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Behind The Gates Of Neverland Book Cover'Behind The Gates Of Neverland' Book Is Released. 30-04-'18

Last year, we told you about a e-book titled ‘Behind The Gates Of Neverland’ written by Lori Armstrong & Ray Robledo which you could order on Amazon. The book is now available to order.

Ray Robledo was Michael Jackson’s friend and was also Michael’s Neverland Valley Amusement Park Manager from 1988 to 1996. They shared a deep, true bond and had a mutual respect for each another.

Ray grew tired of the false accusations surrounding his friend and therefore teamed up with author Lori Armstrong to publish the truth as he had witnessed it.

This book is written with “…kind eyes, open ears and hand-written notes of Ray.” It includes the humorous side of Michael, Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding at Neverland, the ghostly spirit of “George” who roamed Neverland, the actual arrest of the REAL Billie Jean at the ranch, (she was apprehended by Ray), and so much more. It also includes all of Michael’s humanitarian work with never-before-seen-pictures.

‘Behind the Gates of Neverland – Conversations with Michael Jackson’ is now available on Amazon with three options: e-book, full-colour coffee table book and black/white coffee table book.

Publisher: Independently published
Author: Ray Robledo, Lori Armstrong
Pages: 191
ISBN: 978-1549567476
Printed: ?
Guide price: 25 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Source: MJWN / Amazon / Billie Jean

LaToya JacksonLaToya Jackson Feels Michael's Presence. 30-04-'18

LaToya Jackson senses her late brother Michael Jackson's presence at her home.

The 61-year-old star believes her beloved sibling - who died of acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009 aged 50 - is around and makes his spirit known by causing lights to ''flicker''.

She told E! News: ''That's him. I know it's not the bulb. They're flickering. So when that happens that means that he's around.''

The 'Just Wanna Dance' singer recently sat down with medium Tyler Henry and was astonished by how.

Speaking about their meeting - which will air on the finale of 'Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry' later this week - LaToya said: ''Not just me but everyone in the family, there are a lot of unanswered questions of course. Tyler answered them for me. He came through really well which was great.

''I had questions in my head, but before I could even ask Tyler the questions he was giving me answers to them and he didn't even realise he was doing that. It was just everything I wanted to know. Tyler was there to deliver it to me.''

Tyler previously revealed Michael ''came through'' to explain the final moments before his death, which ultimately saw his personal physician Conrad Murray convicted of involuntary manslaughter after administering the lethal dose of painkillers.

And after claiming to have made contact with Michael's spirit, Tyler promised the upcoming episode of his show will give his fans a ''deeper sense of closure'' about the 'Beat It' singer's death.

He said: ''It's hard to even talk about the subject casually because he did, he came through! It's still one of the most surprising, bizarre, surreal experiences in my life...

''He conveyed various messages and I think LaToya was still very curious about the nature of what exactly happened to Michael in his final moments. There were some questions about the timeline as far as who was around at the time.

''And so Michael basically came through, to the best of my ability I conveyed the timeline of what I saw to be true as far as painting that picture.

''It just helped I think provide some validation for them because there were some questions about were certain people in the room at the time or if they're weren't. Things like that I think can really help people put things to rest.

''But especially when it's such a public figure, I think everyone who watches this episode will find a deeper sense of closure around Michael's passing as well.''

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Pet Chimpanzee 'Would Help Out In The Kitchen'. 26-04-'18

BubblesMichael Jackson's pet chimpanzee Bubbles loved helping out in the kitchen.

The iconic musician - who died of cardiac arrest, aged 50, in 2009 - bought Bubbles from a Texas research facility in the 80s and he was always happy to assist the Jacksons in the kitchen.

LaToya Jackson, Michael's sister - who is set to star on season 13 of 'Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition' - recalled: "He was just adorable trying to help the chefs in the kitchen cook. My mother was always against that, but there's nothing you could do about it when the chefs are saying, 'Bubbles, go get the plate over there! Go get the knife!' And he's trying to stir the pot and my mother goes, 'Do not let that animal stir the food!'"

LaToya, 61, explained that she spent so much time around Bubbles during that period of time, he eventually felt like part of their family.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, LaToya shared: "Bubbles was like one of us. That's how we treated him. We didn't know any differently."

LaToya also revealed Michael's go-to snack in the kitchen.

She said: "[Michael] just loved vegetables. He didn't eat meat, so he would have vegetables constantly and they're done differently. And then, of course, his go-to snack food was always chips."

By contrast, Janet Jackson was much less fussy about what she'd eat.

LaToya said: "Janet would eat anything. Actually, she was so cute as a kid. When she was in kindergarten, she would come home from school, pull her whole little stool up to the oven, put a steak in, go watch cartoons.

"As soon as the cartoon goes off, she knows the steak is ready. We used to get the biggest kick out of it, laughing. She would go to the oven and pull it out and eat it and then go back and sit down and watch her little cartoons."

Source: The Press / Billie Jean

Thriller Live'Thriller Live' Announces A New West End Booking Period. 25-04-'18

West End hit 'Thriller Live', a spectacular concert- style show that celebrates Michael Jackson's enduring musical legacy and ground-breaking dance moves, today announces it has opened a new booking period to Sunday 7 April, 2019!

190,000 new seats go on sale today.

The new booking period includes several exciting events and Michael Jackson-related celebrations:

Wednesday 29 August would have been Michael Jackson's 60th birthday.

And on Wednesday September 12, 'Thriller Live' will celebrate its 4000th West End performance at the Lyric Theatre with a special gala show.

'Thriller Live' now holds the record as the sixth longest running musical currently playing in the West End.

It also recently became the 14th longest running musical in West End history.

The 'Thriller Live World Tour' continues with dates across the UK, Germany, Poland, Kuwait and Dubai through to summer 2019.

Next month 'Thriller Live' will welcome several new cast members:

Dancers Leona Lawrenson, Mari Macleod, Matt Vjestica and Vivian Gayle

'Thriller Live' has now been seen by over 4.5 milion people in 33 countries and played over 6,100 performances worldwide, never failing to get a standing ovation!

Buy 'Thriller Live' tickets at Broadway World.

Source: Broadway World / Billie Jean

Michael’s 60th Birthday At Michael Jackson ONE On August 29, 2018. 25-04-'18

The Estate of Michael Jackson invites the fans to celebrate Michael’s 60th birthday at Michael Jackson ONE on August 29, 2018.

Make sure to RSVP on the event page so you are the first to know as details about this special celebration emerge.

Go to the facebook page.

More info to follow on this post…

Michael's 60th Birthday
The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil will host the 6th Annual Michael Jackson ONE celebration in honor of the King of Pop’s birthday on Wednesday, August 29.

Source: MJ Vibe / The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

The JacksonsThe Jacksons Know Michael Is Still On Stage With Them. 24-04-'18

Jackie Jackson says a short drive from his house is all it takes to bring music legend brother Michael to mind – and start the tears flowing.

Jackie, eldest of the Jackson brothers, lives in Las Vegas where a Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson show is a massive attraction.

So, even after nearly a decade since the Thriller star’s death in 2009, his image is still everywhere.

“I still miss him very much,” Jackie, 66, tells iN10.

“Every time I go to the Strip and stop at a red light, there’s a bus or a billboard with Michael’s face all over it.

“It seems to happen without fail, seeing him right beside me. I say, ‘Hey, little brother’ and he says, ‘Hey, Jackie, what’s going on?’

“He’s always there with me and my eyes get teary, but with a smile.”

Jackie, who’ll be playing in Scotland with his brothers at Scotfest this summer, insists he’s so proud of the work his younger brother did.

Jackie says Bruno Mars was working on some of Michael’s music earlier this year and it’s indicative of its staying power.

“It’s still around because it’s great music,” he adds.

“That’s what happens with great music, it lives on because that’s what people want to hear.

“The songs put you in a happy state or in a sad state. There’s something for every mood.”

The Jacksons will be star attractions at Scotfest at the beginning of July. Boyzone, B*witched, Liberty X, Five and East 17 are among the other acts on the bill.

Jermaine, Tito and Marlon will, as usual, be alongside Jackie on stage but having performed with Michael since his earliest childhood, he still feels the loss.

“You never forget those days,” says Jackie.

“We’ve been out there performing without him for years now but at any given time we know where he was going to be on that stage.

“We feel the emotional vibration all the time. It gives us a big charge because he’d have given 110% and that’s what we try to do to.

“No one could do what he did but we try to do the best we can knowing he’s up there on stage with us.”

It’s as high-energy a routine as ever and Jackie admits he hits the gym to get in shape before taking to the road.

The workout sessions start at 5am as he has a full family life.

He and third wife Emily have four-year-old twin boys, River and Jaylen, and Jackie gets back from his workouts to get them ready for school.

“I love being a dad,” says Jackie.

“They know every Jacksons song, every Janet Jackson song, every Michael Jackson song. They’re pretty sharp boys and can do all the routines. I watch them and reminisce as they’re doing all the things I used to do.

The Jacksons, Scotfest, Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh, July 6 & 7.

Source: Sunday Post / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Moonwalk Loafers To Be Auctioned. 20-04-'18

The original loafers worn by the King of Pop during his first-ever moonwalk will be auctioned off, ahead of what would have been the icon's 60th birthday.

Michael Jackson made history when he performed the iconic moonwalk for the very first time and now, fans may be able to take home a piece of that history.

GWS Auctions announced Friday that several pieces of Jackson memorabilia will be put up for sale, including the pair of black Florsheim loafers he wore during his iconic 'Billie Jean' performance during NBC's 25th anniversary of Motown special in 1983. The King of Pop dazzled audiences with his moonwalk, which eventually became his signature dance move.

Motown 25 Moonwalk Shoes
Michael Jackson performed 'Billie Jean' in this shoes at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium for the TV special Motown's 25th Anniversary.

Other items available for sale include his red Dior cardigan, personally embellished by Bill Whitten, and his Swarovski-encrusted riding helmet.

The auction is set for May 26 at the Hilton in Universal City – just a few months ahead of what would have been Jackson's 60th birthday – with a public exhibition beginning at 8 am.

This is not the first time items from Jackson's estate have been auctioned off. In 2011, furniture from his California mansion were sold by Julien's Auctions, bringing in nearly $1 million.

Auctioned the original loafers here.

Source: Hollywood Reporter / Billie Jean

Will Smith Remembers The Time He Met Michael Jackson In A Closet. 19-04-'18

Will SmithWill Smith has shared a video recalling the “first and only time” he met his “idol” Michael Jackson in a closet.

The actor and rapper shared the video on his own Youtube channel, where he revealed that the antics of Suge Knight at the BET Awards led to him being “shoved me into this dirty-ass utility closet”, complete with “mops and interrogation lightbulbs” – where he found that he was not alone.

“I’m standing there and I got my head up against the door and I’m listening to people running and I’m hearing screaming and stuff, and I’m like ‘yo, this is crazy – Shuggs is a lunatic,” says Smith, before checking that Knight was still in jail so as to avoid repercussions. “Then all of a sudden, it starts to quiet.

“Then I hear ‘hey’,” continues Smith, delivering a high-pitched Jackson impression. “And I’m like ‘oh shit!’ Then I turn around and Michael Jackson is behind me in the closet. I was like ‘Oh! Mike?'”

Source: NME / Billie Jean

Jackson Family Upset By Rumors That Katherine Is On Her Deathbed. 19-04-'18

Katherine JacksonNews that Katherine Jackson suffered a “sudden and devastating stroke” over the weekend came as a shock to the Jackson family — especially Katherine.

“The story is bulls---,” said longtime Jackson family publicist and friend Steve Manning, who rarely responds to rumors about the First Family of Pop. “Mrs. Jackson is fine. She’s with (daughter) Rebbie. I don’t know where they get this fake news.”

The shocking report was published on Monday (April 16) by RadarOnline — an American Media Inc. property whose sister publications include Us Weekly and The National Enquirer.

Their story describes a dire situation in which the 87-year-old family matriarch “has the family around her 24/7 since the stroke.”

Multiple Jackson family insiders tell us that Katherine has received visitors in recent days in Los Angeles, but she’s healthy and fully expects to see her 88th birthday in three weeks.

One of Katherine’s nine children, who asked not to be named, also said that their mom is in good shape and doesn’t want friends to worry.

“It’s not true, It’s a rumor,” said that Jackson sibling. “She’s fine.”

Genevieve Jackson, the 28-year-old daughter of youngest family sibling Randy Jackson, posted on @geneviecejaxn: “Guys calm down! This isn’t true. Whoever put that story out is lying. She didn’t have a stroke and her health is definitely not failing. Katherine is okay!”

Genevieve also claimed that Katherine was alive and well on Sunday (April 15) when the kids gathered for “Game Night at Grandma’s.”

A third source, who’d hastily sent best wishes on Facebook after catching wind of Katherine’s alleged health problem, wrote to Confidential contributor Flo Anthony that the posting was a mistake: “I spoke with a family member. I'll take it down. Thanks Flo.”

Katherine’s granddaughter Paris, the daughter of Michael Jackson, doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. Paris spent a chunk of her Wednesday (April 18) FaceTiming model Cara Delevingne, whom she was photographed kissing last month, thus setting off new couple alerts.

It was announced Wednesday that along with actress Charlize Theron, the King of Pop’s 20-year-old daughter will be honored at the Life Ball 25th anniversary in Vienna. Paris is being recognized for her work with her godmother Elizabeth Taylor’s AIDS foundation.

Source: MSN / Billie Jean

The MJ Backstage Re-issues Its 'Jackson Collectors Book 2009-2010'. 16-04-'18

Jackson Collectors Book 2009-2010 CoverSurprise! In 2011, the MJ Backstage revived the fashion of the 'Collectors Book' by gathering in a big volume of 184 pages all the Jackson releases of the years 2009 and 2010. CD's going through the DVD's, the books, the merchandising, the tribute magazines, etc. Hundreds of Michael Jackson pieces, with descriptions, references and photos.

In 2011, they edited this limited edition press with the black and white interior. Faced with the demand of many fans to repeat this pressing, the MJBackstage is pleased to announce the availability of the MJ Backstage 'Collectors Book 2009-2010' version 2018, today.

This re-issue is an A5 format of 184 pages printed in 100% colors. A unique opportunity to get your hands on this reference book that will complete your "Jackson" collection. To order it, simply go to the special page of the MJ Backstage created for the occasion and follow the steps indicated by their partner Peecho who is in charge of logistics.

Publisher: ?
Author: Christophe Charlot, Gilles Moris and Marie Lefebre
Pages: 184
Printed: France
Guide price: 22,56 €

Order the book here at MJ Backstage.

Source: MJ Backstage / Billie Jean

Katherine JacksonKatherine Jackson Suffers Stroke & Can't Speak Or Hear Properly. 16-04-'18

The famous matriarch is receiving urgent medical care.

Numerous inside sources reveal that Katherine Jackson, the mother of pop luminaries Janet and Michael, has suffered a stroke that has impacted her ability to see and hear properly, alleging that she's been suffering from health problems for a while now. The 87 year-old has since returned home and is surrounded by her large family.

Jackson was apparently treated at a San Fernando Valley medical facility, with doctors monitoring her progress following her latest hospitalization. One source notes how this is not the first stroke she's endured, which only helps elucidate some pressing health concerns that are plaguing the matriarch in her later years.

Jackson married her partner Joe back in 1949 and had ten children together, which would eventually result in the formation of the music industry's most powerful dynasty. She and her husband utilized their offspring's musical talents to form The Jackson 5, which helped bolster successful solo endeavours for brothers Jermaine and Michael, alongside Janet's eventual ascent into public notoriety.

Get well, Katherine.

Source: Hot New Hip Hop / Billie Jean

Dangerous (2LP Set) Album Cover'Dangerous' Will Be Re-Released On Vinyl. 13-04-'18

Michael Jackson’s 'Dangerous' album (vinyl) will be re-issued on May 4th this year!

The US had their re-issue of this album few years back so here comes the one for Europe from Sony Music CMG!

'Dangerous' is the eighth studio album by Michael Jackson, released by Epic in the USA on November 26th, 1991. Jackson ended his association with Quincy Jones, and enlisted the producing talents of new jack swing inventor Teddy Riley. The RIAA certified 'Dangerous' at 7x Platinum, internationally the album has sold an estimated 32 million copies, tying it with 'Bad' as the second best-selling album of Jackson's career.

All songs produced by Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley and Bill Bottrell.

Track list:

LP 1:
1. Jam - 5:39
2. Why You Wanna Trip On Me - 5:25
3. In The Closet - 6:32

1. She Drives Me Wild - 3:42
2. Remember The Time - 4:00
3. Can't Let Her Get Away - 5:02
4. Heal The World - 6:24

LP 2:
1. Black Or White - 4:16
2. Who Is It - 6:35
3. Give In To Me - 5:28

1. Will You Be There - 7:40
2. Keep The Faith - 5:57
3. Gone Too Soon - 3:22
4. Dangerous - 7:00

Record label: Sony Music CMG
Series number: ?
Printed: EU
Guide price: 46 €

Order the album here at Amazon.

If you are interested in the re-issues of 'Bad' and 'Off The Wall', the two CD's will be re-released on May 2nd by Sony Legacy.

Order 'Off The Wall' here and 'Bad' here.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

'The Jacksons: An American Dream' is Released In Germany On DVD. 13-04-'18

An American Dream DVD Cover'The Jacksons: An American Dream' DVD is released in Germany by publisher Universal.

The miniseries was released in 1992 and was based on the history of the Jackson family and was produced by Suzanne de Passe and Stan Marguiles.

Based on the inspiring and true story of the First Family of music, 'The Jacksons: An American Dream' is an epic account spanning five decades -- beginning with the family's rise from a Midwestern steel town to the premier stages of the world.

The Jacksons is a hit-studded triumph with an all-star cast including Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Angela Bassett, Jason Weaver, Jermaine Jackson II, Holly Robinson, and special appearances by Billy Dee Williams and Vanessa Williams as Suzanne de Passe.

Featuring music from the Jackson 5, Boyz II Men, Jermaine Jackson & Syreeta Wright and Jason Weaver.

Publisher: Universal
Series number: ?
Playing time: 228:12 minutes
Sound: Stereo / Dolby Digital 2.0
Printed: Germany
Guide price: 20 €

Order the DVD here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

EMSNEMSN Plays Michael Jackson In 2018. 11-04-'18

The ensemble Musical Saint Nicolas (Emsn) plays Michael Jackson on June 2 and 3, 2018 at the Sports Complex A. Belleville St Nicolas.

- Saturday, June 2 at 20:30 and Sunday, June 3 at 15:30, in Saint Nicolas de Port (sports complex-rue du Blanc Mur).

More than 100 musicians on stage: The students, the teachers, the drumming band, the instrumental ensembles, the choirs ...
A show of over two hours, 19 pieces by Michael Jackson. The Musical Ensemble awaits you to come to encourage the musicians.

Ticketing :
Reduced fares :

- € 7 until March 31

- € 10 until May 31

Price on site: 15 € on 2 and 3 June 2018
Selling location :

At the Autre Filature - 8 rue du Champy in St Nicolas / Port

Orders or information: 03 83 48 69 16 or contacts@emsn.fr

Source: Contacts 475 / Billie Jean

John LandisJohn Landis Coming To Glasgow Horror Film Fest. 08-04-'18

Without him there would be no Animal House toga party, no "stay off the moors" jokes thanks to 'An American Werewolf' in London, no dance routines from the The Blues Brothers ... no Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller' video, for heaven's sake. Let's face it, John Landis was the 1980's – without him the decade would never have had its day-glo and demented edge.

Now Chicagoan Landis, aged 67, is on his way to Scotland where he will be guest of honour at this month's Edinburgh’s Dead by Dawn horror festival – now in its 25th year – thanks mostly to 'An American Werewolf' in London, seen by many fans as the greatest comedy-horror film ever made. Landis also made the horror film 'Twilight Zone: The Movie' in the early 80's, but that is a film he would rather forget as we explain later.

After 'Werewolf', the world was Landis's oyster. Skip forward a few years and it's 2am one morning in 1983 when Landis, asleep in London, gets a phone call from Michael Jackson. Yes, that Michael Jackson. Jackson, then the world’s biggest pop star, told him how much he admired Werewolf and asked if Landis could make a music video in which Jackson could “turn into a monster”. Landis patiently explained that Los Angeles was eight hours behind London time and that he would call him later.

Once back in LA, Landis and Baker showed Jackson film books with photographs of monsters – which the singer found too scary. Landis said Baker eventually devised a 'WereCat' design for Jackson’s costume. Jackson himself suggested that zombies be included. The resulting 14-minute-long video sold a record nine-million-plus copies and has been viewed 502,226,663 times on YouTube. It was added to the 2009 National Film Registry, which preserves films as cultural, artistic and/or historical treasures for future generations.

The event marked Landis for the rest of his life. "The tragedy," he said, "which I think about every day, had an enormous impact on my career, from which it may possibly never recover."

Source: The Herald / Billie Jean

Donate To The Motown Museum Expansion. 06-04-'18

Motown Museum announced it will undergo a $50-million-dollar expansion growing the Museum to a 50,000 square foot world-class tourist destination featuring dynamic, interactive exhibits, a state-of-the art performance theater, unrivaled recording studios, an expanded retail experience and meeting spaces designed by world renown architects and exhibit designers. The new Motown Museum will be designed and built around the current Museum space and the cherished Hitsville U.S.A. house. Robin R. Terry, Chairwoman and CEO of Motown Museum, made the announcement.

“Our goal is to bring an expanded Motown Museum to the world, to inspire dreams and serve as an educational resource for global and local communities while creating an international mecca of music and entertainment history,” said Terry. “This expanded facility will be an exhilarating national and international tourist destination which will allow us to narrate and celebrate on a much larger scale what the Motown legacy is recognized for: unmatched creative genius that transcends every barrier imaginable by bringing people together from all walks of life to share in that unmistakable Motown Sound.”

Founded by Berry Gordy, Motown is the sound that changed America and one of the most significant musical accomplishments of the 20th century. Motown became a hit factory—transforming young singers and musicians into brilliant performers and superstars. With more than 180 number 1 hit songs worldwide, no other record company in history has produced so many iconic entertainers or had such an enormous influence on popular culture.

Motown Museum
50,000 square foot world class expansion to include interactive and immersive educational and entertainment experiences, theatre and state-of-the-art exhibits.

“When I look back on that magical time in Detroit, I’m reminded of how a company, based on love, fairness and competition, came together to create something special. It was about music and so much more,” said Berry Gordy, Founder of Motown. “It brings me real joy, and I am proud and humbled to know that the inclusive legacy of Motown, and the most talented people who are so near and dear to my heart, will have their stories told in this new Museum.”

In addition to the staggering global reverence it receives, when completed, the new Museum campus will have a transformative impact on its surrounding Detroit neighborhood, providing employment, sustainability and community pride by serving as an important catalyst for new investment and interest in this historic area. The new development will also further raise the profile of the city as an international travel destination.

“When the expanded Museum opens, it will be one of Michigan’s leading cultural institutions and an even greater international tourist destination providing economic growth and regional enrichment,” Terry continued. “Its imprint will be far-reaching by bringing thousands of visitors to Detroit each year along with positive national and international attention.”

Larry Alexander, president and CEO of the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau added, “The Motown Museum brings thousands of visitors to Detroit each year to see the historic place where this internationally celebrated story was born. These visitors stay in our great hotels, eat at our diverse selection of restaurants and experience the other incredible attractions that Detroit and Southeast Michigan offers. This exciting expansion will attract more visitors while further raising our region’s profile as a must-visit tourist destination.”

A talented team of designers, architects and other creative experts are currently collaborating on the details of the expanded space and its experiences. Phil Freelon, managing director of architecture and design firm Perkins + Will was engaged to lead the execution of the initial Museum expansion concepts. A President Obama appointee to the National Commission of Fine Arts, Freelon led the design team for the newly opened Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Rainy Hamilton’s Detroit-based Hamilton Anderson Associates, a leading multi-disciplinary design firm specializing in environmentally conducive, creative and contemporary design is the architect of record. Detroit-based contractor, L.S. Brinker Company, will serve as the construction manager of the project. Patrick Gallagher’s, Washington DC-based Gallagher & Associates, an internationally recognized museum planning and design firm is developing the visitor experiences and exhibition design.

Donate here.

Source: Motown Museum / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Was Supposed To Come To Morocco To Visit RedOne. 05-04-'18

Red OneRabat – Nadir Khayat – the Moroccan superstar “RedOne” – had a lot to say about his career, the music industry and more importantly his special bond with the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

In an exclusive interview with the Arab media “Khaleej Times,” the Moroccan-Swedish songwriter opened up about his collaboration and friendship with international superstar Michael Jackson.

The Grammy winner was in the recording studio with the King of Pop several times before his 2009 death and says the experience was like no other.

“From the musical aspect, he’s a genius. He knew everything there is to know about music. A lot of times, I tend to direct the artist, but with Michael, before I was about to say what I was about to say, he knew what I was going to say,” Lady Gaga’s producer said, before revealing some interesting facts about Jackson’s love for Morocco.

“He cared about how you are as a person; he wanted to know about your brothers and sisters, your mum, your country. He told me he’d been to Morocco, he loved Morocco. He told me he loved Moroccan food and wanted to meet my mum; he said he wanted to meet the mum who made this person, because (he said) you’re a beautiful person and he said he wanted to taste her food,” added RedOne.

The singer of “Thriller” was supposed to come to Morocco to visits Khayat’s family after a concert in London. “Unfortunately that didn’t happen,” he lamented.

Source: Morocco World News / Billie Jean

Sheryl Crow Describes The Moment She Feasted On EMU With Michael Jackson. 05-04-'17

Sheryl CrowSheryl Crow has revealed she once ate emu with Michael Jackson during a bizarre Thanksgiving dinner.

The country crooner admitted she and the late pop icon tried the 'pink and slimy' dish while she was his backing singer during his Bad tour in Australia in 1988.

The Grammy winner, 56, added that the pair had been expecting to dine on a traditional turkey for the festive occasion and said the emu tasted 'horrendous'.

'I will tell you, when we went out on the road with him we went to Japan first and came to Australia and we were here seven weeks.

'We had Thanksgiving here. We typically have turkey in America. We had emu. It was awful.'

Sheryl grimaced: 'It was horrible. It is quite different to turkey. You could tell it was emu - it was pink and slimy and chewy.'

Laughing, she joked: 'Can't wait to come back!'

Sheryl has previously discussed her days working as Michael Jackson's backing singer on his Bad tour from 1987 to 1989 when she was in her mid-20s, dubbing it the 'happiest of times'.

'I hadn’t released any records. I didn’t even own a passport when I landed the job. And there I was, travelling the world with the biggest pop star on the planet,' she told The Mail On Sunday in 2014.

'Walking out in front of full stadiums every night was exhilarating enough. To be performing alongside Jackson was something else altogether.

'Seeing him dance a few feet away from me was an other-worldly experience. It was the happiest of times.'

Source: Daily Mail / Billie Jean

Paris JacksonHappy Birthday, Paris! 03-04-'18

"Happy Birthday" to Paris.

Michael's" daughter Paris is born on April 3rd 1998 in Los Angeles, California, USA , it's "Michael's" 2nd child.

Paris gets 20 years now and that brings a lot of joy in the family Jackson.

Michael Jackson would be proud of Paris dating Cara Delevingne. Prince Jackson insists that his Dad would be proud of his sister's relationship with Cara.

You are in our hearts today and always. We love you!

Source: Billie Jean

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