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Blood On The Dance Floor Single CoverBlood On The Dance Floor (Single)

'Blood On The Dance Floor' is released as the first single from Michael's remix album, 'Blood On The Dance Floor - HIStory In The Mix' on April 22nd, 1997 in the USA through Epic Records.

Jackson and Teddy Riley created the track in time for the 1991 release of 'Dangerous'. However, it did not appear on that record and was minimally altered before commercial release in April 1997.

The song is about a predatory woman by the name of Susie, who seduces Jackson before plotting to stab him with a knife. The composition explores a variety of genres ranging from rock to funk and Hi-NRG.

The single contains on the B-side a remix of 'Dangerous' made by Roger Sanchez.

My single is printed in the USA with the series number: 34 78007.

Track list:

1. Blood On The Dance Floor - 4:13

1. Dangerous (Roger's Dangerous Edit) - 4:41

Record label: Epic
Released: 22-04-1997
Series number: 34 78007
Printed: USA
Guide price: 15 €

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Life Magazine - Michael & Son Magazine CoverLife Magazine - Michael & Son (Magazine)

'Life' magazine' December, 1997 was released in the USA and published monthly by Time Inc. Magazines.


Michael & Prince Michael Jr. are on the cover of 'Life' magazine with inside a special photo story at Neverland and includes photographs by Harry Benson of Jackson feeding his son and changing his diapers.

Mom's rarely around. Dad's often on tour. But, hey, the babe's in Neverland! So come on along as 'Life' takes an exclusive peek inside this kid's otherworldly digs at his father's California estate. Meet the one and only nine-month-old "Prince" Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.

Michael and his son watching cartoons and the Three Stooges with wife Debbie Rowe, who still lives in her one-bedroom Van Nuys apartment. Debbie was expecting second child Paris at the time.

His friendship with Lisa Marie Presley after their divorce, his fallout with Steven Spielberg and the stress of touring.

This magazine includes a 10-page article with beautiful pictures of Michael and his son photographs by Harry Benson with David Friend's accompanying text.

My magazine is printed in the USA.

Publisher: Time Inc. Magazines
Released: 12-1997
Text: David Friend
Language: English
Pages: 10
Printed: USA
Guide price: 20 €

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Earth Song (Special Limited Edition) [Picture Disc] Album CoverEarth Song (Special Limited Edition - Picture Disc) [Unofficial Album)

'Michael Jackson King Of Pop' (5000 special limited edition copies) picture disc is an unofficial album that was released in 2017.

The picture disc looks great with on the A & B-side nice drawings of Michael, paintings by David Nordahl and Nate Giorgio.

This bootleg contains fake mixes and even a 2 songs that is not sung by Michael Jackson at all (namely 'Get Out Of My Mind' which is sung by Nicolas Piedra and 'Baby Be Mine' is sung by a woman).

Comments by the original submitter (not part of the track titles):
A-4: (fake song) *it's just a music track from the video game "Space Channel 5: Part 2" from 2002 which features vocals by MJ
B-1: (early demo)
Earth Song (Special Limited Edition) [Picture Disc] Album FrontB-2: (solo demo version) *from a bad quality tape recording of the 1993 disposition in Mexico*
B-4: (fake duet) *combined MJ's demo with Freddie's released version from his album "Mr. Nice Guy" (1985)
B-5: (fake demo) *sung by a woman*

My (special limited edition - picture disc) album is printed in Japan with the series number: MJ 1282.

Track list:

1. Earth Song (Live with Chorus 1996) - 9:25
2. Heal The World (Rare Message Version) - 6:22
3. Will You Be There (Rare Demo) - 3:03
Earth Song (Special Limited Edition) [Picture Disc] Album Back4. Space Dancer (Unreleased Song) - 2:53

1. State Of Shock (with Freddie Mercury) - 4:43
2. The Girl Is Mine (Early Demo) - 2:30
3. There Must Be More To Life Than This (MJ Solo Version) - 2:05
4. There Must Be More To Life Than This (With Freddie Mercury) - 3:07
5. Baby Be Mine (Early Demo) - Fake. Not MJ - 3:15
6. Get Out Of My Mind (Early Demo) - Fake. Not MJ - 4:35

Record label: ?
Released: 2017
Series number: MJ 1282
Printed: Japan
Guide price: 25 €

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Michael Jackson Video Clips (Homemade) DVD CoverMichael Jackson Video Clips (Homemade DVD) [Update]

1. Michael Jackson - Ben (1972) - 2:36
2. Rockwell featuring Michael Jackson - Somebody's Watching Me (1984) - 3:35
3. USA For Africa with Michael Jackson - We Are The World (1985) - 7:02
4. Michael Jackson - In The Closet (Club Remix) (1992) - 7:03
5. Michael Jackson - Jam (Short Version) (1992) - 4:31
6. Michael Jackson - Will You Be There (Free Willy Movie Version) (1993) - 3:36
7. Eddie Murphy featuring Michael Jackson - Whatzupwitu (1993) - 3:25
8. Michael Jackson - HIStory (Tony Moran Remix) (1997) - 4:17
9. The Party Zone Massive vs MJ - HIStory Begins: The Mix (1997) - 5:04
10. Michael Jackson (with 35 other Artists) - What More Can I Give (2003) - 3:39
11. Michael Jackson - One More Chance (Montage Version) (2003) - 3:48
12. Michael Jackson - Cheater (Montage Version) (2004) - 3:59
13. Michael Jackson - This Is It (2009) - 4:54
14. USA For Africa with Michael Jackson - We Are The World 25 (2010) - 6:52
15. Michael Jackson (Duet with Akon) - Hold My Hand (2010) - 3:52
16. Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight (2011) - 4:01
17. Michael Jackson - Behind The Mask (Official Version) (2011) - 4:15
18. Barry Gibb featuring Michael Jackson - All In Your Name (2011) - 5:34
19. Michael Jackson - Behind The Mask (2011) - 4:30
20. Michael Jackson (with Justin Timberlake) - Love Never Felt So Good (2014) - 4:07
21. Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good (2014) - 3:56
22. Michael Jackson - A Place With No Name (2015) - 4:11
23. Michael Jackson (with Freddie Mercury) - There Must Be More To Life Than This (2014) - 3:59
24. Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson - Say Say Say (2015 Remix) - 3:47
25. Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous (The White Panda Mash-Up) (2017) - 3:39
26. Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor (2017) - 3:36

Unreleased: 14-12-2017
Playing time: 153:51 minutes
Sound: Mono / Stereo

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Michael Jackson Specials Part 12 (Homemade) DVD CoverMichael Jackson Specials Part 12 (Homemade DVD)

Disc 2:
1. Doctor Prince and Mister Jackson (2009)
This special was broadcast on July 9th, 2009 on the TV channel Arte. Michael Jackson and Prince were two talented, eccentric and brilliant musicians who each in their own way revolutionized popular music. They were both born in the 1950's and had the height of their fame in the 80's, a fame that made them too much in the 90's. In spite of this, both Prince and Jackson returned to the podium in 2007 and 2009 respectively. With varying success. They take a musical journey through songs like 'Thriller', 'Purple Rain', 'Moonwalk' and 'Kiss'. - 65:27
2. Michael Jackson's Human Nature (2009)
This short special is called 'Michael Jackson's Human Nature' and was broadcast by MTV on August 1st, 2009. Puff Daddy and Akon remember his 'cool, funny' friend Michael Jackson. - 19:59
3. True Crime with Aphrodite Jones (2010)
True Crime with Aphrodite Jones is an American documentary TV series broadcast on Investigation Discovery, hosted by Aphrodite Jones, this episode of April 29th, 2010 is about Michael Jackson. He was one of the world's greatest entertainers. But in the past twenty years, Michael Jackson was haunted by allegations of child abuse. Crime writer Aphrodite Jones wants to prove that these charges were equally responsible for his early death as drugs.
- 41:45

Unreleased: 29-04-2010
Playing time: 127:13 minutes
Sound: Stereo

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