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Recently Added To My Collection. 19-06-'18
Wannabe All Night Long - Clubmix 03 (MJ vs Lionel Richie) [Unofficial Maxi-Single)

Wannabe All Night Long - Clubmix 03 (MJ vs Lionel Richie) Maxi-Single Cover'Wannabe All Night Long (MJ vs Lionel Richie) is an unofficial maxi-single of Michael Jackson that was released in 2003.

This unofficial maxi-single contains 2 tracks, on the A-side is a remix of Yazoo and on the B-side a remix of MJ and Lionel Richie.

There is little to be said about this maxi-single, just that the remixes are really good.

Track list:

1. Don't Go (This Is It Mix) - Yazoo - 8:06

1. Wannabe All Night Long - MJ vs Lionel Richie - 7:15

Record label: ?
Released: 2003
Series number: CLUBMIX03
Printed: ?
Guide price: 12 €

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Source: Billie Jean

Recently Added To My Collection. 18-06-'18
The Girl Is Mine (Michael Jackson And Paul McCartney) [Limited Edition - Picture Disc Single]

The Girl Is Mine (Michael Jackson And Paul McCartney) [Limited Edition - Picture Disc] Single Front'The Girl Is Mine' was a song recorded by Michael Jackson featuring Paul McCartney and was released on October 25th, 1982 in the USA by the record label Epic. The track was written by Jackson and produced by Jackson and Quincy Jones. It was released as the first single for Jackson's album, 'Thriller'.

The (limited edition) picture disc has a full colour image of the duo on the A-side & the artwork for the 'Thriller' album on the back.

The song was about two men fighting over the love of one woman, each claiming that he can love the woman better than the other. It leads into a spoken debate near the end of the song by the two singers with Jackson giving his now famous line: "Paul, I think I told you, I'm a lover, not a fighter."

The cover photograph of Michael and Paul was taken by McCartney's late wife, Linda.

The Girl Is Mine (Michael Jackson And Paul McCartney) [Limited Edition - Picture Disc] Single BackMy (limited edition - picture disc) single is printed in the UK with the series number: EPCA 11-2729.

Track list:

1. The Girl Is Mine (with Paul McCartney) - 3:41

1. Can't Get Outta The Rain - 4:02

Record label: Epic
Released: 25-10-1982
Series number: EPCA 11-2729
Printed: UK
Guide price: 50 €

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Elephant Once Owned By Michael Jackson Escapes Enclosure At Zoo. 18-06-'18

An elephant that once lived at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch briefly escaped its enclosure at a Florida zoo.

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens posted on Facebook that Ali the bull elephant wandered through a gate that was accidentally left open and wound up in a courtyard.

The zoo said guests weren’t endangered and safety protocols were quickly put into place.

Zoo staff used food to entice the elephant back into the enclosure. Ali was loose for about 20 minutes.

Elephant Ali
Michael Jackson's former elephant, Ali, escaped from the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens over the weekend, but zookeepers walked the beast back to his enclosure.

Source: CBS Sacramento / Billie Jean

Bad Maxi-Single CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 17-06-'18
Bad (Maxi-Single)

'Bad' is the second single recorded and written by Michael for his solo album 'Bad' on the Epic label, released on September 12th, 1987 in the USA.

Originally intended as a duet with one of Michael's main rivals in the 1980's, 'Prince was excited to have been asked', said Susan Rogers, 'but he said to me, "I just don't do that stuff", and I think he felt Michael was going to make himself look better.'

Michael's idea was to have the two of them square off in the short film, taking turns to sing and dance, in order to determine who was the 'baddest'. Prince turned Michael down, but submitted 'Wouldn't You Love To Love Me' for the 'Bad' album. Michael passed, so Prince gave the song to Taja Sevelle.

The maxi-single contains 3 remixes of 'Bad' made by Bruce Swedien.

My maxi-single is printed in the UK with the series number: 651155 6.

Track list:

1. Bad (Dance Extended Mix Includes "False Fade") - 8:24

1. Bad (Dub Version) - 4:05
2. Bad (A Cappella) - 3:49

Record label: Epic
Released: 12-09-1987
Series number: 651155 6
Printed: UK
Guide price: 20 €

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Andy Warhol Tops Bill At Michael Jackson 60TH Birthday Art Show. 16-06-'18

Andy Warhol PortraitThe National Portrait Gallery exhibition includes 40 works featuring the ‘King of Pop’.

Several versions of the late “King of Pop” are heading for the National Portrait Gallery next week with the opening of an exhibition devoted to Michael Jackson that will mark what would have been his 60th birthday.

Prominent among the Jackson-inspired art drawn together for the show by the gallery’s director Nicholas Cullinan will be items from Andy Warhol’s collection of Jackson ephemera, capped by Warhol’s own portrait of the 26-year-old singer created in 1984 for a Time magazine cover. “Michael Jackson’s songs, steps, and sexy aura set a flashy beat for the decade,” the magazine claimed then. Since that day, Jackson, who died in 2009 at the age of 50, has become the most depicted cultural figure in contemporary art.

Warhol met Jackson in 1977 in New York, where they were regulars at the nightclub Studio 54. The artist photographed the singer many times, including at the 1983 press conference for the Jacksons Victory tour. Featured in the show alongside some of these images are the contents of one of the personal “time capsules” of ephemera that Warhol sealed and stored. They functioned as a diary; a large number documented Warhol’s relationship with Jackson.

Michael Jackson: On the Wall will display 40 works that either feature the star or were made in response to him. However, the 1988 sculpture by Jeff Koons, of Jackson and his pet chimpanzee Bubbles, will not be there. Koons was willing for it to be included, but no version of the work was available for loan.

The gallery on London’s Trafalgar Square has had a tough time. It lost a reported 24 members of staff voluntarily due to cuts this year while last year attendance fell by more than 30 per cent, a slightly deeper dip than suffered by other major galleries and museums.

While the NPG’s recent exhibition of Cézanne portraits drew a healthy 136,000 visitors, the popular appeal of a new show devoted to Jackson, curated with the co-operation of the American singer’s estate, is expected to provide a welcome boost.

Source: The Guardian / Billie Jean

Nile RodgersNile Rodgers Owes Career To Michael Jackson. 15-06-'18

Nile Rodgers owes his music career to Michael Jackson.

The Chic legend says that without the late King of Pop inviting him to work on his 1995 record 'HiStory', he wouldn't have returned to the industry after disbanding with the 'Le Freak' group in 1983.

Rodgers - who played on the song 'Money' - told BANG Showbiz: ''24 years ago when I'd stopped playing music for around eight months, I got a call from Michael Jackson to come down to the studio and work with him on his album 'HiStory'. He was a good friend at the time and it thanks to him that I got back into the music industry.''

Source: Contact Music / Billie Jean

Paris Jackson Scrubs Spray Paint Graffiti From Michael Jackson's Hollywood Star. 14-06-'18

Paris Jackson paid respects to her late father Michael Jackson, cleaning spray paint graffiti off his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jackson, 20, posted a picture on Instagram of the cleaning effort on crowded Hollywood Boulevard, scrubbing the vandal's work with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.

"Some people have no (expletive) respect," Jackson wrote.

The IMG model Jackson was clearly happy with the final product, showing the spotless star in the same form as when Jackson was honored with it in 1984.

The star is a tourist magnet located at 6927 Hollywood Boulevard, right in front of the iconic TCL (Graumann's) Chinese Theater.

The cleaning effort came with the ninth anniversary of Jackson's death looming. Michael died at 50 on June 25, 2009.

At the time of his shocking death, fans flocked to the star to lay flowers and wreaths.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson cleans her father Michael Jackson's Hollywood star.

Source: USA Today / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson Street Naming Scrapped. 14-06-'18

An honorary street naming in Detroit for the King of Pop was canceled Wednesday (June 13).

Michael Jackson Avenue was supposed to be officially unveiled Friday (June 15) in Motor City, just as the late artist's surviving brothers prepared to perform at a weekend concert.

But the ceremony was called off, as members of the Jackson 5 -- the family act where Michael Jackson got his start -- wondered why the entire group wasn't being honored.

Under city rules, honorary street names cannot be granted to groups or organizations, only persons, the Detroit Free Press newspaper reported.

A city official told the newspaper that the naming ceremony was called off while a solution is sought.

"We're still working through the process," Stephen Grady told the Free Press.

The street naming was announced in mid-May with much fanfare and two of the Jackson 5 present at a news conference.

The tribute was to come 50 years after the family group birthed their career with a successful recording contract audition in Detroit, which has a rich history of nurturing American artists.

But Marlon and Jackie Jackson told reporters at the May event that they wanted the entire group to be honored.

Michael Jackson, who started with the group, went on to become one of the most famous performers in pop music history.

He died in 2009 at the age of 50 from a fatal dose of drugs, including the powerful anesthetic propofol.

Had the street naming gone ahead, the King of Pop's honorary stretch of road would have been near the one named after the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. Her street naming was last year.

Source: Yahoo / Billie Jean

David LynchDavid Lynch On Michael Jackson. 13-06-'18

In 1991, Lynch directed a 30-second teaser trailer for Michael Jackson’s album 'Dangerous'. Opening with the very Lynchian image of fluttering red curtains, it concludes with Jackson’s head in a floating bubble. Jackson expressed great interest in the topic of Lynch’s 1980 film, 'The Elephant Man'.

I’m in the living room in L.A. and my phone rings and there’s Michael Jackson on the phone, telling me he wants me to do some kind of trailer for his album 'Dangerous'. I said, “I don’t know if I can do it; I don’t have any ideas for it,” but as soon as I hang up and started walking toward the hall, all these ideas came up. I called back and said, “I got some ideas,” and I worked on that with John Dykstra in his studio.

We built this miniature world that was a red room with a little teeny door, and in the room were these weird modern-shaped wooden trees and a mound with silver fluid that was going to erupt in flames and then reveal Michael Jackson’s face. It was stop-action, and it took a long time to do. For me, things don’t have to be so exact, but these people working on it plotted it out to the nth degree. The trees were lacquered red or black and the people who went in to move them wore white gloves and moved them along this precisely marked-out route.

Dangerous Trailer - On the set (07-1991)
Michael Jackson and director David Lynch confer while filming the trailer for the 'Dangerous' video.

That was one part of the thing. The other part was shooting Michael’s face, and we had a camera rig for that with a circle of lights that created this fantastic look of focus with no shadows. All Michael had to do was stand in one place for a few minutes, but he was in makeup for eight or ten hours. How could someone be in makeup for ten hours? It’s someone very critical about their looks. Finally he was ready and he came out and I met him for the first time and all he wanted to do was talk about the Elephant Man. He tried to buy the bones and the cloak and all his stuff from the museum and he asked me questions about it and was a really nice guy. Then he stood there and we shot it and one minute later he was done.

Source: The New York Times / Billie Jean

The JacksonsWhy The Jacksons Will Always Be The Jackson 5. 12-06-'18

He will be here this weekend, up on that stage. No hologram required.

When Detroit celebrates its part in the making of the Jackson 5 during the second annual Detroit Music Weekend by renaming a stretch of Randolph Street after Michael Jackson and presenting four of his brothers with the key to our city, the Jacksons will return the love by performing a free outdoor concert Saturday on the Madison Central Stage. Jackie Jackson says that while you may not see his late baby brother moonwalking or harmonizing alongside him, Jermaine, Marlon, and Tito, you will feel his presence onstage.

It's still the Jackson 5.

Jackie, who lives in Las Vegas, admits he feels the aura nearly every day at home. "Every time I go toward the Strip and stop at a stoplight, there's this big ol' sign with Michael's face on it [for the Cirque Du Soleil "Michael Jackson ONE" show at Mandalay Bay]," he says by phone from his home recording studio, ground zero for his brand-new music label, Critically Amused. "It happens every time I go by. He says to me, 'Brother, I see you.' And I say, 'I see you, too, little brother.' And that's the same way we feel on stage."

"His spirit is always with us," Jackson adds. "I know at any given moment where he would be on a certain song, exactly where he would be on the stage. So do all the other brothers. We just feel him, because we know if he was here, he'd be giving 110 percent. So that's what we try to do, too. Because no one can really replace him, you know?"

We know. The Detroit Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts-produced Detroit Music Weekend begins Thursday with the Jacksons throwing out the first pitch at Comerica Park and runs through Sunday, featuring performances from Mark Farner's American Band, the Ben Daniels Band, actor-singer Jeff Daniels, Complexions Contemporary Ballet dancing to Stevie Wonder's Innervisions, Will Sessions, Third Man Record's Craig Brown, and Carolyn Striho. It also includes Saturday's Motor City Market, billed as the largest one-day display of made-in-Detroit merchandise. However, the funky family from Gary, Ind., is undeniably the headline attraction, returning to the city they consider their second hometown.

"Detroit is like home for us because when we first started, a lot of people don't know this, but we lived in Detroit for a while," says Jackie, at 67 the eldest Jacksons brother. "We were working with [the late singer-producer] Bobby Taylor. In fact, we stayed with him, living in some tall apartments on West Grand Boulevard, going over songs and learning about the business with him. He headed the group Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers, who had some great hits themselves. He was an incredible talent, just a great guy to be around."

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the Jackson 5's signing with Motown Records. (That can't be right, can it?) "You know, time goes by fast when you're having fun," Jackie says, laughing. "It's been some great, great years along the way. I would never trade it for anything in the world because I learned so much from it, and met a bunch of friends along the way."

"We were the biggest fans of Motown growing up," he says. "We learned all the Motown music because it was the hottest music on the radio, from this little company in Detroit. And once we got signed we told all our friends in the neighborhood, 'Hey, we got signed to Motown!' And they would go, 'No, you're not.' No one believed us! A whole year went by and everybody said, 'We haven't heard anything yet.' Then another year goes by! Motown was just preparing us."

"We were working with some of the greatest writers, the greatest producers," says Jackie, in whisper-soft tones recalling his trademark tenor vocals. "It was like going to college every day, learning our craft, learning about the system and how it worked. It was unbelievable just to meet all those stars who took us in, showed us the ropes. They were very nice, all of them. It was like a family. And when we finally came out, we came out strong. When we came out, everybody knew it."

Jackie hopes for the same success with the first acts on his new label. "We signed a DJ crew from Paris called Gold Lemonade and an artist from Saint Lucia, D.B.L.," he says. "We've already shot about seven videos between the two of them. They're very talented, very colorful. I'm really excited about the artists I have."

Jackie says his brothers also keep their hands in the music business when they're not performing as the Jacksons. Blues devotee Tito tours as frontman with the late B.B. King's band. Whether it's interacting with young musicians or chasing his 4-year-old twins, River and Jaylen, Jackie — rarely called by his given name, Sigmund Esco Jackson, Jr. — sounds, looks, and moves much younger than his age would suggest.

"I take my Flintstones vitamins every single morning," he laughs. "And I stay out of the nightlife, the clubs. I try to stay in striking distance. I still splurge on sweets every once in a while. Sometimes you have to, you know? But I try to stick to eating right and being as healthy as I can."

The Jacksons will perform at at 9 p.m. on Saturday, June 16 at the Madison Central Stage; 350 Madison St., Detroit; 313-887-8501; For performing schedules and complete information about the 2018 Detroit Music Weekend, go to detroitmusicweekend.org; Admission is free.

Source: Metro Times / Billie Jean

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