up doing that full time.

She added to Us Weekly magazine: ”Growing up, I was the preferred hairstylist for all of my friends.

The star also talked about her backstage rituals and how she always has a soothing drink to help loosen and warm up her vocal cords before giving a concert.

She said: ”I still get nervous about singing. I drink tea with honey and lemon before every concert. And I need to have scented candles in all of my hotel rooms.”

Sources: Yahoo / Billie Jean

Message From MJ’s Estate Re: Screening Of 'This Is It'. 29-11-'13

Note From Michael’s Estate Today, November 28, 2013 released moment’s ago:

We noticed a lot of fans commenting on a screening of the “This Is It” film by one of the lawyers representing Katherine Jackson in the wrongful death suit against AEG and we wanted to let everyone know that, upon first seeing the advertisements for this unauthorized event, the Estate immediately took action to insure that it was cancelled. So the fans can rest assured, it did not happen.

Source: The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson talks to OprahCelebrity Views On Hollywood. 28-11-'13

Yareah.com has a very interesting article on some of the best known celebrities’ views on Hollywood and how it affects famous people in so many different ways.

Hollywood, in the central region of Los Angeles, CA, is the home of the entertainment industry of the United States. In fact, it has come to represent the motion picture industry of USA. However, what do celebrities think about this legendary place? Is it so wonderful and magic for them?

Michael very famously said the following quote during his 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“You know, let’s put it this way, if all the people in Hollywood who have had plastic surgery, if they went on vacation, there wouldn’t be a person left in town.”
Essentially, he was explaining to the rest of the World that in Los Angeles and Hollywood, plastic surgery is an everyday occurrence and not a big deal.

On February 10, 1993, Oprah sat down with Michael for what would be the most-watched interview in television history. Michael, a fiercely private entertainer, had refused to give an interview for 14 years.

Michael’s interview with Oprah, was watched by over a 100 million viewers around the world, in which he addressed for the first time, his plastic surgery, his changes in skin tone, his artistry and the many tabloid stories written about him.

To read the views of other famous celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe and Steven Spielberg, please go here.

Source: Yareah / Billie Jean

The Estate Sends Letter To Murray. 27-11-'13

After Murray's recent comments to the media about Michael, The Estate sent a letter to Murray to warn him to immediately cease and desist discussing Michael with the press. Read the letter.

Source: The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

Paris Jackson 'Doing Better' But Will Likely Remain At Boarding School For Troubled Teens 'For Years'.

Paris JacksonShe was placed in a boarding school for troubled teens after she tried to commit suicide earlier this year.

And although Paris Jackson is 'doing better,' she will likely remain at the Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah for a long time to come, reports TMZ.

The 15-year-old was originally tipped to stay at the $14,000-a-month treatment centre for a few weeks, but a source told the website she may in fact stay 'for years' as she grapples with her 'many problems.'

The teenager was admitted to the school in July this year after slashing her wrists and overdosing on pills on June 5.

The academy is a secluded centre for teenagers that specialises in depression and grief management.

Paris - who is allegedly under a false name at the school - has apparently struggled with depression since her father Michael Jackson died in 2009.

According to TMZ, Paris had a family therapy session on Tuesday morning with her biological mother Debbie Rowe and grandmother Katherine Jackson.

Paris was allegedly with her therapist at the centre during the session while Debbie, 54, and Katherine, 83, joined in over the phone.

Sources tell the website that Paris may be allowed to visit her family for a few days in January, and Katherine is said to be redoing Paris' room for the occasion.

But Paris will return to the boarding school, where she will possibly remain for 'years' as her treatment continues, reports the website.

Source: Daily Mail / Billie Jean

Thriller Live Heading To The Mayflower. 27-11-'13

Direct from London’s West End, Thriller Live celebrates the music of Michael Jackson and is coming to Southampton’s Mayflower Theatre next week.

Featuring the music of the King of Pop, Thriller Live celebrates the career of the great entertainer.

The show contains more than two-and-a-half hours of non-stop hits including I Want You Back, ABC, Can You Feel It, Off The Wall, The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Billie Jean, Dirty Diana, Bad, Rock With You, They Don’t Care About Us, Dangerous, Heal The World and Thriller plus many more.

Already seen by more than two million people in over 25 countries, Thriller Live reflects on the sensational dancing and distinctive sound of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 and pays homage to the world-class spectacle of Jackson’s legendary live performances.

Thriller Live. Mayflower Theatre, Southampton. Monday Dec 2-Saturday December 7. Call 02380 711811 or visit mayflower.org.uk.

Thriller Live

Source: Salisbury Journal / Billie Jean

Boycott Conrad Murray CampaignHow Do You Explain This, Conrad?
Michael Jackson’s Fingerprints Were Never Found On The Vials Which Death Doc Claims Pop Star Injected! 26-11-'13

Michael Jackson‘s death doctor, Conrad Murray, has insisted the singer accidentally ended his own life after injecting himself with a lethal dose of a surgical anesthetic.

But the singer’s former personal physician has been caught in what appears to be an EPIC lie: The King of Pop’s fingerprints were never found on any of the medical equipment or vials which were found at the Holmby Hills, Calif., death scene.

In his first interview after being released from prison, the defiant doctor said: “That night he just couldn’t sleep. I prescribed him drugs to help, including valium and lorazepam [an anti-anxiety treatment], but he was begging, pleading, close to tears. ‘I want sleep, please Dr Conrad, I need sleep.’ I told him, ‘This is not normal. What I’ve given you would put an elephant to sleep.’

“In the other bedroom [Michael’s private chamber], the police found an open bottle of lorazepam. They found tablets in his stomach. I didn’t give him those. Michael took extra tablets. And he injected himself.”

But as RadarOnline.com first revealed in the middle of Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial, Jackson’s fingerprints were never found on ANY Propofol or Lorazepam bottles, or intravenous tubing.

“The Los Angeles Police Department didn’t find any fingerprints of Michael Jackson’s on any Propofol bottles or the Lorazepam bottles. There were no partial fingerprints of Michael’s or any unknown prints on the medication bottles,” revealed a source close to the initial investigation.

During Murray’s media blitz since being released from jail, the disgraced doctor has said Jackson wasn’t the biological father to his three children — Prince, 16; Paris, 16; and Prince Michael II, 10, who’s also known as Blanket — and that he held the legendary singer’s penis every night whilst he administered Propofol.

In another development, RadarOnline.com has learned Jackson family matriarch Katherine was “implored” by the Deputy District Attorney to seek restitution from the disgraced medico.
But Jackson’s mother refused to pursue that option, because her attorneys who would later unsuccessfully try her wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live believed it would jeopardize their case.

Said one source: “Katherine now has to read all of this utter nonsense that Conrad is spewing to any media outlet that will listen. Murray is so delusional and narcissistic, the claims that he is making about Michael will only get more sensational.”

Boycott Conrad Murray Campaign.

Source: Radar Online / Billie Jean

Katherina Jackson and Dr Murray with the LawyersConrad Murray Ignites War With Katherine Jackson. 26-11-'13

Katherine Jackson's lawyers think Conrad Murray is a coward who is trashing the man he killed for profit.

One of Katherine's lawyers tells TMZ, "Murray has refused to go under the OATH KNIFE and his attempt to exploit Michael are despicable and disgusting." Translation: He took the 5th because he's guilty as sin and now he's selling sordid stories about MJ to line his pockets.

Another lawyer sent Murray's attorney a scathing email, calling the doc "reprehensible."

But Murray's lawyer, Valerie Wass, quickly went on the counterattack, saying, "You and members of your client's family have been bad-mouthing my client for a long time. I don't blame him for talking, especially after ... you tried to portray him as an awful person."

What's unclear ... how Murray talking about holding MJ's penis clears up anything.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe: Murray Will Be Dead I'll Buy The Bullet. 25-11-'13

Debbie Rowe is furious Conrad Murray trashed her in a new interview, and she tells TMZ ... she'll gladly buy a particularly lethal bullet to help end the doctor's life.

Rowe is "disgusted" by Murray's comment ... that he and Michael used to joke that neither would want to have sex with her.

Rowe fired back to TMZ, saying she believes within 18 months, "A Jackson fan will shoot him dead, and I'd buy the bullet." Rowe added, "I wouldn't shoot him but I'd buy the bullet ... a hollowpoint." FYI ... a hollowpoint bullet essentially eviscerates the target's insides.

And Rowe goes on, telling us, "If I had a dog as ugly as him [Murray] I'd shave its ass, make it walk backwards and put a wig on it." And, she says, "It takes 2 to f**k and there's not enough alcohol in the world."

Rowe, who raises horses on her ranch, says, "At least I can breed. he can't even write prescriptions anymore."

She's also indignant that Murray is claiming MJ took his own life by injecting himself with the fatal dose of Propofol while the Dr. was out of the room. She says, "It's so disgusting he's trashing the dead. The jury sure didn't buy his story."

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Statement From The Michael Jackson Estate About Conrad Murray. 25-11-'13

The Estate Of Michael JacksonWe have received the following message from the Michael Jackson Estate:

Upon hearing reports of the interview by Conrad Murray, the Estate had the following statement:

“A jury found Murray criminally responsible for Michael Jackson’s death. Yet he continues to blame Michael for his crimes. One must consider the source here.

Murray is neither truthful nor credible. His bizarre and lurid comments are not worthy of any additional response. “

Source: The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

Moonwalk Shoes Worn By Michael Jackson And Other Items Up For Sale. 25-11-'13

Michael Jackson’s moonwalking shoes coming to auction expected to fetch $50,000 – Announcing our very first auctions
Knaisz Auctions is proud to present our first auction. This sale includes a fine selection of entertainer and music memorabilia from the life and career of the King of Pop. Michael Jackson’s legendary moonwalking shoes are set to go under the hammer on Saturday, December 7th, 2013.

Items to be auctioned include a couple drawings made by the King of Pop himself. Also among the rare Michael Jackson items offered for sale are limited and/or signed tour jackets from Jackson’s various world tours, a ‘Smooth Criminal’ style white fedora that Michael wore during one of his concerts, and is signed under the brim “All my Love Michael Jackson 1990”, and bears the words “Michael Jackson” in gold lettering inside. It’s estimated to fetch between $2,000-3,000.

Knaisz Auctions also offers for sale an exclusive memorabilia from Michael Jackson’s wardrobe, a single white crystal glove owne by Michael Jackson. Yeah, Thriller was released in 1982, but two years later a bunch of the higher ups at CBS Records decided to throw a party at the American Museum of Natural History to celebrate its monumental sales achievements. It was a Black Tie affair and invites were, naturally, printed on a replica of the King’s infamous white gloves. Our white glove is not just one from these replica gloves, but this is MJ’s personal invitation glove for the event, customized for his king style. Jackson’s early costume designer, Bill Whitten completely covered the back of the glove in Swarovski crystals. The custom-designed white left-hand glove was estimated for $15,000-20,000.

MJ Autographed Shoes

Another major highlight of the auction is an other Swarovski glove. This is a custom-designed, white cotton right-hand glove, the back side of the glove is completely covered in clear Swarovski loch rosen crystals and the palm is bare of ornamentation. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson owned and worn this glove during his “Billie Jean” performance on the Dangerous and on the first leg of his HIStory World Tour. Custom designed and with label by Michael Jackson’s long time costume designers, Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins. It’s estimated to fetch between $40,000-50,000.

Why does Knaisz Auctions start its very first auction with Michael Jackson? President and CEO, Balazs Nagy gives you the answer. “We feel a great respect to Michael Jackson” – says Nagy – because he is the most important figure in the history of pop-music. That’s why we dedicate our auction to the memory of the one and only King of Pop and of course we would like to allow fans to take home a piece of their idol.


Source: Knaisz Auctions / Radar Onlie / Billie Jean

Cris Judd Describes The Enormous Pressure Of Michael Jackson's Tour Rehearsals. 23-11-'13

Cris JuddCris Judd, (full name Cristan Leenon) may be best known for his nine-month marriage to Jennifer Lopez, but the backup dancer and choreographer made a name for himself onstage well before the ex-couple met. On “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” Judd described what it was like to dance with legendary artists like Diana Ross, Celine Dion — and the King of Pop.

“I have been and always will be a humongous Michael Jackson fan,” Judd says. “When I got the opportunity to dance for him, I was just in total disbelief. You don’t want to just stare at him, you just want to be as professional as possible — but in your mind you’re like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Michael Jackson.’”

Judd’s first time dancing with Michael was at the 1995 MTV Music Awards, which led to two world tours.
“When we were rehearsing for his tours, when we would learn all the numbers, he would sit us down and it would be in a rehearsal hall, like a dance studio. And he would make us perform the entire show one at a time, from top to bottom,” Judd says. “While the rest of the dancers would sit beside him on the floor, he would make you go out by yourself and perform every song in succession, in a row — by yourself.”

“Talk about the most stressful situation you could ever possibly be in, because you’re totally exposed. Every flaw, everything that you would do wrong it would be exposed. You had no one to hide behind.”

“He never demanded us to be at our best,” Judd says. “He expected it.”

Also in the video, Judd talks about what it was like to dance beside Janet Jackson at the 2009 MTV Music Wards to pay tribute to Michael, and shows off the Christian Louboutin-designed shoes the dancers wore for the historic performance.

“Oprah: Where Are They Now?” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.

Source: The Huffington Post / Billie Jean

Jackson Family And Crime Victims Group Slam 60 Minutes About Murray Interview. 23-11-'13

Michael Jackson’s family has expressed its anger that a doctor convicted of the pop superstar’s death was paid for a tell-all TV interview.

In his first full-length interview, Conrad Murray claimed he loved Jackson, who died from a drug overdose in 2009.

Australia’s 60 Minutes has reportedly paid Murray a ­six-figure sum in a move slammed by crime victims’ support groups.

But a source said the figure was “nowhere near six figures”.

“It’s not even in the vicinity,” the source said.

“More like the fives.”

Murray, who injected the singer with Propofol, was ­released from jail last month after serving almost two years of a four-year sentence.

He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter over Jackson’s death.

The interview, to be aired on Sunday night, has made Jackson’s family “sick to the pits of their stomach”.

Tanay Jackson, ­Michael’s niece, said the family could never forgive Murray.

“No matter what he says and no matter what anyone else says the point still remains the same: he was the physical culprit of my uncle’s death,” Ms Jackson told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.

“He had that needle in his hand and he injected Michael.

“Whether he meant to overdose him or not, he still injected him. He’s the doctor, he should’ve known better.

“It didn’t matter what Michael told him, he shouldn’t have done it.”

Ms Jackson said she feared the interview could harm Jackson’s daughter, Paris.

“She is trying to find a way to escape and it doesn’t seem like anyone knows what to do. This is a 15-year-old going through a 40-year-old’s problems,” she said.

Murray told 60 Minutes that Jackson still “speaks to me” but wouldn’t elaborate further, saying “it is too emotional to go into”.

Crime Victims’ Support ­Association president Noel McNamara was critical of the interview.

“To think that the family have gone through all that trauma of being in the courts and then to have this bloke come out and try to make out he is Mother Teresa is absolutely disgraceful and disgusting,” Mr McNamara said.

“It is just chequebook journalism.”

Murray has also sued the US state of Texas for revoking his medical licence as a result of Jackson’s death.

He claimed in a lawsuit filed in Austin this month that his conviction was not final until all appeals were exhausted.

Channel 9 spokeswoman Michelle Stamper declined to respond to the Jackson family’s comments.

Ms Stamper also refused to say whether Murray was paid for the interview.

“We don’t confirm deny any of our stories in terms of payment,” she said.

Source: News.com.au / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Life Mask Used During The Production Of “Moonwalker” For Sale On Ebay. 23-11-'13

William Forsche offers you this original life mask direct from his Hollywood collection. A COA signed by William Forsche is included with this auction.

“I have personally been collecting and creating life masks in Hollywood for over 25 years.”

“This is a professionally made life mask created for the production of “Moonwalker” - William Forsche.

This is an “original” life-cast of Michael Jackson made for the production of “Moonwalker” in 1988. The lifecast was used in the creation of vacuum form replicas of Michaels face for make-up and special effects used in the robot transformation sequence. This original cast came from a special effects artist who also worked with Michael and Janet Jackson on their video “Scream.”

For sale on ebay.

Moonwalker Life Mask

Source: Ebay / Billie Jean

Zack O’Malley Greenburg’s “Michael Jackson Inc” To Be Published On June 3, 2014! 23-11-'13

Zack O'MalleyMichael Jackson, Inc is the first-ever business-focused biography of the King of Pop — and it will be published by Simon & Schuster’s Atria imprint on June 3rd, 2014.

The book will detail the rise, fall and rise of a billion-dollar empire launched by a man whose moves, both onstage and in the boardroom, created a fundamental shift in the monetization of fame. Despite his well-publicized struggles, Jackson inspired a generation of performers to flip the industry paradigm on its head and become employers rather than employees. Today, with two Cirque du Soleil shows, a record-setting biopic, and one posthumous album after another, he continues to out-earn the world’s biggest stars even from beyond the grave.

Since the beginning of my research in early 2012, I’ve traveled from New York to California to Indiana to Nevada to Ireland — and even to Neverland — in an effort to better capture Jackson’s story. I’ve interviewed sources from Berry Gordy to Walter Yetnikoff, 50 Cent to Teddy Riley, Bruce Swedien to Matt Forger, about 100 in all. I’ve also decided to donate a portion of proceeds of the book to a charity I’ll announce early next year.

There’s still more work to be done before the book is finished. If you’d like to receive updates on my progress every few months — including links to my Forbes stories on the King of Pop, notes on my research, and opportunities to pre-order — add your email address below. And be sure to check out my Forbes.com post on why I decided to write the book. Thanks for reading!

Zack O’Malley Greenburg is a Forbes senior editor and author of the Jay-Z biography Empire State of Mind. His second book, Michael Jackson, Inc, will be published on June 3rd, 2014 by Simon & Schuster’s Atria imprint. Zack covers the business of music in The Beat Report at Forbes; in his five years there, he’s tackled topics from public pension fund scandals to Justin Bieber’s budding career as a venture capitalist. He has also written for the Washington Post, Vibe, McSweeney’s and Sports Illustrated; guest-lectured at Yale, Harvard and Georgetown; and appeared as a source for 60 Minutes, MTV, Bloomberg, BBC and other outlets.

Go to Amazon.

Source: Michael Jackson Inc / Amazon / Billie Jean

Lady GagaLady Gaga Talks Michael Jackson And More On Ellen DeGeneres. 23-11-'13

Lady Gaga is appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday (Nov. 25), but here are a few sneak peek clips that the show released early.

On buying Michael Jackson’s tour wardrobe:

“I heard that they were auctioning off his tour clothes and these are my most prized possessions. … The ones that are my favorite are the ones that I wear every night when I’m on stage with the fans and I imagine that he felt the same way … so I really wanted to preserve that for him because it made me feel kind of crazy, the thought of a bunch of rich people each buying one piece. Then they get scattered to the winds and where do his tour clothes go? And I thought if I buy them all I can put them somewhere nice.”

When asked if she would dare wear anything, like the “Thriller” jacket:

“No, I would never do it. There’s a couple pieces that spoke to me that they were OK with it … talking to clothes like ghosts, but none of the pieces that his fans would recognize. I would never wear any of them. There was one sweater, that’s like a letterman sweater that says MJ on it and there is a jacket that says ‘Stop the Filthy Tabloid Press’ on the back and I don’t go out in them, but when I’m in the studio or if I’m feeling down I’ll wear them because I think he would have been OK with that. But I don’t know. But I am taking care of his clothes … and for any Michael Jackson fan that’s watching … it’s very pristine … and it’s perfect.”

Source: Zap 2 It / Billie Jean

Photographer Lynn Goldsmith Captures The Essence Of Music Legends And Many Others. 22-11-'13

Few photographers have had as much access to as many of rock and roll’s biggest stars as Lynn Goldsmith, whose pictures tell a visual tale of the genre spanning nearly half a century.

Goldsmith has documented the careers and received unprecedented access to the personal lives of larger than life rock heroes from Bruce Springsteen to Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones.

Goldsmith’s work is iconic even to those who’ve never heard her name.

She’s won all the awards, her work has appeared on all the magazine covers, and she’s met every music legend one can name.

Michael and Lynn Goldsmith

Her newest book came out this month and lays to rest any question that she isn’t the queen of rock and roll photography.

Rock and Roll Stories is a visual feast that does just what the name says: it tells the story of the genre by catching on film musicians exhibiting the essence of what it means to be rock and roll royalty.
In Rock and Roll Stories, Goldsmith describes the day she spent with Michael Jackson in Disney World ‘Michael’s shyness could take over if there were people around just staring at him when he was not performing, so I blasted a James Brown tape and busted out my best JB dance moves. Michael joined me.’

Goldsmith documented much of Michael Jackson’s meteoric rise to fame. ‘I was assigned to do a cover shoot with Michael for Life magazine at Disney world,’ she writes.’The Disney people treated him like he was Mickey Mouse reincarnated’

Source: Daily Mail / Billie Jean

Vanity Fair Magazine CoverMichael Jackson Voted Best Vanity Fair Cover Star Of All Time! 22-11-'13

After months of voting, readers have selected their favorite Vanity Fair cover of all time: our December 1989 issue featuring Michael Jackson, shot by contributing photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The King of Pop faced some stiff competition. The winning issue was up against covers from over a century, ranging from portraits of classic Hollywood icons, Jazz Age illustrations, heartthrobs, and such pop queens as Lady Gaga. Robert Pattinson’s Cajun-inspired April 2011 cover came in at second place, bolstered by a zealous group of dedicated Twihards.

Other popular covers included Kristen Stewart in couture on our July 2012 issue, a sultry Marilyn Monroe on our October 2008 cover, David Duchovny’s June 1998 cover, and Audrey Hepburn’s May 2013 issue.

To honor our winner, we’ve put together a slide show of important moments in Jackson’s career that led up to our 1989 cover. So c’mon, jam on it.

Growing Up Jackson

The votes are in and our dear readers have deemed Michael Jackson’s 1989 Vanity Fair appearance, photographed by Annie Leibovitz, the best cover in the history of the magazine. Considering the King of Pop’s competition—hundreds of Hollywood stars, heartthrobs galore, and gorgeous Art Deco illustrations from another era—we’d say a celebration is in order. As a thank-you to all the Jackson fans who voted, we’ve put together a collection of moments in the rising star’s career that led up to that legendary cover. Click below to see the performer rise from 12-year-old musical prodigy to unstoppable stage presence.

Source: Vanity Fair / Billie Jean

♫ “Creeper” – A Minecraft Parody Of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. 22-11-'13

Source: You Tube / Billie Jean

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