The Real Reason Why I Closed My Belgium 'Billie Jean' Fan Site. 29-12-'21

HI Michael Jackson fans I have decided to close my Belgian 'Billie Jean' fan site for several reasons, let's start with the first reason:

Reason 1:
After the accusations in 2005 exactly a lot of fans believed that Michael was guilty, they were all wrong because Michael was INNOCENT, then less fans came to visit my website.

Reason 2:
Since Michael passed away in June 2009 I have seen my visitors drop by the month. The MJ websites are shutting down one by one, there are only a few fan clubs left.

Reason 3:
Since the rise of Facebook in 2004, much has changed on the internet, with more MJ pages or groups being created and websites falling into disrepair.

Reason 4:
Fans around the world have seen the documentary 'Leaving Neverland' in February 2019 about two alleged liars! Looks like the battle wasn't over yet! It was time to fight back! But my website suffered from that, again I lost visitors.

This year the stats have halved so much that I think a lot of MJ fans aren't fans anymore.

Reason 5:
The layout of the website was from 2008 and was not suitable for mobile devices, it made sense to do that now but with 1000+ pages it would take a lot of time.

Been doing it for 19 years with all my heart but it's time for a change, stay active through my facebook page 'Billie Jean'.

In those 19 years I have received many positive emails, most of the fans were looking for MJ's Latest News, Item of the Month and my collection.

Greetings from Dirk and follow 'Billie Jean' on Fecebook.