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Scream CD Album CoverLondon 'Scream' Screening For The Fans, Register Now… 21-09-'17

London is the first city to hold a special celebration for the release of the Michael Jackson 'Scream' album hosted by The Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music. The event will take place in Central London on Tuesday 26th September.

We are giving away a pair of tickets to the first 120 people to register by 11:59pm on Friday 22nd September!

The first 120 people to enter will receive an email confirming their place on the guest list with a plus one, as well as additional venue information.

Please note this is an 18+ event.

Register here.

Source: Sony Music / Billie Jean

Christine Baranski, Alan Cumming To Lend Voice On Michael Jackson's Halloween Special On CBS.

Michael Jackson's Halloween, a new one-hour animated adventure with Michael Jackson's acclaimed music as its soundtrack, will be broadcast Friday, Oct. 27 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Created and produced by Optimum Productions, the Michael Jackson company now owned by his estate, the special will feature the voices of actors Christine Baranski, Kiersey Clemons, Alan Cumming, George Eads, Brad Garrett, Lucy Liu, Jim Parsons and Lucas Till.

The special follows millennials Vincent (Lucas Till) and Victoria (Kiersey Clemons), who meet "accidentally" on Halloween night and find themselves, along with Ichabod the dog, at a mysterious hotel located at 777 Jackson Street called This Place Hotel. Once inside, Vincent and Victoria are sent on an unexpected, magical adventure of personal discovery, culminating in a spectacular dance finale featuring an animated Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's Halloween was created and produced by Optimum Productions, with animation production by Hammerhead. John Branca and John McClain, co-executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson, serve as executive producers. Daniel Chuba is the producer, and Mark A.Z. Dippé is the director.

Michael Jackson's Halloween
Michael Jackson's Halloween special will be broadcast Friday, Oct. 27 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Source: Broadway World / Billie Jean

The Internet Thinks This Woman's Boyfriend Is Michael Jackson. 20-09-'17

Sergio Cortes
Sergio Cortes is a professional impersonator who lives in Germany.

A woman’s so-called boyfriend, who could double for the King of Pop, is getting affectionately skewered on Twitter for his striking resemblance.

On Monday (September 18), Twitter user Lourdes tweeted a photo of a man sitting in the driver’s seat of a car and wrote, “Y’all my man is so cute, look at the selfie he just sent me.”

The photo was retweeted 1,300 times, was liked 5,200 times, and received 1,800 comments from people in disbelief over the man’s likeness to Michael Jackson.

It's fair to say that the man does look a lot like Michael Jackson. He's a doppelgänger, no doubt. And people are astounded at the resemblance. The jokes are flooding in.

There are more than seven billion people on the plant. These lookalikes happen from time-to-time. But more often is your aunt Sharon, who lives in Swindon, resembling Susan from Co-op in Durham.

Michael Jackson makes for an altogether more shocking double-take.

The man @gossipgrill shared, by the way, is Sergio Cortes. He's a professional impersonator who lives in Germany.

“Unfortunately he's not actually my man. I found his picture on Twitter,” she told Daily Mail Online.

“The post was just a joke between my friends and me. I posted the picture to be funny and I didn't think so many people would see it and believe it.”

Source: MSN / Billie Jean

Andy Warhol PortraitMichael Jackson's Impact On Art Explored In London Show. 20-09-'17

Michael Jackson is to be the subject of an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery looking at the late singer’s influence on art.

Almost 10 years after his death, the London gallery said the way he inspired contemporary artists was “an untold story”.

Michael Jackson: On the Wall will open next summer to coincide with what would have been his 60th birthday. The show, featuring loaned items from around the world, will be curated by the gallery’s director, Nicholas Cullinan.

While Jackson’s legacy in music, video, dance and fashion has been celebrated, his influence on art has not, the gallery said. There will be more 40 artists featured, including Andy Warhol, the first to depict Jackson in 1982, Maggi Hambling, Gary Hume, David LaChapelle and Grayson Perry.

New works will also be made for the show.

Cullinan said: “Michael Jackson: On the Wall takes an entirely new and quite radical approach by exploring the cultural impact of a unique figure through contemporary art.

“All the artists included, despite coming from different generations and parts of the world, and employing a range of media, are fascinated by what Jackson represented and what he invented.

“It is rare that there is something new to say about someone so famous, but here that is the case. The exhibition breaks new ground for the National Portrait Gallery in its subject matter and the breadth and profile of the artists who have been invited to participate.

“It will open up new avenues for thinking about art and identity, encourage new dialogues between artists, and invite audiences interested in popular culture and music to engage with contemporary art. Like its subject, we hope this exhibition will be inclusive in appeal, uncompromising in artistic integrity and in the process, break down barriers.”

Michael Jackson: On the Wall is being produced with the cooperation of the Michael Jackson estate.

Jackson died in 2009 aged 50 after an overdose of the anaesthetic propofol, as he prepared to make a live comeback with a string of shows at the O2 Arena in London.

• Michael Jackson: On the Wall runs from 28 June to 21 October 2018 at the National Portrait Gallery.

Book tickets here.

Source: The Guardian / Billie Jean

Michael's Daughter Paris Is New Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Ambassador. 19-09-'17

Paris JacksonRising model and actress Paris Jackson has landed a new role as an ambassador for the AIDS charity founded by her late godmother Elizabeth Taylor.

Michael Jackson's daughter was just 12 when the iconic actress passed away in 2011, just two years after the death of the King of Pop.

Paris, now 19, has since chosen to continue the philanthropic legacy of her father and godmother by signing on as a new spokesperson for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF), which was established in 1991.

She recently travelled to Malawi to witness first-hand how locals benefit from the work of the ETAF, which raises funds and awareness to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS, and she spoke about Taylor's inspiring activism at the Global Citizen Live event in New York City on Monday (September 18).

"She (Taylor) was passionate, she was outspoken," Paris said of her godmother, as she addressed the audience in the lead up to this weekend's (September 23) Global Citizen Festival. "She was a real bada**..."

The teen then got political as she attacked U.S. President Donald Trump without actually naming him, stating, "So, here we are 30 years later, living under a president who lost the popular vote and has proven himself to have the compassionate empathy of a dead flashlight battery.

"His budget proposes slashing healthcare funding for HIV and AIDS worldwide. So, now here I am hearing my godmother's voice urging me to be heard and not allow all that's been accomplished in finding a cure to fall by the wayside."

Paris is also hopeful that embarking on her philanthropic journey at such a young age will help her make a significant impact on all the causes close to her heart.

"As an activist, I find it really important to take on different sections in what is making our world so difficult to live in," she told Vanity Fair at the event. "I kind of want to touch on every single (topic) as much as I can, which is why I'm starting so young, so hopefully, by the time I'm, like, 50, I'll have touched on every single thing that I can."

And the youngster isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and get involved on the ground, just like she did in Malawi.

Discussing her new role on U.S. breakfast show Today, she said, "I'm just gonna be much more involved in things that they (foundation bosses) do, whether it's hosting events or actually getting my hands dirty, flying out to the Malawi district and really doing my part."

Source: Film News / Billie Jean

Collector Says He Has Michael Jackson’s 'Moonwalker' With A Chiptune 'Thriller'. 18-09-'17

A collector says he found a cartridge of Michael Jackson’s 'Moonwalker' for the Sega Genesis in which the King of Pop’s 'Thriller' — apparently left out of the game because of licensing issues or similar reasons — accompanies the second board of the game’s third stage.

The video was uploaded yesterday. It shows Jackson in his 'Smooth Criminal' getup, getting down to a 'Thriller' chiptune as he karate kicks the zombies. The original music for stage 3-2 was 'Another Part of Me'.

According to the poster, the cartridge was found at a flea market for $20. Some Redditors challenged its veracity, wondering if it was a bootleg cart with a custom ROM. No, insists the poster. “It's a preproduction with EPROMs. This thing is real. He provided this image of the cart and its label.

The Collecting subreddit references this cart, or at least a description of it, two years ago. “From what I can gather online, there is a copy (REV00) that includes Thriller in the graveyard scenes when triggering Michael's dance move.” A post on GameFAQs seven years ago acknowledged the different versions.

Moonwalker Sega Genesis
A collector says he found a cartridge of Michael Jackson’s 'Moonwalker' for the Sega Genesis in which the King of Pop’s 'Thriller'.

Yes there are copies of this game that have 4 small clips of 'Thriller' on levels 3-1, 3-2, 3-3 and 5-3 which are activated by holding down the A button until Michael starts dancing. Only the original release also known as REV00 has 'Thriller' in it, the second release also known as REV01 replaces the 'Thriller' clips with clips of the level song 'Another Part Of Me'. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell the difference between the two without playing the game up to level 3-1 and activating the Dance Magic (hold A button).

Whether licensing kept 'Thriller' out of the video game, it still wouldn’t have fit with the 'Moonwalker’s theme anyway. This was a multimedia vehicle for Jackson’s worldwide Bad tour, his first as a solo performer. While the film, which launched on VHS in the United States at tour’s end in 1989, included a biographical segment involving earlier work the point was to promote the newest album. By 1990, when this game launched, 'Thriller' was ancient history.

If nothing else, it’s a throwback to the days of licensed celebrity vanity products, ranging from 'Moonwalker' to Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Basketball. We tend to think of licensed video games today as well disciplined products, usually adapting sports leagues under tight controls (movie adaptations died about 10 years ago). But there was a time when neither developer nor celebrity really knew what they had on their hands, only that they could make some money in this newfound medium. That’s what you’re seeing here.

Source: Polygon / Billie Jean

Calendar 2018 CoverMichael Jackson Official 2018 Calendar Is Released. 14-09-'17

The official Michael Jackson 2018 calendar is released by Danilo.

The king of Pop is back with a bang in this new 2018 official calendar. Features a collection of stunning images from Micheal Jacksons iconic music carear, each month also has a monthly date panel.

Height: 420 mm
Width: 297 mm
Product code: 118
Guide price: 10,9 €

Order the calendar here.

Michael Jackson (Collector's Edition) Official 2018 Calendar.

Calendar (Collectors Edition) 2018 CoverThe official Michael Jackson (collector's edition) 2018 calendar will be released by Danilo on September 26.

A square format is also released, this limited edition 2018 calendar has a special record sleeve cover & each month contains a classic photo of the king of pop Michael Jackson. This square format wall calendar also has a monthly date panel on each page with space for notes and appointments.

Height: 305 mm
Width: 305 mm
Product code: 183
Guide price: 10,9 €

Order the calendar here.

Source: Danilo / Billie Jean

Earth Song (3rd Edition) Book Cover'Earth Song' (3rd Edition) Book Is Released. 13-09-'17

On September 10, there is a new edition released of the book 'Earth Song' written by Joseph Vogel.

New in the 3rd edition book are new material on Michael Jackson’s humanitarian legacy, one of the most overlooked aspects of his career and new insights on Jackson’s powerful short film for 'Earth Song' based on extensive interviews with director Nick Brandt. New information on the recording of 'Earth Song', including previously unknown details about the first 'Earth Song' demo.

Released in 1995, Michael Jackson’s 'Earth Song' was unlike anything heard before in popular music. Protest songs had long been part of the heritage of rock – but not like this. 'Earth Song’s' vision was more panoramic, its roots more primal. Its unusual fusion of blues, opera, rock, and gospel resembled nothing on the radio.

A massive hit globally, it wasn’t even offered as a single in the United States. Most critics didn’t know what to make of it. Yet decades later, it stands as one of Jackson’s greatest artistic achievements.

In this groundbreaking book, Joseph Vogel traces the song’s evolution, from its inception in Vienna in 1988, to its long gestation in the recording studio, to Jackson’s final rehearsal in 2009. Situating the song within the historical context of the Reagan, Bush and Clinton eras, the book also explores the artist’s broader humanitarian efforts, from his participation in USA for Africa to his Heal the World Foundation. Based on original research, including interviews with the song’s key participants, 'Earth Song: Michael Jackson And The Art Of Compassion' offers a necessary reassessment of this powerful anthem and Jackson’s audacious efforts to change the world.

Joseph Vogel has brilliantly cracked the DNA, the code of the work, the artistry of Michael Joseph Jackson." -Spike Lee.

Publisher: BlakeVision Books
Author: Joseph Vogel
ISBN: 978-1976106477
Pages: 122
Printed: USA
Guide price: 10,9 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

'Behind The Gates Of Neverland: Conversations With Michael Jackson' E-Book Will Be Released In November. 13-09-'17

Behind The Gates Of Neverland Book Cover'Behind The Gates Of Neverland - Conversations With Michael Jackson' e-book is due to be released on November 14th, 2017 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. It is priced at $4. The authors are also planning to release a physical book by the beginning of next year.'

The book is a sweet and simple memoir detailing the human side of Michael Jackson....a hidden side which many of his devoted fans were not able to see. Included with the book is a long list of Michael’s charitable donations and humanitarian efforts. This in itself makes the book different and well worth a read.

The conversations with Michael took place during the era of 1988 - 1996 and are told through the kind eyes, open ears and straightforward hand-written notes of Michael's friend and Neverland Amusement Park Manager, Ray Robledo.

This memoir touches on the wedding of Elizabeth Taylor, which was held at Neverland, visits from the Jackson family and the ghost, "George", who roamed behind the gates of Neverland, becoming known to those who worked at Michael's magical palace.

If you are a true Michael Jackson fan who enjoys reading light-hearted memoirs without the rumor-provoking gossip - this book belongs in your library.

Sweet. Simple. Michael.

Publisher: Lori Armstrong
Author: Lori Armstrong, Ray Robledo
Pages: 154
Printed: ?
Guide price: 3,36 €

Pre-order the book here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

MJ Music DayMJ Music Day With Brad Buxer. 12-09-'17

The On The Line Association, which offers its first event to meet Brad Buxer (musical director) and Michael Prince (sound engineer), both privileged collaborators and friends of the King of Pop, has just posted a video about YouTube with a teaser for this essential rendezvous of this last quarter 2017.

The MJ Music Day, which will take place on November 18th, will offer you an exceptional and unprecedented visit to France, during which you will immerse yourself in the intimacy of the music of Michael Jackson and or you can share (benefiting from a translation direct and interactive) unique anecdotes about his songs, his personality and his life.

Relive the HIStory Tour behind the scenes and discover the secrets of the Jackson sound by attending a preview of the Gareth Maynard film "King of Sound", dedicated to Bruce Swedien.

Better than a master class or a conference, a real chance, to live a time of friendship, exchange and sharing with two close friends of Michael Jackson, from the afternoon to dinner.

Not to mention the presence of authors Brice Najar, Isabelle Petitjean and Hector Barjot, and Jacksonian exhibitors.
Info and ordering mjmusicday.com.


Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

Bobby Brown Did Not Teach Michael Jackson To Moonwalk, Insists Family Rep. 12-09-'17

Bobby BrownIt’s Bobby Brown’s prerogative to claim that he taught Michael Jackson how to moonwalk — but “outraged” sources including longtime Jackson family friend and publicist Steven Manning tells Confidential that his story is way off the wall.

Brown made headlines last week when he told "The Cipher Show" podcast that it was he who taught the King of Pop how to do one of the most famous dance steps of all time.

But people close to Jackson and Jeffrey Daniel of the band Shalamar tell us that it was Daniel who taught Jackson the “Back Step,” which the 'Beat It' singer mastered and rebranded as “The Moonwalk.” In fact, Manning vividly recalls Jackson hosting Brown and his New Edition bandmates in his home and insists there was no moonwalking going on.

“I invited the New Edition to have dinner at the Jacksons' Havenhurst estate in December of 1983,” Manning says. “It was right before Christmas. LaToya, Michael and Janet hosted the dinner.”

The moonwalk leapt into mainstream pop culture after Jackson performed the move while singing 'Billie Jean' on the May 1983 TV special 'Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever'. That would have been seven months before Brown came to the Jacksons’ home, according to Manning. New Edition’s debut album 'Candy Girl' came out in March 1983.

“The timeline isn’t even right,” Manning notes.

Another insider familiar with that dinner party recalled there was no dancing or music at all and “chicken cutlets, corn dogs, salad, rice and beans” were served.

That source tells us it was at that holiday dinner where Brown met Janet Jackson, whom he briefly dated after Jackson's marriage to James DeBarge ended.

“Joseph (Janet’s dad) ended that because he thought Bobby was too wild for Janet,” says that source. “As far as I know, Michael was never around Bobby much after that. It's awful that Bobby is trying to change history.”

As Brown told the story to "The Cipher Show," he was indeed with his bandmates at Jackson’s home when he taught MJ to moonwalk.

“He saw me do the moonwalk,” Brown told "The Cipher Show," claiming that Jackson asked him, “What is that?” prompting him to repeat the dance step for Jackson.

“(Jackson) just started doing it,” said Brown, who claimed he learned the move from a guy in Alabama whom he didn’t name in the interview.

Source: Daily News / Billie Jean

Grammy MuseumMichael Jackson Item In New Grammy Museum On East Coast. 12-09-'17

The East Coast version of the Grammy Museum– featuring exhibits and rare historical artifacts from Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston and more – will have its grand opening on Friday, Oct. 20 in Newark, New Jersey.

The 8,200-square foot Grammy Museum Experience Prudential Center is dedicated both to celebrating the legacy of the greatest musicians in history and inspiring musical education, according to Variety.

It will be open to the public Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., with tickets ranging from $9 to $12.

The museum include the Michael Jackson’s gold lamè suit from the 'Thriller' era, designed by Bill Whitten.

“The Experience highlights the power music has to inspire, educate and celebrate,” said Grammy Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli. “There is something for everyone – from exhibits designed to educate to those that underline the history of music and its special place in our culture. We are proud to work alongside partners like Josh Harris and David Blitzer, and support the incredible work they have done to make the Prudential Center a major destination for music and entertainment on the East Coast.”

Source: Eurweb / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Convention To Rock London In 3 Weeks Time! 11-09-'17

Europe loves Michael Jackson! and Michael loved us, which is why he spent so much time here. On September 30, Kingvention – The MJ Convention will be taking place in London where we’re going to get the chance to spent 15 full hours (15!) celebrating the world’s greatest entertainer!

Kingvention is open to fans of all ages and is the perfect forum to meet other fans, hear stories, meet special guests and party in to the early hours of Sunday morning.

This year, Kingvention is welcoming three special guests who worked with Michael Jackson:
•Eddie Garcia – Dancer: 'Speed Demon', 'The Way You Make Me Feel', 'Smooth Criminal', Bad Tour, Dangerous Tour, Superbowl.
•Dorian Holley – Backing Vocalist / Vocal Director: Bad Tour, Dangerous Tour, HIStory Tour, This Is It.
•Steven Paul Whitsitt – Photographer: HIStory Teaser, 'Scream', 'You Are Not Alone', 'Childhood', 'Smile', Various shoots.

Each of these guests will take part in a live, on-stage interview followed by a personal meet and greet with you, the fans!

Moonwalker GraphicBut that’s not all this Michael Jackson Convention has to offer! There’s also a gallery of live images, Never-before seen images of Michael, the robot transformation bust of Michael’s head from 'Moonwalker', storyboards from the making of 'Captain EO', Unique Michael Jackson Dolls and a trip down memory lane on all the world tours!

Plus! King of Shop which is a fully stocked Michael Jackson shop with over 5,000 official items including T-Shirts, CDs, Dolls, Vinyl's, Books, Sunglasses and much much (much) more!

The early evening will offer the chance to settle down with some popcorn and enjoy Michael on the big screen!

Last, and by no means least is Club 30’s, the Michael Jackson evening Celebration where you get to hit the dance floor and round up a full day of all things MJ with other fans.

Did we forget to mention live performances? Dorian Holley, Michael’s vocal director will be taking to the stage to give a live performance and SupaFresh Dance Movement will bring their crew to open this year’s event with an energetic dance performance.

Over 250 are already booked to attend and we still have tickets available. ALL tickets give access to the day’s events and you’ll have a great view of the stage no matter where you’re sat.

KINGVENTION, the 2017 Edition will take place on September 30th in London!

Buy tickets to kingvention, the European Michael Jackson Convention here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Visit Japan's Secret Story Book Cover'Michael Jackson Visit Japan's Secret Story' Book Is Released. 08-09-'17

The book 'Michael Jackson Visit Japan's Secret Story' from Japan is released, to celebrate Michael Jackson’s Bad Tour & album.

The book is over 200 pages and will tell you everything you need to know about Michael in Japan during the Bad era! from the tour to TV appearances, to album released and video phenomena!

Only issue, it’s in Japanese so get cracking with your Japanese courses people!

Publisher: DU BOOKS
Author: Baeki Chuang
ISBN: 978-4866470337
Pages: 224
Printed: Japan
Guide price: 12,48 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Scream CD Album CoverMichael Jackson's Estate Details 'Scream' Compilation. 06-09-'17

Epic/Legacy Recordings and Michael Jackson's Estate have curated 'Scream', a new compilation of Jackson's "most electrifying and danceable tracks" set for release on September 29th.

The 'Scream' album pulls famous songs from 'Thriller', 'Bad', 'Dangerous', 'HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I', 'Blood On The Dance Floor: HIStory In The Mix', 'Invincible' and the posthumous album 'Xscape'. In a statement, Epic/Legacy Recordings noted that, "the choice of tracks for 'Scream' reflects The King of Pop's affection for this time of the year and its themes of costumes and disguise, darkness and light, character transformations and surprise."

In addition to the songs from Jackson's solo LP's, 'Scream' includes two songs that appeared on records by the Jacksons – 'Torture' and 'This Place Hotel' – plus Rockwell's 'Somebody's Watching Me', which featured Jackson on hook duties. 'Scream' also features one newly created piece of music, 'Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous', a bonus mash-up put together by production duo The White Panda.

Michael Jackson’s Estate along with Sony Music will release a new compilation album on CD and digitally on September 29th, followed by a glow-in-the-dark vinyl on October 27th. Both formats will include a collectible poster with which you can unlock an immersive augmented reality experience with your mobile phone.

Scream Album Cover
Michael Jackson’s Estate along with Sony Music will release a new compilation album, a glow-in-the-dark vinyl on October 27th.

'Scream' is one of several projects that Jackson's estate has in the works. "Now we have 'Thriller 3D', and two more announcements are coming up in the next couple of weeks," estate co-executor John Branca explained recently. "Michael had an expression: 'The quality goes in before the name goes on.' So we are not ready to announce them yet."

Track list: (Vinyl and CD Album):

1.This Place Hotel
3.Blood On The Dance Floor
4.Somebody’s Watching Me
5.Dirty Diana
7.Leave Me Alone
14.Bonus Track: Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous (The White Panda Mash-Up)

Fans are also invited to official Michael Jackson ‘Scream’ album celebrations later this year. These will take place in six major cities around the world: Paris, London, Sydney, Berlin, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. The events will include screenings of Michael’s seven short films from the ‘Scream’ album including the full-length 40 minute Michael Jackson’s ‘Ghosts,’ rarely seen following its initial screening at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival.

You can listen to the new megamix bonus track here:


Pre-order the cd album here at Amazon.

Pre-order the double vinyl album here at Amazon.

Source: Rolling Stone / Billie Jean

Tito JacksonTito Jackson Still In Therapy For Michael's Death. 06-09-'17

Tito Jackson is still having therapy to help him get over his younger brother Michael Jackson's death in 2009.

The 63-year-old musician was a part of The Jackson 5 pop group with his sibling and other brothers Jermaine, Jackie and Marlon and he shared an extremely close bond with him until his tragic death eight years ago from acute Propofol intoxication at the age of just 50.

Tito and the rest of the Jackson clan - headed by mother Katherine and father Joe - underwent family therapy sessions to try and beat their grief and he has continued to have personal counselling sessions to assist him in coping with his loss.

In an interview on UK TV show 'Loose Women' on Wednesday he shared: ''We did family therapy to deal with that (Michael's death) and I'm still in therapy today ... After he passed away I couldn't work for a number of years because I was so devastated. Yes I was very devastated ... The beauty of my family is that it's such a large family and we have our ups and downs but we all share the same last name.''

Tito believes he is finding it difficult to move on from Michael's death because he is reminded that his brother is dead on a daily basis by fans and by the music the King of Pop left us.

He explained: ''It's constant reminded to me. The therapy helps a lot, it helps tremendously. But you'll never get over it, you're reminded daily of it from listening to his music or seeing his videos, or a fan comes up to you and reminds you.''

One thing that has brought joy to Tito's life this year is the birth of his new nephew Eissa in January to his 51-year-old sister Janet Jackson and he admits it's been great to the see 'Rhythm Nation' singer finally become a mother.

The 'I Want You Back' hitmaker - who has just released his first ever solo album 'Tito Time' - said: ''I've met the baby and the baby is beautiful and a lot of fun, full of smiles and he was just getting passed from person to person.

''You know it's different seeing Janet as a mother because she was always the person that plays with the children for five or ten minutes and then gives them back. To see her with her own baby is great.''

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Estate Expects New Trial In ‘Next Couple Of Months’ In Dispute With Quincy Jones.

The Estate Of Michael JacksonAs expected, the Michael Jackson estate is appealing the verdict which in July awarded $9.4 million to music producer Quincy Jones in damages for allegedly unpaid royalties. John Branca, co-executor of the late singer’s estate, expects the case to go back in front of a jury “in the next couple of months.”

In an interview with Variety during the Venice Film Festival, where a new 3-D version of the 1983 'Thriller' video directed by John Landis world-premiered Monday (September 4), Branca said that “fairly serious errors were made in the trial.”

“So they are going to seek to overturn the judgment and then appeal it,” he added. Branca also specified that this action is the domain of the estate’s chief attorney, Howard Weitzman.

“We’ve always tried to pay Quincy fairly, and he should be,” Branca said. “His work with Michael was incredible…So he deserves to be paid fairly. And he [was].”

The verdict in Quincy’s favor, in a Los Angeles County Superior Court on July 26, revolved around alleged breach of contract over agreements signed in the 1970's and 80's, when Jones and Jackson worked on three records – 'Off The Wall', 'Thriller' and 'Bad' – which collectively have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. Jones said during the trial that the master recordings for those albums were improperly remixed to deprive him of royalties and production fees that he was entitled to.

The dispute largely concerns profits from the concert film 'This Is It', the world’s highest-grossing concert film.

The Jackson estate says that an accounting error did cause Jones to miss out on some royalties, but put that figure at roughly $392,000 – a tiny fraction of both the $30 million that the producer sought and the $9.4 million that the jury ultimately awarded him.

“What you had there was a jury trying to understand fairly complicated recording contract provisions and accounting provisions that, quite frankly, both without a law school education and years in the music business, most people would find difficult to understand. So that appeal is being processed,” said Branca, who predicted that the case will be “back in front of a jury in the next couple of months.”

Source: Variety / Billie Jean

Ola Ray'Thriller' Star Ola Ray To Sue Michael Jackson's Estate. 06-09-'17

A Playboy model who starred alongside Michael Jackson in 'Thriller' is set to sue the singer's estate for millions in royalties.

Ola Ray, 57, played the King of Pop's girlfriend in the 1983 cult classic music video, which has been viewed more than 437 million times on YouTube.

The former Playboy centerfold, from Los Angeles, tells DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview she's owed 2.5 percent of the total royalties from 'Thriller' for her role in the production.

Ray claims she's been paid less than $200,000 in the 34 years since the iconic video was created and says she has been forced to live below the poverty line.

She is speaking out after Optimum Productions released the clip in 3D form at the Venice Film Festival on Monday (September 4), and is about to sue for royalties based on the new version.

Ray claims no one contacted her to let her know about the new film and was shunned from its world premiere as the company could make millions from the new version. She now plans to bring the long-simmering battle to an end by taking the case to court in a bid to get what she's owed.

The mom-of-one said: 'I'm outraged, upset and in shock.
'When I heard rumors about a possible 3D version I contacted the director and said, "We need to talk about this," but he never responded to my email.
'They haven't tried to contact me or negotiate anything.
'How do they think they can just do this without paying me?
'These people are making millions of dollars out of me but all I have received over 30 years is $200,000.
'They will make millions more out of this.
'If I'm not getting paid, no one should be able to see it.'

Ray was in her early twenties when she beat hundreds of other hopefuls to play Jackson's girlfriend in the original 'Thriller', released in 1983. The 14-minute short went on to help MJ's 'Thriller' album top the US chart for 37 weeks, selling a reputed 120 million copies and making it the best-selling record of all time.

Ray says she was initially only paid $2,500 for her part in the video, which she admits she would have done 'for nothing'. But she claims MJ promised her 2.5 percent of the royalties from the 'Thriller' film, which was the most expensive music video of its era with a budget of $500,000.

In 2012 the ex-glamour model was awarded $75,000 for back payment of royalties following a court battle but $20,000 of that went to her attorney.

Now Ray claims she should also be paid for the new 3D release of the video.

Director John Landis, who also directed the original 'Thriller', said the new film uses the 'latest available technology' and boasts of the 'highest quality audio and visual experience'.

Speaking at the Venice Film Festival, he also revealed that it is a preamble to bigger announcements and that two more Jackson legacy projects are to come.

Ray added : 'I was so excited about being in 'Thriller'. I knew it was really big.
'I probably would have done it for nothing but Michael gave me a contract.
'Despite what I was promised I ended up having to raise my daughter, who is now 22, basically on welfare.
'I have had to live below my means and in poverty because of this.
'If I had been receiving the money I should have received my life would be drastically different.
'They are trying to be sneaky again, but I really, truly believe that I will get what's owed to me this time around.'

Attorney Scott Cole, who is advising Ray, said: 'It's shameful Ms. Ray wasn't invited and welcomed with open arms at the Venice festival.

'Ms. Ray had a central role in this iconic production.
'Shutting her out of her full royalties all these years hardly honors the memory of Michael or the spirit of the relevant contracts.'

Last month a jury ruled that Quincy Jones, who produced the 'Thriller' album, was owed $9.4million in royalties and fees by Michael Jackson's estate.
The estate had contended that Jones was owed just $392,000.

Source: Daily Mail / Billie Jean

Quincy Jones Reflects On His Career And Relationship With Michael Jackson. 05-09-'17

Quincy JonesQuincy Jones turned 84 in March, but said he feels like he’s 18.

On Wednesday Jones’ early jazz albums will be celebrated at the Hollywood Bowl. 'Quincy Jones: The A&M Years' will find an all-star lineup jamming through songs from 'Walking In Space' (1969), 'Gula Matari' (1970) and 'Smackwater Jack' (1971).

The winner of 27 Grammy's from a whopping 79 nominations, Jones has crafted his legend as much from assembling the best musicians in the same room as he has being a performer and arranger. The A&M albums feature some of his best-known compositions (themes for the TV series 'Ironside' and 'The Bill Cosby Show') and arrangements ('Bridge Over Troubled Water', 'Killer Joe'), but they also demonstrate his knack for playing host to premium musical dinner parties.

Jones met his most successful protege around the time he recorded these albums, a 12-year-old Michael Jackson. A few years later, he produced Jackson’s first solo album, 'Off The Wall,” and then the highest-selling album of all time: 'Thriller'. They fell out after releasing 'Bad' in 1987 because — Jones lamented — Jackson felt the producer was old and out-of-touch.

In July, Jones won a lawsuit against Jackson’s estate for $9.4 million in damages for unpaid royalties, largely from the concert film 'This Is It', which was released in 2009 after Jackson died. In a statement, Jones said the suit “was never about Michael,” and in the interview for this article he reiterated that and further clarified that it wasn’t about the family either.

“The family wants to do business with me,” he said. “Jermaine [Jackson, Michael’s brother] called me right after we announced the lawsuit and said, ‘The family is 100% behind you.’”

Jones placed the blame squarely on the lawyers for Jackson’s estate

“After Michael died, Frank [DiLeo, Jackson’s late manager] took over totally, and on 'This Is It' he did not even give me credit for producing Michael’s songs on that, man. I produced Michael’s biggest hits ... and they made $500 million on 'This Is It'. The family got $90 million. He got $50 million and tried to talk me into $450,000. I said, ‘No, baby, you got that wrong.’ ... Because we work our [butts] off to make records, man.”

Howard Weitzman, who represents the estate of Michael Jackson and who has been quoted as saying he plans to appeal the $9.4-million decision, sent a strongly worded rebuttal to Jones’ comments.

“Mr. Jones wasn’t cheated out of any money because he was paid what he was contractually owed for producing the songs recorded by Michael 25 to 30 years ago that were used in the documentary 'This Is It', which he had nothing to do with,” Weitzman wrote.

“The allegation that Frank DiLeo got $50 million dollars in royalties from 'This Is It' is … false. He was not paid any royalties from the film — period. As for the beneficiaries of Michael’s will, they were not supportive of Mr. Jones’ lawsuit against the Estate.”

Jones said he and Jackson were in a good place before the singer died at age 50.

“He wanted us to get back together,” said Jones. “But we were close, man. Always close. You can’t do those kind of records without love, trust and respect. You can’t do it.

Quincy Jones: The A&M Years

Where: The Hollywood Bowl, 2301 Highland Ave.

When: 8 p.m. Wednesday

Tickets: $1-$120

Info: www.hollywoodbowl.com

Source: Los Angeles Times / Billie Jean

Scream PosterRumor Has it: New Album? 05-09-'17

A few posters have been photographed in Munich Germany saying 'Michael Jackson – SCREAM – Album September 29' and a screening in New Zealand called 'Official Michael Jackson Scream Album Celebration' have shook the fans online!

Now, no confirmation from the Estate or Sony yet but they have been contacted for more information on the matter But this photo indicates the artwork is indeed official!

We can only speculate on the content at this stage: This could be the album for the Cartoon series that is planned to be released in October or even a Halloween compilation of Michael’s horror songs? or just 'Thriller' album with a DVD with 'Thriller 3D'? Who knows!

The official Michael Jackson social media accounts have released a 15 second teaser video, with fan rumours circulating of a new album being released very soon, potentially a compilation to support the new ‘Thriller 3D’. The teaser is entitled ‘Scream’.

But for sure we will keep you updated!

Source: MJ Vibe / MJWN / Billie Jean

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