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MJ Tribute Memory Concert October 1-2, 2013, Thailand Cultural Centre / Win Tickets. 30-09-'13

A brilliant Michael Jackson impersonate is backed by a smoking band and mega-hot dancers.

The King of Pop is reborn again in this special tribute concert. On the set list are all his greatest hits from solo albums like Thriller, as well as his early chart-toppers with the Jackson 5.

As Oliver Forster, the former co-producer of the show, said, “Although Michael Jackson can never again be reached by us, we want to come very close to the icon with our show. With a sensational stage setting, spectacular show effects, impressive dance choreography and large number of costumes we want to create a pure goose flesh feeling.”

Considering the all-star troupe of singers, musicians and dancers on hand, Michael Jackson’s spirit is going to be moonwalking.

Date: Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 October 2013. (2 Rounds)
Time : 7.30 PM
Venue : Main Hall, Thailand Cultural Center
Ticket price : 2,500 / 2,000 / 1,600 / 1,200 / 700 Baht


Ratchadapisek Rd, Huay Kwang, 10320, Bangkok

Choreographer : Lorant Koncz
Duration: Part I : 45 mins, Part II: 45 mins
Intermission : 20 mins

Click here to buy tickets.

MJ Tribute Memory Concert

Win Tickets To This Event

The Nation is giving away three pairs of tickets for the “Michael Jackson Tribute Memory Concert” on Tuesday, October 1 to the first three people who can tell us the name of the choreographer of “Michael Jackson Tribute Memory” show.

_ Send your reply with a telephone contact to xpnation@gmail.com by Sunday noon making sure to write “Michael Jackson” in the subject box.

_ The three winners will be announced on Tuesday and be able to collect their tickets at the door by contacting Khun Prea (081) 810 1799 at the ICP counter.

Source: Bangkok Event Calendar / The Nation / Billie Jean

Thriller – A Metal Tribute To Michael Jackson CD Album CoverThriller – A Metal Tribute To Michael Jackson. 30-09-'13
Release date: 22-10--2013

The first ever all metal Michael Jackson tribute album is set to be released later this month and will include the stars of heavy metal bands such as Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Testament.

Thriller – A Metal Tribute To Michael Jackson features heavy metal infused Michael Jackson classics such as ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Beat It’ and ‘Rock With You’ to name just three. The forthcoming record will include performances from Testament’s Chuck Billy, Danny Worsnop Asking Alexandria, Ron Thal of Guns N Roses.

Take a look at the Thriller – A Metal Tribute To Michael Jackson tracklist below:

1. Thriller – Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT)
2. Man In The Mirror – Danny Worsnop (ASKING ALEXANDRIA) & Billy Sheehan (MR. BIG)
3. The Way You Make Me Feel – Angelo Moore (FISHBONE), Doug Aldrich (WHITESNAKE), & Rudy Sarzo (QUEENSRŸCHE)
4. Black Or White – Lajon Witherspoon (SEVENDUST), Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS), & Tony Franklin (THE FIRM)
5. Beat It – Priya Panda (DIEMONDS) & Ron Bumblefoot Thal (GUNS N’ ROSES)
6. Billy Jean – Corey Glover (LIVING COLOUR) & Phil Campbell (MOTÖRHEAD)
7. Shake Your Body (DOWN TO THE GROUND) – Elias Soriano (NONPOINT)
8. Rock With You – Doug Pinnick (KING’S X)
9. Dirty Diana – Chris Jericho (FOZZY)
10. Bad – Paul Di’Anno (ex-IRON MAIDEN) & Craig Goldy (DIO)
11. They Don’t Care About Us – ICARUS WITCH
12. Never Can Say Goodbye – Lonnie Jordan (WAR)
13. Smooth Criminal – ALIEN ANT FARM

Record label: Cleopatra
Released: 22-10-2013
Series number: ?
Printed: ?
Guide price: 11,33 €

Go to Amazon

Source: Gigwise / Billie Jean

Donny Osmond Gave Friend Michael Jackson Advice On Having Balanced Life. 29-09-'13

Donny OsmondIf Donny Osmond doesn't start looking older soon, it’s going to get creepy.

The forever-young 55-year-old entertainer, best known for singing with little sister Marie, is staying busy by working on his 60th album. He also performs regularly at the Flamingo in Las Vegas, promotes the Home furnishing brand he created with his wife of 35 years and smiles all the way to the bank.

Osmond talked to us about his home life, his Home brand and the place in his heart for Michael Jackson.

“What I tell people is whenever we have a disagreement and I know that I’m wrong, I’m man enough to admit I’m wrong,” he says of his relationship with his wife, Debbie. He also jokes, “When I’m right, I’m man enough to admit I’m wrong.”

For Osmond, a happy home makes for a long career.

“I’ve been in show business for 50 years, and the secret is stability, and that is home,” he says.

“What my wife, Debbie Osmond, has created at home gives me a foundation so that I can go back out in this crazy world.”

Osmond wished his old friend Michael Jackson had found that same balance before tragically dying at age 50 in 2009.

“Michael Jackson would call me once in a while and ask me, ‘How do you live your home life?’ ” recalls Osmond, who does a tribute to the King of Pop in his Vegas show.

“Michael would always say, ‘What’s your home life like?’ He never had that kind of stability.

“He tried,” notes Osmond. “I knew Mike so well, and I would go over to his house. It was all about gold records, it was all about accolades.

“You walk into my home, you wouldn’t find a gold record on the wall. You would find pictures of my kids, pictures of the grand kids. That is what home is all about. If you can keep your perspective there, your feet stay on the ground.”

Jackson once suggested Osmond could reinvigorate his singing career by performing under a different name, but he wouldn’t do it. Osmond also says his furniture line is inspired by doing what feels right.

“We look at the products, and we say we would put that in our home [or] we wouldn’t put that in our home, and that becomes our brand,” he says.

Source: Daily News / Billie Jean

JurorsMore About The AEG Jurors, Fans Complain About The Foreman. 29-09-'13

The jury in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial was behind closed doors on Friday conducting its first full day of deliberations.

Jurors have 80 days of testimony to debate. Through court documents, they have disclosed their top priorities. They elected juror No. 6 as the foreperson, a married high school physical education teacher who lives in downtown Los Angeles.

The jurors have requested two pieces of evidence: Dr. Conrad Murray’s independent contractor agreement and a DVD copy of the “This Is It” documentary, which portrayed Jackson during the time his family’s attorneys say his health was deteriorating.

“They’re going to be looking to see what the defense has said for them to look for, is that Michael Jackson was performing very well just before his death,” said legal analyst Barry Edwards.

Jackson attorney Brian Panish urged jurors in closing arguments to dismiss the movie because it was AEG that helped produce it, showing Jackson in the best light. As for Murray’s contract, it would be the centerpiece of any argument dealing with the first question on the verdict form: Did AEG Live hire Dr. Conrad Murray?

About the foreperson, some Jackson fans have had questions about him. Two wrote a letter of complaint to the judge, which was later submitted into evidence. The fans asserted that the juror had noticeable eye contact with a female AEG lawyer. Fans interpreted it as flirting, but the judge did not.

“The judge did nothing with regards to the complaint and I don’t believe there is much importance that can be placed on that by a third party against this juror,” said Edwards.

The jurors who will decide this case are:

- Juror No. 1: A white female banker who lives in downtown Los Angeles

- Juror No. 2: A female triage nurse

- Juror No. 3: A t-shirt print businessman from West Los Angeles

- Juror No. 4: A Hispanic female customer service representative for AT&T from Whittier

- Juror No. 5: A female software engineer for JPL from Highland Park

- Juror No. 6: A white male high school physical education teacher

- Juror No. 7: A black female UCLA clinical research coordinator from Westchester

- Juror No. 8: An Asian male who works for Baxter Health Care

- Juror No. 9: A retired civil engineer

- Juror No. 10: A black male retired metal worker

- Juror No. 11: A white female retired UCLA cancer researcher

- Juror No. 12: A male DWP employee from East Los Angeles

Edwards says it’s an educated and attentive group.

“Certainly they were taking a lot of notes and they were listening to the testimony quite clearly, and I think that’s important to both sides,” said Edwards

The jury has Monday off. They will resume deliberations on Tuesday.

Source: ABC 7 / Billie Jean

Wade RobsonJackson’s Aussie Accuser Gets Trial Date. 28-09-'13

Australian choreographer Wade Robson's pursuit of a slice of late pop star Michael Jackson's estate will go to trial in Los Angeles next year.

Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff, at a hearing in downtown LA on Friday, set a June 2 trial.

Brisbane-born Robson, 31, who as a five-year-old dance prodigy was befriended by Jackson, was a star witness at the King of Pop’s 2005 molestation trial in California.

Robson vehemently denied under oath Jackson had sexually abused him and was a key reason for Jackson’s acquittal, but earlier this year Robson did an about-face and claimed the pop star brainwashed him.

Robson said it wasn’t until after Jackson’s 2009 death and the birth of his own son that he was psychologically and emotionally able to understand that Jackson had allegedly abused him.

Robson filed a late claim in a Los Angeles court against the dead singer’s estate, which is reportedly worth as much as $US1.5 billion ($A1.61 billion).

A lawyer for Jackson’s estate, Howard Weitzman, has labelled Robson’s delayed allegations as “outrageous and pathetic”.

However, Robson’s lawyer, Henry Gradstein, said his client was so traumatised he could no longer dance, sing or write songs.

Robson had built a career as one of the world’s top choreographers, partnering with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears and winning an Emmy Award for his work on the US version of TV competition So You Think You Can Dance.

He also co-wrote hit songs for ‘NSync and Backstreet Boys.

Source: The Telegraph / Billie Jean

Roger Taylor Urges Michael Jackson Executors To Speed Up Duets Release. 28-09-'13

Roger TaylorThe existence of several unreleased collaborations between the two pop icons was revealed by the band’s guitarist, Brian May, in 2009, days after Jackson died from an overdose of anesthetic.

Taylor and May worked together to finish the incomplete tracks and they are hoping the songs will be released later this year, but Taylor blames those in charge of Jackson’s estate for holding up the project.

He tells Mojo magazine, “Freddie and Michael never finished the songs, because Queen had to leave L.A. to go on tour. Brian and I have worked on them, which means they’ll come out as Queen and Michael Jackson – hopefully… if the Michael Jackson estate can get its a**e into gear.”

Source: MSN / Billie Jean

More On Michael: The Last Photo Shoots Documentary. 28-09-'13

Noval Williams Films LLC announced the production of a series of newsworthy and informative documentaries about Michael Jackson and the completion of principal photography and post-production on the first documentary of the series entitled “Michael: The Last Photo Shoots”.

“Michael: The Last Photo Shoots” is written and directed by Craig Williams, executive produced by Victorino Noval, Jr. (Black Dog Red Dog and Tar) and Anna Garcia and produced by Craig Williams (who has composed and produced music for clients from Tupac Shakur to The Oprah Winfrey Show) and Raymond J. Markovich (High School and Demoted).

“We have applied to the Sundance Film Festival,” producer Raymond J. Markovich told China.org.cn, “We also plan to license all 3 documentaries for broadcast and/or DVD in China. However, at present, we are just dealing with licensing offers from the U.S. and Germany.”

Director Craig Williams expects the US initial TV broadcast to be before February 2014.

“Michael: The Last Photo Shoots” is a fascinating and newsworthy behind the scenes look at Michael Jackson’s last magazine cover photo shoots and the struggle to make them happen. It is a unique story told through the eyes of several of Michael’s closest friends, photographers and stylists that had helped Michael prepare for his planned comeback in 2007.

In 2007, after several years of living over-seas in seclusion, Michael returned to the United States wanting to make a comeback onto the music scene. Taking the cover of L’UOMO Vogue for its October 2007 issue was Michael’s first step. On September 14, 2007 in New York, Photographer Bruce Weber and Vogue Fashion Editor/Michael Jackson’s personal stylist

Rushka Bergman captured the magic of the King of Pop for the 25th Anniversary of the release of Thriller.

L'uomo Vogue Photoshoot

On September 24, 2007 in Brooklyn, NY, Michael Jackson did an interview and another photo shoot for Ebony Magazine for its December 2007 issue. This was Michael’s first United States interview and magazine story in a decade.

Michael had a love for art and being an artist himself, Michael had said that he had wanted to be photographed in a space “where art lives on forever.” Ebony selected the Brooklyn Museum of Art as the location. While many magazine covers were done throughout Michael’s career, the Vogue and Ebony shoots were very important to Michael as these were for his comeback. Through these photos, Michael’s image as art lives on forever.

Along with never before seen footage of Michael, “Michael: The Last Photo Shoots” contains engaging interviews with Rushka Bergman (Contributing Fashion Editor of L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Italia and Michael Jackson’s personal stylist), Phillip Bloch (widely considered to be one of Hollywood’s premier fashion stylists), Bruce Weber (famed photographer and filmmaker) and Kabuki (legendary make-up artist from Northern England known for his unique flair and artistry with make-up and imagery and one of the most exciting talents in fashion today).

There are captivating interviews with Bryan Monroe (an award winning journalist, CNN Politics editor, team leader of the winner of the Pulitzer Prize Gold Medal, former Vice President and Editorial Director of Ebony and Jet Magazines and the journalist who conducted the last major interview with the King of Pop – Michael Jackson), Harriett Cole (Life stylist author, nationally syndicated advice columnist, former Editor in Chief of Ebony Magazine and Creative director for Michael Jackson’s last cover photo shoot) and Michael Amir (Executive Assistant and Chief of Staff for Michael Jackson).

Source: China.org.cn / Billie Jean

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe Threatens To Sue Michael Jackson's Doctor. 27-09-'13

Debbie Rowe and Dr. Arnold Klein are involved in a bitter war of words after he claimed that she stole the narcotic painkiller Demerol from his office to give to Michael Jackson. The dermatologist employed Rowe as his nurse in the 1980s, which is where she was first introduced to Michael.

Klein wrote on his blog Monday: “Debbie Rowe was giving Michael Demerol she stole from my office. She is a fraud! Just look at here.”

And when Rowe saw the post she retaliated on Twitter: “So Klein wants to accuse me of stealing a controlled substance hmmmm I should probably be in prison since it’s a felony yet I’m not,” Rowe tweeted on Monday. “You can’t stop the truth it’s an injustice that Klein will never be tried for his involvement. He is a spineless enigma with a deadly touch.”

When one follower suggested Rowe take legal action writing, “but couldn’t he be for accusing you falsely. Can’t you do something legally with that?” she responded by tweeting, “I’m gonna.”

Rowe also claimed that Klein has been seriously ill for years and it’s an injustice that he’s never going to stand trial for Jackson’s 2009 death. “I hear Klein is really sick doesn’t Conrad Murray get out in a few weeks? Perhaps he could practice on Klein …, Karmas a b*tch,” she wrote.

When Rowe took to the stand in the AEG Live court case in July, she blamed Dr. Klein for feeding Michael’s drug habit. She was called by AEG in the case of the Jackson family vs. AEG. The Jackson family says AEG is responsible for Michael’s death.

But Rowe blames Klein and, according to her, Klein had a standing order from Michael — when he came to the dermatologist’s office, he would be injected with Demerol and Vistaril, an anxiety sedative. She has always believed it’s been Klein’s influence, which led to Michael’s dependence on prescription drugs.

Source: Radar Online / Twitter / Billie Jean

Thriller LiveThriller Live Announces New Booking Period To Sept 2014. 27-09-'13

Thriller – Live, the spectacular concert show that celebrates the music of the world’s greatest entertainer and undisputed King of Pop, Michael and the Jackson 5, is extending its West End booking period to Sunday 28 September, 2014.

Smashing all previous records at the Lyric Theatre, where it recently celebrated becoming the longest-running production in the theatre’s 125-year history, Thriller – Live first moonwalked into the West End in January 2009 after three acclaimed UK tours.

It is now in its fifth year there and on Thursday 24 October will celebrate its 2,000th West End performance.

While continuing its open-ended West End run, Thriller – Live this month started a major tour of the UK and Ireland, with the sensational Cleo Higgins, an unforgettable finalist with a powerhouse vocal range from the recent series of BBC1′s The Voice, and by X Factor finalist Rachel Adedeji as the lead female vocalist.

It opens at the Grand Opera House, Belfast from Monday 23 – Saturday 28 September, then visits Bristol Hippodrome, 30 September – 5 October; Cardiff New Theatre, 7 – 12 October; Blackpool Grand Theatre, 14 – 19 October; Sheffield Lyceum Theatre 21 – 26 October Royal & Derngate Northampton, 28 October – 2 November; Grand Opera House York, 4 – 9 November; Southport Theatre, 11 – 13 November; Leicester De Montfort Hall, 18 & 19 November; Regent Theatre Stoke, 20 November; Darlington Civic Theatre 21 – 23 November; Carlisle Sands Centre, 24 November; New Theatre Oxford, 26 -28 November; Mayflower Theatre Southampton, 2 – 7 December; The ICC Hall 1 Birmingham, 17 December – 5 January; Southend Cliffs Pavilion,20 – 25 January; Manchester Opera House, 27 January – 1 February; Brighton Theatre Royal, 2 – 8 February; Woking New Victoria Theatre, 10 – 15 February; Liverpool Empire, 3 – 8 March.

Several world tours have seen the show play to acclaim in 26 countries, including Germany, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Singapore, South Africa, China, Sweden, Finland and Norway, Japan and Brazil.

More than 1 million people have seen the show at the Lyric Theatre and more than 2.5million people have seen the show worldwide.

Unlike other West End productions, Thriller – Live is not a rigid book musical with set songs, but is a constantly evolving music concert celebration. When Michael Jackson died, the Lyric theatre became a focus for fans from all over the world, who created a massive shrine of flowers, candles, and tributes. More than 40 books of condolence were signed in the foyer then sent to the Jackson family. A year after his death, a permanent West End memorial to Michael was unveiled in the theatre foyer. Thriller – Live brings to life on stage the distinctive high-energy dancing and pulsating sound of many of pop’s greatest hits, blending eye-popping video footage and effects together with dazzling choreography by the show’s award-winning director Gary Lloyd. The show has regularly been updated with additional songs, new visuals and choreography. Thriller – Live was originally conceived and created by AdrIan Grant, a long time associate of Michael Jackson, and author of Michael Jackson – The Visual Documentary. Thriller – Live is produced by Paul Walden and Derek Nicol for Flying Music in association with AdrIan Grant for Key Concerts.


Source: Broadway World / Billie Jean

How The Michael Jackson-AEG Verdict Could Change The Touring Business. 27-09-'13

AEG TrailKatherine Jackson’s wrongful death suit against AEG Live will go to the jurors today after closing arguments were made by both but the prosecution and defense. Whatever jurors decide, the case could have long lasting implications on tour deals going forward, especially those for superstar artists.

In “net” tour deals, where promoter/producers like AEG Live and Live Nation pay all expenses, employ everyone, and split profits with the artist, the traditional lines of whom is legally employed by whom have been blurry. Even though the producer signs the checks, the artist typically holds final sway on everything from the lighting company to the tour caterer or masseuses, with varying levels of input.

Until now, just how exposed these producers may be has not come under much scrutiny. Testimony shows that AEG paid Dr. Conrad Murray, already convicted of involuntary manslaughter in relation to Jackson’s death from an overdose of Propofol. But, as AEG attorney argued yesterday, Murray was Jackson’s choice, and not even on AEG Live’s radar prior to the promoter putting together the deal for the ill-fated This Is It concerts in London. So while AEG paid Murray, he was Jackson’s doctor, just as an artist might choose a specific caterer to carry on tour. “This was a choice Mr. Jackson made,” Putnam said yesterday. “He was a grown man.”

Obviously, the AEG Live/Jackson/Murray triangle is unique. While there is always some exposure to producers, and they know this and protect themselves through insurance and history with vendors, hiring a 24-hour care doctor is very different than hiring a lighting director, especially given Jackson’s own history.

Still, producers’ heads have been turned that such a potentially damaging suit was ever brought to bear. “I believe that, regardless of the jury findings in the case against AEG, promoters and producers will think long and hard about how to structure employment and contractual relationships with individuals brought in, either on behalf of or at the behest of the artist,” says veteran music business accountant/tour producer Bill Zysblat, partner in RZO Productions whose clients include U2, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie. “This level of exposure was clearly never contemplated, and I suspect adjustments will be made as a result.”

More than $85 million worth of tickets had been sold for Jackson's 50 date run at London's O2 Arena, which is operated by AEG Live parent AEG. Production costs ran between $23 million and $25 million, according to AEG, although other industry sources say the cost was closer to $30 million. Some have estimated that Jackson's advance on the shows could have been as high as $10-$20 million.

Earlier this week, the prosecution proposed that jurors award $290 million to Katherine Jackson and the singer's children for non-economic damages such as the loss of love and comfort. While no specific figure was given for possible economic damages, lawyers urged jurors to make their own decision while reminding them that expert witnesses had said Michael Jackson could have earned more than $1 billion had he lived longer.

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

Marvin PutnamLawyer: Jackson Died From Own Bad Choices. 26-09-'13

Michael Jackson died because of his own bad choices involving the drug that killed him and the doctor who provided it, not because of anything done by AEG Live, a lawyer for the producer of Jackson's comeback concerts told jurors Wednesday.

Delivering his closing argument in the long-running negligence case by Jackson's family, defense attorney Marvin Putnam said the secretive singer never told the producers that he was using the hospital anesthetic propofol to overcome his chronic insomnia.

If AEG Live had known, it would have pulled the plug on the planned tour, the lawyer said.

"AEG would have never agreed to finance this tour if they knew Mr. Jackson was playing Russian roulette in his bedroom every night," Putnam told jurors.

Putnam also said AEG Live LLC tried to deter Jackson from hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who was later found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in his death, but Jackson "wouldn't take no for an answer."

Only after Jackson's death, he said, did the company learn about the secret propofol treatments by Murray.

"AEG only learned the truth after Mr. Jackson passed," Putnam said. "They heard for the first time what propofol was."

Putnam stressed that it was Jackson, not AEG, who insisted on hiring Murray, a cardiologist who had befriended the pop star in Las Vegas three years earlier. Jackson, who was using him as a family doctor, told AEG that Murray was to be his physician for the "This Is It" shows in London, according to Putnam.

"He didn't ask AEG," the lawyer said. "He said, `We're using this doctor.' He was a grown man of 50 and as a grown man he is responsible for his own health and his own choices no matter how bad those choices may be."

AEG told Jackson there were great doctors in London but the singer would not be deterred, Putnam said.

"It was his money and he certainly wasn't going to take no for an answer," he said.

Murray was convicted in 2011 after giving Jackson an overdose of propofol on the day he died in 2009. The drug is not meant to be used outside operating rooms.

With Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine, a plaintiff in the suit, seated in a front row, Putnam reminded jurors that she said she wanted to know the truth about her son's demise. But she also testified that she closed her ears when she heard bad things about him, he said.

He accused lawyers for the Jackson family of asking jurors to close their ears to facts surrounding the actions of the singer.

"He made some bad choices that resulted in a horrible tragedy. You can't blame someone else for his bad choices," Putnam said.

A day earlier, a lawyer for Katherine Jackson had portrayed AEG Live executives and Murray as mercenaries who sacrificed the pop star's life in a quest to boost their own fortunes.

Attorney Brian Panish said a $150,000-a-month contract to care for Jackson on tour was a lifeline to help Murray climb out of his financial troubles. He blamed AEG executives for failing to realize Murray was unfit for the job.

"Obviously, he was incompetent and unfit," Panish said. "He caused the death of Michael Jackson."

The courtroom atmosphere was starkly changed Wednesday. Panish had brought Hollywood dazzle, showing professionally produced videos of the superstar's life and home movies of him with his children when they were babies.

Putnam, however, focused his argument solely on the law and the evidence jurors had seen during the five-month trial. He showed emails and excerpts from proposed contracts, arguing that there never was a contract between Murray and AEG.

At one point he showed excerpts from "This is It," the documentary about rehearsals for the London concerts. He pointed out that Jackson appeared in control, performing perfectly on a rendition of "Earth Song."

"And 12 hours later, he was dead," Putnam said.

Judging from the footage, AEG could not have known the singer was receiving nightly doses of propofol from Murray, Putnam said.

"AEG Live did not have a crystal ball," he said. "Dr. Murray and Mr. Jackson fooled everyone. They want to blame AEG for something no one saw."

A key issue in the negligence suit is whether AEG Live or Michael Jackson hired Murray.

Putnam said if jurors find AEG didn't do the hiring, their work will be done and they need not decide other questions involving damages.

He ridiculed the plaintiffs for suggesting in documents that AEG should pay $1.5 billion in damages. He said that figure was based on expert witness speculation on how much Jackson could have earned but asserted that damages cannot be based on speculation.

Panish will get a chance Thursday to rebut Putnam's argument before the case is submitted to jurors. A unanimous verdict is not required in the case. Only nine of the 12 jurors must agree.

Source: WHDH / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Statue Removed From Outside Fulham’s Craven Cottage Ground. 26-09-'13

The controversial Michael Jackson statue which has stood outside Fulham’s Craven Cottage ground for over two years was removed on Wednesday morning.

The statue was erected behind the Hammersmith Stand in April 2011 at the request of former owner and chairman Mohamed Fayed, who was close to Jackson.

Some Fulham fans fiercely opposed the decision to erect the statue, but Fayed responded by telling them to “go to hell”.

Fayed sold the west London club to Shahid Khan in July and, after consulting with supporters, the American businessman decided to pull the 7ft 6in statue down.

MJ Fulham Statue

On Wednesday morning four workmen cut the sculpture free from its plinth and returned it to Fayed.

It is understood that the Egyptian millionaire has received offers for the statue and could sell it to raise money for charity.
Jackson, who died of an overdose in 2009 at the age of 50, watched Fulham play Wigan at Craven Cottage as a guest of Fayed 10 years earlier.

Fayed’s successor defended the decision to remove the statue last week.

Source: The Telegraph / Billie Jean

Lisa Marie Presley’s Lies And Cheating Drove Michael Jackson To Drugs. 26-09-'13

National Enquirer Magazine CoverAs Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial drags on all sorts of new information and random accusations have taken center stage as the Jackson family tries in vain to make AEG accountable for Michael’s overdose on Propofol 4 years ago.

Needless to say the defendant’s are putting up quite a fight and dragging witnesses in from half a lifetime ago to try and paint a different picture of Michael, one that doesn’t blame them for his demise.

According to the Oct. 7th print edition of National Enquirer Michael’s marriage to Lisa Marie Presley back in the mid-90′s helped to propel him into heavy duty substance abuse. Michael reportedly loved Lisa Marie a whole lot more than she seemed to love him and a series of lies and indiscretions on her part were too much for Michael to handle.

He often complained about his inability to sleep while they were together and after they split that’s when Michael turned to harder substances for relief.

Source: Celeb Dirty Laundry / Billie Jean

Lawyer For Michael Jackson’s Family: AEG Must Pay For Pop Star’s Death. 25-09-'13

Quoting from Abraham Lincoln, the Book of Exodus and internal emails from AEG Live, an attorney for Michael Jackson’s family told jurors Tuesday that the concert promoter hired the doctor who gave Jackson a fatal dose of a powerful anesthetic and now should have to pay for the pop star’s death.

After pointing out that AEG put Conrad Murray in charge of Jackson’s rehearsal schedule, attorney Brian Panish said, “Why would a doctor you haven’t hired be responsible for someone working for you to go to practice or rehearsal? Why? Because you hired him, that’s why.”

Panish tried to educate jurors, explaining that unlike in a criminal trial they needed only to find that their claims were more likely true than not for them to find in favor of Michael Jackson’s mother and three children.

The Jacksons have sued AEG for Jackson’s death, saying the entertainment firm negligently hired and supervised Murray. AEG maintains that the doctor worked for Jackson and any money the firm was supposed to pay the doctor was an advance to the singer.

Brian Panish

Panish explained that Murray did not need a written agreement to have a valid contract, that an oral agreement was just as good.

After not allowing TV cameras in court during the nearly five-month trial, Judge Yvette Palazuelos reversed herself Tuesday. The closing statements already had been moved to a much larger courtroom to accommodate the media crush and a growing number of spectators.

Panish, speaking in a much calmer tone than he used during testimony, tried to turn the words of AEG executives against them, as he had during much of the trial. Panish will finish his closing statement Tuesday afternoon, and attorneys for AEG will have their turn Wednesday.

Panish quoted experts who said that when Murray closed his Las Vegas practice to take on Jackson as his only patient, asking at first for $5 million, the sum should have immediately raised red flags.

Murray, who was in dire financial straits, eventually agreed to compensation of $150,000 month, circumstances that experts testified created a conflict between his money needs and his patient’s care.

Panish showed a television interview of AEG Live Chief Executive Randy Phillips, filmed before the lawsuit was filed, talking about Murray.

“The guy’s willing to leave his practice for a very large sum of money, so we hired him,” Phillips says in the interview.

“It’s real simple,” Panish said. “He’s the CEO of the company, as high as it gets. He admitted it.”

Source: LA Times / Billie Jean

A Royal Tribute To The King Of Pop. 25-09-'13

From the King of Pop to Disney Pop, Dubai Music Week, opened by legendary producer Quincy Jones, will span some of the best-loved modern musical genres — while also giving local talent a chance to crack the big time.

The six-day affair kicked off on Tuesday, with seminar The Michael Jackson Dream Team — offering insights from the production team behind three of the late Jackson’s greatest albums: Off The Wall, Bad and Thriller. Talking to an audience at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the enduring 80-year-old Jones recalled first spending a significant amount of time with Michael Jackson during the recording of 1978 musical film The Wiz. “I tried to get out of doing The Wiz,” recalled Jones, “I don’t know why.” But during the soundtrack’s prerecording, the duo clicked and Jones offered to record Jackson’s solo debut Off the Wall.

“The record company said ‘Quincy’s too jazzy, but Michael was very cooperative,” said Jones. “Michael didn’t really tell me anything before recording though, he would just do his thing.”

Michael and Quincy Jones

Four-night band competition Band Slam also got under way on Tuesday, featuring six acts from the UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. The bands, including the UAE’s four-member rock outfit Nikotin, will play again tonight and tomorrow night.

Other highlights include a seminar with singers-cum-producers Timbaland and Will.i.am on music production tonight alongside Jones, during which they will choose the winner of a separate competition who will score a song and music video deal with Jones and Sony.

They will also perform on Thursday, while former Disney star Selena Gomez will take centre stage on Friday. For a complete schedule of events visit www.dubaimusicweek.com.

Source: Khaleej Times / Billie Jean

Lawyers In Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Suit Can’t Mask Animosity. 25-09-'13

Brian Panish was indignant as the two men argued in the judge’s chambers.

“Judge,” the Michael Jackson family attorney snapped, “if I want to give him the finger, I know how to give him the finger.”

“And you did it quite well twice,” replied Marvin Putnam, an attorney for entertainment giant AEG.

Panish denied doing any such thing but added, “If he wants me to give him the finger, I’m happy to do that.”

The trial over whether a division of one of America’s most powerful entertainment conglomerates is liable in the death of a legendary pop star has been filled with testimony about Jackson’s drug use, his physical and mental deterioration and his growing fears as a comeback tour approached.

But the other drama may well be the bruising war of words between the two lead attorneys, one an Ivy League product who worked in France and the other a Fresno State grad who attended school on a football scholarship.

Brain Panish and Marvin Putnam

The two lawyers have snipped, argued, shouted, rolled their eyes, bumped shoulders in the courtroom doorway and once got into such a combative argument in the hallway that the court clerk stepped into the corridor to tell them to cool it; an order they promptly ignored.

For more than four months, the lawyers have taken daily shots at each other as jurors and spectators looked on, often in amusement, a sideshow that can be as riveting as some of the testimony.

The day after the argument in the corridor, L.A. County Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos called the two attorneys into her chambers again and told them they would be sanctioned if their behavior didn’t improve. Putnam called Panish “despicable” and refused to shake his hand. “Where I’m from,” he said, “handshakes mean something.”

With closing arguments in the long-running trial expected to start Tuesday, jurors and court spectators will get a final glimpse of two attorneys who seem to share little except an open disdain for each other.

“I can’t think of a case where there’s been so much animosity,” said Panish, a veteran of more than 100 trials. “When I say good morning to them, they don’t even say good morning back.”

The stakes in the wrongful-death case are high, with one witness calculating that the pop star could have earned as much as $1.5 billion had he lived. But neither attorney, nor their law firms, is a foreigner when it comes to staggering sums of money.

AEG Live is represented by O’Melveny & Myers, a 128-year-old firm with 800 attorneys in 16 offices worldwide and a client list that includes Time Warner, Citigroup and Lockheed Martin. Its lawyers have served as U.S. secretary of State, secretary of Transportation and White House counsel.

The Jackson legal team is led by Panish, Shea and Boyle, which has one office and 15 lawyers. The firm has won 20 jury verdicts of $10 million or more, and its $4.9-billion judgment against General Motors, which a judge cut to $1.2 billion, was the largest personal injury verdict ever. The firm has done well enough to have an ownership interest in two airplanes.

Both Panish and Putnam are listed in the top 100 lawyers in California by the Daily Journal, but almost everything about their firms is different, from the attorneys they hire to their clients. Even the way they dress is different.

The O’Melveny & Myers attorneys look as though they were issued uniforms in colors ranging from black to dark gray. Jessica Stebbins Bina has worn black pantsuits every day of the nearly five months of trial. Contrast that with Deborah Chang, of the Jackson team, who has questioned witnesses while wearing a lime green coat, dangling earrings and high heels.

The O’Melveny team, nearly all Ivy Leaguers, is led by Putnam, a trim, balding man who grew up in Maine, attended Phillips Exeter and Harvard before earning his law degree at Georgetown. His wife, another Harvard grad, is executive director of Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute and was president of production for Miramax Films.

Panish, the son of a lawyer, is heavyset with a full head of graying black hair. He attended Catholic schools, went to Fresno State on a football scholarship and received his law degree from Southwestern Law School.

Panish was recommended to the Jackson family by Thomas A. Mesereau Jr., who defended the pop star when he was tried on child molestation charges in 2005. “I told the family Brian Panish was the best plaintiff’s civil trial lawyer in L.A. and that no one else comes close,” Mesereau said.

Even the way the firms are paid underscores their differences.

Putnam’s firm usually charges by the hour, and its lawyers get paid whether they win or lose. O’Melveny already has earned millions from the Jackson-AEG case.

Attorneys like Panish are more entrepreneurial. Each case is an investment, which is why his firm agrees to take fewer than 1% of those that come its way. “You have to be a risk taker to be a personal injury attorney,” said Jody Armour, a professor at USC’s Gould School of Law. “More of a swashbuckler by personality.”

They usually are paid a portion of their clients’ winnings, as much as 40%, and shell out the money for experts and other costs. If they lose, not only do they not get paid, they could be out a lot of money for their expenses.

“The big-firm lawyers get paid per hour,” Panish said, “and we get paid perhaps.”

Though corporate lawyers like Putnam seldom take cases to trial, the courtroom is a second home to personal injury attorneys such as Panish. “Since we filed this Jackson case in 2010, Brian Panish by himself has tried more cases to verdict than the entire team of O’Melveny lawyers working on this case have tried in their careers,” said Kevin Boyle, Panish’s partner.

During a recent week-long break in the Jackson trial, Panish was part of the legal team that won a $17-million verdict for an 85-year-old man whose leg was amputated below the knee after he was hit by a bus.

By the time a case like Jackson vs. AEG gets to trial, said John Nockleby, director of the Civil Justice Program at Loyola Law School, the two sides have already spent months squabbling over schedules, depositions, and expert witnesses.

“When the stakes are huge, as they are in this case, there are enormous pressures on lawyers to perform, to win these battles,” he said.

Over the course of the trial, Putnam has directed several pointed accusations at Panish, saying he had “defamed a number of people inside the courtroom and outside the courtroom” and was telling reporters lies.

Putnam declined to be interviewed for this story.

On the other side, Boyle said that O’Melveny has gone out of its way to make things difficult, not even offering the usual professional courtesies, such as the scheduling of depositions or making simple agreements. O’Melveny wouldn’t stipulate that Jackson was dead until after the trial had begun.

Asked if O’Melveny looked down on them, Boyle replied, “They certainly act that way. It seems a very coordinated effort of smugness.”

Panish remains angry that Putnam accused his firm of leaking sealed emails to The Times. “I’m not happy about our integrity being challenged.” Panish said.

Panish said he’s gone against O’Melveny before without any problems.

“I don’t have any issue with the law firm,” he said. “Mr. Putnam doesn’t like us. There’s not much we can do about it. Everybody in the world’s not going to like me.”

Source: LA Times / Billie Jean

Calendar 2014 CoverOfficial Calendar 2014. 24-09-'13

It's hard to accept that the 'King of Pop' is no longer with us. Danilo's magnificent Michael Jackson calendar for 2014, captures one of pop's few true musical greats. Allow the magic to live on, not just for 'One Day in Your Life' but for ever.

This 2014 Calendar features Michael Jackson, the seventh child of the Jackson family whose professional music career began at just eleven years of age. His career now stretches for almost four decades and he remains one of the most popular and best selling artists on the planet.

Calendar Danilo is also a official calendar with a format of 42x29cm, is available on September 1st 2013.

Here is the link

Calendar: 14 pages
ISBN: 9781780542942
Guide price: 10,5 €

Source: Billie Jean

JurorsJurors Hear Legal Instructions In Jackson Lawsuit. 24-09-'13

Jurors in a negligence lawsuit filed by Michael Jackson’s mother against concert giant AEG Live LLC heard legal instructions Monday on the eve of final arguments in the 21-week civil trial.

Members of the jury listened attentively as Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos said everyone has biases, but they must not be swayed by prejudice, sympathy or public opinion while deliberating. They also were told how to evaluate evidence and witnesses.

If the jury finds that damages should be assessed, the judge said they must not consider such issues as the grief endured by the Jackson family or the wealth of both sides in the bitterly fought case.

AEG Live is accused of negligently hiring the doctor who was convicted of giving the pop star an overdose of the anesthetic propofol as he tried to rest during preparations for comeback shows in London.

The instructions lasted about 30 minutes — a relatively short time because there is only one central issue in the case: Who hired Conrad Murray? Was it AEG Live or the superstar singer?

If jurors find that AEG hired the doctor, they must then decide whether the promoter was negligent in hiring and supervising Murray. The also would have to address whether AEG Live knew or should have known Murray was unfit or incompetent, and if that created risk to others.

AEG claims it did not hire Murray, who was initially chosen by Jackson to provide care in advance of the London shows. The company claims the singer’s own negligence contributed to his death.

Katherine Jackson’s lawyers say AEG drafted Murray’s contract. However, the document was never signed by anyone other than Murray.

“Our claim is why would AEG want a contract with Dr. Murray if they didn’t want some control over him,” Jackson attorney Kevin Boyle said outside the courtroom. (LA Times)

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving Jackson the overdose in his rented mansion to help him sleep. He is currently serving a prison sentence and did not testify in the civil trial because he said he would invoke Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination.

Outside court, after instructions were delivered, Katherine Jackson’s attorney, Kevin Boyle, said no matter what the outcome, she had succeeded in finding out more about events surrounding her son’s death.

She is seeking damages that could exceed $1 billion, but a specific figure has not yet been submitted to the court. That could come during closing arguments set to begin on Tuesday.

Unlike a criminal case, the jury does not have to find beyond a reasonable doubt, “only that it is more likely to be true than not true,” Judge Yvette Palazuelos told jurors. Also unlike a criminal trial, the verdict does not have to be unanimous, only 9 to 3. (LA Times).

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

“The 55 Minutes Thinking”. 23-09-'13

If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions

Albert Einstein

Soon the AEG Live trial will be over. There is no doubt that during the trial we have learned new facts. These facts have and will help us to understand Michael Jackson’s life especially during the days before his death.

Read more here

Source: Nonlocal Universe / Billie Jean

Another Video From The Michael: The Last Photo Shoots – Ebony. 21-09-'13

Source: Vimo / Billie Jean

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