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The Jackson 5 Las Vegas Program Book Cover The Jackson 5 Las Vegas Program

'The Jackson 5 Las Vegas Program' book was released in 1974 in the USA and written through author Virginia DeMoss.


Just before The Jackson 5 left Motown to sign with Epic, Joe Jackson arranged for the whole family, including sisters Rebbie, LaToya and Janet, to play the cabaret circuit at the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas. From April till December of 1974, the shows were a big hit with fans, breaking attendance records, but received a critical pounding.

Nice souvenir glossy book (30.5x23cm) with many exclusive color and black & white photos of Michael Jackson and his brothers.

Publisher: ?
Author: Virginia DeMoss
Released: 1974
Language: English
Pages: 20
Printed: USA
Guide price: 42 €

The Soul Of The Jackson Five Book CoverThe Soul Of The Jackson Five

'The Soul Of The Jackson 5' pocket book was released in 1973 in the USA by publisher Curtis Books and written through James Gregory.


Today the Jackson 5 stand on a dazzling pinnacle of stardom. Millions of fans the world over worship them, fame and fortune are theirs, and still their success continues to soar ever upward.

How has all this affected them? Jackie, the oldest and strongest...Michael, the superstar...Jermaine, the dreamboat...Marlon, the coolone...Toto, whose  marriage came as such a surprise...Randy, who at ten already is emerging as a full fledged member of the group...?

What do they think about themselves? Each other? Their future, Their fans? Other singing groups? Girls? What are their dreams and goals, hopes and fears?

You'll find out the answers, and discover the true greatness of these amazing youngsters, in a book that ells their story and takes you into the soul of the Jackson Five.

Publisher: Curtis Books
Author: James Gregory
Released: 1973
Language: English
Pages: 125
ISBN: 502-07314-075
Printed: USA
Guide price: 10 €

The Jackson 5 Book CoverThe Jackson 5

The first book published about the Jackson 5 was this unassuming little paperback written by Ellen Motoviloff, releaased in January 1972 in the USA by Scholastic Books.


The heroes of thousands of kids across the country — The first black teen act to make it big on the Motown soul circuit-The first black family to make it big in the nation's pop music business — The most deliciously dancable group ever — IT'S THE JACKSON 5!

The early days in Gary, Indiana. Their exciting discovery by Diana Ross. Special interviews with each of the boys. In words and photos the complete story of The Jackson 5.

The book is 4 1/4" x 6 1/4" in size and has the usual breathless reporting of a teen magazine, and there's not much in the text that fans wouldn't already know, except perhaps that Jermaine hates oatmeal. But what makes the book worth seeking out are the photos, some of them taken by the author herself when she visited the J5 at home, and several from their 1970 appearance at the Los Angeles Forum. In fact, the only concert photos are from this performance where there must have been dozens of photos taken.

Publisher: Scholastic Books
Author: Ellen Motoviloff
Released: 01-1972
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN: T 2014
Printed: USA
Guide price: 20 €

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