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Quincy Jones Tapped For Michael Jackson, 'Man In The Mirror' Tribute Concert. 17-01-'18

Quincy JonesQuincy Jones will appear at a special concert celebrating the 30th anniversary of Michael Jackson's hit song, 'Man In The Mirror', set to stream live on YouTube January 19th at 7 p.m. PST.

The show will feature reinterpretations of 'Man In The Mirror' from several artists, including the song's co-writer Siedah Garrett (who also provided background vocals on the original) and the Myron McKinley jazz trio. McKinley's Earth, Wind and Fire bandmates, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson, are also set to appear at the event.

YouTube is hosting the concert with Korean music label SM, and the show will available on SM's YouTube channel.

SM also unveiled a new duet version of 'Man In The Mirror' that features Garrett and K-pop star BoA sharing vocal duties over a pristine arrangement from McKinley that builds to a chilling, gospel-tinged finale.

Source: Rolling Stone / Billie Jean

'Michael Jackson: United Kingdom Discography – Vinyl Records' (1972-2014) Book. 17-01-'18

Michael Jackson: United Kingdom Discography – Vinyl Records (1972-2014) Book CoverA new book is released on January 10th in the UK by publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and it is all about Michael Jackson’s vinyl's from America between 1972 and 2014.

The book is just over 390 pages and has around 300 items. Just like the 'Ultimate Collector Book Series', but only for vinyl's from England.

Michael Jackson book. vinyl records full-color discography +1500 Images + 390 pages, lp's, singles 7" & 12". Images of front and back covers and A/B side labels of every Record. Discography edited in United Kingdom by Motown / Epic (1972 - 2014). A full-color guide for everyone. A consultation for those who want to remember or who are beginning to know the best artist of all time: The King of Pop. Welcome to: 'Michael Jackson: United States' Enjoy Juan Carlos Irigoyen Pérez.

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Juan Carlos Irigoyen Pérez
Pages: 390
ISBN: 978-1983738227
Printed: UK
Guide price: 83 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Documentary Lawsuit Moves Toward Trial. 12-01-'18

Michael Jackson's estate is one step closer to trial in a dispute over a documentary called 'Michael: The Last Photo Shoots'.

Noval Williams Films in 2014 sued John Branca and John McClain, the executors of Jackson's estate, seeking a declaration that the documentary doesn't infringe the copyright in photos and video of the late King of Pop.

U.S. District Judge Paul Crotty denied the executors' motion for summary judgment, as well as Noval's cross-motion for partial summary judgment, finding there are numerous factual disputes in the case — including one over who actually owns video footage of Jackson taken during Vogue and Ebony photo shoots.

According to Crotty's decision, Novel claims the footage was initially owned by Hasaun Muhammad but was subsequently transferred to Craig J. Williams and then Bonaventura Films. Bonaventura granted Noval an exclusive license to use it. Meanwhile, Jackson's estate maintains that it is the owner of the footage because Muhammad agreed that he wouldn't exploit it without Jackson's consent.

Ebony Magazine Photoshoot
Michael attends a photoshoot for the upcoming cover of 'Ebony' magazine at the Brooklyn museum in Brooklyn, New York, with photographer Matthew Rolston.

"Since Jackson is deceased, the only living person with direct information on the ownership is Muhammad," writes Crotty. "But Muhammad has proven to be more elusive than a phantom."

The court found that the estate hasn't sufficiently proved its ownership of the copyrights and Noval hasn't established definitively that the estate doesn't own the rights, so the issue should be presented to a jury. Further, Crotty held that Noval failed to prove the estate's counterclaim for copyright infringement is barred by the statute of limitations and that the documentary's use of the photos is protected by fair use.

Crotty also granted a motion to strike affidavits from Muhammad and Michael Williams, finding that the men are elusive and the court is unconvinced either of them will be available to testify.

Source: Hollywood Reporter / Billie Jean

A Michael Jackson Peter Pan Theme Park Almost Existed. 12-01-'18

Remember the 90's? It was a golden age where almost anything was possible, including a Michael Jackson Peter Pan theme park. Jackson commissioned a Disneyland-like theme park that was entirely devoted to Peter Pan, and several designs were drawn up, but the idea eventually faded away. More details on the Michael Jackson Peter Pan theme park are below.

It’s safe to say that the late Michael Jackson had an obsession with the story of Peter Pan. He named his sprawling home Neverland Ranch, and for a while he very much wanted to play Peter Pan in the film that would eventually become Steven Spielberg’s 'Hook'. Jackson was hoping for a film that remained true to the original Peter Pan story, and when he learned that Spielberg was making something much different – a film about an adult Peter Pan who forget his childhood adventures – Jackson passed (unless you want to believe the wild and almost certainly apocryphal tory that Spielberg actually turned Jackson down, which lead to Jackson hiring a “witch doctor” to put a curse on the director).

Peter Pan
Jackson commissioned a Disneyland-like theme park that was entirely devoted to Peter Pan.

But that’s not all: Jackson went so far as to try to have a Disney-sized theme park built that would bring the world of Peter Pan to live. Disney and More has the story, along with some surprisingly great concept art that show the park could’ve been rather magical if it had all worked out. Per Disney and More, in 1997, Jackson and Prince Al-Waleed, Disneyland Paris’ biggest private stock-holder, created a company called Kingdom Entertainment. Jackson then asked Landmark if they could design a Peter Pan/Neverland theme park – not just for Jackson personally, but for anyone to attend.

Landmark got to work, and drew up designs that included an entrance that resembled London, and then guests would jump on a ride that “flew” them to the jungles and lagoons of Neverland. Per Disney and More, “[G]uests would have sat on a platform which would have turned down on a 50 degrees angle, a bit less than on the “flying” coasters, and the movie would have been projected on a huge Omnimax dome located under the platform, giving to the guests the illusion of flying over London and Neverland.”

The park contained plenty of boat rides, roller coasters and even a stage for a live show. Head over to Disney and More to see a wealth of imagery, all of which points to a neat-looking theme park. But what happened? Why did this Michael Jackson Peter Pan theme park never get off the ground? Jackson and Prince Al-Waleed eventually ended their association, and everyone seemingly decided at once that the cost to built the park would be astronomical.

Source: Slash FM / Billie Jean

Interview With The Urban Explorers Who Sneaked Into Jackson's Abandoned Neverland Ranch. 08-01-'18

Neverland RanchBefore Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch became a controversial place it was a place of wonder, with its own zoo, amusement park rides, and two trains, not to mention Michael's magical 13,000 sq. ft. mansion.

The 3,000 acre Ranch was worth an estimated $100 million dollars before Michael abandoned the property after it was searched by police officers during the People V. Jackson trial back in 2003, and in 2006 the property went into foreclosure.

Michael left most of his stuff behind when he abandoned the property, and all that stuff plus the strange and sordid history of the place made Neverland Ranch a very enticing place for urban explorers to visit.

Four such urban explorers (nicknamed after the TMNT by VICE) broke in to the place repeatedly between December 2007 and March 2008, and the stuff they found there really adds to the MJ mystique:

Donatello: The other thing was that he collected memorabilia that had him on it, he had Pepsi bottles and books and other promotional material in boxes. He also had stacks and stacks of fan mail, and one of the ones that really grabbed me was some fan had drawn the prosecuting attorney of his molestation case with devil's horns. That was just laying on a tabletop – maybe a Pac-Man table?

Raphael: You were reading his fan mail?
Donatello: We were flipping through some of it.

Raphael: One thing that really sticks out in my memory was drinking his grape soda from that walk-in kitchen storage area and then very carefully wiping the fingerprints off the bottle and hiding it in the bushes.

Was it actual grape soda?
Raphael: Yeah! It was actual grape soda! In the kitchen there was this "Children of the World" menu. Everything in there was geared toward children. I'm not sure he had any, but...

He did.
Raphael: Having that menu there, on a permanently printed chalkboard it had peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches and macaroni and cheese or something, that sticks out in my mind. The general strange hodgepodge of s#%t that he had bought that didn't have any relation to his house. His entire house was filled with these really expensive looking one-off random, semi-artistic things.

Source: Neatorama / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Wanted To Play Spider-Man So Badly, He Almost Bought Marvel. 05-01-'18

Spider ManTry to absorb this for a sec: Late pop icon Michael Jackson once wanted to star in his own Spider-Man movie, and he was ready to buy Marvel to do it.

Stan Lee revealed the Gloved One's interest years ago just after the singer died, but it seems the story of Jackson's crazy plan was long buried under the usual avalanche of other superhero fan news.

The Telegraph reported that Lee opened up about Jackson's ambitions at a 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. He'd been visiting Jackson's Neverland Ranch, he said, and "He wanted to do Spider-Man."  

"I'm not sure whether he just wanted to produce it," Lee continued, "or wanted to play the role. Our conversation never got that far along." In the brief video interview below he expands on the story—and at the end there's a hilarious animation of Jackson and Spider-Man doing dance moves from the 'Billie Jean' video side-by-side.


Lee went onto say that he suspected Jackson would've taken the role if offered. That wasn't the end of the his revelations. He and Jackson had once planned to pool their resources and buy Marvel. They "met a number of times," Lee reportedly said. "In fact, he (Jackson) came to my house once with his son, and I remember my wife took care of his son for about an hour while Michael and I were talking."

The King of Pop was a passionate fan of other superheroes in addition to Spider-Man.

In early 2017, 'X-Men' screenwriter David Hayter told The Hollywood Reporter that Michael Jackson came in during the casting of Professor X—the role that went to Patrick Stewart. "It was amazing," Hayter said.

We're really not sure "amazing" is the word we'd use had Jackson managed to get either role. "Bizarre," maybe?

Either way there would've been plenty of fans in the theaters, about half of them wearing a single glove like their idol.

Source: Maxim / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s ‘Moonwalker’ Is Streaming In HD On Amazon Prime! 05-01-'18

MoonwalkerThe Michael Jackson estate is a confusing one, not to mention quiet. They rarely announce plans for anything, quietly dropping surprise bombs such as this past October’s Halloween compilation 'Scream' and sending a restored 3-D version of 'Thriller' to film festivals (we still don’t have a release date). Thankfully, not all things Michael Jackson are in their control, which is probably why his legendary Moonwalker randomly appeared on Amazon Prime’s streaming service.

If you haven’t buckled down and picked up the import by now, Moonwalk over to Amazon where you can stream the 1988 masterpiece in full HD!

If you haven’t seen yet, Moonwalker combines Michael Jackson’s greatest videos with rare clips from his early days in the Jackson 5 and live concert and Grammy performances. But that’s all just to whet the palette. Also included is a wild adventure film written by Jackson himself, allowing a rare and unique glimpse into the creative mind of this musical genius.

Look for cameo appearances by Joe Pesci, Mick Jagger, Sean Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor and others!

Pesci is 'Moonwalker‘s antagonist, a ruthless drug dealer named Mr. Big who is also responsible for kidnapping children. Only, a robot Michael Jackson stands in his path…

As an added bonus, the movie includes the famous 'Smooth Criminal' music video in which Jackson shocked the world with his magician-like anti-gravity “lean” move. One warning: beware of spiders.

Watch here at Amazon Prime!

Source: Bloody Disgusting / Billie Jean

Manager Tohme Tohme Says He Helped Save Michael Jackson’s Neverland, And Now He Wants Estate To Pay Up. 04-01-'18

Tohme TohmeA Los Angeles judge has cleared the way for trial of a lawsuit brought against Michael Jackson’s estate by one of his former managers, who alleges he’s owed money for his work in preventing a foreclosure on the singer’s Neverland Ranch in 2008.

Santa Monica Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff said there are triable issues as to whether Tohme Tohme’s services to Jackson were those typically done by a real estate broker and whether the plaintiff was required to be licensed to perform such work.

Beckloff, who heard arguments on the estate’s motion to dismiss the case on Dec. 18, 20174 before ruling nine days later, said the agreement between Jackson and Tohme called for the plaintiff to receive a finder’s fee if he performed obligations under the deal.

Tohme says he found out in 2008 that the promissory note on Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County was in default and that the lender had begun foreclosure proceedings. Tohme says he introduced Jackson to Tom Barrack, CEO for the private equity firm Colony Capital LLC.

“As a result of my efforts, Colony Capital agreed to advance funds to pay off the promissory note which … resulted in a cancellation of the foreclosure proceedings against Neverland Ranch,” Tohme says in a sworn statement.

According to Beckloff, the terms of the contract between Tohme and Jackson called for the former manager to receive $2.3 million as compensation upon identifying and introducing Jackson to a Colony Capital representative.

Trial of Tohme’s lawsuit is scheduled for Feb. 5.

Jackson died in June 2009 at age 50 of a drug overdose. His estate is run by entertainment lawyer John Branca and longtime music executive John McClain.

Colony Capital is the same company that entered into talks in October to buy some or all of the assets of the Weinstein Co. in the midst of revelations of sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, but the negotiations ended a month later when the two sides could not agree on a price.

Source: Daily Bulletin / Billie Jean

Thriller Album Cover‘Thriller’ In Top 10 Best Selling Vinyl's Of 2017. 04-01-'18

Thirty-five years after its initial release, Michael Jackson’s iconic 'Thriller' album is still in the top 10 best selling vinyl albums of 2017.

At the beginning of last year the best selling album in the world broke a new recording, becoming certified 33-times platinum in the United States, making it the album with the greatest number of certifications ever. ‘Thriller’ is also the only album that surpassed 30 million. Globally the album has sold over 105 million copies.

Generally vinyl sales are back on the rise, up 9% from the previous year and 2017 marked the largest number of vinyl albums purchased since 1991.

The top 10 vinyl's of 2017 were:

1.The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – 72,000 copies
2.The Beatles, Abbey Road – 66,000
3.Soundtrack, Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 – 62,000
4.Ed Sheeran, Divide – 62,000
5.Amy Winehouse, Back to Black – 58,000
6.Prince, Purple Rain (Soundtrack) – 58,000
7.Bob Marley and the Wailers, Legend: The Best of… – 56,000
8.Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon – 54,000
9.Soundtrack, La La Land – 49,000
10.Michael Jackson, Thriller – 49,000

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock / MJWN / Billie Jean

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