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Quincy Jones Earned $18 Million in Royalties Since Michael Jackson's Death. 18-07-'17

Quincy JonesOn Day 6 of trial over missing royalties, Sony exec's testimony reveals producer's payout.

Since the death of pop star Michael Jackson in 2009, Quincy Jones has received nearly $18 million in royalties for his work on some of the King of Pop’s most iconic music, according to court testimony given by a high-ranking music executive on the sixth day of the trial between Jones and the Jackson estate.

Though the 84-year-old Jones, who is likely to take the stand on Thursday (July 20), claims that the Jackson estate owes him at least $30 million due to a breached contract for his work on albums 'Bad', 'Thriller', 'Off The Wall' and 'This Is It', Sony's vp of royalty audits David Moro took the stand Tuesday and spoke at length about the substantial royalties that Jones has already received from the label through the years, emphasizing payments issued since Jackson’s death 8 years ago.

Jones sued the estate and Sony Music in 2003, claiming that songs such as 'Billie Jean', 'Thriller' and 'Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough' were remixed to block him from royalties and a producer’s fee.

The legendary producer, who has been nominated 79 times for a Grammy, alleges that his contracts gave him the first option to re-edit or alter the songs, and that not having had that opportunity has hurt his reputation.

After the Jackson estate's legal team called Moro to the stand, attorney Tami Sims led Moro through series of back-to-back questions that established how much Jones has received, from smaller amounts in the range of $30,000 to much larger sums in the millions.

Moro explained that Jones was chiefly paid record royalties, not funds through a license agreement. The executive also explained that a “joint venture” agreement precluded Jones from receiving other monies.

“Mr. Jones is not a party to those agreements,” Moro said during his testimony. “Mr. Jones has never been paid under those agreements.”

When asked if Jones has previously requested audits, Moro confirmed that there had been “about 6” audits from 1981 through 1989. Additionally, there was a settlement totaling between $200,000 and $300,000 in recent years.

The jury was shown royalty summaries pertaining to Jones with one line item illustrating that Jones received nearly $18 million between 2009 and 2016.

More witnesses are expected to take the stand in Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern’s courtroom including Jones, who this week returned from work duties in Europe.

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

Court Readies For Quincy Jones To Take The Stand In Suit Against The Michael Jackson Estate. 17-07-'17

Quincy JonesJones’ legal team has publicly stated that their client is owned at least $30 million.

Quincy Jones is expected to take the stand this week in his case against the Michael Jackson estate as the celebrated Grammy-award-winning 84-year-old producer seeks millions of dollars in royalties for his contributions to songs from albums such as 'Off The Wall', 'Thriller', 'Bad' and 'This Is It'.

The jury for the case was excused on Monday but was told to return on Tuesday (July 18) as attorneys for both Jones and the Jackson estate spent the morning with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern. The legal teams mostly reviewed organizational items as they inch closer to hearing Jones’ testimony, which will likely be Thursday (July 20), according to a legal representative for the producer.

During Monday’s session with legal teams from each side, Stern asked Jones’ attorney, J. Michael Hennigan, why the case had come this far considering that his star client has had some of the best representation in the business. The biggest issue, the attorney said, was not having access to “audit material” and the results of that data.

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

In Quincy Jones Trial, Expert Critiques Pitbull's Version Of Michael Jackson's 'Bad'. 14-07-'17

Bad25Pitbull is no Michael Jackson.

That was the gist of the expert testimony that highlighted the fourth day of the trial that pits legendary producer Quincy Jones against the Michael Jackson estate, with Jones claiming that the late King of Pop’s estate breached its contract with him and owes him millions of dollars in royalties from works that include songs from the albums 'Thriller', 'Off The Wall', 'This Is It' and 'Bad'.

Jones had sued the Jackson estate and Sony Music Entertainment in 2013, alleging that songs such as 'Billie Jean', 'Thriller' and 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough' were re-edited to cut him out of royalties and a producer's fee. The suit also claimed that Jones’ contracts gave him the first opportunity to re-edit or alter the songs, partly to protect his reputation.

On Friday (July 14), Jones’ legal team called Michael Fremer, editor of AnalogPlanet.com, to the stand, in hopes of establishing that some of Jackson’s posthumously released remixes -- issued without Jones’ permission -- had diminished Jones' reputation due to their mediocrity.

"I like club mixes," Fremer told the court, but Afrojack’s 2012 remix of Jackson’s 'Bad', featuring Pitbull, is "inconsistent with his spirit and who he was."

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern, though, later excluded Fremer's testimony from the case after conferring privately with both legal teams.

After his testimony, Fremer told Billboard that he was “so against” the remix featuring Pitbull.

“Whomever produced it [the Pitbull version] should have said, 'No.' Before the trial I did some research and the comments online were really negative about that song. People were outraged. It was just a mess and it should have never come out."

Fremer testified that he never met Jackson and does not know Jones. The Afrojack-Pitbull rework of 'Bad' peaked at No. 18 on Dance Club Songs and No. 45 on Dance/Electronic Digital Songs and sold 19,000 digital downloads in the U.S., according to Nielsen Music. The song also generated 2.2 million on-demand streams -- audio and video combined -- in the U.S.

During Friday's trial, which concluded by mid-afternoon, the jurors consisting of mostly women and two men also got to hear and watch a clip of the film 'This Is It', on which Jones is seeking credit and royalties. The clip showed Jackson in rehearsals for the 'The Way You Make Me Feel'.

Jackson's distinctive vocals lit up the room. Jurors sat mostly stoic, but a few of them showed emotion including a male who was all smiles during the portion of the song, while another female juror closed her eyes and listened intently to the music and lyrics. Even attorney Howard Weitzman, representing Jackson’s MJJ Productions, was seen slightly bopping his head to the music.

By the session's end on Friday, Stern instructed the jurors to return on Monday and informed them that the trial, which was expected to last 3 weeks, may conclude by the end of next week, one week earlier than originally anticipated.

According to a court spokesperson, no witnesses are scheduled for Monday (July 17).

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

Unveil New Michael Jackson Statue In Spain. 14-07-'17

Michael Jackson will be “alive” in Teatro Calderón (Madrid, Spain) with the tribute “I want you back”

A life size statue of Michael Jackson will be unveil today in Teatro Calderón, the same day of the first “I want u back” tribute show, a 2 hours concert-like show with MJ’s music performed by Spanish impersonator Sac MJJ.

The show was born as the need of having an “annual meeting point around the myth of the artist” in Madrid, as said Jose María Cámara, from Som Produce, the company that produce the show.

This first show will unveil a Michael Jackson statue, created by sculptor Juan Villa, similar to the one located in Las Vegas, inspired by the cover of 'HIStory: Past, Present and Future Book I'. This one will be life size, “now the fans can pose for pictures with their idol” said Cámara.

In the show, Sac MJJ -whose real name is Adrián Álvarez-, four dancers and a live band from Spain, will guide the audience through the Michael Jackson’s hits, “everybody will sing along” with one of the best impersonators of Michael Jackson according the producer.

The statue will be unveiled by Toni Arias (admin of Michael Jackson’s HideOut) and Laura Serrano (President of Heal The World For Children Spain charity) and will stay in the theater as a meeting point for MJ fans.

Last show for this year will coincide with the singer birthday, August 29th.

MJ Statue in Spain
We will post the pictures of the unveiling as soon as we have some…

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Make-Up Artist Kabuki Starshine Talks Michael Jackson’s Last Photoshoots. 14-07-'17

In a recent interview for Paper Mag, make-up artist Kabuki Starshine talks about the time he worked with Michael Jackson for L’uomo Vogue photoshoot in September 2007.

How did it come about that you worked with Michael Jackson?

That was a big mystery. I didn’t realize how it came about. I thought maybe because I’d worked with Macaulay, but no. Actually, Bruce Weber, whom I’d never worked with before, thought of me for that project. It was for L’uomo Vogue, and it was the first shoot Michael had done in 10 years. They asked me to come back and do the cover of Ebony with him too. Those were his last photo shoots. He was really lovely.

I can relive it all in my mind because I was so full of adrenaline when it was going on. I had to talk to him on the phone before I met him. I was at a cash machine and the phone rang and it was his people clearing the line to make sure it was me. He was gonna call me in seven minutes, so I ran home, not wanting to be on the street with sirens and street noise. I got so nervous, I had to breathe into a ziploc bag.

I was hyperventilating. But he sounded so scared himself that I instantly calmed down. I sort of felt for him. And when I met him in person, he had dark glasses on so you couldn’t see his eyes. He seemed very shy, but when we started to work together, I guess he got my energy, and he was so sweet, quite considerate of me and my working process.

L'uomo Vogue Photoshoot
Michael Jackson and make-Up artist Kabuki Starshine on the set of the L'uomo Vogue photoshoot in New York on September 15th, 2007.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson “Cascio Songs” CD Offered For Auction For Millions, Then Mysteriously Removed.

Bible CD-RFor about a minute yesterday Michael Jackson’s unreleased songs from the “Cascio” album was up for auction for a million dollars.

Then it mysteriously disappeared.

An auction house called Gotta Have Rock and Roll announced it was selling a master tape quality CD of songs obtained from a close friend of Jackson who was his personal assistant and had traveled he world with him. The track list on the CD made it clear these were the songs recorded in New Jersey in the fall of 2007 by Eddie Cascio at his parents’ home. Cascio had already recorded the songs with another artist. But when Jackson, his kids, and nanny came to stay at the Cascio home– his personal friends and surrogate family for years and years– Eddie persuaded Michael to re-rec0rd the vocals and turn the whole thing into a Michael Jackson album.

I broke the story about this album in 2010, a year after Michael died.

The result was a scandal. Jackson super fans refused to believe Michael had done any of this. (It was, however, true.) The Jackson estate and Sony made a deal for the recordings. Three of them made it onto Michael’s posthumous 'Michael' album. The rest drifted into obscurity.

The Cascio album was a surprise to everyone in the Jackson camp, which led to a discrediting of the material that killed the 'Michael' album. Co-executor John McClain didn’t like it because he wasn’t involved in it. Jackson’s nephews, a group called 3T, was sore because they didn’t have a part in it. The Jacksons in general, post-Michael’s death, weren’t so happy about the Cascio family at all. They resented them because Michael had long ago chosen them as a surrogate family. He stayed with them, lavished gifts on them, and confided in them while excluding his actual brothers, sisters, parents, etc.

Before Michael died, I’d heard all the songs recorded with a different vocalist. They were very good. When I broke the story that Michael had stayed with the Cascio's in 2007 I did not know that he’d recorded with Eddie. Indeed, everyone remained mum for a long time. When I broke the news about the recordings, the naysayers waged a campaign saying that it was a Michael Jackson imitator. This was ridiculous. Michael had left the recordings with the Cascio's as a legacy.

So what happened to the for-auction CD? Even if someone had bought it for a million dollars, the winner could not have used it for anything other than personal listening pleasure. Something tells me though that the Jackson Estate and/or Sony intervened when they saw the listing.

Source: Roger Friedman; Showbiz411 / Billie Jean

Tiger Shroff Trained 18 Hours A Day With Michael Jackson's Dance Troupe. 13-07-'17

Munna Michael
'Munna Michael' is a special film for Tiger Shroff.

'Munna Michael' is a special film for Tiger Shroff, who considers it his tribute to Michael Jackson. The actor, who is known for his swift moves on the dance floor, left no stone unturned in perfecting MJ's style of dancing for the film. Shroff can be seen recreating MJ's iconic moves in the recently released song, Beparwah.

Talking about the gruelling practice sessions that Shroff endured, director Sabbir Khan says, "Tiger attended a dance camp in the US. Not just that, dancers were brought in from Los Angeles. They practised with him for about 18 hours every day. Many of these dancers have accompanied MJ on his tours and danced with him. We used them in a few sequences in the film as well. Off work, they shared anecdotes on MJ's personal style, his gimmicks, et al."

Tiger Shroff has often expressed his admiration for the King of Pop and his passion for the dancing legend was evident during 'Munna Michael' shoot as well. Khan says, "He got emotional every time one of MJ's tunes was played."

In fact, it was Tiger who pushed Khan to direct the dance drama. "We were shooting a promotional number for Heropanti (2014), when I happened to discuss the idea of Munna Michael with Tiger. It was forgotten after that. In June last year, he called me saying, 'Why don't we make that film?'" recalls Khan.

The filmmaker, who is collaborating with Shroff for the third time, after Heropanti and Baaghi (2016), says he has never seen him as invested in a project. "He was bummed out after 'A Flying Jatt' (2016) didn't work, but he didn't let that dampen his spirits. He used the dejection and failure to make this a wonderful film."

The film will be in the cinema on July 21, watch the trailer of 'Mumma Michael' below:


Source: Mid-Day / YouTube / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s ‘Unreleased Last Album’ Heads To Auction. 12-07-'17

Attention, Michael Jackson fans; a piece of the King of Pop's history could soon be yours.

An album of vaulted, mostly unheard Michael Jackson recordings will be auctioned off by New York auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll later this month, along with a host of items from the personal collection of the late King of Pop.

Appearing as a blank, Sony CD-R with the word 'Bible' written in blue sharpie, the album features 12 mastered tracks, all with completed vocals from Jackson.

A handful of the songs — 'Monster', 'Breaking News' and 'Keep Your Head Up' — appeared on the album 'Michael', a collection of unreleased material cobbled from tracks the singer was crafting in his final years and released a year after his 2009 death by Sony Records and Jackson’s estate.

The album 'Michael' was marred by controversy as critics, fans and even family members questioned the project, some going as far as to suggest that some of the tracks had been completed by a Jackson impersonator.

“Unbeknownst to many fans around the world, [Jackson] was writing and recording songs continuously everywhere from a friend’s home in New Jersey to studios in Las Vegas and Los Angeles with a small group of handpicked collaborators,” the label said amid the backlash.

The album was in the possession of a “personal friend and personal assistant to Michael whose family was very close to Michael for many years, traveling all over the world with him” who wishes to remain anonymous, according to the auction house.

Bible CD-R
Appearing as a blank, Sony CD-R with the word 'Bible' written in blue sharpie, the album features 12 mastered tracks, all with completed vocals from Jackson.

Other tracks on the album are 'Black Widow', 'Water', 'Soldier Boy', 'Everything’s Just Fine', 'Let Me Fall In Love', 'All I Need', 'Stay' and 'Ready To Win'.

The starting bid on the unreleased album is $50,000. There is a catch, though. The winning bidder won’t have the rights to the music and therefore won’t be able to distribute it. But what’s a better way to impress friends at a party than by playing an unreleased MJ album?

Gotta Have Rock and Roll’s online auction opens July 19 and includes clothing Jackson wore (a ball-cap from Trump Plaza, socks and surgical scrubs are among the oddities), drawings, his personal cassette player and a “Best Daddy in the World” Oscar statuette given to him by his kids.

Source: Los Angeles Times / Billie Jean

Quincy Jones Claims He’s Owed $30 Million From Michael Jackson Recordings. 11-07-'17

Quincy JonesQuincy Jones is owed about $30 million in unpaid royalties from Michael Jackson’s estate, the veteran producer’s attorney told a jury on Tuesday.

Attorney Mike McKool delivered his opening argument in the trial, which is now underway in Los Angeles Superior Court. McKool said that before Jackson’s death in 2009, Jones had received his customary royalties from producing three albums: 'Off The Wall', 'Thriller', and 'Bad'.

But, McKool argued that that changed when Jackson died and the singer’s estate took control of his finances. Jackson’s death brought a surge of interest in his catalog, and the estate reaped an increased share of the royalties from his hit songs. But Jones was not allowed to share in the bounty, McKool contended, and indeed was not even informed of the increased royalties until after filing suit in 2013.

“He hasn’t been adjusted as Michael was adjusted,” McKool told the jury.

McKool also contends that Jones was shorted on his share of the profits from 'This Is It', the behind-the-scenes concert documentary released after Jackson’s death. McKool said the film made use of Jackson’s original recordings, but that Jones was not given an adequate share of the licensing fee. McKool said the film grossed more than $500 million, of which the estate took $90 million, but that Jones was paid only $455,000.

Zia Modabber, the attorney for Jackson’s estate, countered in his opening argument that Jones has been richly rewarded for his producing work even after Jackson’s death.

“We believe the evidence will show that Mr. Jones is not entitled to anything but a fraction of the money he’s after,” Modabber said. Since Jackson’s death, he said, “Mr. Jones has been paid over $18 million, and he will make millions more.”

Modabber showed the jury a 10-minute clip of 'This Is It' before the trial broke for lunch.

More to come.

Source: MSN / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Estate And CBS Team For Animated Halloween Special. 11-07-'17

The special will feature the music of the late pop star, as well as the voices of Christine Baranski and Alan Cumming.

CBS is looking to the music of Michael Jackson for its next project.

The network has teamed with the estate of the late pop star for a new animated special for which his extensive discography will serve as the soundtrack, it was announced Tuesday.

Titled Michael Jackson's Halloween, the hour-long telecast will follow millennials Vincent (MacGyver star Lucas Till) and Victoria (The Flash film's Kiersey Clemons), who meet “accidentally” on Halloween night and find themselves, along with Ichabod the dog, at a mysterious hotel located at 777 Jackson Street called This Place Hotel. Once inside, Vincent and Victoria go an unexpected, magical adventure of personal discovery, culminating in a spectacular dance finale featuring an animated Jackson.

Michael Jackson's Halloween
The Estate of Michael Jackson has announced an Animated TV Special coming this fall.

CBS has tapped a variety of network stars past and present for voice roles, including Christine Baranski, Alan Cumming, Jim Parsons, Lucy Liu, George Eads and Brad Garrett.

Optimum Productions created the special and will produce, with animation production by Hammerhead. John Branca and John McClain, co-executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson, will exec produce. Daniel Chuba will serve as producer, and Mark A.Z. Dippé is attached to direct.

The special will air sometime this fall.

Source: Hollywood Reporter / Billie Jean

King of ShopKing Of Shop Live From Las Vegas. 10-07-'17

King of Shop, the online shop dedicated to Michael Jackson Merchandise, will be taking orders live from MJ ONE Boutique in Las Vegas from July 13.

As the MJ ONE store in Vegas doesn’t deliver, King of Shop is going to be helping you out! King of Shop will be live from Vegas from Wednesday taking and collecting your orders. That way you can get your hands on some of this exclusive official merchandise… including Sunglasses, Watches, Jackets, Hoodies, Tees and more!

King of Shop will be listing the items from July 13!

This one off event will take place on July 13, 2017 and end on July 17*.

Start shopping here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Ben DVD Cover'Ben' On DVD & Blu-Ray In Japan. 09-07-'17

The American horror movie 'Ben' from 1972 will be on DVD & Blu-ray in Japan from September 13. The theme song of the movie also called 'Ben' is performed by of course Michael Jackson.

'Ben' is a film about a young boy and his pet rat, 'Ben'. The film is a sequel to the 1971 film Willard.

Publisher: ?
Series number: 4988003847814
Playing time: 94:00 minutes
Sound: Dolby, Widescreen
Printed: Japan
Guide price: 15 €

Order the DVD & Blu-ray here at Amazon.

Source: MJ France / Amazon / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's First Molestation Accuser Is Being Sought By lawyers. 09-07-'17

Jordy Chandler
Michael's first accuser Jordy Chandler.

Lawyers working on a $100 million sex-abuse lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s former companies are on a global manhunt for the late singer’s first molestation accuser, in hopes of convincing him to testify, reports the NY Daily News.

Investigators are searching the U.K. and other European countries trying to find Jordy Chandler, who received a $20 million settlement after his father alleged that Chandler, then 13, had been molested by Jackson.

Lawyers for Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, who were companions of Jackson as children, now claim that they were sexually abused by the pop star. According to a source close to the case they believe that Chandler has left the U.S. to avoid them.

“Wade and Jimmy want to look Jordy in the eye and talk to him about what they suffered,” said the source. “They feel that they may appeal to him to finally tell his story.”

Lead attorney Vince Finaldi confirmed that investigators are searching for Chandler.

“He’s a key piece of the puzzle surrounding this case, and we’re not going to stop until we find him,” said Finaldi, whose team has tracked down dozens of former members of Jackson’s staff and entourage.

Robson alleges he was abused dozens of times by the pop star during trips. The choreographer, 34, filed an amended complaint in September claiming that the 'Thriller' singer and key staffers at his companies ran a “sophisticated child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation operation.”

He claims that staffers worked to arrange private meetings with young fans, covered their travel expenses and showered them with pricey gifts.

Source: Fox News / Billie Jean

Mitchell Beckloff
Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff.

Sex Abuse By Michael Jackson? Judge Rejects Lawsuit. 07-07-'17

A judge dismissed a negligence suit filed by a man who alleged two companies created by the late Michael Jackson shared responsibility for sexual abuses committed against him by the King of Pop.

Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff ruled that MJJ Productions Inc. and MJJ Ventures Inc. cannot be held liable for the alleged abuses of 39-year-old James Safechuck by Jackson when the plaintiff was a minor because the companies had no ability to influence or direct the singer’s conduct.

“As plaintiff cannot plead some ability to control the 100 percent shareholder and owner of the entity defendants who perpetrated the abuse under these circumstances, these causes of action cannot withstand (the defense dismissal motion),” Beckloff wrote in his 18-page ruling on June 28.

Jackson began abusing Safechuck in 1988 during the singer’s Bad tour, the lawsuit alleged.

Jackson died June 25, 2009, at age 50, of acute propofol intoxication.

Safechuck’s lawsuit also alleged intentional infliction of emotional distress and that Jackson put his interests ahead of those of the plaintiff. He maintained he was an employee of the two Jackson companies when he was 8 or 9 years old in the mid-1980s and that he was compensated for his work in part with travel, lodging, medical care and clothing.

However, MJJ Ventures did not file articles of incorporation until February 1991, Beckloff wrote.

“Plaintiff could not have been employed by that entity defendant until after that time,” Beckloff wrote.

Safechuck also maintained that he worked for the Jackson entities when he was 16 and 17 years old, after the alleged abuses stopped.

“This employment appears to the court to have been a more traditional and formal employment relationship than the alleged employment relationship occurring in 1988,” Beckloff wrote.

“While it is not entirely clear when the sexual abuse ceased, it appears the sexual abuse continued until 1992,” when Safechuck reached puberty, Beckloff wrote.

Safechuck maintained that a key moment in his realization that he was a molestation victim was when he saw a May 2013 television interview with Australian dancer and choreographer Wade Robson, who also claimed he was sexually abused by Jackson as a child. Safechuck maintained that he did not fully comprehend what happened until he underwent subsequent counseling.

The 35-year-old Robson also filed a civil suit against the Jackson entities that still is awaiting trial.

Source: My News LA / Billie Jean

Dorian Holley Will Perform Live At Kingvention. 07-07-'17

Special guest to Kingvention 2017, Dorian Holley – Vocal Director for 'This Is It' and backing vocalist on 'Bad', 'Dangerous' and 'HIStory Tour' will be performing a live set exclusively for Kingvention attendees.

Keeping the set under wraps, Dorian tells us “It’s going to be special!”

Don’t miss the chance to attend Kingvention this year! Limited tickets still available at www.kingvention.com.

Dorian HolleyKingvention: Dorian Holley as third special guest.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Off The Wall Album Cover'Off The Wall' Album In Vinyl For £16.99 GBP On July 7th ... 06-07-'17

In England, Sony Legacy offers vinyl fans daily deals throughout July on classic Pop / Rock titles via their online store We Are Vinyl ...

Every day this month, a "deal of the day" will feature a vinyl album featuring artists such as Santana, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and Rage Against The Machine for a price of just £ £16.99 GBP (+ shipping).

These special offers will be available for 24 hours only. So, for example, today's deal is for the album of the soundtrack of the film 'Dirty Dancing' of 1987. This is available at reduced price until midnight tonight, when it will be replaced by the next big Offer, namely that of tomorrow July 7, 2017 that concerns the album 'Off The Wall' by Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson released his fifth studio album on August 5th, 1979. Five singles were released from the album including the Grammy Award winning, number one single 'Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough'.

All songs produced by Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones.

Track list:

1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - 6:02
2. Rock With You - 3:38
3. Working Day And Night - 5:12
4. Get On The Floor - 4:44

1. Off The Wall - 4:04
2. Girlfriend - 3:04
3. She's Out Of My Life - 3:36
4. I Can't Help It - 4:24
5. It's The Falling In Love - 3:46
6. Burn This Disco Out - 3:38

Please note, due to high demand, dispatch may take between 3-5 days during the ‘Deal of the Day’ campaign.

Order the album here at We Are Vinyl.

Source: We Are Vinyl / Billie Jean

The Estate Of Michael Jackson To Make An Announcement On Monday. 06-07-'17

The Estate has an announcement coming Monday morning, July 10.

Make sure you check out Michael’s website and social profiles any time after 8 p.m. GMT/ 12 p.m. EDT / 9 a.m. PDT for the news!

More to come on Monday!

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Prince JacksonPrince Jackson’s Daddy Drama! 06-07-'17

Michael Jackson’s son Prince appears to not care whether the late King of Pop was his biological father or not!

The 20-year-old says the Moonwalker took care of him, his sister Paris, 19, and his brother Blanket, 15, showering them with love — and that’s what counts!

“The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,” Prince tweets.

“I was raised by my dad with my brother and sister.”

Prince’s bombshell came in response to internet speculation that Michael’s dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein is his biological father. Klein’s medical assistant Debbie Rowe claims to be Prince and Paris’ mother.

Source: Radar Online / Billie Jean

King Of Pop – The Legend Continues. 01-07-'17

Get ready to Moonwalk the night away as Superb Productions are pleased to present ‘MJ King of Pop – The Legend Continues’ showcasing the extraordinary talent of Navi as he takes you closer than ever before to an original Michael Jackson concert experience.

Navi is regarded as one of the leading and most successful Michael Jackson tribute artists – a claim that is endorsed by an incredible list of achievements chalked up in a career spanning three decades, with shows in a staggering 61 countries on 6 continents.

Navi is the only Michael Jackson tribute act ever to be chosen by Michael Jackson himself, who described his performance as 'incredible'.

‘MJ King of Pop – The Legend Continues’ features support act ‘Wonderband – The Stevie Wonder Experience’ and is taking place on the 15th September, 2017 at Farneham Hall, Fareham UK.

King Of Pop – The Legend ContinuesNavi - King of Pop will have you believing for a moment that Micahel Jackson, The Legend, is live on stage once more!

Book your tickets here.

Source: Ferneham Hall / Billie Jean

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