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Michael PutlandPhotographer Michael Putland Dies At 72. 20-11-'19

Michael Putland, famous English Pop photographer died yesterday (November19) at the age of 72 following a long illness.

Acknowledged as the one who absolutely photographed all artists from A to Z or rather from Abba to Zappa, Michael Putland photographed Michael Jackson many times, including in 1977 in New York but also during other periods like the Jackson 5.

His book 'The Music I Saw', released in 2018 in both English and Italian, offers many photographs of several artists, including Michael Jackson. Some of them are currently exhibited at the Lucy Bell Gallery in St Leonards On Sea, England until 20 January 2020.

You can see some pictures of Michael Jackson and get the book 'The Music I Saw' from the official michaelputland.com website.

Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Accusers Robson, Safechuck Likely To Get New Trials. 18-11-'19

Wade RobsonThe 2 men who sued Michael Jackson's estate and were the subject of the gut-wrenching 'Leaving Neverland' documentary are set to get their day in court to press their sexual abuse claims against the singer's estate.

As you may know ... Wade Robson and James Safechuck sued MJ for sexual abuse, but their lawsuits were dismissed in 2017 -- partly due to the statute of limitations. Both men appealed their rulings and the cases have been stuck in appellate court ... until now.

We've learned the California Court of Appeal just issued a tentative ruling which would overturn the dismissals, on grounds a new California law extended the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse cases. That means Robson and Safechuck can have their cases heard before a jury.

It's not a done deal. As we said, the ruling is tentative. Oral arguments are set for this week, and the justices could change their minds, but typically the tentative ruling stands.

Now the MJ Estate has a number of other objections to claims, which will be addressed by the trial judge.

James SafechuckWade and James' story aired on HBO in January, and their molestation claims sparked a movement to mute Michael Jackson and further tarnished his legacy. Jackson's family called 'Leaving Neverland' an unfair "public lynching."

The pair claimed in the bombshell HBO film that they were abused by the late King of Pop when they joined him on tour as children.

Wade alleged he was sexually abused by Michael from the age of seven until 14, while James claimed he was a victim from the age of 10 until he hit puberty.

The movie's director Reed defended the documentary and claimed that it shows the other side to what he called Michael's ''Peter Pan-ish image''.

The Jackson estate has denied all allegations made against the singer and in August, another documentary, 'Chase The Truth', was released to defend the 'Bad' singer against the claims.

We reached out to reps from the MJ Estate and reps for the alleged victims. They all had no comment.

Source: TMZ / Billie Jean

'The Ultimate Collector Book Volume III' (Pocket Edition) Will Be Released. 16-11-'19

The Ultimate Collector Book Volume III (Pocket Edition) CoverSixteen11 releases 'The Ultimate Collector Book Volume III: Bad' on pocket edition on December 16.

Today is a very special day for all the fans involved in MJVibe, King of Shop, Kingvention and 'The Ultimate Collector Book Series'; all part of Sixteen11 Media Group.

Pez Jax met Michael Jackson on November 16, 2006 and named the publishing company after this special day!

To celebrate this Anniversary, Sixteen11 Media Group just released the pocket version of 'The Ultimate Collector Book Volume III: Bad'.

The sold out book about all official Michael Jackson merchandise during the 'Bad' era has gone small and perfect to take with you on the hunt for your next collector!

Volume III is the fourth instalment in the series, marking 'Michael Jackson’s Diamond Celebration' as well as the great album 'Bad'. This paperback, features over 700 pages of collectors items from the 1987 – 1990 time period. Complete with colour images, the book is split in to various chapters to make it easier to navigate through the different types of collectable's that have been carefully catalogued.

Merchandise includes Tape, 7″, 12″, CD Singles, Maxi Singles, Albums, Tour Merchandise, toys, memorabilia and much more.

Oh and not to mention, King of Shop is also celebrating with a special Discount on all products! 13% Discount to celebrate!

To redeem your discount, just use the discount code: MJ1611 at check-out!

Publisher: Sixteen 11 Media
Author: Sebastian Mille & Fabrice Ancellet
Pages: 722
ISBN: 978-0-9931780-5-4
Printed: ?
Guide price: 40 €

Orrder the book here at Sixteen 11.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Prince And Paris Jackson Share Memories Of Dad Michael Jackson For Vogue. 15-11-'19

Prince and ParisParis Jackson and Prince Jackson are keeping their father's legacy alive.

Michael Jackson's eldest children represented him at Motown's 60th-anniversary celebration in Paris and, unsurprisingly, the momentous occasion inspired many memories of their late father. In a behind-the-scenes video from Vogue, Paris and Prince reminisce about days past and how they keep their father's memory alive in subtle but important ways.

One such way is in their choice of dress. The two siblings reveal that they still work with their father's stylist Rushka Bergman, who is able to achieve the flashy styles that Michael was known for. This is evidently clear when she helps Prince into a jacket that is "the most divine."

"I remember Rushka was my dad's stylist. She would always come in with these large racks... my dad loved shiny things, blingy, you know? So when I came in yesterday to look at the jacket, it was almost nostalgic," Prince shares. "It was very cool that to see that I am like, not really being put in the same shoes, but almost doing a very similar thing."

He adds that it felt like everything was coming "full circle."

Paris, on the other hand, opts for a more rocker look combined with touches of sparkle, thus representing the more daring side of her father's sense of fashion. One of her two dresses for the night features a thigh-high leg slit, which compliments her lean legs and torso.

Clearly, dressing in styles that their father would approve of is of importance, especially since they're doing it for a label that their father loved so dearly. They reveal that Michael's history with Motown is one that their father spoke of "fondly." According to Prince, "Motown is, I mean, how do you explain Motown? If you're part of Motown, it's kind of like an extended family. Like, 'Oh, you were a part of that too?'"

And his big sister agrees. She tells the cameras, "I think of my childhood when I hear the word Motown. I grew up listening to all of that and it's very nostalgic."

Source: E News / Billie Jean

'Greatest Hits' (Clear Vinyl - Limited Edition) Album Is Reissued. 15-11-'19

The reissue of the 'Greatest Hits'' album in transparent vinyl is released in Europe by Motown/Universal.

'Greatest Hits' was for the first time released on December 9th, 1971 in the USA and in the United Kingdom the album was released during August 1972 by Tamla Motown.

The original release of the Jackson 5’s 'Greatest Hits' album in 1971 was cause for celebration, as it encapsulated an extraordinary 18-month strings of back-to-back-to-back-back-etc. hits and was itself a hit souvenir of Jacksonmania. It featured eight smash records, led by the group’s phenomenal Motown debut, 'I Want You Back', plus two immensely popular B-sides – 'I Found That Girl' and 'Who’s Lovin’ You' – and something new: 'Sugar Daddy', a just-dropped single which went top 10 pop and no. 3 R&B; it was then not available on any other J5 album.

This album reissue is something new again: it features the rare quadraphonic mixes, originally released in Japan only in 1975. These mixes used alternate vocals and sometimes emphasized instrumentation not heard in the J5 singles or LP and as a result these versions are much sought-after. As within this edition these mixes are the stereo folds, consumers do *not need a special decoder or four speakers to enjoy the music.

All songs produced by The Corporation.

Greatest Hits (Clear Vinyl - Limited Edition) [re-issue] Album CoverThe limited edition album will contain 11 songs from Motown catalogue.

Track list:

1. I Want You Back - 2:58
2. ABC - 3:01
3. Never Can Say Goodbye - 3:08
4. Sugar Daddy - 2:32
5. I'll Be There - 4:01
6. Maybe Tomorrow - 4:46

1. The Love You Save - 3:06
2. Who's Lovin' You - 4:05
3. Mama's Pearl - 3:12
4. Goin' Back To Indiana - 3:33
5. I Found That Girl - 3:13

Record label: Motown/Universal
Series number: 7797464
Printed: EU
Guide price: 23,99 €

Order the album here at Universal Music.

Source: Universal Music / Billie Jean

MoonweekendMoonweekend In Madrid. 14-11-'19

The annual meeting of Michael Jackson's fans in Spain will take place from 22 to 24 November 2019 in Madrid with the presence of Vincent Paterson. It has been 21 years since such an event has taken place at our dear Spanish neighbors.

Vincent Paterson is one of Michael Jackson's close collaborators in being with the King of Pop for many, many years. Dancer and choreographer, he began as a zombie dancer on 'Thriller' and continued his collaboration on many clips and other benefits of Michael Jackson.

On the program of this Spanish weekend:
• Friday, November 22 from 18h to 20h: Presentation of the book "Volviendo A Neverland" by Pablo Rodriguez at the Librairia Estudio en Escarlata.
• Saturday, November 23: Seminar with Vincent Paterson from 10am to 1:30 pm Sala de Conferencias of the Scouts of Moratalaz. Meal from 2.15pm to 4.30pm VIPS Ortega y Gasset. Masterclass dance with Vincent Paterson from 17:30 to 20:00 at the Factory Ballet of Madrid. Great Michael Jackson party from 23:00 at the Sala Morocco.
• Note that the entry to the big party allows participation in the draw to win a copy of the book 'Michael Jackson La Totale' Richard Lecocq and Francois Allard in his Spanish version entitled 'Michael Jackson: The historia detrás de sus 263 canciones y 41 videoclips'.

The program of Sunday, November 24 remains to be determined.

All information and links to reservations are on the site of Michael Jackson's HideOut co-organizer of the event with Heal The World For Children Spain.

Tickets for the seminar on sale here.

Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Songs Back On New Zealand Radio Airwaves. 14-11-'19

Michael Jackson songs are starting to seep back on to New Zealand airwaves, after some stations made the call to drop them earlier this year.

In March, the singer's music was scrapped from New Zealand radio stations after 'Leaving Neverland', an explosive documentary by filmmaker Dan Reed, focusing on claims by two men who were close to Jackson as children and claim the singer molested them for years.

At the time, MediaWorks Group Content Director Leon Wratt said the decision to not play Jackson's music primarily affected The Breeze and More FM, but also extended to the network's wider brands.

"We [MediaWorks] aren't deciding whether Michael Jackson is guilty of paedophilia, we're just making sure our radio stations are going to play the music people want to hear," he said.

He added: "The audience has always been pretty split over Michael [Jackson]," before stressing that audience trends guided the stations' playlists.

A representative for NZME echoed Wratt's statement in March, saying "NZME station playlists change from week to week, and right now Michael Jackson does not feature on them".

​NZME brands include ZM, The Hits, Flava, Coast, and Newstalk ZB, among others.

However, in recent months, MediaWorks' The Breeze and NZME's Coast radio stations were playing some of Jackson's music again.

A MediaWorks spokesperson said station playlists were the results of regular listener testing.

"The songs that feature on air are a reflection of audience response," she said.

"In the last couple of months, The Breeze has seen positive listener survey results for some of his songs and, as a result, those songs have been added to the playlist on low rotation."

NZME entertainment group director Dean Buchanan said songs by Michael Jackson had always been included in the bank of songs available to programmers on some NZME radio stations.

"Currently we have a small selection of Michael Jackson songs playing on Coast," he said.

"Our audiences are constantly front of mind when we decide what makes the airwaves, regardless of if it's a song, commercial or an interview. Because of this, NZME radio network's playlists evolve from week to week based on popularity, relevance and to ensure variety for our listeners."

Source: Stuff / Billie Jean

Stark Raving Dad'Simpsons' Episode Featuring Michael Jackson Kept Off Disney+. 13-11-'19

The full Simpsons library is available to stream for the first time in the show's history thanks to Disney+, but a once popular (now infamous) episode was not included.

'Stark Raving Dad', the 1991 installment that kicked off the Fox cartoon's third season, is absent from the newly launched streaming platform. The season now begins with "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington," which is properly labeled as No. 2 under chapters.

Disney did not respond to multiple requests for comment as to why the episode is missing and who made the call.

It is assumed 'Stark Raving Dad' is off Disney+ because Michael Jackson (not officially credited) was the guest star. Jackson voiced Leon Kompowsky, a man Homer meets while in a mental institution who sounds like Jackson. The episode was a favorite among fans for several years.

In March of this year, 'Stark Raving Dad' was pulled from broadcast circulation following the release of the HBO documentary film 'Leaving Neverland', in which the late pop star was accused by multiple men of molestation when they were boys.

Pulling the episode was “the only choice to make," said executive producer James L Brooks at the time. “I’m against book-burning of any kind. But this is our book, and we’re allowed to take out a chapter," he explained.

Jackson's estate has vehemently denied all allegations.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter / Billie Jean

Taj JacksonUpdate On Taj’s Documentary. 12-11-'19

I also reconnected with someone (from my uncle’s past) that I believe will elevate our project even more than I ever dreamed of. This project just went up several notches. And I already think big.
That’s all I can say about that for now.

As you can see, there are those who are desperately trying to erase Michael Jackson and his legacy from music history. We must not let this happen. We need to call them out and demand that they correct these calculated omissions.
But have faith, we know the truth, and as long as we keep sharing it and passing it down to our future generations, the truth will become history again. That’s the whole goal of this project… to be a concrete blueprint.

Last but not least…
Thank you again for not only supporting me, but my uncle’s legacy. As I said before, it is an absolute honor to be working on this project. My uncle was the most amazing person I knew and I am grateful to do this for him.
My uncle always said the song “Will You Be There” had a very special place in his heart. I can say, without a doubt, you guys ARE there for him… through thick and thin and I know he is proudly smiling from heaven.

Source: GoFundMe / Billie Jean

Taj JacksonTaj Jackson Slams Jackson Family ‘Erasure’ In ‘Apollo’ Doc. 11-11-'19

Michael Jackson’s nephew, Taj, is demanding answers after the singer and Jackson 5 were barely mentioned in 'The Apollo' documentary that premiered on HBO last week.

“How dare you erase black music history. Where is the Jackson 5? The group you helped launch on your stage. Black artists and celebs need to take note. This can happen to you too in the future. Not just my family, I’m so disappointed. Did @HBO @HBODocs make you edit them out,” he tweeted.

The iconic theater helped catapult the Jackson 5 to stardom when the band won its “amateur night” in 1967. One of Jackson’s last public performances was at the Apollo when he performed at a DNC fund-raiser for Bill Clinton in 2002.

Thousands gathered at the Apollo to mourn Jackson’s death in 2009.

But Jackson’s estate and HBO have been in a contentious, $100 million lawsuit since January when the cable network aired its Emmy-winning documentary 'Leaving Neverland' — about alleged child sex-abuse claims against the late singer. His estate’s denied the allegations.

MTV quietly removed MJ’s name from its Video Vanguard Award in August.

Reps for the Apollo and Jackson’s estate didn’t comment.

Sourece: Page Six / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Desperate Letters To Queen Pleading For Knighthood. 08-11-'19

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson wrote to the Queen demanding a knighthood but she ignored him, his former bodyguard has claimed.

According to Matt Fiddes, who protected Jackson for the final 10 years of his life, says the pop star would often say: "I'm the biggest star in the world, why aren't I Sir Michael Jackson, what's going on?"

He also believed his friendship with Princess Diana would help him get the honour, but it didn't work.

Speaking in 2015, Mr Fiddes told the Daily Mail : "Michael was very ambitious, he never lost it. The one thing he didn’t have, that was very important to him, was recognition from the Queen.

"He was good friends with Diana and he couldn’t understand it. He would say “I’m the biggest star in the world, why aren’t I Sir Michael Jackson, what’s going on?"

"Steven Spielberg was made a Sir, so it’s obviously not just a British thing."

He says the pair wrote letters to the Queen asking her to consider him, and tried a number of other approaches to make it happen.

Mr Fiddes also claims Jackson even agreed to meet a senior politician who offered to help him get the knighthood he so desperately wanted.

He claims that after the meeting the politician acted more like a "starstruck fan" and "harassed" the star for months, begging to visit him at his Neverland Ranch in California.

In another interview in 2017, Fiddes said that his old boss had been in love with Princess Diana and wanted to marry her.

"Michael told me he loved her, and he was in love with her, and he wanted to marry her. He told me she was his ideal wife," he told the Daily Star.

"He felt she was the only person in the world who could understand his life in terms not being able to go anywhere, and the media stories that got out of hand.

"The intrusion into the private life, having no privacy whatsoever, the children being hounded. He felt an immediate bond with her as soon as they met.

"They were both very shy individuals and he loved her, he wanted to marry her truth be told."

Source: Mirror / Billie Jean

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