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Parents Vote On Removing Michael Jackson’s Name From L.A. School Auditorium. 24-04-'19

Michael Jackson’s name was given to the Gardner Street Elementary School’s Auditorium back in 1989 and removed in 2003 and put back in 2010 after the King of Pop passing.

It seems the school is under pressure to remove the name AGAIN!

Following the aired 'Leaving Neverland' fictional movie, many parents are concerned and want the name to be put down again by vote this week.

“It would be a terrible shame to remove Michael’s name from the auditorium based on an intentionally one-sided film,” Weitzman said. “There is no fair consideration when you only hear from one side. Michael Jackson is not guilty and he, like all citizens, is entitled to the presumption of innocence.”

Garden Street Elementary SchoolMichael Jackson goes back to school when he visits Room 8 at the Gardner Street Elementary School in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

The issue has divided the school based just north of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood where the Michael attended the school for 7 month when he was 11 years old.

Michael revealed the naming himself in 1989 and said:

“I am deeply touched and honored that the PTA, principal and faculty members and students have been so kind as to dedicate the auditorium, where I sat as a child, in my honor, We must all never forget that the children are our future and without them humankind will become extinct.”

We will keep you updated on the result of the vote but it seems that we will see Michael Jackson name covered again on the “Michael Jackson Auditorium”:

The Estate of Michael Jackson has been contacted for comment on this matter.

Source: Los Angeles Times / Billie Jean

The Estate Of Michael Jackson: Caution On Neverland Ranch Campaign. 23-04-'19

The Estate Of Michael Jackson
The Estate Of Michael Jackson

The Online Team from the Michael Jackson Estate has just sent a caution regarding a group/campaign trying to collect money to buy Neverland Ranch.

Here the full statement:

The Estate recently learned of a new website supposedly dedicated to buying Neverland at www.wesaveneverland.com.

While the site does acknowledge that it is not connected to or have any relationship with the Estate, the Estate has asked us to take this opportunity to remind fans to take a stance of “buyer beware” whenever they consider contributing to a campaign such as this. While we are not familiar with the people operating this site, the #4 question on the FAQ indicates that if the effort fails to reach its stated goal of buying Neverland, the monies will be donated to an unnamed charity. We do not want any fans to be taken advantage of and disappointed if monies they contribute to the campaign do not go to their intended purpose.

We urge all fans to please take caution whenever participating in online campaigns that involve the exchange of money, or donating to any efforts that are not affiliated with accredited charity organizations.

There are many people out there who take advantage of the kindness of Michael’s fans, so please use caution.

Source: MJ Online / The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

More Michael Jackson Items In Auction Including The Neverland Train Ride. 23-04-'19

Neverland Ranch TrainMore items from Michael Jackson will be auctioned at Julien’s Auction house on May 18.

Including personal items, memorabilia, signed photos, O2 'This Is It' tickets, the auction will also have one of Neverland’s train ride, a life-sized American Indian figure which was at the ranch, a Jacket that Michael worn in July 1996 for Nelson Mandela’s Birthday and a 'Scream' guitar prop for the video.

Go to Julien's Auctions here.

Live and online auction:
Saturday, May 18th, 2019
Session I: 9:00 a.m. ET
Session II: 12:00 noon

Source: MJ Vibe / Julien's Auctions / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Musical Creators: ‘We’re Not Judge And Jury’. 23-04-'19

A Broadway-bound Michael Jackson musical is already stirring controversy, and it hasn’t even been seen yet.

Last week, the show’s book writer, Lynn Nottage, stepped into a minefield when she gave an interview to the Daily Mail in which she suggested that she found the two men who detailed abuse allegations against Jackson in a new documentary to be truthful.

Jackson’s most passionate defenders — a group known for its ardency — went to war, immediately demanding that Ms. Nottage, a two-time Pulitzer winner and one of America’s most respected dramatists, be fired.

This was not the first time the documentary, 'Leaving Neverland', has cast a shadow over the embryonic musical, 'Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough'. In the days before the documentary aired on HBO in March, the musical’s producers — the Michael Jackson Estate and Columbia Live Stage — postponed a scheduled developmental session, citing a labor issue, and canceled a planned pre-Broadway production in Chicago.

MJ 2020 Broadway ShowA billboard for the planned Michael Jackson musical is already up on 44th Street in New York’s theater district.

But now the musical’s producers say they are back on track, planning a workshop this fall and aiming for Broadway next summer.

And Ms. Nottage, joined by the musical’s director and choreographer, Christopher Wheeldon, sat down for an interview to discuss the documentary and their show.

Both are lifelong Jackson fans — she was wowed by 'ABC' and 'Off The Wall', and he by 'Bad'. And both have impressive credentials — Ms. Nottage, best known for the plays 'Ruined' and 'Sweat', is now adapting 'The Secret Life Of Bees' as an Off Broadway musical, and Mr. Wheeldon’s 2015 stage version of 'An American In Paris' earned 12 Tony Award nominations.

Source: The New York Times / Billie Jean

La Belgique De Michael Jackson Book CoverReview: 'La Belgique De Michael Jackson' Book Will Be Released. 22-04-'19

Through exclusive testimonials and truculent anecdotes, this new book 'The Belgium Of Michael Jackson' written by Christophe Charlot will be released on June 15, returns in details and photos on all the crazy new stories linking Michael Jackson to "Flat country".

This book will offer interviews with Daddy K, Kid Noize, François Glorieux, Paul Ambach, Christine Decroix, Pad'R ... as well as exclusive photos and documents. In total, the book will contain 120 pages and will interest all fans of Michael Jackson francophones who will discover the particularities of Michael Jackson's history with Belgium.

• Did you know, for example, that Michael Jackson was a fan of the comic book Martine whose original drawings he wanted to buy?
• Did you know that a Belgian wrote the lyrics of the only song Michael Jackson recorded in French?
• Did you know that, at the request of Michael Jackson, a Belgian man biked all the animals in his zoo to make stuffed animals?
• Did you know that Axel Red, Daddy-K or Kid Noize are big fans of the King of Pop?
• Did you know that Michael Jackson and Eddy Merckx exchanged their jerseys in 1992?

For all information and orders, go to the site of pre-orders and crowdfunding.

Publisher: Editions Chronica
Author: Christophe Charlot
Pages: 124
ISBN: 978-1643501383
Printed: ?
Guide price: ? €

Pre-order the book here at Chronica.

Source: Chronica / Billie Jean

The Exclusive Inside Story Of Sunday Night’s 'Motown 60' Special On CBS. 20-04-'19

Motown 60Why JLO?, Diana Ross says no to the Supremes, no mention of Michael Jackson, and Mary Wilson’s eventual triumph.

Tonight’s 'Motown 60' special on CBS is a mixed bag. It’s certainly worth seeing, but what went on backstage and in the negotiations is far more interesting.

Back in 1983, the 25th anniversary of Motown was the place where Michael Jackson did his Moonwalk to 'Billie Jean', and became a monster celebrity forever. Contrast to this show, where Michael isn’t mentioned and the Jackson 5 are a footnote. It’s jaw dropping. In the Seventies, Motown lived off Michael and the Jacksons.

'Motown 60' features a repeat of Jennifer Lopez’s god awful Motown medley from the Grammy show in February. If you didn’t like it then, you won’t like it now. But to get Lopez, a “contemporary” star, on the Motown special, the producers had to give her a spot on the Grammys.

Ditto Diana Ross, who got a big spot on the Grammys and no one could figure out why. That was her trade off for doing the Motown show. Ross, even at 75, doesn’t want to seem like an oldies act– even though she is one. (A good one, mind you.) And her contribution to the Motown show was NO SUPREMES. So Diana sings from 'Lady Sings The Blues'. She doesn’t go near the Supremes. (One Supremes song is sung in a medley by Meghan Trainor.)

But Ross’s NO SUPREMES decree may have backfired. During the taping, we saw clips from an interview with beloved ex-Supreme Mary Wilson. When the interviews were taped, Mary wasn’t dressed properly, had no make up or stylist. Mary, however, really knows the Motown history. Producer Ken Ehrlich saw that, and invited Mary back to L.A. from Las Vegas. Wise Ken re-interviewed Mary all dolled up, and paid all her expenses. We may see the fruit of that interview Sunday night.

What a nice thing to do considering Mary was among many Motown performers who were left out of the 60th anniversary show entirely. Some of them were in the audience– like Mary, Otis Williams of the Temptations, Scherrie Payne, who sang with the Supremes from 1973-78 — but were seated far away from Diana Ross and Motown founder Berry Gordy. Duke Fakir, the only living member of the original Four Tops, wasn’t even invited to the taping– and he was in L.A. Insane! Mary and Otis were treated very badly at the taping. They got their revenge last month when 'Ain’t Too Proud', Otis’s musical about the Temptations, opened on Broadway. Mary came in, too, and was given a huge shout out from the stage.

There’s no denying Berry Gordy’s amazing contribution to our culture with Motown. It’s astonishing. Gordy is 89, and he deserves a Kennedy Center honor. But Motown suffers from revisionist history all the time. If you want to know the real stories, you have to read out of print books like Gerri Hirshey’s 'Nowhere To Run' or Mary Wilson’s 'Dreamgirl: My Life As A Supreme'.

We’ll see what made the final cut for Sunday (tonight’s) show (April 21).

Source: Roger Friedman; Fox News / Billie Jean

Box Set To honor Motown’s 60th Anniversary. 19-04-'19

Motown’s 60th Anniversary celebration is in full swing, with a host of special commemorative initiatives taking place throughout the year. Motown/UMe is pleased to announce global release plans for a newly-expanded edition of the collectible Motown: The Complete No. 1’s box set. The special 11-CD and digital anniversary edition will be released everywhere around the world on June 28.

Motown: The Complete No. 1’s features 208 chart-topping Motown hits in one must-have 11-CD box set and digital collection. Showcasing the iconic American label’s universal cultural significance, the collection includes classics that topped U.S. and international charts. The Four Tops’ 'I Can’t Help Myself', Marvin Gaye’s 'What’s Going On', The Jackson 5’s 'ABC', Martha & the Vandellas’ 'Dancing In The Street', The Marvelettes’ 'Please Mr. Postman', Diana Ross’ 'Ain’t No Mountain High Enough', Smokey Robinson & the Miracles’ 'I Second That Emotion', The Supremes’ 'Where Did Our Love Go', The Temptations’ 'Ain’t Too Proud To Beg', and Stevie Wonder’s 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)' are just a few of the timeless masterpieces featured in the essential collection.

Motown The Complete No. 1’s Box SetMotown to release a full 11 CD's Box Set to celebrate its 60th Anniversary.

The box set’s new edition peppers 10 bonus tracks across its first 10 discs – all Motown classics that had cover versions by other artists that went to No. 1, from David Bowie and Mick Jagger’s chart-topping turn on Martha & the Vandellas’ 'Dancing In The Street' to Coolio feat. L.V.’s re-working of Stevie Wonder’s original 'Pastime Paradise' for the smash hit 'Gangsta’s Paradise'. The set’s newly-added Disc 11 adds six more Motown No. 1’s, including two that were not included in the set’s original release and two Diana Ross remixes that have more recently topped the Billboard Dance/Club chart: 'Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (2017 Remix) and 'I’m Coming Out'/'Upside Down' (2018 Mix).

Housed in a lovely replica of Motown’s original Hitsville U.S.A. headquarters in Detroit, Michigan (now home to the Motown Museum), the box set also includes an exclusive 100-page book with rare and classic photos, detailed track annotations, and an introduction by Smokey Robinson, who is himself responsible for 20 Motown No. 1’s, both with his group The Miracles and as a solo artist.

Pre-order the box set here at Universal Music.

Record label: Motown/Universal
Series number: 774763
Printed: ?
Guide price: 138,90 €

Source: Goldmine Magazine / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Kids Investigating 'Leaving Neverland' Accusers To Prepare For Lawsuit. 18-04-'19

Michael Jackson's children continue to explore legal options against Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who accuse their father of child molestation in 'Leaving Neverland'. Words are Prince, Blanket and Paris Jackson are quietly investigating their father's accusers while preparing to file a lawsuit.

According to Page Six, Michael's three kids are looking to find out if Wade and James "were paid, in any capacity, for their participation, and to look for any inconsistencies in their accounts of the alleged abuse." They are also said digging out any information about Wade's Hawaii-based charity.

Wade set up the Robson Family Fund through the Hawaii Community Foundation around the same time the documentary was released. He and his wife Amanda have been accused of capitalizing on the documentary's popularity, as people questioned where donations would go. Wade later changed the name to the Robson Child Abuse Healing and Prevention Fund, as the charity's website explained that funds are required by law to be distributed to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.

MJ KidsJackson's kids investigating 'Leaving Neverland' accusers to prepare for Lawsuit.

A source close to the Jackson family says Prince, Blanket and Paris are preparing to sue the accusers for fraud, emotional distress, slander and misrepresentation. They are not looking for money, but want Wade and James to accept "responsibility" and give an "apology." They reportedly plan to donate any funds awarded to charity.

A representative for the Jackson kids previously told Page Six about the suspicion regarding Wade's charity, "The three children say that all they want is to preserve their father's musical legacy. They feel that the 'documentary' was one-sided and the two men have made numerous claims that aren't true."

"As for the allegations, they believe that per their own investigation and other news sources, money raised by the two men and maybe others has not gone to a charity or to promote anything positive," the rep added. "They want formal answers on the 'charity' issue of Mr. Robson and his 'donation' and more. They certainly haven't used their new platform and that is the point. The Jacksons use theirs to help others. It's the principle, but it's also possibly illegal and they want answers."

Source: AceShowbiz / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Co-Executor John Branca Says He's Considering Suing 'Leaving Neverland' Director Dan Reed. 16-04-'19

Michael Jackson estate co-executor John Branca spoke publicly for the first time about 'Leaving Neverland' and indicated that additional litigation — this time against the documentary's director, Dan Reed — may be forthcoming. Branca and two of the other members of Jackson's estate legal team, Howard Weitzman and Bryan Freedman, were the the key participants in a panel discussion titled "Trial by Media: Guilty Until Proven Innocent," presented at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The attorneys had harsh words for the documentary and Reed, telling an audience of approximately 20 they were determined to defend and rebuild Jackson's reputation in the wake of 'Leaving Neverland', which contained disturbing and graphic first-person accounts of Jackson's alleged pedophilia but did not give the estate a chance to respond to these accusations.

With litigation already underway against HBO — in February, the estate filed a $100 million lawsuit against the pay cabler alleging it had violated a non-disparagement clause contained in a 1992 agreement to premiere Jackson's concert film, 'Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour' — Branca said he and the estate's lawyers are now considering legal action directly against Reed, although he was not specific about what grounds he had for litigation.

In response to Branca's comments, an HBO spokesperson said, "Dan Reed is a proven, award-winning filmmaker and we have full confidence in his film."

For Branca, 68, who knew Jackson personally and even once had the singer serve as his best man, the documentary hit below the belt.

"Those people made up a goddamn story because they wanted money, and we will not allow that to go unchecked," Branca told Billboard after the event. "It's that simple."

Branca said the estate was blindsided by the film because it was done "in complete secrecy." He said neither HBO nor Reed gave the estate an opportunity to clear up inaccuracies or to present Jackson's side of events involving Wade Robson and James Safechuck. For Branca, Freedman and Weitzman, Jackson's treatment in the media has been one-sided and made possible by the fact that there is no defamation protection for the deceased.

Jackson's Estate Legal Team Branca and two of the other members of Jackson's estate legal team, Howard Weitzman and Bryan Freedman, were the the key participants in a panel discussion titled "Trial by Media: Guilty Until Proven Innocent," presented at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Branca said he believes the law surrounding defamation should be reevaluated.

"Because the laws of defamation are what they are, there is nothing we can do or say," he said. "The man can be damaged, his kids can be hurt and theoretically nothing can be done. I'm going to suggest the law should be changed to protect the deceased at least for a period of time. Because it's about the truth, it's about fairness, and it's about balance."

"Dan Reed's documentary is replete with inaccuracies, lies and stuff they knew not to be true," Branca told Billboard. "They should be ashamed of themselves."

Branca said he understands that people would say he is biased because he has a financial interest in Jackson's estate. Over the 10 years that have passed since Jackson's death in 2009, the estate's wealth has grown exponentially under Branca's leadership. Billboard calculates that Jackson's music catalog alone is now worth upwards of $570 million, and as co-executor Branca receives a 10 percent commission on new entertainment revenues generated for the estate. "It's a fact I won't deny," Branca said, but he added that his fight to clear Jackson's name is more about fairness than money.

"I knew the man, I had my feelings about the man, and I don't like what has happened where you can't hear the other side of the story," Branca said during the panel presentation. "There are real-world implications and repercussions when somebody says something like was said [in 'Leaving Neverland']."

Branca said the estate was on an upward trajectory prior to the documentary and has taken a hit. He added, though, that streaming sales are still up from last year.

"Hopefully, the real truth will come out, other facts will come out and people will pay attention to both sides of the story," said Branca. "From the point of view of society, I want to make it so people feel comfortable saying, 'I love Michael's music.'"

"Michael," Branca said to Billboard, "is too big to fail."

Source: Billboard / Billie Jean

MJInnocent Group Trying To Shut Down Cinema Screening In Dubai. 16-04-'19

The fan group responsible for the London Buses campaign is going after a cinema in Dubai (U.A.E.) who is going to show the so called documentary 'Leaving Neverland'.

A small arthouse cinema “Akil” in Al Quoz showing only independent films has been under pressure online to remove their plans to screen 'Leaving Neverland'.

Even the Gulf News has been receiving hundreds of emails last Monday (April 15) demanding the screening to be blocked.

Gulf News attempted to contact the individual or individuals leading the campaign against the film from the MJ Innocent group, but received no individual email from the group.

MJ InnocentThe MJINNOCENT campaign was launched by a group of Michael Jackson fans from the United Kingdom who united to counter the incorrect information about Michael Jackson.

The cinema also responded by a statement:

'Leaving Neverland' is an independent production and does not necessarily reflect the views of the film’s distributor Front Row Filmed Entertainment and independent theatre, Cinema Akil. The limited three screenings of 'Leaving Neverland' are part of a larger new pro-discussion programme, which presents films that encourage the exchange of multiple views around a variety of topics. The purpose of the Debatable series is to foster tolerance and encourage the exchange of differing opinions within a safe environment. On the 27th April 2019 following the 2pm screening Cinema Akil will be hosting a panel discussion from across the spectrum of opinions on the film to drive the evening and will include an open forum segment of the discussion for the audience to weigh in. Audiences are encouraged to join the screening and subsequent discussion afterwards to share their views and opinions. Front Row Filmed Entertainment is working closely with the UAE National Media Council to ensure that the appropriate measures and restrictions are observed as per regulation. NMC UAE is the official film regulatory body governing decisions on releases to which we comply.

This film has been sold to over 130 territories worldwide and aired on premium channels such as HBO (US, Latin America and Central Europe), CHANNEL 4 (UK), ProSiebenSat 1 (Germany) Network 10 (Australia) VRT (Belgium), TVNZ (New Zealand), YLE (Finland), Fox Networks Group (Asia) M6 (France), Moviestar+ (Spain), Channel One and Media TV (Russia) among many others.”

Screenings will be held on April 24 at 7pm, April 27 at 2pm followed by a panel and audience discussion, and May 1 at 7pm. For more information email: info@cinemaakil.com

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Lavelle Smith Jr’s Documentary: The Man Behind The Dance. 15-04-'19

Few weeks ago, Lavelle Smith Jr, dancer and choreographer for Michael Jackson, has announced a new two-part documentary about Michael Jackson and himself.

Speaking to “Think Video”, the Belgium based production, we found out that the project has changed slightly from its original concept. Originally, the documentary was around Lavelle and the world of Dance but due to the so called documentary 'Leaving Neverland', the subject changed and the production decided to divide the documentary in 2 parts of around 60 minutes each.

The first part will be Lavelle Smith Jr. talking about the allegations and his time with Michael Jackson. The second part will be only about dance and all the work that Lavelle has done and produced during his career (so far). Working not only with Michael Jackson, Lavelle also danced and choreographed for Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, George Michael, Mick Jagger and many more…

The 2-part documentary is due to be released digitally at the end of May 2019.


Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Estate Claims HBO Is Helping Wade Robson Try And Take Millions From MJ’s Kids.

The Estate Of Michael Jackson
The Estate Of Michael Jackson

The estate of Michael Jackson is trashing HBO over 'Leaving Neverland', and says the network is only helping Wade Robson and James Safechuck in their attempt to take money straight out of the pockets of Paris, Prince and Blanket.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, attorneys for MJ’s estate says they litigated for five years with Robson and Safechuck, and has “overwhelming proof that the two are not credible.”

The estate is not pulling any punches with Robson and Safechuck, and flat out says, “They are trained actors who made up their stories years after Jackson died, in order to sue the Estate, and try to take hundreds of millions of dollars from Jackson’s rightful heirs, his three children.”

Specifically addressing HBO, the estate believes it is a “violation of just about every journalistic standard” that HBO, “neglected to even mention in ['Leaving Neverland'] that the two are still pursuing claims for hundreds of millions of dollars from Jackson’s children.”

Jackson’s children have not directly spoken on the allegations in 'Leaving Neverland', but Paris did recently tell fans it was not her role to defend her father, and, “there’s nothing i can say that hasn’t already been said in regards to defense.”

The estate, which has sued HBO for breach of contract, argues that they would never have released 'Leaving Neverland', had MJ still been alive, because they state, “If Michael Jackson were alive, we have no doubt at all that he could sue, and win, for defamation.” They admit that neither MJ’s children, nor the estate, are able to sue for defamation and believe that was a major factor in HBO releasing the film.

Shortly after it premiered at Sundance, MJ’s estate filed a petition to compel HBO to arbitration over director Dan Reed‘s 'Leaving Neverland'.

The estate is arguing that Jackson had a longstanding contractual relationship” with HBO, and believe there is a non-disparagement clause that was breached.

MJ’s estate believes their damages could exceed $100 million and are intending to go after HBO for the full amount.

HBO fought to have the lawsuit transferred to a federal court, but now Jackson’s estate is demanding the judge remand it back to state court. They accuse the network of playing games by moving the case and want a “real process to expose HBO’s lack of journalistic integrity.”

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

La Belgique De Michael Jackson Book CoverReview: 'La Belgique De Michael Jackson' Book Will Be Released. 14-04-'19

Through exclusive testimonials and truculent anecdotes, this new book 'The Belgium Of Michael Jackson' written by Christophe Charlot will be released on June 15, returns in details and photos on all the crazy new stories linking Michael Jackson to "Flat country".

This book will offer interviews with Daddy K, Kid Noize, François Glorieux, Paul Ambach, Christine Decroix, Pad'R ... as well as exclusive photos and documents. In total, the book will contain 120 pages and will interest all fans of Michael Jackson francophones who will discover the particularities of Michael Jackson's history with Belgium.

• Did you know, for example, that Michael Jackson was a fan of the comic book Martine whose original drawings he wanted to buy?
• Did you know that a Belgian wrote the lyrics of the only song Michael Jackson recorded in French?
• Did you know that, at the request of Michael Jackson, a Belgian man biked all the animals in his zoo to make stuffed animals?
• Did you know that Axel Red, Daddy-K or Kid Noize are big fans of the King of Pop?
• Did you know that Michael Jackson and Eddy Merckx exchanged their jerseys in 1992?

For all information and orders, go to the site of pre-orders and crowdfunding.

Publisher: Editions Chronica
Author: Christophe Charlot
Pages: 124
ISBN: 978-1643501383
Printed: ?
Guide price: ? €

Pre-order the book here at Chronica.

Source: Chronica / Billie Jean

China Getting A Full MJ T-Shirt Range. 14-04-'19

One of the biggest fashion retailer in China: SEMIR, has just released a range of Michael Jackson T-shirt!

Semir is very popular in China and has a huge amount of stores around the country so it is nice to see that some retailers are not caring about 'Leaving Neverland' and stocking Michael Jackson’s apparels!

The full set is made of 9 T-shirts with 4 designs:

– Dangerous Album Cover (Black & White)
– Jam (White and Red)
– Smooth Criminal (Black, White and Red)
– Moon with Michael silhouette. (Black & White)

SEMIR MJ T-shirtsWhile those T-shirts are only available in China, The designs have been available in Europe, Australia and America but it is nice to see that fans in China can now purchase official merchandise!

Order the T-shirts here at TMALL.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Aaron Carter Says He Will Share Details Of His Own “Experience” With Michael Jackson In New Book.

Aaron CarterAaron Carter has said he is going to share details about his “own experience” with Michael Jackson after he recently spoke out against the accusers in recent controversial documentary 'Leaving Neverland'.

'Leaving Neverland' focuses on testimony by Wade Robson, 36, and James Safechuck, 41, who both claim that Michael Jackson sexually abused them when they were children.

Now, in a new interview with TMZ Carter said he reacted in a way that was “a little aggressive” to the allegations before adding that he was now preparing to speak out about his own experience.

He said: “To be honest, after seeing everyone’s story unfold, I mean, I was a little aggressive when I talked about it at first…Everyone has their own stories and everyone has their own situations…in regards to that situation, I actually have my own experience that happened with Michael, so I’m gonna be talking about in the future.”

Whilst he wouldn’t be drawn on the nature of the “experience” he said that the Jackson family will have to “accept” what he says even if it’s something they “don’t like.”

Carter revealed that he is “writing a book about [his] life” and hinted that the experience would be shared in the memoir.

He then added further ambiguity, saying: “I’ll always have his back though…I will tell my truth” with no further elaboration.

He concluded: “[My family’s] known about it, they just never talk about it…I keep it real as fuck, I don’t care.”

Speaking of his own experiences with Jackson last month, Carter said: “I remember having the time of my life with Michael, I was about 15-years-old. I hung out with Michael Jackson, I stayed at his house, I stayed in his bedroom … it’s hard for me to understand that – how am I supposed to understand that when my own personal experience with him was gentle and beautiful and loving and embracing.”

The two-part film 'Leaving Neverland' divided opinion when it premiered in the UK, with fans taking to the streets of London to protest it being broadcast while radio stations around the world started to ban Jackson’s songs. Controversial adverts have also appeared on London buses in defence of Jackson, and there has also been a surge for his music in the charts since the film aired.

Source: NME / Billie Jean

David LaChapellePhotographer David LaChapelle Defends Michael Jackson. 11-04-'19

Famed fashion photographer David LaChapelle is the latest celebrity to defend Michael Jackson.

LaChapelle, 56, shared his photograph of the disgraced pop star three times on Instagram on Thursday depicting Jackson as a weeping angel with his foot atop a red devil.

In the caption for the first image, the artist wrote, “LIGHT OVER DARKNESS — KEEP THE FAITH — against greed and lies…truth out now!!!!” This was followed by a zoomed in version of the same image with the caption, “PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!!!!! — NO MESSAGE COULD HAVE BEEN ANY CLEARER — against greed and lies.” And a third of the same photo that reads, “TRUTH IS REVEALED! — VICTORY against greed and lies.”

The photographer’s defense of the musician comes as an apparent (and belated) response to the HBO documentary 'Leaving Neverland', in which James Safechuck and Wade Robson claim they were sexually abused by Jackson when they were children.

LaChapelle isn’t the first star to stand by the 'Bad' singer. Last month, Diana Ross tweeted, “I believe and trust that Michael Jackson was and is A magnificent incredible force to me and to many others.”

Barbra Streisand also said that while she believes Safechuck and Robson’s accounts of what transpired, “I blame, I guess, the parents, who would allow their children to sleep with him.” She told the Times of London, “His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has. You can say ‘molested,’ but those children, as you heard say, they were thrilled to be there.”

She later clarified her comments after receiving backlash, stating, “To be crystal clear, there is no situation or circumstance where it is OK for the innocence of children to be taken advantage of by anyone,” her statement read. “The stories these two young men shared were painful to hear, and I feel nothing but sympathy for them. The single most important role of being a parent is to protect their children. It’s clear that the parents of the two young men were also victimized and seduced by fame and fantasy.”

Source: Page Six / Billie Jean

Michael and Lucy Lester
Michael and Lucy Lester

Michael Jackson’s Goddaughter Breaks Her Life Long Silence. 11-04-'19

Michael Jackson’s British goddaughter has broken her life-long silence to reveal she believes he is innocent of the sexual abuse allegations.

Lucy Lester, 27, is an ordinary, single mum who lives in a modest-semi and works with vulnerable young people.

Lucy, of Stroud, Glos, is the goddaughter of Jackson who once tried to teach her to moonwalk and was helping to plan her 18th birthday celebrations when he died.

During her teenage years she and her siblings were so close to Jackson’s children they regarded each other as cousins and they even spent one Christmas together.

Lucy’s father is former child star Mark Lester who starred in the 1968 film 'Oliver!' and is a familiar figure on TV and newspapers defending his late friend.

In recent months the actor, who retired from showbiz to work as an osteopath in Cheltenham, has appeared on TV to loyally defend the star.

Now Lucy has agreed to speak out for the first time since Jackson’s death 10 years ago this June to talk about the man she knew.

And she says the “wacko Jacko” image is nothing like the Michael Jackson known by her, her sisters Harriet, 25, and Olivia, 23, and their 19-year-old brother Felix.

She also says she believes he is innocent.

Lucy said: “One hundred percent I never saw anything to suggest anything like that.

Read the whole article here.

Source: The London Economic / Billie Jean

2 Michael Jackson Albums In The Top Selling Of All Time On The Official UK Chart. 11-04-'19

Created in 1956, the Official Charts have recorded all the sales in the UK ever since and the results for this year are in!

And no surprise here with Michael Jackson making the cut, not once but twice with 'Thriller' at the 6th place and 'Bad' at the 9th place.

While 'Thriller' is still the biggest selling album of all time worldwide, this is the results for the UK alone.

With Queen's 'Greatest Hits' album being at the top position (especially with the new biopic movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody' released few months ago and which boosted the music sales for the group).

The Jackson 5 MuralThe UK Albums Chart is a hit list of albums in the UK. It is compiled weekly by The Official Charts Company.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonReview: Michael Jackson Wanted 'Thousands' Of Own Kids. 06-04-'19

Michael Jackson wanted ''thousands'' of his own kids and planned to be cloned and cryogenically frozen when he died.

The late King of Pop's former chauffeur, Al Bowman, has claimed that he took the singer and his personal doctors to a three-day convention hosted by the Raelian movement - which believes the key to eternal life is cloning - to discuss being ''reanimated'' after his death to have more ''little Michael Jackson's running around'' in the future.

Al told The Sun Online: ''He [Jackson] bounced out of that conference - I heard him telling everyone in the back of the limo how he wanted to be cloned and frozen after his death.

''He didn't care how much it cost - he wanted to be reanimated, to live forever. I remember he was so excited that there could be thousands little Michael Jackson's running around - he was smiling and laughing.

''He wanted them to take his cells and clone him - he was really in to this stuff, you could hear the excitement in his voice.''

Al, 60, claimed that Michael's pal and illusionist, Uri Geller, also went along to the Raelien cloning event to talk about the ''freezing of cells''.

He added: ''I had driven Michael Jackson several times over the years but this time I actually got the job through a friend who told me that Jackson was planning to go to this Raelian cloning event and he didn't want to fly because it was a large group.

''So I picked them up in this 12 seater Hummer that I was actually looking after for a friend and it wasn't the normal sort of Michael Jackson crowd - this wasn't dancers and publicists - it was scientists and doctors.

''I remember that his friend Uri Geller was there too. Their conversations on the way there were all about cryonics, cloning, freezing of cells - all this scientific stuff.''

The 'Bad' hitmaker's driver also explained that the convention was ''mind-blowing'' and thinks there is a good possibility that Michael is actually frozen at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation ''cryonics facility'' in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Al continued: ''There are people who think he is one of the people in Scottsdale in the below-zero nitrogen metal tubes they have in the cryonics facility there.

''Having heard how excited he was about this whole thing I think there's a good possibility he is cryogenically frozen. He believed in reanimation, he was a reanimator.''

Source: MSN / Billie Jean

Gary’s Jackson 5 Mural To Be Demolished In Spring. 10-04-'19

After the mural was restored to its glory coloring back in February 2017, it is said that the Jackson 5 painting based in Gary, Indiana will be demolished in the spring due to construction planning.

While this has nothing to do with 'Leaving Neverland' and the construction planning has been set, it will be a shame to see this beautiful artwork go!

The Jackson 5 MuralThe Jackson 5 mural on Lake Street in Gary’s Miller neighborhood has prompted countless people to stop and whip out their phones to take pictures.

If you are in Gary before then, make sure to visit the site!

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

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