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Sofia Richie Shares Her Memories Of Godfather Michael Jackson And Neverland Ranch. 07-09-'18

Sofia RichieHer father is legendary singer Lionel Richie, while her godfather was none other than Michael Jackson.

And Sofia Richie revealed on Friday what it was like to be in such close company with the King of Pop.

When asked on Sydney's Fitzy & Wippa radio show what her memories of Michael were, Sofia said simply: 'He was a really sweet guy.'

Sofia, 20, added that Michael's famous Neverland Ranch 'was the Disneyland of Beverly Hills'.

'My dad [Lionel] was like, "Do not think we are building this at our house!"' she joked.

The American model also had nothing but praise for Michael's daughter, 20-year-old Paris Jackson, whom she 'is really close to'.

'A lot of my memories are with her,' she explained. 'Paris is the sweetest girl, she's like family to me.'

Sofia told the Evening Standard in 2016: 'I'm obsessed with Madonna, so it was insane and overwhelming for me. I have met her several times with my dad. I think she is a good role model because she is independent and strong.'

The Richie's are also close friends with Diana Ross and Pharrell Williams.

Recalling her childhood around Michael, Sofia said at the time: 'I remember, when my parents were still together, I walked into their room and Michael was wearing a sparkly jacket. I was like, "Why are you wearing my mum's jacket?" Everybody died of laughter.'

Source: Daily Mail / Billie Jean

The Complete Michael Jackson Book Cover'The Complete Michael Jackson' Book Is Released. 06-09-'18

Michael Jackson's musical popularity was vast in his lifetime and the legend that is the King of Pop lives on, a decade after his death.

'The Complete Michael Jackson' is released and is the ultimate reference book to MJ's long and storied career, from start to finish. It is packed with informative and insightful text and fantastic images incorporating every part of his career, from his artistic debut at five years of age as a member of the Jackson 5 to the preparation for his sell-out season at London's O2 arena.

This is an exhaustive look at a titan of the music industry, and describes every album, recording, award and concert, resulting in a totally comprehensive guide to the pop idol whose songs and dance moves inspire each new generation of performers. If you want the definitive book about Michael Jackson, look no further: This Is It!

Publisher: Carlton Books Ltd
Author: Chris Roberts
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781787391086
Printed: UK
Guide price: 28 €

Order the book here at Book Depository.

Source: Book Depository / Billie Jean

The Book 'Icônes Et Instincts' (Autobiography Vincent Paterson) Is Released. 05-09-'18

Icônes Et Instincts (Autobiography Vincent Paterson) Book CoverFor the first time, Michael Jackson's choreographer, Madonna, Björk and many others reveal storytelling through his extraordinary journey. It was not until late that Vincent Paterson began his career as a professional dancer.

It will take an exceptional turn when it becomes one of the main dancers of Michael Jackson's 'Beat It'. From this role of gang leader, by dint of work, he will rise to the rank of choreographer and director for the greatest singers, but also for the cinema and the musical comedy. It tells with naturalness and humility the exciting world of film sets, rehearsal sessions where you have to orchestrate and synchronize dozens of dancers, behind the scenes where it is sometimes necessary to manage some quirks of stars, successes, but also disappointments.

It is a dive in the heart of the dance world that shows how important it is in our world of images.

The fans of Michael Jackson will look in this book, an additional testimony of people who worked with him, closer to the truth and personal experience of the work of the King of Pop.

If you're looking for this kind of testimony, know that Vincent Paterson devotes about 1/4 of his book to Michael, in several chapters titled 'The Man in the Mirror', 'The one who looks most like Jesus comes to Hollywood' and for finish with 'Encore Michael'.

If he tells the beginning of this collaboration with Michael Jackson on 'Beat It', Vincent Paterson continues with his story on short films such as 'Thriller', 'Smooth Criminal', 'The Way You Make Me Feel', 'Black Or White' or the video of 'Blood On The Dance Floor', but that's not all.

The famous choreographer also discusses his choreographic collaboration on the Bad tour, Grammy Awards 2013, the '10th anniversary of MTV' and the' XXVII Super Bowl'.

Publisher: Hors collection
Author: Vincent Paterson
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-2851209849
Printed: France
Guide price: 24 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Jennifer Love Hewitt Spent Thanksgiving With Michael Jackson Growing Up! 05-09-'18

Jennifer Love HewittActress Jennifer Love Hewitt has spoken to Jimmy Kimmel on meeting Michael Jackson, when she worked with him for a commercial in 1990.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has the most incredible stories about Michael Jackson!

The 39-year-old actress opened up about the late pop star, who she met while filming an LA Gear commercial together when she was just 10!

Jennifer explained that he taught her some dance moves and she got to pet chimpanzee Bubbles. When he heard she was going to a charity event after the shoot, he sent a generous donation in her name.

“He stopped at the end of the day [and] he was like ‘You don’t know how important it is that you’re doing something that’s special and important for other people.’ And he was like ‘Never lose that. Always be that person,’” Jennifer said.

She also added that she and her mom attended one of Michael‘s Thanksgiving parties at Neverland Ranch, which included a ferris wheel and a candy shop that had freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies!

Source: Just Jared / Billie Jean

A Drug Lord Helped Spike Lee Shoot Michael Jackson Video. 04-09-'18

Spike Lee was prepared to pay off a Brazilian drug lord so he could film Michael Jackson in a Rio slum.

But when I reached out for comment, Lee said, “We didn’t pay a dime. Just asked permission. The guy was a big Michael Jackson fan.”

The “BlacKkKlansman” director shot Jackson's ’96 music video 'They Don’t Care About Us' in the Santa Marta favela, a hillside shanty town that was controlled by Márcio Amaro de Oliveira, aka Marcinho VP.

“To guarantee Michael’s security, we had to speak with the drug kingpin Marcinho VP because the Brazilian police refused to climb the hills of the slum,” Lee, interviewed in London, told the O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper.

They Don't Care About Us Video Clip - On the set
Michael Jackson on the set of the video clip (Brazil Version) 'They Don't Care About Us', directed by Spike Lee.

Brazilian-born Brown University graduate Kátia Lund, who was working for Lee, was sent to speak to Marcinho and negotiate for protection.

Lund was so intrigued by the favela subculture, six years later she co-directed “City of God,” which was nominated for four Academy Awards.

“I didn’t get to know Marcinho. He sent me a message that if we decided to make the video with Michael [in the Santa Marta favela], we could lay $1 million on the street, and our film equipment, and no one would touch it,” Lee said.

Lee said Marcinho assured him, “With Michael Jackson here, this will be the safest place in the world.”

Source: Page Six / Billie Jean

Getty Photographer Dave Hogan Shares His Memories Of The Late ‘King Of Pop’ Michael Jackson.

Dave HoganWhen British photographer Dave Hogan first met Michael Jackson in 1983, the ascendant King of Pop was wearing a tuxedo and standing in the corner of a side room in London’s Grosvenor Hotel.

Jackson was near the height of his immense fame, having just released 'Thriller' a few months before, a monster collection of songs that is still among the best-selling albums of all time in the United States.

He was in town for the British Recording Industry Awards, a star-studded event with other music-world luminaries like Paul McCartney and The Who’s Pete Townshend in attendance, and Hogan took the opportunity to do what most people probably didn’t in those days: approach Jackson for a chat.

“I went up and just started talking to him,” says Hogan.

“I said, ‘Hello, how’re you doing? How long are you in London for?’ And I think he was just a bit baffled because nobody ever really did that to him.”

That conversation began a long relationship between photographer and subject that lasted almost two decades and across several world tours, from 'Bad' in the late 1980's to 'Dangerous' and 'HIStory' in the 1990's to the '30th Anniversary Celebration' in 2001.

Hogan, a photographer for Getty Images, is known for his striking music-industry work, having captured such acts as David Bowie, U2, and Madonna over the years.

“I’ve just been working with Taylor Swift and the Rolling Stones — one of the biggest female stars and one of the biggest rock bands,” he says.

“But there was nobody bigger than Michael Jackson.”

Jackson, who died in 2009, would’ve turned 60 on August 29, 2018. Here, we take a look back at his career through the lens of one photographer who helped document it for the ages.

Read the whole article here.

Source: News.com / Billie Jean

Two Michael Jackson Official 2019 Calendars Are Released. 01-09-'18

Two official Michael Jackson 2019 calendars has just been revealed to Danilo, they will be released in September.

The first one is A3 size with a beautiful smiling Michael Jackson as a cover featuring a mix amazing images, the second one is a collector issue vinyl size with the 'Bad' album cover featuring a mix amazing images.

Calendars 2019
The first calendar has the cover of Michael on the set of the video clip 'Black Or White' and the second calendar is like the 'Bad' album cover.

Specifications first calendar
Publisher: Danilo
Height: 420 mm
Width: 297 mm
Product code: 125
Guide price: 10,9 €

Specifications second calendar
Publisher: Danilo
Height: 312 mm
Width: 312 mm
Product code: 183
Guide price: 10,9 €

Order the first calendar here and the second one here.

Source: Danilo / Billie Jean

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