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Michael Jackson Radio FM. 06-03-'17

Michael Jackson Radio FM broadcast each Friday and Saturday night MJ Megamixes programs only all weekends. And they broadcast some of my DJ MJMR3 In The Mixen.

Welcome MJJ fans! 24/7 all around the world - special programs broadcasting dedicated to the King Of Pop. Live webradio.

Listen to the Michael Jackson radio station here.

Source: MJJRadio FM / Billie Jean

‘I’m The Son Of The King’: Prince Jackson Says He Knew Dad Michael Was Famous When Grown Men Fainted At His Shows. 06-03-'17

Prince JacksonMichael Jackson‘s eldest son Prince is recalling the moments he learned that his father was the King of Pop.

During a Monday appearance on Good Morning America, the 19-year-old remembered his late father – Jackson died in 2009 – noting that he learned just how famous his music legend dad was when he and his siblings watched footage of Jackson performances.

“We were watching some videos of his performances and I’ve been used to seeing most females pass out when they see their artists. They get, you know, very emotional,” Prince began. “But what blew my mind was when I saw these big, muscle-bound dudes fainting and having to be dragged out.”

He added: “So, I was like, ‘Okay, there’s something else going on here."

Michael died of cardiac arrest in June 2009 at his Los Angeles home. He was 50.

Prince said that it took a while for him and his siblings to fully realize their father’s fame.

“Even to this day, I don’t think it holds the same weight to us that it does to other people, because he was our father, our dad,” he told GMA‘s Robin Roberts.

Instead of following in his father’s footsteps, Prince is developing his talents behind the scenes, founding his own company called King’s Son Productions – a name referencing his father’s King of Pop moniker.

“King’s Son Productions has this mantra where ‘a title is earned, but a name is given.’ So, I was born as Prince and that was the name my dad had given to me,” Prince said. “But my dad had earned the epithet King of Pop and that’s through hard work and years of training and everything he worked so hard to get.”

He added: “So, it’s a form of motivation because my name is Prince, but for all intents and purposes I am the king’s son and working to get my own epithet.”

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

Pre-Order 'Michael Jackson: The Short Films - A Tribute To The Filmmaker' Book Vol.1 And Vol.2.

On April 29 and September 29 there will released two new books on Michael Jackson's career.

Michael Jackson: The Short Films - A tribute to the Filmmaker, Volume 1 (1979/1989).

Michael Jackson: The Short Films - A tribute to the Filmmaker, Volume 2 (1990/2001).

Offered by Picadilly and the magazine 'Invincible', they retrace the entire video of Michael Jackson with more than 200 rare and unpublished photos. (100 photos per book).

The works are offered in the form of a luxurious 68-page photobook, large format 24 x 34 cm with a cardboard cover, glued square backs, matt lamination and metallic printing!

Limited edition and numbered for the first 500 copies.

Michael Jackson: The Short Films Books Covers
Price: 24 euros. 10% reduction for ordering both numbers. (43,20 euros) + shipping costs.

Publisher: The History Press
Author: Jed Pitman
Pages: 68 per book
Printed: France
Guide price: 43,20 €

Pre-order the books here at Piccadilly Store.

Source: Piccadilly Store / Billie Jean

Professor XMichael Jackson Wanted To Play X-Men's Professor X. 03-03-'17

Obviously it’s now hard to imagine anyone other than Sir Patrick Stewart playing Professor Charles Francis Xavier.

Least of all Michael Jackson.

But the King of Pop did indeed get a meeting about the role back before it had become the billion dollar cinematic franchise it is now.

Writer David Hayter – who penned the first ‘X-Men’ movie in 2000, then ‘X2’ and later Zack Snyder’s adaptation of ‘Watchmen’ – has spilled the beans on those who came close, but failed to snatch Logan’s cigar.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: “I was writing it [X-Men] for the comic book characters. I was brought on as they were casting, so I was lucky enough to be there for some of the people who came in like Terence Stamp for Xavier and Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey for Storm.

“Michael Jackson came in because he wanted to play Professor X. It was amazing.

“Shaq came in [for Bishop]. Viggo Mortensen came in. I really liked Viggo for Wolverine, but it didn’t come together for whatever reason.

“Angela Bassett was our first choice for Storm, but her agents wanted more money than we had at the time. Same with Rachael Leigh Cook for Rogue.”

We can perhaps see Mortensen as Wolverine. Jackson as Prof X? Not quite so much.

He also let slip about how Dougray Scott lost out on Wolverine to Hugh Jackman, and some of the cloak and dagger tactics that went into it.

“[Then-Fox executive] Tom Rothman really wanted Dougray Scott to play Wolverine and he was shooting Mission: Impossible 2 and Tom Cruise kept calling Bryan and saying ‘we just need him a little while longer, a little while longer,’” he said.

“We were starting to shoot and Wolverine was the lead and we didn’t have him. Bryan suspected something was hinky, and so he sent the costume designer down to Australia, ostensibly to get wardrobe shots, but really it was to find out what was going on.

“What we found out was Dougray had been in a motorcycle accident filming the climax of MI2. He was pretty messed up. It was a real shame he couldn’t do it. And Hugh had been somebody who had been in the mix earlier and it was [executive producer] Lauren Shuler Donner who said ‘why don’t we bring him?’”

And the rest is history…

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

Pre-Order 'The Invisible Man: The Story Of Rod Temperton, The 'Thriller' Songwriter Book. 01-03-'17

The Invisible Man: The Story Of Rod Temperton, The 'Thriller' Songwriter Book CoverA new book on Rod Temperton will be released on June 1st and includes his work with Michael Jackson.

'The Invisible Man' tells the remarkable story of how Rod Temperton worked his way up from a Grimsby fish factory to become one of the most successful songwriters of all time.

Born in Cleethorpes in 1949, Temperton embarked on a career in music with the funk bank Heatwave, for whom he wrote the international hits ‘Boogie Nights’ and ‘Always And Forever’, before his songwriting talent caught the attention of Michael Jackson’s legendary producer, Quincy Jones.

For Jackson’s 'Off The Wall' album, Temperton penned both the hit ‘Rock With You’ and the album’s title track. Three years later, continuing his relationship with the pair, Temperton started work on what would become the bestselling album of all time – Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller' – writing three songs, including the now legendary title track.

And yet despite collaborating with some of music’s biggest stars, including Donna Summer and Michael McDonald, Temperton was famously reclusive and seldom gave interviews, one of the exceptions being with author Jed Pitman, whose Sony Award-winning radio documentary on Temperton allowed him unprecedented access to the great man.

Publisher: The History Press
Author: Jed Pitman
ISBN: 978-0750982566
Pages: 224
Printed: UK
Guide price: 23 €

Pre-order the book here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s Onetime ‘Neverland’ Ranch Gets $33 Million Price Cut. 01-03-'17

Nearly two years after it first went up for sale, the California ranch that served as the late pop star Michael Jackson’s “Neverland” retreat is returning to market for $67 million—$33 million off its original asking price..

It was originally listed in 2015 for $100 million but the property is now available for the bargain basement price of $67 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. The seller is a joint venture between Jackson’s estate and a fund managed by real-estate investment trust Colony Northstar.

The $100 million asking price “was a difficult number to achieve,” said Suzanne Perkins, who worked as the property’s 2015 listing agent.

Jackson lived there for more than 15 years after purchasing the property in 1987. Some of his most famous additions to the ranch include a train station and a flowery clock reading “Neverland.”

The revamped property is known today as “Sycamore Valley Ranch” and stretches to around 2,700 acres.

Neverland Ranch
Michael Jackson’s Neverland Valley Ranch – 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road, Los Olivos, California.

Source: Eurweb / Billie Jean

Webmaster Dirk
Webmaster Dirk

Updates Of The Month March. 01-03-'17

Hello trusty fans from all around the world here are the updates of March 2017.

Michael Jackson Books (Collection):

Last month I started with the MJ Books pages with more info and images. Look here for the results.

Michael vs Justin - Can't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Of The Feeling (MJMR 3 Mashup):

The remix of Michael Jackson vs Justin in a mashup is finished. Download here the Can't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Of The Feeling (MJMR3 Mashup). When I first heard the record 'Can't Stop The Feeling' from Justin Timberlake on the radio, I immediately thought of Michael because the song you can put next to 'Don't Stop'.

'The Ultimate Best Of Millenniums Michael Jackson Mastermix' (Uncut Version) by Kenny Saxton:

The_Ultimate Best Of Millenniums Michael Jackson Mastermix CoverLast month I received a email from Kenny Saxton, he asked me if I can put this megamix 'The Ultimate Best Of Millenniums Michael Jackson Mastermix' (Uncut Version) on my website? For those who missed the Mastermix here is the second chance.

This megamix includes 250 songs from Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5 and The Jacksons and lasts exactly 200 minutes.

Kenny started this project at the beginning of June, 2016 and completed it after more than 20 times of rearranging around February, 2017. Since Sony's announcement of not releasing new MJ tracks, he think this megamix is a best way to honor Michael's work through his 50 years of entertaining.

This non-stop megamix starts with slowest 'Stranger In Moscow' and speed up to fastest 'Heartbreaker', every second is full of surprises and my love & dedication to Michael.

So listening pleasure is well guaranteed. Hope you can help spread this megamix so that more fans can hear it and love it so that MJ's legacy can be passed on. Thanks a lot!

Download here the Mastermix.

Record fairs:

Michael fans the time has come for the record fairs again in different country's, which guarantees a very wide range of LP's, singles, CDs and music curiosities, where almost all musical styles are represented. Both passionate collector as ordinary music lover can find their liking and, who knows, really that special bargain tapping the head. Most visitors return all the way home satisfied, and we do it for, uh ... there.
Here are the link of the record fairs.

Here are the updates:

Item of the month:

The Item of the month are this time the special program book for all guests and journalists present at the private presentation of Michael's 'Ghosts' short film on May 8th, 1997 at the Cannes Film Festival. Michael attend that evening with Stan Winston & Tarak Ben Ammar among others.

More info click here.

Remixes of the month:

The 15 remixes, sure worth downloading. We have this month 3 official remixes and 12 unofficial remixes, click here to download. Do not hesitate if you want to request a remix which you can not find on the web.

MJ RemixRemixes:

I added 8 new remixes on the page Remixes.
Go to the Remixes pages.

1 official remixes:

The Jackson 5 - I'll Be There (HF & K.U.D.O. Dub Mix) - 4:57

7 unofficial remixes:

Michael Jackson - 2 Bad (Nick Redux) - 4:23
Michael Jackson - In The Closet (Eternuit Remix) - 3:27
Michael Jackson - Off The Wall (Bit Error Radio Mix) - 3:47
Michael Jackson - She's Out Of My Life (Nick Acoustic Mix) - 3:18
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Reggae Remix) - 4:16
The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Reggae Remix 2) - 3:06
The Jacksons - Shake Your Body (Moplen Remix - DJ Friendly Version) - 7:48

Do you want to read the news of the last month again go to news archives.

Don't forget the Lyric, Pictures and Flashback of the week, also not the This Week In History messages.

So lots of read and listening pleasure from webmaster Dirk (MJMR3), greetings and until the next updates.

Source: Billie Jean

The Jacksons Will Bring Their 50TH Celebration Tour To Cardiff. 28-02-'17

The Jacksons will play Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena this summer on Michael's death anniversary June 25th as they celebrate an amazing 50 years in showbusiness.

Tito Jackson said he's looking forward to coming.

"We're excited to bring our show to Cardiff this summer. The Welsh love their music and we can’t wait to share ours with them!"

The Motorpoint Arena show is promoted by UK Regional Promoter of the Year Orchard Entertainment, whose director, Pablo Janczur said: "The Jacksons are one of the most popular groups in the history of music, with a repertoire of material that formed the soundtrack to so many people’s lives, so we’re thrilled to bring them to Cardiff for what promises to be a memorable night.

Jackie and Tito were live on ITV's Good Morning Britain from Las Vegas through satellite to talk about the Jacksons gigs in the UK.

Tickets are available from 9am on Friday (March 3) from Motorpoint or Ticketmaster.

The Jacksons
The Jacksons will play Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena this summer on Michael's death anniversary June 25th.

Source: Wales Online / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Personal Photographer Reveals His Favorite Moments. 27-02-'17

Harrison Funk
Michael Jackson's personal photographer Harrison Funk.

While millions around the world know Michael Jackson as the King of Pop, a local photographer was able to see a different side of the icon as his personal photographer for 30 years.

Harrison Funk watched as Jackson evolved from teen idol to a bona fide superstar. Jackson became known as a perfectionist whose personality was very complex.

"What genius isn't complex?" Funk asked. "I would put him up there with Da Vinci and Michelangelo and Beethoven and Picasso."

Funk was the man tasked with documenting the life of the legendary pop singer. Funk said Jackson would ask him every night if he had "made magic."

"He couldn't wait to see the pictures because he wanted to see the magic," Funk recalled.

Looking over albums of photographs, Funk pointed to the moments in which Jackson performed in concerts with massive crowds.

"That was his overwhelming drive," Funk explained. "To perform for people. His show was absolute perfection."

Funk said that Jackson always maintained a sense of wonder.

"He knew the child within and he never wanted to lose that," he said. "That was part of the magic."

Jackson received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1984. Funk said it was a huge day for Jackson as he was at the height of his career.

But a defining moment in Jackson's career came when he did the moonwalk on stage at Wembley Stadium in England.

Funk said Jackson actually learned the move from Jeffrey Daniel, who was in the group Shalamar. Daniel had performed it on the British show 'Top of the Pops', only he called it the backslide.

Jackson learned it, perfected it and re-branded it as the moonwalk.

"When Michael came out with it, people were just blown away," Funk said. "I've never seen any other artist that got that response."

Another big moment for Jackson was when he met Nelson Mandela. But, according to Funk, it was equally as big a moment for the world leader, who brought his entire family from South Africa just to meet Jackson.

Jackson and Mandela met in a penthouse in Beverly Hills along with actress Elizabeth Taylor. Funk said by the end of the day his photograph of the three icons appeared in more than 200 newspapers.

"Michael was looking to change the world. He didn't just record 'We Are The World' or 'Man In The Mirror.' He recorded music because he wanted to make an impact on people," Funk said.

When Michael died on June 25, 2009, Funk said it was hard to grasp that he was gone.

"It's hard to articulate," he said. "I think the whole world changed. It was the end of an era."

Source: ABC7 / Billie Jean

Leon WareSoul Legend Leon Ware Dead At 77. 24-02-'17

Soul and R&B singer-songwriter Leon Ware has died, NPR reports. The artist and producer who worked with the likes of Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, and Michael Jackson passed away yesterday (February 23) , his manager confirmed to NPR. He was 77 years old. While the cause of death has not been revealed at this time, Ware was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the mid-'00s.

Ware found his first success as a Motown songwriter, writing for artists such as the Isley Brothers and Donny Hathaway. He cemented his legacy with his hand in Marvin Gaye’s 'Let’s Get It On' follow-up 'I Want You', on which he produced and co-wrote every song. He also wrote hits such as Michael Jackson's 'I Wanna Be Where You Are' and Minnie Ripperton's 'Inside My Love'.

He worked also on 'Who’s Lookin’ For A Lover', 'If I Don’t Love You This Way', 'Christmas Won’t Be The Same' or 'It’s Too Late To Change The Time' from various Motown albums from The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson.

Source: Pitchfork / Billie Jean

Meet The Man Playing The King Of Pop In Lifetime's 'Michael Jackson. 24-02-'17

Navi GoldThe Lifetime biopic Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland has found its lead in M.J. tribute artist, Navi, and he sat down with ET to talk about the upcoming project.

The Trinidad native has had numerous plastic surgery operations, changing his nose, cheekbones and chin just to look more like the late King of Pop.

"I used to work for him as a decoy, and I performed at his birthday parties," Navi told ET's Nischelle Turner. "Even when he went through the trials, I stood outside the courthouse and I stood there with a sign that said, 'Smooth but not a criminal.' To me it was important that I wanted Michael to know I believe in him."

The TV movie, based on the bestselling book 'Remember The Time', will focus on the last three years of Jackson's life, as told through the eyes of his two bodyguards, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard.

Jackson's 18-year-old daughter Paris previously voiced her distaste for the now-canceled episode of Sky Arts' 'Urban Myths' series centered on a road trip Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando reportedly took. Paris took issue with Joseph Fiennes' portrayal of Jackson, calling it "shameful." She has kept silent on Lifetime's upcoming movie, and while she has been invited to the set, Paris hasn't visited.

"I have spoken to the family in the past, but I haven't spoken to them about this project," Navi admitted. "But I believe that when this project is out, they will know it is a fair and true portrayal."

The movie will mark Navi's acting debut, but he told ET that when it's over, he will return to his true passion.

"I'm going back to pick up my glove, put on my shoes, and get back on stage," he said.

Source: Click 2 Houston / Billie Jean

Motown Seek Next Young Michael Jackson. 24-02-'17

The West End production of 'Motown The Musical' will hold open auditions on Saturday 18 March for the opportunity to portray the young Michael Jackson with the adult cast of the hit musical at the Shaftesbury Theatre.

Natalie Gallacher at Pippa Ailion Casting, Casting Director for 'Motown The Musical' said: “Since we opened the show here in London we have had the pleasure of working with some great children.

"We are now looking for the next group of boys to join us at the Shaftesbury Theatre to play one of the most iconic roles in the music industry. If you are male, black or mixed race, aged 8 to 13 years old with an unbroken voice, and you can to commute to London, then we would love to hear from you.”

Charles Randolph-Wright, Director of 'Motown The Musical', said: “We have previously found extraordinary talent to play Michael Jackson, as well as young Berry Gordy and Stevie Wonder. We are again looking for boys who have excellent singing and acting skills and of course, must also be able to move like Michael! I am excited to meet the next young cast members of 'Motown The Musical'.”

Motown The Musical
'Motown: The Musical' is a Broadway jukebox musical. the musical is based on the story of Gordy's founding and running of the Motown record label, and his personal and professional relationships with Motown artists such as Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson.

With music and lyrics from the Motown catalogue and book by Motown founder Berry Gordy, the production features a sixteen-piece orchestra playing 50 Motown tracks including 'Ain’t No Mountain High Enough', 'I’ll Be There', 'Dancing In The Street', 'Stop! In The Name Of Love', 'My Girl' and 'I Heard It through The Grapevine'. Charles Randolph-Wright’s production tells the story behind the classic hits, charting founder Berry Gordy's rise from featherweight boxer to heavyweight music mogul.

Open auditions will take place on Saturday 18 March 2017 at Hackney Empire, with registration between 9.30 – 10.30am. Auditions will commence from 10.15am and finish at 1pm.

Source: Official London Theatre / Billie Jean

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