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Michael JacksonA Happy Birthday For The Michael Jackson Business. 24-08-'18

With a Broadway musical on the way and a guest spot on one of the year’s biggest albums, the King of Pop’s legacy is proving lasting -- and lucrative.

When Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, the executors of his estate, John McClain and John Branca, felt that their No. 1 job "was to generate revenue, pay off debt and enhance Michael’s legacy as an artist, not the tabloid sensation," says Branca.

As the estate gears up to stage Michael Jackson’s Diamond Celebration in Las Vegas on Aug. 29, the day the King of Pop would have turned 60, Branca says that a series of recent deals both large and small are easily taking care of business. This summer, the estate picked up $287.5 million on what sources say was a $50,000 investment as part of the consortium that bought EMI Music Publishing in 2012. With that catalog now worth $4.75 billion, Sony, which owned nearly 30 percent of EMI, has agreed to buy out the estate’s 10 percent. Since Jackson put up about $17.5 million in equity and $30 million in debt to buy the ATV catalog for $47.5 million in 1985, the estate has earned nearly $1.6 billion on that investment, Billboard estimates.

Also, given that the estate owns Jackson’s master recordings as well as his publishing rights, Billboard calculates that it earns about $10 million in annual royalties from his recordings in the United States alone, not including synch deals or bonuses that may have been in his recording contracts. Worldwide, the estate earns an estimated $20 million to $25 million a year on the recordings.

Helping protect his legacy are initiatives such as the "On The Wall" exhibit at the National Gallery in London that recently opened. "Not everything we do is meant to pull in millions of dollars," says Branca, without commenting specifically on the exhibit. "Sometimes we do things because they are interesting and cool."

As for ventures that can accomplish both, a Broadway musical is in the works with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage and renowned ballet choreographer Christopher Wheeldon directing the production. (Cirque du Soleil’s The Immortal world tour and the Michael Jackson ONE tribute in Las Vegas are ongoing.) The estate is also gearing up to release limited-edition sneakers, after a Michael Jackson collection from skateboard brand Supreme immediately sold out earlier in 2018, according to sources. Jackson is also currently on the charts as a featured artist on Drake’s 'Don’t Matter To Me', which counts 107 million on-demand streams as part of the rapper’s blockbuster 'Scorpion' album, according to Nielsen Music.

All told, the estate’s executors have brought in over $2 billion since Jackson’s death, leaving the estate debt free and all paid up on taxes -- though a decision in a case prompted by an IRS lawsuit over the valuation ascribed to Jackson’s image and likeness is pending, sources say. For now, says Branca, "we’re trying to do things that are smart and tasteful."

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

Sony MusicSony Confesses To Releasing Fake Michael Jackson Music. 24-08-'18

In 2010, several songs were released that were said to be recorded by the late Michael Jackson. Four years later, one fan questioned the music’s validity, leading many to believe the music was fraudulent. Now, nearly three years after the scandal, Sony Music Entertainment has admitted to releasing and selling fake tunes by the late legend.

The fake songs reportedly appeared on the 2010 posthumous album 'Michael'. The songs in question include: 'Monster', 'Keep Your Head Up', and 'Breaking News'. In court documents obtained by Karen Civil, Vera Servoa – the fan who kick started the investigation into the fake MJ songs – filed a civil suit, accusing Jackson’s longtime friends Eddie Cascio, James Victor Porte, and his production company, Angelikson Productions LLC of creating and selling music through Sony and the Jackson estate.

Cascio and Porte initially claimed that the songs were recorded in Cascio’s basement in 2007. Serova and the Jackson family, contested those claims however. While the singles sounded similar to MJ’s sound, they said Michael never recorded them. Serova testified in the Los Angeles Superior Court that they were recorded by an impersonator named Jason Malachi.

Consequently, Sony Music Entertainment conceded in court, that it had released fake singles. It’s unclear if fans or Jackson’s estate will be awarded for the criminal behavior or whether there will be an monetary punishment for Sony.

Source: Vibe / Billie Jean

'The Picture Disc Collection' (Limited Numbered Edition) Box Set Is Released. 24-08-'18

The Picture Disc Collection (Limited Numbered Edition) Box Set Cover'The Picture Disc Collection' box set is released by Sony Music. All Michael Jackson’s albums on picture vinyl's (except 'Blood on the Dance Floor') and all can be found in a beautiful box set to celebrate Michael’s Birthday. The box set looks great with in totally 9 picture discs, individually numbered edition box set with number on the back.

In honor of Michael Jackson: The Diamond Celebration, 'The Picture Disc Collection' celebrates the everlasting legacy of The King Of Pop in one vinyl anthology! This limited edition box set features picture disc pressings of Michael’s core solo albums ('Off The Wall', 'Thriller', 'Bad', 'Dangerous', 'HIStory' and 'Invincible'), featuring original sleeve artwork and some additional unforgettable images – all packaged in a numbered box with lift-off lid.

Track lists:

Picture Disc1: Off The Wall (1979)
1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - 6:02
2. Rock With You - 3:38
3. Working Day And Night - 5:12
4. Get On The Floor - 4:44

1. Off The Wall - 4:04
2. Girlfriend - 3:04
3. She's Out Of My Life - 3:36
4. I Can't Help It - 4:24
5. It's The Falling In Love - 3:46
6. Burn This Disco Out - 3:38

Picture Disc 2: Thriller (1982)
1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - 6:02
2. Baby Be Mine - 4:20
3. The Girl Is Mine (with Paul McCartney) - 3:42
4. Thriller - 5:57

1. Beat It - 4:17
2. Billie Jean - 4:57
3. Human Nature - 4:05
4. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) - 3:58
5. The Lady In My Life - 4:57

Picture Disc 3: Bad (1987)
1. Bad - 4:06
2. The Way You Make Me Feel - 4:58
3. Speed Demon - 4:01
4. Liberian Girl - 3:52
5. Just Good Friends - 4:05

1. Another Part Of Me - 3:53
2. Man In The Mirror - 5:18
3. I Just Can't Stop Loving You - 4:23
4. Dirty Diana - 4:52
5. Smooth Criminal - 4:16




Picture Disc 5: HIStory (1995)
LP 1:
1. Scream (with Janet Jackson) - 4:38
2. They Don't Care About Us - 4:44
3. Stranger In Moscow - 5:44
4. This Time Around - 4:21

1. Earth Song - 6:46
2. D.S. - 4:49
3. Money - 4:41
4. Come Together - 4:02

LP 2:
1. You Are Not Alone - 5:45
2. Childhood (Theme From "Free Willy 2") - 4:28
3. Tabloid Junkie - 4:32
4. 2 Bad - 4:49

1. HIStory - 6:34
2. Little Susie - 6:13
3. Smile - 4:55

Picture Disc 6: Invincible (2001)
LP 1:
1. Unbreakable - 6:25
2. Heartbreaker - 5:10
3. Invincible - 4:45
4. Break Of Dawn - 5:32

1. Heaven Can Wait - 4:49
2. You Rock My World - 5:39
3. Butterflies - 4:40
4. Speechless - 3:18

LP 2:
1. 2000 Watts - 4:24
2. You Are My Life - 4:33
3. Privacy - 5:05
4. Don't Walk Away - 4:25

1. Cry - 5:01
2. The Lost Children - 4:00
3. Whatever Happens - 4:56
4. Threatened - 4:19

The Picture Disc Collection Box Set All Michael Jackson albums on picture discs in a nice box.

Record label: Epic/Sony
Series number: 19075872641
Printed: USA
Guide price: 155 €

Oder the box set here at michaeljackson.com.

Source: michaeljackson.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Catalogue Garners Major New Gold & Platinum Awards. 23-08-'18

21 songs and 3 albums from the King of Pop earn new certifications leading into Diamond Celebration of his birthday.

Washington/New York – A week before the worldwide Diamond Celebration of Michael Jackson’s birthday (August 29th), the popularity of the iconic artist and his extensive catalogue shows no sign of slowing down. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced today that 21 different songs and three albums, spanning Jackson’s career, have garnered major new Gold and Platinum certifications.

Some of Jackson’s more renown albums and songs are newly multi-Platinum, while other songs are earning Gold status for the first time, demonstrating the enduring interest in Jackson’s extensive catalogue. The new song awards mean that Michael Jackson enjoys 40 million cumulative digital singles certifications in the US.

“These new awards highlight the enduring legacy of Michael Jackson,” said Mitch Glazier, President, RIAA. “Michael’s music continues to be a dominant cultural force today. That’s a testament to his iconic music and to the team that astutely protects his legacy. As we celebrate 60 years of Gold and Platinum Awards this year, we are proud to recognize once again one of the program’s signature artists.”

“Michael Jackson’s music and short films continue to thrill fans and inspire artists all over the world. These new certifications are a testament to Michael’s continued legacy,” Richard Story, President CMG, Sony Music Entertainment.

“Michael’s music and spirit has proved exciting and relevant to each succeeding generation, and that is borne out by these tremendous numbers and the kinds of artists who gravitate to and are inspired by his music,“ noted John Branca and John McClain, the co-executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson.

RIAA21 songs and 3 albums from the King of Pop earn new certifications leading into Diamond Celebration of his birthday.

New Album Certifications:
•Dangerous 8x multi-Platinum
•History: Past, Present & Future Book 1 8x multi-Platinum
•The Essential Michael Jackson 4x multi-Platinum

New Song Certifications:
•Thriller 6x multi-Platinum
•Billie Jean 5x multi-Platinum
•Beat It 4x multi-Platinum
•Man In The Mirror 3x multi-Platinum
•Smooth Criminal 2x multi-Platinum
•Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough 3x multi-Platinum
•The Way You Make Me Feel 2x multi-Platinum
•P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) 2x multi-Platinum
•Black Or White 2x multi-Platinum
•Rock With You 2x multi-Platinum
•Bad Platinum
•Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ Platinum
•Dirty Diana Platinum
•Human Nature Platinum
•Remember The Time Platinum
•They Don’t Care About Us Gold
•You Rock My World Gold
•Will You Be There Platinum
•Hold My Hand Gold
•Earth Song Gold
•Off The Wall Platinum

Source: RIAA / Billie Jean

'The Ultimate Collector Book Volume III: Bad' Will Be Released In October. 23-08-'18

The Ultimate Collector Book Volume III: Bad CoverSixteen 11 Media Group is pleased to announce the release of 'The Ultimate Collector Book: Volume III – 'Bad' from 1987 to 1990 on October 3rd, exclusively to sixteen11.com, with pre-order beginning on Wednesday 23rd August 2018.

Released ahead of the Diamond Celebration of music legend Michael Jackson, the fourth instalment in the series focuses on the 'Bad' era, which is not only a fan favourite, but marks a unique turning point in Jackson’s career with regards to musical formats, product releases and Brand Michael Jackson.

Following on from the previous success of the 'Dangerous', 'HIStory' and 'Invincible' volumes, Volume III forms one of the biggest volumes in the series, offering collectors the most comprehensive compiling of 'Bad' era merchandise from 7” to CD Single, T-shirts to promo displays, every effort has been made by collectors Sebastian Mille & Fabrice Ancellet to ensure this volume includes as much as possible.

As a bonus, this volume also includes collectibles from Jackson’s 4D adventure with Disney, 'Captain EO' – Thanks in part to the inclusion of 'Another Part Of Me', which later ended up on the 'Bad' album.

The A4 paperback features over 650 pages of collectable's from the late 80s time period. Weighing almost 3kg, the book comes with full colour images, split in to specific chapters to allow for easy searching through the only catalogue of its kind for the era. Tick boxes and a full tabled index give collectors the opportunity to continue to grow their collections whilst marking of the items which they already possess. The much- enjoyed point’s system returns again, offering points for each unique item with the aim of revealing the type of collector the reader is.

Vocal Director and Backing Vocalist Dorian Holley who featured on Jackson’s Bad Tour as well as 'Dangerous', 'HIStory' and 'This Is It' offers a beautiful poem which forms the foreword for this volume. Author of ‘Off The Wall: From the Beginning, Brick by Brick’ and Iconic Magazine editor Pez Jax also returns to provide this volume’s historical introduction.

Published by independent media company, Sixteen11 ‘The Ultimate Collector Book Series’ will expand across seven volumes from the legendary 'Off The Wall' up to the present day; sharing collectable's from around the world with Jackson’s most hard-core and first time collectors.

Publisher: Sixteen 11 Media
Author: Sebastian Mille & Fabrice Ancellet
Pages: 650
Printed: ?
Guide price: 35,23 €

Order the book here at Sixteen11.

Source: Sixteen11 / Billie Jean

Iconic Magazine Celebrates Michael Jackson Diamond Birthday. 23-08-'18

Iconic Magazine is back with their latest issue (25) called “Diamond Celebration”!

It’s a Diamond Celebration! The Magic of Michael Jackson reaches a unique milestone this year and Iconic returns for its 25th issue to celebrate this momentous occasion!

Issue 25 has all the shimmer and sparkle of a sequin glove as whilst tilting our fedoras in tribute the man of the hour.

Highlights for Issue 25:
– Exclusive Interview with Dorian Holley, Vocal Director and Backing Vocalist
– Exclusive Interview with Eddie Garcia, Principle Dancer

Also Featured:
– Michael Jackson – The Diamond Celebration: A Timeline
– Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown – The Wiz in Retrospective
– More Than Just A Star To Me – Michael & Elizabeth: A Friendship
– When The World Went Bad – A Celebration of the Bad Tour
– But Michael Said – The Words and Actions of the Music

Plus the usual News, Collectors Reference, Say Say Say and much much more!

Iconic Magazine 25 Cover and Iconic Magazine Special #3 CoverIconic Magazine 25 cover and Iconic Magazine Special #3 cover.

Oder Iconic Magazine issue 25 here.

But this is NOT it! Iconic Magazine also released their Iconic Magazine Special #3 which is A Special Photobook Edition that features nothing but glorious images of Michael Jackson as we mark the Diamond Celebration. It’s a life in pictures and it’s limited edition!

Order Iconic Magazine Special #3 here.

What a beautiful way to celebrate Michael Jackson Diamond Birthday!

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

The Diamond CelebrationMichael Jackson's Birthday To Be Celebrated With Giant Crown. 23-08-'18

Michael Jackson's Diamond Birthday is set to be honoured with a giant crown, which will be installed at London's Southbank.

The late music icon - who passed away in 2009 - would have celebrated his diamond birthday on August 29, and to ring in the special day, Sony Music have collaborated with the Estate of Michael Jackson for a one day event which will see a giant diamond encrusted crown set up at London's iconic Southbank.

Fans will be able to see the 13ft feature - which is said to emulate the 'Thriller' singer's signature glamorous style and larger than life persona - on August 29 for just one day.

Michael died in 2009 and is one of the world's most beloved and influential artists.

To date Michael has sold 1 billion records worldwide, released 13 No.1 singles and become one of a handful of artists to be inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Guinness Book of World Records recognised Michael Jackson as the Most Successful Entertainer of All Time.

Birthday celebrations will also be taking place in Las Vegas, honouring the legendary performer and his continued importance and influence in music today.

The festivities will begin with a performance of Michael Jackson One by Cirque du Soleil, and will be followed by an after-party at Daylight Beach Club, both at Mandalay Bay.

At the event, the 'Beat It' star will be well represented by his family, with children Paris and Prince expected to attend, as well as brothers Jackie, Marlon and Tito.

The performer's influence is still growing today, with many contemporary artists taking inspiration from Michael.

Current chart-topping artists like Drake have featured Michael's vocals on their new releases, showing the continued relevance of the star.

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Mein Freund Michael – Der King of Pop Wird 60'Mein Freund Michael – Der King Of Pop Wird 60'. 23-08-'18

The documantary 'Mein Freund Michael – Der King Of Pop Wird 60' aired on VOX on Saturday 25 at 8:15 pm.

Michael Jackson touched millions of people around the world. When he dies unexpectedly at the age of only 50, many questions remain unanswered. Together with companions of the King of Pop, VOX sets out to search for traces in the life of the musician. Exclusive interviews and never-shown shots bring light into the darkness: how was Jackson off the limelight? What plans did he have for the future and why did he have to die so early?

With his music Michael Jackson broke records and touched millions of people around the world. When the 'King of Pop' dies unexpectedly in 2009 at the age of just 50, he not only leaves behind a bereaved family and his fans, but also many unanswered questions. Eccentric genius, loving father, sensitive person and questionable child friend - the artist was always considered a man full of contradictions.

On August 29, 2018, Michael Jackson would have been 60 years old. On this occasion VOX dedicates a documentary to him with 'My Friend Michael - The King Of Pop Turns 60' and, together with Jackson's companions, explores the life of the 13-time Grammy award-winner. From his childhood, through the most successful years, to his planned comeback and sudden death. In the documentation, all stages of life of the pop star are illuminated. VOX speaks with childhood friends, his former bodyguard and other people who have accompanied the King of Pop both professionally and privately. Michael Jackson's German friend Dieter Wiesner was as close as anyone else for ten years. He was the manager of the pop star and later became one of the closest confidants. Scandals as well as moments of private happiness and great sadness: Wiesner holds Michael Jackson in his arms when he cries. With him, the superstar can show how he really is. For the first time on German television Wiesner opens his well-kept private archive with previously unpublished videos, audio recordings and memorabilia of the mysterious pop icon.

The VOX documentary provides answers to the unanswered questions from the life of the King of Pop. Especially his last weeks give the world this puzzle: Why did Michael Jackson agreed to 50 comeback concerts for which he actually had no strength? Why could no one protect him and what happened in the last days before his death? His family makes some serious allegations. Companions of the musician report that Michael Jackson sent several desperate cries for help to friends - a few days later, the King of Pop is dead. With him die also his wishes, which he had for his own future. What did his plans look like? Dieter Wiesner reveals details and travels to the USA for a heart mission nine years after Jackson's death, where he does his utmost in the name of Michael's mother Katherine.

The VOX documentary provides answers to the unanswered questions from the life of the King of Pop. Especially his last weeks give the world this puzzle: Why did Michael Jackson agreed to 50 comeback concerts for which he actually had no strength? Why could no one protect him and what happened in the last days before his death? His family makes some serious allegations. Companions of the musician report that Michael Jackson sent several desperate cries for help to friends - a few days later, the King of Pop is dead. With him die also his wishes, which he had for his own future. What did his plans look like? Dieter Wiesner reveals details and travels to the United States for a heart mission nine years after Jackson's death, where, on behalf of Michael's mother Katherine, he does his utmost to fulfill the King of Pop's last wish...

Source: VOX / Billie Jean

Today FMMichael Jackson LIVE: For One Night Only On Today FM 80's. 22-08-'18

Today FM 80's will be streaming Michael Jackson Live for one night only on Friday 24!

For One Night Only on Today FM 80's:
Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers of the last 50 years, some would say the greatest. A master of song, dance, and visual arts, he was a humanitarian & environmentalist also. If you were listening to music in the 80's, Michael Jackson was inescapable. He was the first artist of colour to be played on MTV, breaking down barriers for those who would follow. Michael was a true showman in concert, with stunning visual set pieces aplenty. Each song was a theatrical experience and as a result, he only ever performed 14 to 15 tracks in a set. Fans would never get to hear every hit they desired.

This Friday Today FM 80's has tried to remedy this and we proudly present Michael Jackson LIVE For One Night Only – The Ultimate Setlist Experience. We’ve stitched together performances from across Michael’s career to present a seamless live experience. All you need to do is sit back, grab your crotch, bend your knees, get up on your tip toes and turn up your Today FM app.

Source: Today FM / Billie Jean

New Hearing Regarding The Complaint About The 3 Cascio Titles Of The Album 'Michael'. 22-08-'18

Following the complaint of Vera Serova, on June 12, 2014 against Sony Music Entertainment, John Branca, Edward Joseph Cascio, James Victor Door, MJJ Productions, Inc. and Angelikson Productions LLC for violation of consumers, violation of the law on unfair competition and fraud about Cascio titles on the album 'Michael', a new hearing was held yesterday (August 21) in Los Angeles.

The lawyers for Vera Serova and Sony Music have each in turn argued on whether the wording on the cover of the album and television commercials should or should not be considered a "commercial" speech.

For the purposes of the argument, Sony again conceded that the songs were fakes, not sung by Michael Jackson, but by an imitator, but they did not know it at the end of the album. Sony also conceded that the sale of the songs had indeed harmed consumers.

It is now up to the three judges present at the hearing to collectively make a decision as to whether Sony engaged in a commercial or non-commercial speech by stating that Michael Jackson was the singer of those songs.

Branca and CascioNew hearing regarding the complaint about the 3 Cascio titles of the album 'Michael'.

In the unlikely event that the court rules that it was a non-commercial speech, Sony and the Estate would not be held responsible. The fraudulent part of the case against Cascio, Porte and Angelikson would continue anyway.

The court has 90 days to render its decision. Generally, these decisions are made in one or two weeks.

Sony's lawyers have also stated that, regardless of the outcome of the decision regarding Sony's speech, Vera Serova's fraud case against Cascio & Porte will still be valid because they are the ones who created the false songs and lied to Sony in providing them.

A hearing was held to find out whether Sony should remain in the trial or not. They argued that, by law, they did nothing wrong. The last time they made this argument, the judge did not like it, but they are legally entitled to do so.

The court will decide if the album cover and television commercials are commercial or non-commercial speeches. If they are judged as commercial, Sony and the Estate would remain charged. Otherwise, they would be removed from the trial. It would be a major shock if the album cover and television advertising were considered non-commercial speeches.

To be continued…

Source: MJ France / A Truth Untold / Billie Jean

Jennifer Lopez Was Honored With The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. 21-08-'18

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez was honored yesterday (August 20) with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award during MTV Video Music Awards.

Jennifer Lopez championed the merits of hard work in her speech for the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. The singer thanked her family, video directors and career mentors throughout the lengthy segment, emphasizing how the award represents a marking point in her varied career.

“I grew up on MTV,” she said. “And this is really, like, a tremendous honor for me. It has been an incredible journey of dreaming my wildest dreams and then kinda watching them come true. Music, acting, performing – this career has always been kind of an obsession for me. When people have said, ‘You’re doing too much – you can only do one thing’ … I always had it in my mind. I was always a person who was like, ‘Why not?’ I kinda had to forge my own path and make my own rules. I was obsessed like that.”

Earlier in the ceremony, Lopez performed a medley of her most famous singles, including 'Jenny From The Block', 'All I Have', 'Waiting For Tonight' and 'Love Don’t Cost A Thing'.

Lopez earned two VMA nominations, Best Collaboration and Best Latin, for her 'Dinero' video featuring Cardi B and DJ Khaled. That track marks Lopez’s fourth single of 2018, following the Skrillex collaboration “Us” and Spanish-language cuts “El Anillo” and “Se Acabó el Amor.”

Cardi B leads all artists with 10 total nominations at the 2018 VMA's, including Best New Artist, Best Collaboration (Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” remix) and Video, Song and Artist of the Year.

Source: Rolling Stone / Billie Jean

This Is It & Moonwalker'This Is It' & 'Moonwalker' Back To Back In Ireland. 21-08-'18

Join us to celebrate Michael Jackson's 60th Birthday with a special screening of 'This Is It' followed by a late night screening for 'Moonwalker'.

'This Is It' - Doors 7.30
Screening 8pm

'Moonwalker' - Doors 10.30pm - late

Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' will offer Jackson fans and music lovers worldwide a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the performer as he developed, created and rehearsed for his sold-out concerts that would have taken place beginning this summer in London's O2 Arena.

Chronicling the months from March through June, 2009, the film is produced with the full support of the Estate of Michael Jackson and drawn from more than one hundred hours of behind-the-scenes footage, featuring Jackson rehearsing a number of his songs for the show. Audiences will be given a privileged and private look at Jackson as he has never been seen before. In raw and candid detail, Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' captures the singer, dancer, filmmaker, architect, creative genius, and great artist at work as he creates and perfects his final show.

Source: The Sugar Club / Billie Jean

'Moonwalker' To Be Screened In Germany For Michael’s Birthday. 21-08-'18

After the announcement of BFI in London screening 'Moonwalker' on August 29, some cinemas in Spain, it’s Germany’s turn to get 'Moonwalker' on the big screen to celebrate Michael Jackson’s Diamond Birthday!

Cinemaxx, a chain of cinemas in Germany just announced the movie will be played at few different branches across Germany to celebrate the King of Pop!

The participating CinemaxX cinemas are: Augsburg, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Dresden, Freiburg, Göttingen, Hamburg-Harburg, Hanover, Heilbronn, Kiel, Krefeld, Mülheim, Munich, Offenbach, Oldenburg, Regensburg, Sindelfingen, Stuttgart-Liederhalle, Stuttgart SI Centrum, Trier, Wuppertal.

Moonwalker'Moonwalker' movie makes its debut in Japanese theatres in October 1988.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

The Bad Singles Collection Book Cover'The Bad Singles Collection' (Limited Edition) Book Is Released. 20-08-'18

A 100% Jackson Publishing House? Since today, it truly exists and officially announces the launch of its collection "Jackson Collector Book Series", specifically devoted to collectors of Michael Jackson and his family.

This publishing house is called the "Chronica Editions" and unveils the imminent launch of his new book 'The Bad singles collection' which, as the name suggests focuses on all the pressing of the singles of the album 'Bad'.

This original book, written by the collector Gilles Moris and Christophe Charlot MJ Backstage, intends to reference all the pressings out all over the world and to detail a significant number with explanatory texts, photos and references. From Japan to Costa Rica, via Brazil, Turkey and Zimbabwe (truthfully :-), the releases of the singles of 'Bad' will have absolutely no secrets for the fans. Everything, not without a touch of humor that makes this book pleasant to read and totally unique.

'The Bad Singles Collection' is released in A5 deluxe format, with thick hardback cover. And especially, limited edition of only 777 copies. Yes: 777 copies (remember something?) That are completely exclusive and will not be sold in bookstores. Available exclusively on the web!

The book 'The Bad Singles Collection' precedes a series of books, of a new genre, devoted to Michael's collectors. Indeed, the micro-publishing house Chronica opened to several authors who will publish, as and when, the fruit of their work in the Collection "Jacksons Collector Books Series".

For the most discerning fans, the name of Editions Chronica is probably familiar to them. Indeed, Editions Chronica is responsible for the release of the hit travel guides 'In The Footsteps Of Michael Jackson' (2014) and his English version 'Traveling With A King' (2015).

Now the micro-publishing house structures its approach in two collections dedicated to Michael Jackson; "Travel" and "Collectors". The micro-structure wants to allow the fans carrying a project Jackson to realize it. While offering fans qualitative books, made by enthusiasts, in the respect of the artist and the man. This is the promise of Editions Chronica that prepares many surprises.

Publisher: Editions Chronica
Author: Gilles Moris & Christophe Charlot
Pages: 118
Printed: France
Guide price: 26 €

Order the book here at Chronica.

Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Is No Longer The Best Selling Album Of All Time. 20-08-'18

Thriller Album CoverThe Eagles greatest hits album has moonwalked past Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller' to become history’s best-selling album of all-time.

The Recording Industry Association of America told The Associated Press on Monday that the Eagles album — 'Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975' — is now certified 38x platinum, which means sales and streams of the album have reached 38 million copies.

The album was released in 1976 and pushes Jackson’s 'Thriller', which is 33x platinum, to second place.

RIAA also said that the Eagles 'Hotel California', released in 1977, is now 26x platinum and makes it the third best-selling album of all-time.

The last time RIAA tallied sales for the Eagles greatest hits album was in 2006, when it said it was 29x platinum. Sales and streams for 'Thriller' were last updated last year.

“We are grateful for our families, our management, our crew, the people at radio and, most of all, the loyal fans who have stuck with us through the ups and downs of 46 years. It’s been quite a ride,” Don Henley said in a statement.

RIAA’s platinum status was once equivalent to selling one million albums or songs, but in 2013 the company began incorporating streaming from YouTube, Spotify and other digital music services to determine certification for albums and songs.

Now 1,500 streams of an album is equivalent to an album sale. Also, 10 song downloads = 1 album sale.

But not all is lost! With Michael Jackson’s Birthday coming up and also Halloween around the corner, fans and general public will for sure play/listen/buy the famous album in mass as they always do!

If you feel to bring 'Thriller' at the top of the list (in the US that is – for those who managed to read up to hear LOL), you can either stream the album as much as you can or buy the album (again and again) at your nearest music store or on Michael Jackson website!

Source: USA Today / RIAA / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson To Receive A Big Cheque From Sony Thanks To Spotify. 20-08-'18

Spotif Shares SaleSony starts distributing $750m to artists from Spotify shares sale.

Sony Music has begun to distribute the $750 million in profit it collected from the April sale of 50% of its Spotify shares to the artists and distributed labels, Variety has confirmed. All payment is expected to reach the parties by the end of August.

Sony held .57% of Spotify’s stock when the streaming service went public.

It still owns 862 million worth of Spotify stock. But as its stake is below 5%, it is no longer obliged to divulge if it sells any more stock.

The monies to artists and labels are a straight-out gift, and will not be considered as part of recouped earnings.

Sony has also worked out that certain producers and guests on records are also entitled to some of the money as they helped generate billions of dollars of sales for Sony through the years.

The payments will be divvied up based on the contract deals the major has with artists and distributed labels, and based on a percentage of their earnings (and contributions to the Sony balance sheet) in the past ten years.

This is the period during which Sony held those stocks.

It would seem that Adele who has sold over 100 million records for Sony overseas – in Australia she was until recently with the local indie Remote Control – will benefit greatly from the “Spotify windfall”.

Those with steady catalogue sales as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson’s estate would also be getting hefty cheque's by the end of August.

It is unknown how much the Estate of Michael Jackson will receive from this give away, but nice little present & perfect timing for Michael Jackson’s Birthday!

Artist managers and labels told Variety that the decision to split the money was totally voluntary and that Sony was not under obligations.

They attribute the gesture to CEO Rob Stringer who is described as “a very stand-up guy, and a guy who does the right thing and is very earnest and he’s taking care of artists,” according to Maverick’s Larry Rudolph, whose management clients include Britney Spears, Aerosmith and Pitbull.

He added about the windfall: “It’s a completely voluntary payment. In other words, had Sony not done this, nobody really could have complained.

“Theoretically, Sony got this equity on its own. But of course, they’ve recognized the fact that they couldn’t have gotten it but for the artists.

“They made a wonderful decision to voluntarily share the wealth, which is rare in the music industry. So, I commend them highly on their decision.”

Analysts say that Sony’s share split is more generous than the method that Warner Music used.

Universal Music Group, which holds $1 billion in Spotify profit from its 3.5% share, has not made public any of its plans.

An earlier statement emphasised: “UMG’s approach to sharing with artists any proceeds of an equity sale also applies to distributed artists and labels, consistent with the terms of their agreements with UMG.”

Source: The Music Network / Billie Jean

'Captain EO' Rough Cut Leaks: A New Look At Michael Jackson’s Disney Classic. 19-08-'18

Captain EO DVD Cover'Captain EO' was first introduced to Disney theme parks in 1986, and it was a hit right from the start. In addition to the talents of Michael Jackson, the 3D film was produced by 'Star Wars' creator George Lucas and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. 'Captain EO' was originally shown at Disneyland and Disney World from 1986 to 1996, and then made a return after Michael Jackson passed away in 2009. The movie has captured the imaginations of countless parkgoers over the years and now a new rough cut has surfaced online, providing a very different look at the iconic sci-fi musical.

The newly leaked video shows 'Captain EO' before it was finished. Most of the special effects have not been added and the voices used are the scratch tracks. If you listen closely, you can even hear someone off camera giving directions to the puppeteers. Since the special effects have yet to be added, early models and concept art are provided instead, painting a pretty specific image of what the final film would consist of.

The 'Captain EO' rough features Michael Jackson songs 'We Are Here To Change The World' as well as 'Another Part Of Me', which are in finished form. However, James Horner’s original score is not in place yet. Instead, instrumental cuts of Michael Jackson’s music are spliced in for transition sequences. It’s pretty cool to see the final battle without the use of the special effects, as it puts the focus on some pretty amazing makeup skills that were utilized for the villains, most notably Anjelica Huston’s Supreme Leader character.

The rough 'Captain EO' cut also features some pretty big differences, even without taking the special effects into consideration. The transformation of the Supreme Leader is noticeably different from the final cut and the communication set up with Commander Bog is also radically different from what fans saw on the big screen. In addition, some of the instrumental music provided during the cut scenes are unreleased pieces of Michael Jackson music, which have surfaced over the years on bootleg recordings. One of the cooler bits of unreleased footage comes at the end when the newly transformed Supreme Leader knights 'Captain EO'. As an added bonus, instead of the ship taking off at the end, the planet turns back into a greener world, using footage from 'Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan'.

As with most rough cuts, the 'Captain EO' footage is a fascinating peek behind-the-scenes. The footage gives viewers an insight as to what went on to make the groundbreaking 3D experience a reality. Michael Jackson was at the top of his creative game and George Lucas was fresh off of 'Return Of The Jedi' when 'Captain EO' began to take shape. You can check out the newly leaked rough cut of 'Captain EO' below, thanks to Walt Disney World News Today.


Today, the future of 'Captain EO' is in jeopardy due to the current lawsuit between the Michael Jackson Estate and Disney about the ABC documentary on Michael Jackson using unlicensed imagery and music of the King of Pop.

Until both entities come to an agreement, 'Captain EO' is unlikely to come back in the parks or even to get a DVD/Blu-ray soon. Fans [Michael Jackson Fans and Disney Fans] around the world have been campaigning to get the 3D short film on a home format!

Talks started few years ago to bring 'Captain EO' into the “Infinity” world. We guess those talks have now ended abruptly!

Source: Movieweb / Billie Jean

MJ Global Birthday Party 2018MJ Global Birthday Party 2018. 17-08-'18

‘The Michael Jackson Global Birthday Party’ is a yearly themed event where fans can “meet up” online on Michael’s birthday each year, on the 29th August. The 60th birthday theme this year is…’Thrillered!’

MJFFC are holding their annual #MJGBP event online, so there is now always a place you can visit and hangout with like-minded MJ fans just like you. The events are perfect for those fans that are not able to make it to a birthday related event in person.

As usual there will be a moderated chatroom and live MJ music, but also this year instead of live video broadcasts, you will be able to post videos publicly from your favourite social networks.

If you would like to record a birthday video message for Michael for this special 60th birthday celebration, be sure to make your video public and tag it with the hashtag #MJGBPVIDEO. This way it will appear in our moderated video message stream on their website.

Thank you all as we look forward to seeing your great MJ fan tributes!

Source: MJFFC / MJWN / Billie Jean

Jalles FrancaThe King Of Pop Reigns In MJ Live. 17-08-'18

If there were a way to measure Michael Jackson’s continuing popularity nine years after his passing, the atmosphere on any given night at MJ Live is a good indication. Nearly every seat is filled inside the Stratosphere Theater, with children decked out in fedoras and spangled gloves dancing next to their parents’ tables. The audience is assured in a video introduction that they’re attending a performance of “the No. 1 Michael Jackson show in the world,” a statement that sets the bar high in a city closely associated with the King of Pop.

MJ Live offers fans their own personal Neverland for an evening, and from the opening snatches of 'Dangerous' that launch the show, most everyone is enthralled and smiling. It’s almost as if the idea of Jackson is enough to make people happy, but it’s up to entertainers such as Jalles Franca, the MJ one recent night, to inhabit Jackson’s persona—from several eras—and sustain the illusion. By the time Franca is in full effect and the three-piece band is rocking out on 'Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, the indication from the crowd response is that the fans on hand are impressed and willing to suspend disbelief.

There’s definitely no other show in Las Vegas where a singer decked out like his Bad-era, leather-bound hero does Jackson-style dance moves in such close proximity to the folks at the front tables. Eight backup dancers, four male and four female, heighten the excitement with precision choreography and thematic synchronicity to songs such as 'Dirty Diana' and 'Black Or White'. A live drummer, guitarist and keyboardist re-create Jackson’s music on stage, giving the show an organic feel that a prerecorded soundtrack wouldn’t provide.

While Franca thanks the audience profusely for the existence of the show, the pressure is on for he and his fellow MJ's to maintain the momentum. Jackson’s dance moves must be executed convincingly, as must his emotive deliveries from non-dance tracks such as 'She’s Out Of My Life' and 'Human Nature'. Oversized afros are donned as MJ Live transports back to the Jackson 5 years for 'ABC' and ’I'll Be There', while gangster wear and zombie attire mark 'Smooth Criminal' and “Thriller,” respectively. Franca’s homage to Jackson’s gravity-defying lean is a highlight, garnering gasps from the crowd.

Reactions can be so enthusiastic that it seems as if some people on hand came to Las Vegas mainly for a Michael Jackson tribute. The Stratosphere offers an MJ Live “Thrill Package” that includes a buffet visit and a thrill ride at the top of the casino-hotel’s tower, but for many visitors there’s enough thrill in seeing 'Man In The Mirror' and 'Billie Jean' re-created live, fronted by performers that both move the crowd and move through the crowd. Jackson’s spirit is alive and well at MJ Live, where his popularity remains as strong as ever.

Stratosphere, 7 p.m. daily, $59.95-$97.56 VIP booth plus tax and fee. 702.380.7777

Source: Las Vegas Magazine / Billie Jean

The Prices Of 'The Picture Disc Collection' Box Set Have Been Readjusted. 15-08-'18

Following our July 20 news about the August 24 release of all Picture Discs from Michael Jackson's albums, there was a big price difference between the sale of these products via Michael Jackson's official website in the US and the one in Europe.

MJ France, and certainly other fan sites had then written to officials to raise this difference in price.

Today, these prices have been readjusted and this is how the price of the box set 'The Picture Disc Collection' announced at 215 € + shipping is now readjusted to 155 € + shipping.

For their part, the price of single Picture Discs increased from € 34 to € 23 for singles and from € 62 to € 31 for doubles.

All, for sale and already pre-order on the MJ Store official website of Michael Jackson.

The Picture Disc Collection (Limited Numbered Edition) Box SetAll Michael Jackson albums on picture discs in a nice box.

Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

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