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Zac Efron Reveals He & Michael Jackson Once Cried Together. 30-12-'17

Zac Efron is opening up about an encounter with one of his biggest heroes! During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the 30-year-old actor revealed that he and the late Michael Jackson once chatted on the phone & and made each other cried!

Zac went on to share that High School Musical director Kenny Ortega was once on the phone with the late King of Pop and passed the phone off to Zac who went on to gush about Michael.

I picked up the phone and I go, ‘Hello?’ and he goes, ‘Oh this is Zac from High School Musical, and I was like, ‘Uh, Zac shared. And he was like, ‘Oh I love what you do. I’m a huge fan."

Zac continued: “That made him cry. We’re both crying to each other on the phone and he ended the whole phone call conversation along the lines of, ‘Hey Zac. Isn’t it awesome? Dreams really do come true, don’t they.


Source: Just Jared / Billie Jean

The Estate Of Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Estate May Avoid Penalties In IRS Dispute. 29-12-'17

The estate of Michael Jackson looks to have escaped a possibly hefty penalty for allegedly undervaluing the late singer’s assets.

A U.S. Tax Court judge denied the Internal Revenue Service’s bid to provide additional evidence in a case that was tried in Los Angeles in February. Because the agency didn’t show that it complied with certain procedural requirements, it’s barred from seeking as much as 40 percent of the allegedly understated tax in penalties.

“What happens if a party with the burden of production on an issue fails to introduce sufficient evidence at trial to meet that burden?” Judge Mark Holmes said in his Dec. 20 order. “Well, he loses.”

The executors of Jackson’s estate, lawyer John Branca and former music industry executive John McClain, have been busy monetizing the legacy of the singer, who died in 2009, for the benefit of his children.

'This Is It', a documentary about Jackson’s preparations for his ill-fated 2009 tour, went on to be the highest-grossing concert movie of all time, with $261.2 million in worldwide sales, according to researcher BoxOfficeMojo.com. Last year, the estate sold Jackson’s half of the Sony/ATVmusic publishing business to Sony for $750 million.

In 2013, the IRS went after the estate with a “notice of deficiency,” claiming it had undervalued assets including real estate, a Bentley automobile and the late singer’s “image and likeness.”

The court ruling didn’t quantify how much the assets were allegedly undervalued, but Bloomberg Businessweek reported in February that the IRS claimed Jackson’s name and image should have been valued at $434 million. The estate claimed that it was worth a mere $2,105, implying that his image had been rendered all but worthless by stories about skin bleaching, his obsession with plastic surgery, prescription drug abuse, and allegations that he molested young boys who visited Neverland Ranch.

“The court’s order denying the IRS’s request to reopen the trial record was well reasoned and could prevent the government from seeking penalty assessments on their claim against the Estate of Michael Jackson," said Howard Weitzman, a lawyer for the estate.

A representative for the IRS said the agency can’t comment on ongoing lawsuits.

The case is Estate of Michael J. Jackson v. IRS, 17152-13, U.S. Tax Court (Washington).

Source: Bloomberg / Billie Jean

Scream (2LP Set) Album CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 25-12-'17
Scream (2LP Set) [Album]

The glow-in-the-dark 'Scream' album was released in Europe on October 27th, 2017 by Epic/Legacy Recordings, a new compilation of Jackson's "most electrifying and danceable tracks" set. 'Scream' is the fourth Jackson compilation album and besides the ninth album to be posthumously released since his death, the eighth album being 'Xscape'. The album was later released than the cd album (September 29th).

This album has a full colour poster of Michael Jackson with which you can unlock an immersive augmented reality experience with your mobile phone. The attached image of the album cover of 'Scream' was created by UK illustrator and king of posters Matt Taylor.

The 'Scream' album pulls famous songs from 'Thriller', 'Bad', 'Dangerous', 'HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I', 'Blood On The Dance Floor: HIStory In The Mix', 'Invincible' and the posthumous album 'Xscape'. In a statement, Epic/Legacy Recordings noted that, "the choice of tracks for 'Scream' reflects The King of Pop's affection for this time of the year and its themes of costumes and disguise, darkness and light, character transformations and surprise."

In addition to the songs from Jackson's solo LP's, 'Scream' includes two songs that appeared on records by the Jacksons – 'Torture' and 'This Place Hotel' – plus Rockwell's 'Somebody's Watching Me', which featured Jackson on hook duties. 'Scream' also features one newly created piece of music, 'Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous', a bonus mash-up put together by production duo The White Panda.

My 2lp set) album is printed in the EU with the series number: 88985480231.

Track list:

LP 1:
1. This Place Hotel - The Jacksons - 5:44
2. Thriller - 5:58
3. Blood On The Dance Floor - 4:13
4. Somebody’s Watching Me - Rockwell featuring Michael Jackson - 3:57

LP 1:
1. Dirty Diana - 4:41
2. Torture - The Jacksons - 4:54
3. Leave Me Alone - 4:40
4. Scream (with Janet Jackson) - 4:38

LP 2:
1. Dangerous - 6:58
2. Unbreakable - 6:25
3. Xscape - 4:05

LP 2:
1.Threatened - 4:19
2.Ghosts - 5:13
3.Bonus Track: Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous (The White Panda Mash-Up) - 3:38

Here below you see the glow-in-the-dark albums with a full colour poster, the album cover is created by UK illustrator and king of posters Matt Taylor.

Scream Album

Record label: Epic/Legacy
Released: 27-10-2017
Series number vinyl: 88985480231
Printed: EU
Guide price: 39 €

Go and see my collection

Source: Billie Jean

Black & White Nr.24 Devoted Magazine CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 23-12-'17
Black & White Nr.24 (Devoted Magazine)

Black & White is a German quarterly magazine dedicated to Michael Jackson, edited by Captain EO Productions. The name of the magazine is a reference to the title 'Black Or White'.

This magazine was released in January 1999 in France and has nice colour glossy 36 pages in A4 format, it includes 4 big glossy colour posters.


Black & White magazine contains exclusive news, report and photographs of Michael Jackson.

Here are the highlights of the magazine:

- Hot News.
- Collector's chronicle: many new things are being released.
Michael Bush: tailor made to measure.
- Gianni Vivé Sulman: exception stylist.
- The secrets of the HIStory Tour.
- This does not just happen to the others!
- Did you know that about Michael.
- The Maxi shop: items are discussed.
- Call Hector: collectors are discussed.

My magazine is printed in France.

Publisher: Captain EO Productions
Publishing Director: Julien Derain
Editor: Laurent Hopman
Artistic Director: Christophe Boulmé
Released: 01-1999
Language: German
Pages: 36
Printed: France
Guide price: 15 €

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Source: Billie Jean

Ferrari Testarossa Convertible From Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial For Sale. 21-12-'17

Back in January 2014, the so famous car of Michael Jackson’s Pepsi Commercial was sold and here it is again through MotorGT.

Back in the 1980's, Michael Jackson was the undisputed King of Pop and Ferrari was the king of the supercar. Imagine if you combined the two? That's just the thought that Pepsi had for a commercial back in 1987. Pepsi took it another step further and commissioned a convertible Testarossa for its shoot of a commercial called 'The Chopper'.

The task of chopping the top off the Italian supercar fell to California customizer Richard Straman. Starting with an all-black Ferrari, the roof was removed and a convertible top was fitted in place. Additionally, the side mirror was moved high up on the driver's side so it stands out dramatically from the body lines of the car.

Ferrari Testarossa Spider (1986)
The 1986 Testarossa, which was famously seen in a Bad-era Michael Jackson commercial for Pepsi.

Straman built a handful of his Testarossa Spyders at a cost of $40,000 a piece. That was, of course, on top of the starting price of a 1986 Ferrari Testarossa. We're sure it all fit in Pepsi's budget, though. After all, the cost to hire Michael Jackson alone must've been a hefty line on the final accounting tally for this commercial shoot.

Motor GT's asking price? A cool $799,900. That's a hefty sum more than the $73,700 the car went for at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, if you're a fanatical MJ fan with a bank vault of cash burning a whole in your pocket, then this could be your big ticket item.

Source: Motor Authority / Billie Jean

Quincy Jones' Kids Called Michael Jackson Pop-Ins "Normal" At Their House. 21-12-'17

The music mogul poses for THR's Hollywood Legacies issue with Rachel, Kidada, Rashida, Martina and Quincy III as Rashida reveals: "We laugh a lot, and there is nothing better than that."

One of only 15 recipients of Grammy's Legend Award, music mogul Quincy Jones also has 28 Grammy's for his prolific music-producing career, which includes iconic albums such Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.

Five of Jones' seven children posed with him for The Hollywood Reporter's legacy issue.

The Jones Family
(L-R): Rachel Jones, Kidada Jones, Rashida Jones, Martina Jones, Quincy Jones, Jr., Quincy Jones III.

Martina, a model, joined her father and brother Quincy III, a record producer as well. They are the children of Swedish actress Ulla Andersson. Kadida, an actress, model and designer joined her sister Rashida, an actress and producer who had her break on Parks and Recreation. The sisters are the daughters of actress Peggy Lipton (Twin Peaks). Jones' second youngest daughter Rachel also joined the family, making the only absent Jones children the eldest Jolie and youngest, Kenya (daughter of actress Nastassja Kinski).

Playing "Fishing for Answers" with THR, the family shared their favorite movie snacks, favorite curse words, their worst habit and, of course, music.

"Every few years, it keeps happening," Quincy, III said of when he learned his father was a big deal. "I see different levels of it. Sometimes it's personal greatness, sometimes it's professional, but there's always some kind of epiphany that you have along the way that keeps growing and keeps going."

Source: Hollywood Reporter / Billie Jean

Black & White Nr.3 Devoted Magazine CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 21-12-'17
Black & White Nr.3 (Devoted Magazine)

Black & White is a German quarterly magazine dedicated to Michael Jackson, edited by Captain EO Productions. The name of the magazine is a reference to the title 'Black Or White'.

This magazine was released in July 1993 in France and has nice colour glossy 36 pages in A4 format, it includes 4 big glossy colour posters.


Black & White magazine contains exclusive news, report and photographs of Michael Jackson.

Here are the highlights of the magazine:

- Hot News.
- Michael with Bill Clinton.
World Music Awards life from Monaco.
- Michael talks to Oprah.
- American Music Awards.
- The Grammy Awards.
- Soul Train Awards.
- Some data from Janet's live.
- The king of video: in this trimester 'Leave Me Alone'.
- Did you know that about Michael.
- Call Hector: collectors are discussed.
- Present: VHS cover of the 'Dangerous Tour Bucharest'.

My magazine is printed in France.

Publisher: Captain EO Productions
Publishing Director: Julien Derain
Editor: Laurent Hopman
Artistic Director: Christophe Boulmé
Released: 07-1993
Language: German
Pages: 36
Printed: France
Guide price: 15 €

Go and see my collection

Source: Billie Jean

Mitchell Beckloff
Judge Mitchell Beckloff

Michael Jackson Sex Abuse Lawsuit Dismissed. 19-12-'17

A judge on Tuesday dismissed the lawsuit brought by a choreographer who alleged Michael Jackson molested him as a child, resolving one of the last major claims against the late singer's holdings.

Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff's summary judgment ruling against the now-35-year-old Wade Robson found that the two Jackson-owned corporations, which were the remaining defendants in the case, were not liable for Robson's exposure to Jackson. He did not rule on the credibility of Robson's allegations themselves.

Robson's attorney, Vince Finaldi, said he strongly disagrees and plans to appeal.

Robson, a native of Australia who has worked with Britney Spears and NSYNC, met Jackson when he was 5 years old.

He testified in Jackson's defense at the singer's 2005 criminal trial, saying he had spent the night at Jackson's Neverland Ranch more than 20 times and usually slept in Jackson's room, but Jackson never molested him. Jackson was acquitted in that trial.

Then in 2013 about four years after the singer's death, Robson sued the Jackson estate for what his attorneys described as molestation that spanned a seven-year period.

A court ruled in 2015 that Robson had filed his lawsuit too late to get any of Jackson's estate. That left two remaining defendants, both corporate entities owned by Jackson in his lifetime: MJJ Productions, Inc., and MJJ Ventures, Inc.

The judge ruled Tuesday that those two corporate defendants could not be held responsible for Robson's exposure to Jackson, the way a school or the Boy Scouts can be found liable for bringing together an abusive adult and a child victim.

Finaldi said the reasoning sets a dangerous precedent.

Wade Robson
Wade Robson

"What the judge is saying is that you if own a corporation or a company, you can hire people, use these people to facilitate your sexual abuse, use them to facilitate victims," Finaldi told The Associated Press by phone. "So long as you're the sole owner of that corporation, the corporation can't be held liable."

Jackson estate attorney Howard Weitzman said in a statement that he "believes the court made the correct decision in dismissing Wade Robson's claim against it. "In my opinion Mr. Robson's allegations, made 20 plus years after they supposedly occurred and years after Mr. Robson testified twice under oath — including in front of a jury — that Michael Jackson had never done anything wrong to him was always about the money rather than a search for the truth."

Finaldi replied that the Jackson camp's interest in the truth was "hollow."

"If someone's trying to search for the truth, why not let the lawsuit proceed?" Finaldi said. "Why not exonerate him and let a jury decide."

During the criminal trial, Robson bristled at testimony by other witnesses that they had seen Jackson molest him.

"I'm telling you nothing happened," Robson testified at the time when a prosecutor challenged him.

Another Robson attorney said when his lawsuit was filed that stress and sexual trauma led Robson to finally accept that he had been molested by Jackson.

Source: Daily Sentinel / Billie Jean

Borsalino, Whose Hats Were Worn By Michael Jackson, Declared Bankrupt. 19-12-'17

Famed Italian hatmaker Borsalino, the company behind Humphrey Bogart’s fedora in Casablanca and Harrison Ford’s lucky headgear in the Indiana Jones movies, was declared bankrupt on Monday, a trade union said.

A court in Alessandria in northern Italy threw out a rescue plan for the legendary company and put it into administration, Mr Elio Bricola from the UIL labour union said.

He added that while “it is likely industrial activity will continue” for now, “employees are angry and worried about their future”.

Michael Jackson loved Borsalino hats, music star Pharrell Williams is a contemporary fan and David Bowie opted for one of its black fedoras for what was to prove his final photo shoot.

MJ Fedora
Jackson's famed fedora, which he sported at the 1995 MTV Music Awards, sold for $73,800. It was one of three hats Jackson wore during a 10-minute medley before hurling it into the crowd.

The 1970 French gangster film Borsalino was also named after the distinctive fedora-style hats worn by heartthrob actors Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo.

But even the endorsement of film and music royalty could not protect the 160-year-old company from the consequences of reckless management.

The Haeres Equita investment fund took control of the ailing company in 2015 in the hope of turning the situation around.

The hatter’s former boss Marco Marenco, who was on the run from fraud and tax evasion charges, was arrested in 2015 in Switzerland.

A judge initially approved Haeres Equita’s proposals for repaying Borsalino’s creditors, giving the green light for a new chapter in the history of a company that produced two million hats a year in the 1920's.

But the plan to save the business and its estimated 120 employees was later rejected by the court and a second such plan, presented a few weeks ago, was also thrown out.

Source: ST / Borsalino / Billie Jean

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