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Matt Groening Finally Tells The Story Behind Michael Jackson's Simpsons Cameo. 31-08-'18

Matt GroeningSimpsons creator Matt Groening has revealed the true story behind one of the show's most unusual guest appearances.

In 'Stark Raving Dad', a 1992 episode of the animated sitcom, Homer befriends a man called Kompowsky, a bulky inmate at a mental hospital who believes himself to be Michael Jackson.

The actor playing Kompowsky is listed in the show's credits as John Jay Smith. But the rumours turned out to be true: in reality it was the King of Pop himself, as Groening explained this week in an appearance on Australian chat show The Weekly With Charlie Pickering.

"I was sitting in the office late at night," Groening explained. "The phone rings, and I pick it up: 'Hi, this is Michael Jackson.'" And that's where the conversation ended. Groening didn't believe him, and immediately hung up, "because he has a voice that sounds like somebody doing [an impression], doing a Michael Jackson bit".

Luckily, the singer phoned straight back: "He said that he loved Bart and wanted to be on the show." Jackson's appearance was not publicised as "he didn't want credit for it," Groening said, but it really is his voice greeting Bart Simpson over the phone from New Bedlam Asylum.

When Kompowski appears later in the episode to sing 'Happy Birthday Lisa', however, it was an impersonator. "There was some kind of deal with his record company or whatever, so when it came time to sing the songs he had a sound-a-like singer," according to Groening. "He stood there and watched the guy, who was so nervous he had to sound like Michael Jackson. And [Jackson] giggled."

Stark Raving Dad
In the episode of September 19th, 1991, Homer is forced to wear a pink shirt to work one day and is mistaken for a "free thinking anarchist" and sent to a mental institution. He shares a room with a large white man who acts as if he were Michael Jackson.

Jackson was far from the only A-list celebrity to have appeared on the show. Since The Simpsons premiered in 1989, it has featured cameos from Mark Zuckerberg, Gillian Anderson and professor Stephen Hawking, among many others.

Source: The Telegraph / Billie Jean

Farewell My Summer Love (re-issue) CD Album Cover'Farewell My Summer Love' CD Album [re-issue] Is Released. 31-08-'18

'Farewell My Summer Love' cd album is re-released on August 24 in France and August 31 in the UK through Motown Records.

'Farewell My Summer Love' (originally titled 'Farewell My Summer Love' 1984 and later re-issued as 'Here I Am (Come and Take Me)' in Germany) is a compilation of unreleased archived Michael Jackson recordings from 1973 until 1975.

The album was for the first time released by Motown Records on June 2nd, 1984 in the USA as a "lost" Michael Jackson solo album that was meant to be released in 1974 but was later held off because of the Jackson 5's renewed success with 'Dancing Machine'.

The nine songs featured on the album were originally recorded in 1973 but had not been previously released. To give the album a more 1980's sound, Motown remixed the songs and added all new musical overdubs. The task of playing the updated sound was given to musicians Tony Peluso, Michael Lovesmith and Steve Barri. Together with drummer Mike Baird, they recorded new guitar, keyboard, percussion drum parts for the songs.

Track list:

1. Don't Let It Get You Down - 3:01
2. You've Really Got A Hold On Me - 3:30
3. Melodie - 3:21
4. Touch The One You Love - 2:47
5. Girl You're So Together - 3:09:
6. Farewell My Summer Love - 4:21
7. Call On Me - 3:38
8. Here I Am ( Come And Take Me) - 2:53
9. To Make My Father Proud - 4:04

Record label: Motown
Series number: ?
Printed: UK
Guide price: 11,2 €

Order the album here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Stephan-Francis Linder
Stephan-Francis Linder

King Of Pop Museum In Switzerland. 30-08-'18

In the cellar of the Brasserie98, Stephan-Francis Linder has lovingly set up the only Michael Jackson Museum in Europe. Visitors can visit around 40 special collectibles of the famous pop singer. For example, the 100 Million Award; an award for 100 million sold records. This Award is only 4 times around the world. Owners of this valuable Award's are Georg Bush Sr., the Jackson family, the Award manufacturer and the Linder family in Switzerland!

The entrance to the museum is free. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 18.00 to 22.00.

Outside these times group tours are possible from 10 people, maximum group size 25 people.

Since opening in 2009, visitors from around the world have honored the King of Pop. We look forward to your entries in our special guest book and thank you for the many gifts in his honor.

Feel like Michael Jackson! We provide you some Michael Jackson jackets (photocopies) for photo's! Wear, take pictures and then off to Facebook! For each Facebook entry we will gladly give you a homemade soft ice cream.

Source: Brasserie98 / Billie Jean

Only Michael Jackson Could Inspire These $15,000 Sneakers. 30-08-'18

Giuseppe Zanotti whipped up blinged-out buckled kicks in honor of the King of Pop’s diamond birthday.

A few years ago, when white tennis sneakers and heritage boots rules the earth, receiving a press release announcing the launch of a $15,000 sneaker accented with 120 black diamonds, 55 rubies, and 2 large silver buckles might have made our palms sweat. In this, the summer of 2018, the summer of crazy, chunky, luxury everything, we respond with a slow and knowing nod of recognition.

The designer of these over-the-top sneakers, Italian luxury god Giuseppe Zanotti, also had good reason to bring them into existence: Michael Jackson. The King of Pop’s 60th birthday would have been yesterday (August 29), and his fans and family celebrated with a star-studded charity event in Las Vegas last night. A star-studded charity event needs an auction, an auction at a Michael Jackson party needs an over-the-top fashion item, and Giuseppe specializes in such fare. Plus, the footwear king has history with the pop legend; in addition to creating custom pieces for MJ back in the day, Zanotti designed all the shoes for the artist’s would be 'This Is It' tour shortly before Jackson’s death. 100% of proceeds from the auction, which is open to the public and live now, benefit the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. A pair of black-diamond encrusted sneakers have never had so much reason to exist.

SneakersGiuseppe Tribute to Michael Jackson sneakers, $1,295.

That said, there is only one pair of these sneakers in existence (they are literally dubbed “Number One”), and $15K is no small sum, so Giuseppe Zanotti created another 1,999 pairs for, not exactly the masses, but men who appreciate luxury high-tops and have the commas in their bank accounts to cop them. These versions are bedecked in Swarovski crystals instead of diamonds and come in black, white, and silver. Those shoes will launch in select stores and online at Giuseppe Zanotti and Nieman Marcus in mid-October, just in time for Zanotti fans to construct their own high-end homage to Michael Jackson for Halloween, or just generally take advantage this wonderfully bonkers moment in men’s shoe history.

Source: GQ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Estate Is Secretly “Reworking” Songs For Future Release. 30-08-'18

The Estate Of Michael Jackson
The Estate Of Michael Jackson.

The Michael Jackson estate is plotting a new project, which will feature a “reworking” of “a batch of tracks alongside a high-profile producer the estate wants to keep secret for a one-off release,” according to the Los Angeles Times. The potential project would likely be a collaboration with Sony Music. Sony Music representatives were also interviewed in the same LA Times article, which was centered around the new 'Michael Jackson: On The Wall' exhibit at London’s National Portrait Gallery. The company’s Chief Executive, Rob Stringer, said the label is “constantly scouring the catalog for ideas, but there are no plans at the moment to put any more full-fledged albums out. We are looking at one-off songs, and in this streaming world that works because it’s a track-based world. There are a few gems out there that we may unearth individually over the next months and years.”

“We’ve done a lot of big idea projects and things aimed to attract new fans,” co-executor of Jackson’s estate John Branca told the paper. “Michael was so multifaceted and in trying to manage the brand we want to do things that capture each facet of who he was. But we start by thinking: What would Michael do?”

Recently, controversy and erroneous reports arose after a court hearing which addressed a fan’s accusation that Sony Music had included three tracks featuring a Michael Jackson impersonator on the 2010 posthumous album 'Michael'. Currently, there has been no ruling on whether or not any of Jackson’s vocals on that album are fake. In 2014, Sony also released the posthumous album 'Xscape'. Since Jackson’s death, the label has also released last year’s Halloween-inspired 'Scream' and the 2011 remix album 'Immortal', which formed the soundtrack for Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour production, among other projects. Drake’s recent album 'Scorpion' of this year features a song, 'Don’t Matter To Me', which is based around a previously unreleased Michael Jackson demo that Jackson did with Paul Anka in 1983.

Source: Spin / Billie Jean

Paris And Brother Prince Jackson Honor Late Father Michael At Star-Studded 60TH 'Diamond' Birthday Celebration. 30-08-'18

Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Legacy AwardTheir father tragically passed away a little over nine years ago.

But on Wednesday (August 29), Paris and Prince Jackson took to the red carpet at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas to honor their father on what would have been the pop sensation's 60th birthday.

Prince -whose birth name is Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr.- wore a red jacket reminiscent of his father's style, while Paris went with a Bohemian chic look for her outfit.

The 20-year-old daughter of the King of Pop rocked a pair of retro, bell-bottom pants for her red carpet turn.

She paired the flashy garment with a cream-colored Gucci T-shirt adorned with sequins, and wore a pair of silver platform heels on her feet.

Her 21-year-old brother, meanwhile, seemed to take fashion cues from his late father, slipping the red letterman-style jacket on over a white T-shirt.

On his feet her wore studded boots and had slipped a heavy necklace on.

Also at the celebrity-laden event were Tito Jackson and Jackie Jackson, Vanessa Hudgens and Gabrielle Union, among others.

Source: Daily Mail / Billie Jean

L'intégrale Book CoverMichael Jackson - 'L'intégrale' Book Will Be Released. 29-08-'18

French Fans are for a treat this year! So many books coming up that it is hard to follow up what’s new, what’s old and what’s worth it! The book 'L’intégrale'' will be released in France on September 27.

Anyway, French fans are solicited by every corner of the hexagon. This time in a 352 pages book that they will have to open their wallet to!

The book 'L’intégrale' is about Michael Jackson’s music: All his singles, albums and videos put under a microscope.

Known or unpublished facts are scrutinized: his greatest collaborations with Quincy Jones, Gamble & Huff, Paul McCartney, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Wonder, Paul Anka ..., his cinematic work with the greatest directors of Martin Scorsese to Francis Ford Coppola via Sidney Lumet, David Fincher, John Landis or George Lucas, his failed projects with Prince, Madonna or Freddie Mercury.

The book is written by Riad Bettouche & Benoit Cachin and published by Gründ.

Publisher: Grund
Author: Riad Bettouche & Benoit Cachin
Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-2324019517
Printed: France
Guide price: 29,95 €

Order the magazine here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Miniseries Based On Frank Cascio's Book In The Works. 29-08-'18

Frank CascioAs fans celebrate what would’ve been Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday, a revealing new miniseries on the King of Pop is making its way to the small screen, Page Six has exclusively learned.

Sources told us that the project — an adaptation of the 2011 novel 'My Friend Michael: An Ordinary Friendship With An Extraordinary Man', by Jackson pal and colleague Frank Cascio — is seeking a director and has been pitched to companies including Roc Nation’s new TV division, headed by Patrick Reardon.

Said a source: “The series will focus on the 25-year relationship between Cascio and Jackson, and is expected to go into production this fall.”

A source said that Jeff Farley is adapting the project as screenwriter and will be a producer, along with Cascio.

Cascio first met Jackson when he was just 5.

He told “Good Morning America” in 2009 that superstar MJ would visit his family’s New Jersey home just to enjoy aspects of a normal life.

“He would even help my mom vacuum the rug,” Cascio said. “He would, like, help clean up the house. And he was just a real human being.”

The book’s publisher William Morrow did not get back to us.

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation launched its TV production unit in May, with credits already including the Paramount Network’s current series 'Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story'.

Source: Page Six / Billie Jean

‘Thriller 3D’ Is Getting An IMAX Theatrical Release For The First Time Ever. 29-08-'18

There’s no better celebration of Michael Jackson‘s birthday than the — ahem — thrilling news that his iconic short film that revolutionized the music video landscape is coming to theaters. Right on the heels of the Michael Jackson Diamond Celebration, IMAX announced that Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller 3D' will head to IMAX 3D theaters for the first time ever.

But a word of warning: the remastered short film will only be in theaters for one week before it heads back to the grave.

The IMAX Corporation and the Michael Jackson Estate are teaming up to release the digitally re-mastered Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller 3D' in IMAX 3D theaters this September. The short film will run for one week only in domestic IMAX theaters ahead of showings of Eli Roth’s The House with a Clock in Its Walls, beginning September 21, 2018.

“Michael loved to give his fans the latest and greatest in technology and entertainment experiences so a partnership with IMAX to bring 'Thriller 3D' to theaters made perfect sense. Fans are going to love this,” said John Branca and John McClain, co-executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson.

Thriller 3DMichael Jackson’s ‘Thriller 3D’ is getting an IMAX Theatrical release for the first time ever.

'Thriller', off the album of the same name, began as a short film directed by An American Werewolf in London director John Landis and written by Landis and Jackson. The 14-minute short film debuted in 1983 and forever changed the music video game and has been hailed as a “watershed moment” for the music industry, transforming music videos into a viable art form. The film premiered at the AVCO Theatre in Los Angeles in 1983, where it sold out every night for three weeks. Most importantly, it introduced the best wedding reception dance.

Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller 3D' was remastered from the original 35mm negative last year and converted into 3D by Optimum Productions with Landis’ oversight. All the audio, including Jackson’s music, Elmer Bernstein’s score, and sound effects, were adapted to 5.7, 7.1 and Atmos standards. The remastered short film first made its premiere at last year’s 74th Venice Film Festival, and will now make its first-ever IMAX debut.

In an interview with Billboard ahead of the Venice premiere, Landis praised the remastered version’s “spectacular visuals,” adding, “But we didn’t just restore 'Thriller'. We enhanced it … like in that scene in the 'Wizard Of Oz' when Dorothy and the others are being buffed and polished inside Emerald City.”

Source: Slash Film / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Would Have Been 60 This Year. 29-08-'18

Today 60 years ago, in the American steel industrial city of Gary Indiana, Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958. The little Michael, the eighth child of mother Katherine and father Joseph, turned out to have a huge musical talent at an early age. Eventually the boy grew into a world star with the nickname The King of Pop. He would have celebrated his sixtieth birthday on Wednesday, but died on June 25, 2009 at the age of fifty.

Michael Jackson, who started performing since the age of four, was an American singer, dancer and songwriter. He took Pop music to a whole new different level by his own ‘MJ’ style.

Jackson was the best album selling artist till his last breath. With billions of fans all over the world, he was also called the King of Pop and made his own style statements.

Michael was a true legend for all the music lovers. From his soulful music to his unique style of moon walking, he has left a legacy behind him.

Michael will forever be remembered as the King of Pop and his songs will be played for hundreds of years.

Michael you will never be dethroned in your fans’ hearts!

I miss you everyday more and more.

Love you Michael, Gone Too Soon.

Webmaster Dirk.

Source: Billie Jean

Janet Jackson Happy 60TH To My Brother, Michael ... He Inspired My New Video!!! 29-08-'18

Janet Jackson clearly remembers when she fell in love with Michael Jackson's 'Remember The Time' music video -- TMZ got a peek at her new music video homage to MJ for his 60th birthday.

Janet teamed up with Kwaylon Rogers -- aka @BlameItOnKway to his 3.6 million IG followers -- to shoot this 1-minute, 11-second clip. Janet plays the queen passing judgment on dancers ... just like Iman did in MJ's 1992 video.

The project came about after Kway and Janet met at the Billboard Awards earlier this year. They hit it off and, soon after, Kway pitched the idea of reimagining Michael's hit video and releasing it Wednesday ... the day he would've turned 60.

We're told the group rehearsed -- with Diamond Batiste behind the camera -- for a day and shot the video the next day to Janet's liking. As you should know, MJ's 'Remember The Time' video -- costarring Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson -- was hailed as a masterpiece.

Kway and King Bach play the dancers desperate for Janet's approval in her tip of the hat to Michael -- which also features her new song, 'Made For Now'.

It's a great tribute on a milestone day for MJ's family, friends and fans.


Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Estate And Sony Music Cleared In ‘Fake Vocals’ Lawsuit. 29-08-'18

Michael CD Album CoverThe 2014 suit came to public attention again last week, forcing the estate and Sony to issue a statement of denial.

The estate of the late Michael Jackson and Sony Music have both been cleared by an appeals court over a long-standing lawsuit which claims that three songs on a posthumous Jackson album didn’t actually feature the late singer’s vocals.

The lawsuit, which was filed in 2014 by Jackson fan Vera Serova, came to public attention again last week after the estate and Sony were forced to issue a statement denying that the latter had conceded that Jackson didn’t sing on the three songs in question, which all featured on the 2010 album ‘Michael’.

Three appeals court judges ruled yesterday (August 28) in favour of Jackson’s estate and Sony Music, essentially removing them from Serova’s class-action suit (via Variety). The ruling found that because the estate and Sony didn’t know for certain whether Jackson actually sang on the three songs in question, the album’s cover and promotional materials could not be held accountable under ‘commercial speech’ – and thus were not applicable for the charges brought by Serova.

In a statement, Jackson estate attorney Howard Weitzman said of the ruling: “We had a total victory in the appellate court in the Vera Serova Class Action matter.”

The ruling, however, hasn’t definitively cleared up the issue of whether Jackson actually sang on the songs ‘Breaking News’, ‘Monster’ and ‘Keep Your Head Up’. All three tracks were reportedly recorded in 2007 with songwriter/producers Edward Cascio and James Porte, but fans of the singer have long disputed the assertion that the songs actually feature Jackson’s vocals.

Serova’s case against Cascio and Porte, as well as the production company Angelikson Productions, is still ongoing.

Source: NME / Billie Jean

'Diamonds Are Invincible’ Megamix (Mark Ronson). 29-08-'18

To mark what would have been Michael’s 60th birthday today, Sony have released an exclusive megamix by famed producer Mark Ronson entitled ‘Diamonds Are Invincible'.

Listen to the megamix on YouTube.

Source: MJWN / YouTube / Billie Jean

The Saga JacksonThe Saga Jackson, Story Of An Extraordinary Family. 28-08-'18

Michael Jackson would have turned 60 on August 29, 2018. On this occasion, France 4 invites you to discover a documentary on the unusual destiny of the Jackson family and Michael Jackson in particular.

"The saga Jackson, Story of an extraordinary family" is scheduled this Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 20:55 for a duration of 90 minutes.

Even if the fans often learn too little in this kind of documentaries, it is sometimes useful to follow the promises of their content, since France 4 announces the presence of unpublished archives and the exceptional participation of Marlon Jackson.

This unpublished film retraces in 90 minutes the story and destiny out of the ordinary Jackson family, through multiple testimonies of members of the Jackson family (with the exceptional participation of Marlon Jackson, one of the Jackson brothers), collaborators, fans, producers, biographers, specialized journalists, but also many archives, some unpublished, or very rare, on television. They are the descendants of this incredible Jackson dynasty.

Every step of Jackson's life resonates with ours, as if we knew them, as if we had grown up beside them. We are going to tell the incredible story of Michael Jackson and his family, the story of nine children, brought up by an ambitious father for the sole purpose of breaking records. They are called Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, LaToya, Marlon, Michael, Randy and Janet and are the children of Katherine and Joseph Jackson. On paper, their rise has everything to dream, a perfect American fairy tale. But all stories, even the most beautiful, have their shadows. And like all families, the Jackson have their secrets.

Michael is the hero, the undisputed star of the Jackson family. He was the greatest showman of the twentieth century, nicknamed "King of Pop". The story of Michael Jackson is certainly one of the most romantic of our time, in all that is most beautiful, but also more sad. In turn brilliant artist, Peter Pan fragile, tortured man. He was as much adulated as he was misunderstood. Many years have passed since the death of Michael Jackson and fans are still discovering new facets of his personality. Snatches of his life, hidden behind the walls of his magical Neverland castle, alongside his three children: Prince, Paris and Blanket, who grew up well. In France, we do not know them, but in the United States, they are already stars. Followed by millions of fans on social networks, and regularly in One of the biggest magazines. They are neither singers nor dancers, but follow in their own way the footprints of their father, their uncles and their aunts. They are the descendants of this incredible Jackson dynasty.

This film by Julie Robert and Vincent Attelé was directed by Julie Robert with the participation of:
• Amir.
• David Hallyday.
• Tal.
• Stéphane Boudsocq, journalist and biographer.
• Olivier Cachin, journalist and biographer.
• François Durpaire, historian of the United States.
• Azzedine Fall, deputy editor "Les Inrocks".
• Jackie Lombard, producer of Michael's concerts in France (1992-1997).
• Philippe Maneuver, journalist and biographer.
• Emilie Mazoyer, journalist "Europe 1".
• Cedric Perrier, manager of the group "The Jacksons".
• Catherine Schwaab, editor-in-chief "Paris Match".

France 4 will be partner of the exhibition "Michael Jackson: On The Wall" to be held in Paris from 23 November at the Grand Palais.

Source: France 4 / Billie Jean

How Michael Jackson Convinced Nile Rodgers To Return To The Studio. 27-08-'18

Nile RodgersKonbini, the next generation media that reaches nearly 60 million visitors a year in more than 30 countries, has published on its Facebook page an interview with Nile Rodgers, the famous guitarist of the Chic group who contributed to the title 'Money' from Michael Jackson for the album 'HIStory'.

If he had already described under what circumstances this participation in his autobiography 'C'est Chic' was released in 2011 at the Rue Fromentin editions, Nile Rodgers tell other touching anecdotes.

Nile Rodgers: We were very good friends. When I made this song for 'HIStory', I did not want to do it because I was in rehab at the time. I was being treated for addiction, and it lasted eight months.

I did not want to be in a recording studio anymore. I thought my musical career was over. Michael contacted me to say, "Nile, I want you to make a song." I told him, "I'm sorry Michael, I stopped."

"Why did you stop? So I explained to her that I was being treated for addiction and that I was part of a program. Not only you can not say no to Michael Jackson, but he did something wonderful for me.

There was this little girl who was dying of brain cancer and she contacted me to tell me that her last wish was to meet Michael Jackson. I did not know how he would react, but I called him anyway to say, "Michael, there's this little girl, she has a brain tumor, and can she meet you?"

He said to me, "Of course she can meet me. That was before I made the record. It was, you know, it was the beginning of Michael Jackson's solo career. I think it was his first solo concert. I took her to the concert. Michael Jackson went down in the audience, took us by the hand and he took us backstage.

When we returned to our seats, all the celebrities present on the spot came to her. Everyone, Mike Tyson gave him his watch. He said, "But who is this girl? And I explained to him, you know ... In America, we have an association called the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I told him that Make-A-Wish had called me and it was his wish.

I did not mean she was dying, you know ... Anyway, two or three days later she wrote me a letter. And I still have the letter, it's one of the most important letters in my archives.

She said, "Dear Mr Rodgers, I would like to thank you and Mr Jackson too. And I would especially like to thank God for giving me brain cancer. Because if I had not had this cancer, I would never have attended this concert that night. She died, I believe, two days later.

After that, my love for Michael went crazy. Remember, we knew each other when we were teenagers, we were already friends. But after he did that, I loved him and I could not refuse him anything. But if I continued to say no, he kept calling me back. I said no, he kept calling me back. Finally, I said, "Okay!"

I told him, "I am taking part in a program for drug addicts and I am afraid to go back to a recording studio. Because if I go back, they will believe that I want what I normally get. Which means, "Bring champagne, cocaine, call the girls ..." No, that's not what I want, I just want to play a song.

I told him, "I'm going to wait downstairs and then go upstairs to play it and when it's good, you tell me, and I go back home. When I played it, I realized I missed it. He wanted to chat with an old friend. When I finished playing, it took me ten minutes to do my part because he knew exactly what he wanted, I played it and it was over.

He said to me, "Can we talk? And we talked for almost three hours, and this is the last time I saw him.

Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

Brooklyn Loves Michael JacksonSpike Lee’s #BKlovesMJ Celebrated Michael Jackson In Style. 26-08-'18

Brooklyn Celebrated Michael Jackson in style thanks to Spike Lee’s Annual Michael Jackson Birthday Event.

Brooklyn loves Michael Jackson #BKLovesMJ was a huge success and a huge turn out with special guest like Reverend Al Sharpton.

The 8th Annual event took place yesterday (August 25) at Stuyvesant Ave. Between Lexington Ave. And Quincy Street, music from DJSpinna and plenty activities and of course Michael’s music!

Thank you Spike Lee for a great event and for celebrating the King of Pop’s Diamond Birthday!

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Hamburg Getting All Michael Jackson Diamond Celebration. 25-08-'18

This time it’s in Germany! Hamburg to be more precise!

A massive wall was painted in the colour of Michael Jackson to celebrate his Diamond Birthday with will take place on Wednesday 29!

The world is getting ready to celebrate the King of Pop!

HamburgA massive wall was painted in the colour of Michael Jackson to celebrate his Diamond Birthday.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Brian OxmanMichael Jackson's Former Lawyer Reveals Star's Demons. 25-08-'18

Tormented and tainted star Michael Jackson poured out his pain after police raided his fantasy home, telling a friend: “Neverland has been taken away from me.”

The King of Pop never recovered from the allegations of child abuse which followed the raid and led to his 2005 show trial.

Despite being cleared, his former lawyer and friend Brian Oxman today reveals how Jackson – who would have been 60 this week – was left a broken man.

Every aspect of his life was revealed to the world and he remained haunted by claims of abuse against several other boys.

Today, Oxman reveals Jackson’s demons and tells how the singer:
Turned to the Bible, felt he was persecuted like Jesus – and hated being called Wacko Jacko.
Wished he’d stayed married to Lisa Marie Presley.
Was in denial about his prescription drug addiction.
Made peace with his tyrant dad Joe, who beat him as a child.
Described being on stage as “making love to your audience”.

Oxman’s insight comes as Jackson’s family mark Wednesday’s milestone at a Las Vegas tribute.

The legal eagle – now a radio host – recalls Jackson’s misery after his ranch Neverland, in Santa Barbara, California, was raided in 2003. Cops found a hoard of dolls and pictures of nude boys.

Jackson faced court accused of abusing Gavin Arvizo, 13.

Oxman says: “Neverland was his escape from the world. He told me, ‘Neverland has been destroyed, Brian. It will never be home. I will never set foot in my bedroom again. Neverland has been taken away from me’.”

Guests there included the likes of Hollywood greats Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor.

Oxman adds: “Michael would say, ‘Hey Marlon, you cannot go anywhere in the world to experience this – only my house.’

“Marlon and him would sit at his table into the wee hours talking about Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Mae West and W.C. Fields.”

But everything changed after his trial. Oxman goes on: “It was the beginning of the end for him. He was cleared of every charge, but the damage was done mentally and physically. Michael lost his faith in people. He would ask, ‘Why would they do this to me? It is a witch-hunt’.”

The star died in June 2009 from a painkiller overdose. But Oxman says his pill hell began years earlier after burning his scalp while filming a Pepsi ad in 1984.

He then suffered chronic back and leg pain from performing.

Oxman adds: “I urged Michael to get help, but he was always like ‘Brian, I got it handled’. I said, ‘Your liver will give out, though’ and when I argued he would just say, ‘Don’t scare me, Brian’ and go quiet.

“But then he’d focus on my weight, saying ‘Don’t eat carbohydrates, don’t eat sugar. Don’t tell me I am addicted. You are 10 times more addicted than me’.”

Jackson’s dad Joe, 89, died in June – never forgiven by fans for dishing out beatings to a young Michael during his days with the Jackson 5.

But Oxman insists the pair had made their peace. He says: “Their relationship was far better than the world ever knew. He loved his dad and thanked God for him.

“He would tell me, ‘My dad is always there for me. When you are on stage, I rely on what I learned at 12 from my dad. And I cherish the day my father made me do these things’.”

Jackson was married twice – to Lisa Marie Presley, 50, and Debbie Rowe, 59, mum of two of his three kids.

Oxman reveals: “Michael was absolutely in love with Lisa Marie and she loved him. Anyone who claims it was an arranged marriage is talking nonsense. He’d say, ‘She understood me’ because she had been brought up in the microscope of the public eye with Elvis.

“After they split he confided, ‘I wish she was around now’. When I saw her after his funeral I told her Michael ‘wished things had worked out differently’ – and that she was in some way in his life.

“The way she reacted and cried, I knew they were in love.”

Jackson sold more than 750 million albums and Oxman says the star described performing as “making love to your audience”, adding: “He’d say you have to know the moment where your partner, your audience, is ready and you begin. He said, ‘There is no drug in the world that could compare’.”

But off stage, the star struggled to cope with the public’s perception of him. His looks changed drastically over the years after plastic surgery and skin lightening.

He was dubbed Wacko Jacko for his eccentric behaviour – he kept a chimpanzee named Bubbles, made his kids wear face veils and even dangled baby son Michael Jr over the fourth floor balcony of a Berlin hotel. Oxman explains: “Michael hated that nickname. He likened it to the way Jesus was treated. He found it hard to cope, but would read the Bible to learn about forgiveness.”

The lawyer last spoke to Jackson two months before his 'This Is It' comeback at London’s O2. The singer died the day after a stunning dress rehearsal.

Oxman says: “It’s amazing that a man with a swollen brain, bronchitis, pneumonia, sleep deprivation, a body packed with medication who was sicker than a dog delivered those performances.”

Had he lived, Oxman believes Jackson would now be a movie director. He tried to buy Marvel Entertainment in 2002 and Oxman says: “He wanted to run the studio, possibly appear as a villain. You could never doubt his understanding of showbusiness.”

Despite a dark side, no one could deny Jackson oozed showmanship. This week his family will attend Cirque du Soleil’s MJ ONE show in Las Vegas.

Fans believe it is a fitting tribute. And Oxman says: “He was the greatest entertainer in the world. Bottled up, it was just magic.”

Source: MSN / Billie Jean

Celebrate The King Of Pop’s Birthday With Michael Jackson: On The Wall At The National Portrait Gallery.

Michael Jackson: On The WallTo coincide with our landmark exhibition we’re planning a week of special offers and events to mark what would have been Michael Jackson’s Diamond birthday on August 29, 2018.

Throughout the week one hundred diamond tickets will be hidden across London. Each ticket will offer the lucky winner and up to five friends, free entry to Michael Jackson: On the Wall, and a copy of the 'Michael Jackson: A Celebration' book. Follow the gallery’s social media channels and #MJOntheWall for hints about the location of the tickets, as well as other prize giveaways.

On Michael Jackson’s birthday, Wednesday 29 August, visitors to the Gallery can enjoy:
•A special Jackson themed DJ set with resident DJ Eddie Otchere playing from 12.00 – 18.00. Can’t make it to the gallery? Then have a say on what we play by heading to the Gallery’s social media channels and voting for your favourite track.
•Those who can moonwalk their way to the ticket desk will also have the chance to win an exclusive limited edition On the Wall poster.
•Younger visitors can join in the fun and create their own Jackson inspired white glove in a free family activity running throughout the day.
•Head online to watch a Facebook live tour of the exhibition with Gallery Director and curator of the exhibition Dr Nicholas Cullinan.

Source: NPG.Org / Billie Jean

More Michael Jackson Items On Auctions. 24-08-'18

This time is the turn of Knaisz Auctions to sell more Michael Jackson items, personal items, memorabilia and so on.

The Auction will take place on September 16 at 2pm on the link at the bottom of this article.

Items from Neverland Ranch such as paper note pads, t-shirts, letters but also personal shirts, jackets, gloves, hats and shoes, everything and anything you can imagine including tour merchandise,signed items, promotional photos making a lot of 60 items which is also the name of the auction: “MJ60” in correlation with Michael Jackson Birthday.

MJ Memorabilia Knaisz Auctions has grown to become one of the industry's leading experts in Michael Jackson memorabilia.

Knaisz Auctions MJ60

Source: MJ Vibe / Knais zauctions / Billie Jean

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