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The Jackson 5 (1969)1958-1970:

It happened in Gary Indiana, on 29 August 1958 Michael Joe Jackson came to earth. Michael was the seventh child of a child rich family, that exist of the sisters Maureen, LaToya, Janet and the four brothers Jackie, Marlon, Tito and Randy.

Michael’s father Joe was married with Katherine when she was only 16 years old. He was working as a cock machinist in the steel industry in Gary, but he also played the guitar by The Falcons, a R&B band. Father Joe’s most important property was his guitar and discovered that suddenly a string was broken. He challenged his children to show their arts and shortly they started to exercise.

Michael’s first performance was in the 'Roosevelt High School' in 1963, he interpret ‘Climb Every Mountain’ and from that moment music and performance became very important in his life.

Father Joe begins coaching Jermaine, Tito and Jacky in his spare time and they are soon joined by Marlon and Michael. Joe later recruits drummer Johnny Jackson.

When he was six he became lead singer from the band. In the winter of 1967 a simple R&B number 'Big Boy’ was recorded in a studio in Chicago en was released under "Steeltown-label".

At the beginning of the years 1969 the rupture started: they visit Berry Gordy, the foreman from Motown, who promise them good luck. The boys felt very happy when the sentence from Motown came; they have got their agreement with a great soul label.

In October 1969 The Jackson 5 broke out with 'I Want You Back', followed by a series of hits. As predicted, the career of the Jackson 5 was started.

In December 1969 appears their first album 'Diana Ross Present The Jackson 5', they were the face of the new generation of Motown - Artists.

The Jackson 5 (1972)1971-1979:

Springtime of 1971 brought two new hits, 'Mama's Pearl' and 'Never Can Say Goodbye' followed by a tour along 45 towns. There was a cartoon serial made of the group, maybe then the wish of Michael came into existence to play in a real movie.

Michael privately endure a difficult time, he suffers from growth convulsions and acne and he was in his puberty. His first number 1-single was a breakthrough, 'Ben' was the title song of the similar movie.

From the end of 1972 till the beginning of 1973 the Jackson 5 fixed a world tour that started in England. In December 1973 Jermaine married Hazel, the daughter of Berry Gordy, and that seems to be the end of the band. After all the Jackson 5 came back, with a new rhythmic and dance sound.

The latest culminating point by Motown was their latest album 'Dancing Machine'. Michael was dancing then on this number as a robot, a style who he picked up on the street.

The rupture with Motown was inevitable, he went to Berry Gordy and announced their departure. The group was free and could turn in a new way by Epic Records.

Jermaine had left the group, but the little Randy had replaced him. While the Jacksons were free (who strike out the fifth from their name) to record their first album with Epic together with Gamble and Huff. There were two numbers on the album who the band had wrote themselves and one of those 'Blues Away' was Michael's first composition. But they obtain more lordship of their own career, from music to business-like.

Halfway '77 the Jacksons came into problems. The two first Epic-albums were not going as expected and they have had their best time. In that difficult time Bobby Colomby, a publicity man from Epic, had taken care of them. He supported the band to write as soon as possible two new numbers.

Michael was only 19 when he received a role in 'The Wiz' as a scarecrow, he considered the film set as a new learn school, what him in that period of video clips came out well.

The movie who came out in 1978 was not a great success, also the number with Diana Ross 'Ease On Down The Road' scored not good.

Michael began to grow open as a real human being, he fall in with Tatum O'Neal on a Hollywood-Party in a club on the Sunset Strip, it was his first real love. Michael goes around with rich and famous people as the Kennedy's, Mohammed Ali, Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor. He was always followed by the press who insinuated that he was homosexual.

'Destiny' became the biggest success of the band and they were finally able to write their own songs. Michael came totally exhausted and without voice back from the 'Destiny Tour' but was quickly back in form. He began to take distance from his brothers to go on solo.

Michael (1983)1979-1989:

The years eighty were there, Michael renew his collaboration with Quincy Jones. The album 'Off The Wall' was a mixture of electronic funky dance music with a few ballades.

Michael notches hit after hit, 'Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough', 'Rock With You' and 'Off The Wall', he was his own boss. Michael got a Grammy Award in the category 'Best R&B song performance'. Michael was insult and comfort himself with the thought that he shall quickly came out with a new solo project. He shall show them something.

The 'Triumph-Tour' with the Jacksons had promise in 1981 to make an end on the money troubles of the family. In the main time Quincy and Michael worked day and night on the end mix of the album 'Thriller' Michael still find some time to work on the 'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial' songbook.

On December 1st, 1982 'Thriller' was in the shops, the new nose didn't fit only with the dressing and make-up of the photo sessions but also with Michael himself. His trademarks were made, black trousers with white socks, gangster hat and dress shoes.

At the end of February 1983 the album stood number 1 in America. Seven hits came out of the album 'Thriller': 'The Girl Is Mine', 'Beat It', 'Billie Jean' , etc... .

The Jacksons gave a performance in a TV special in honour off the 25-years existence of Motown. Michael song for the first time 'Billie Jean' and maintain the Moonwalk.

After the summer there were already 12 million examples sold of 'Thriller'. The clip of 'Thriller' that stood round of ideas became a spectacle on itself, the video 'The Making of Thriller' was the first music video that obtains gold and platinum.

The world looked on worriedly when his hair took fire on the set for a commercial of Pepsi. Michael recovered quickly and goes together with Brooke Shields to the distribution of the Grammy Awards in February 1984. He was nominated for 8 Grammies. Michael was actually the absolutely topper of the pop music in time.

The Victory Tour turned on 55 countries in America, but not one in Europe. That was the final performance with his brothers.
In 1985 his work was interrupted by a big donation to USA for Africa, together with Lionel Richie he wrote the number 'We Are The World'.

July 1987 we heard the new album 'Bad', which will be promoted during his tour who started in Japan in September '87.
Michael had a new look, thinner tip tilted nose and wide chin. He looked sturdily in his new outfit, then they already put some make-up on because the skin disease vitiligo was visibly.

On March 2nd, 1988 with the 30th annually Grammy Awards in New-York Michael put the tent on his head with a live performance, he only wins in 1 of the 4 categories. In that month he bought for 17 million dollar a big ranch in Santa Ynez Valley in California, there has to come Neverland.

'The Legend Continues' came out on July 3rd '88 by Motown Video and was the fast selling video.

The book 'Moonwalk', Michael's autobiography was a top-selling which we could read in April '88. The movie 'Moonwalker' which was seen in the Christmas period in cinemas was a great success. Meanwhile Michael had broken with his manager Frank Dileo and lawyer John Branca.

Out of 'Bad' came different hits: 'Bad', 'The Way You Make Me Feel', 'Dirty Diana' etc... But never matched the success of 'Thriller', in January '89 there were 17 million examples of 'Bad' sold.

Michael became the most exciting phenomenon of the years eighty, who's known as "Michael mania".

History Tour (1996-1997)1990-2000:

At the beginning of 1990 The Jacksons have released an album without Michael, '2003 Jackson Street' but it was a fiasco.

In March '91 CBS, Michael's record company was adopted by Sony and a little bit later November 22nd 'Dangerous' was released with co-producer Teddy Riley. The first part of the album exist out of rock-hard funk and the second part was spiritual.

At the end of February '92, 10 million examples were sold. From 'Dangerous' were 6 singles released, 'Black Or White', 'Jam', 'Heal The World' etc... .

Oprah Winfrey interviews Michael in his own house (Neverland: private house + own pleasure grounds).

The 'Dangerous Tour' began in München (Germany) and should last until Christmas 1993 but begin November the tour was called off because of the accusations which Michael should have sexual abused the 13 year old Jordy Chandler. On January 21st '94 there was taken a regulation with the family Chandler; Michael had pay a lot of millions to prevent more sadness.

Michael married on May 26th 1994 in secret with Lisa Marie (daughter of Elvis Presley), but the fairytale just last until begin '96.

The double album 'HIStory - Past, Present and Future Book I' appears on the market. A splendid collection of his greatest hits and new work. Hits after hits flow out of the double CD, 'Scream', 'They Don't Care About Us', 'You Are Not Alone' etc... . A tour was connected to this album, Michael travelled around the world with the greatest stage in time.

The 'HIStory Tour' began on September 7th '96 in Prague. The short movie 'Ghosts' was released, Michael impersonated 5 different persons. The 35-minutes during movie was a proof to the world that he still fight back.

In November 1996 he let known that Deborah Rowe carries his first child. A few months later they married. The first child, was born on February 13th 1997, they called it Prince Michael Jr.

In spring '98 Michael's second child was born: Paris Michael Katherine. 'Blood On The Dance Floor - History in The Mix' came on the market, here and there beats were added to the numbers which already exist, completed with 5 new numbers.

At the end of '99, Michael divorced Debbie Rowe, the two children remains with Michael. The greatest pop artist was in the years '90 still "The King of Pop" and was in 1999 very busy with writing new numbers for his new album for the new millennium.

30th Anniversary Celebration (07-09-2001)2000-2009:

On September 7th of 2001 Michael celebrated his thirtieth birthday as solo-artist, his brothers and a lot of other artists celebrated together with Michael under those Whitney Houston, Shaggy, Britney Spears and more other.

In October 2001 Michael came out with a complete new album 'Invincible'. The album contained a selection of fast numbers and compelling ballads. Teddy Riley and R. Kelly were the producers of the album.

Meanwhile the takes of the benefit single 'What More Can I Give' were finished. The single was an initiative of Michael to inducement of the attacks in the VS. There worked a lot of artist on the project as Céline Dion, Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, Julio Iglesias and others.

On November 12th the new album 'Greatest Hits HIStory Volume I' was laying in the shops. The album contains 15 super hits and a book of 28 pages. Beside the albums such as 'Off The Wall', 'Thriller', 'Bad' and 'Dangerous' were re-released in a special version.

The disappointed sale of 'Invincible' came to a war with his label company Sony. There came but a few numbers out of the album, 'You Rock My World' and 'Cry' were the two biggest.

At the end of October 2003 a new single of Michael appeared, the number written by R. Kelly 'One More Chance'. At the middle of November 'Number Ones' came out, just at that moment Michael Jackson was been accused again of child molestation. His 'Neverland Ranch' had been inquired during Michael himself stayed in Las Vegas. Jackson has pay a bail of 3 million (!) dollar.

The 46 year old superstar is been committed for trial before the Santa Maria Court since January 2005 on base of ten accusations, centred around sexual abuse of the then 13 year old Gavin Arvizo. The defence tries to prove that the generous singer/dancer is the victim of a machination, established by the mother of Gavin, Janet, who's hungry on money. Michael was been declared not guilty on June 13th of all the ten accusations.

Michael Jackson has received 8 awards on November 14th, 2006 on the head-quarters of the Guinness Book of World Records.

He's the artist with the most sold number albums & singles. More than 750 million. Of 'Thriller' are sold more than 104 million albums. In the top 10 are also other albums of him like 'Bad' & 'Dangerous'. On November 15th he has received in London a Diamond Awards.

On February 11th, 2008, Jackson released a 25th anniversary edition of his top-selling album 'Thriller'. It is a double disc album; disc one contains the original nine tracks from 'Thriller', five remixed 'Thriller' tracks, a new song called 'For All Time' and a voice over by Vincent Price. Disc two is a DVD which contains the three music videos from 'Thriller' and Jackson's performance of 'Billie Jean' at 'Motown 25'. The album featured will.i.am, Fergie, Kanye West, and Akon with single releases alongside the album.

Jackson Announcement in London (05-03-2009)March 5th 2009, Jackson appeared in front of fans and media at the venue to announce the 'This Is It' shows. "These will be my final shows performing in London (O2 Arena). 'This Is It' really means this is it," said Jackson. Jackson blew kisses and saluted his fans as they chanted "Michael! Michael!" "I'll be performing the songs my fans want to hear. I'll see you in July and I love you so much."

According to concert organizers, tickets to Michael Jackson's 50-date 'This Is It' concert were the fastest selling in London history. How fast? "Tickets sold at a rate of 11 per second, 657 per minute and nearly 40,000 an hour."

Pop star Michael Jackson was pronounced dead June 25th 2009 after being rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after a heart attack left him in a coma, according to published reports. He was 50.

Michael Jackson Public Memorial Service was held Tuesday, July 7, 2009, 1:00 PM EST/10:00 AM PST at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Michael Jackson Memorial (07-07-2009)

The Staples Center was filled by 17.500 fans who were attending the ceremony, the rest of the ceremony was filled with touching and sincere tributes (Stevie Wonder, Usher and Brooke Shildes as highlights) and odd moments with Jermaine Jackson "singing" a version of Michael Jackson's favourite song Smile - something the King of Pop may have not wanted at all..

September 3th, 2009, Michael Jackson was laid to rest at a private burial service attended by his family and a number of famous friends in Glendale, California on Thursday evening more than two months after his shocking death.

Jackson's parents, brothers, sisters, and his three children joined fellow mourners including Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Macaulay Culkin, Mila Kunis, Al Sharpton, Quincy Jones, and Chris Tucker at the outdoor service in Forest Lawn Memorial Park. According to People, Jackson's ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley was also in attendance to pay her respects.

The large crowd of mourners gathered before Jackson's coffin and a portrait of the late icon. Gladys Knight sang a song in tribute to her late friend.

Michael Jackson Burial (03-09-2009)

Jackson's remains will be entombed in the cemetery's Great Mausoleum, which is also the final resting place of deceased stars such as Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, and W.C. Fields. The section of the mausoleum the King of Pop calls home is closed to the public and protected by security. Visitors will be able to visit "The Last Supper Window," which is a stained-glass recreation of Leonardo da Vinci's famous work of art. Presentations about the window are given everyday year-round. This display is in another section of The Great Mausoleum.

Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson.

We will all miss you so much.

Gone Too Soon

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