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The J5 and The Jacksons Specials Part 1 DVD CoverThe J5 and The Jacksons Specials Part 1

Disc 1:
1. Famous Families - The Jacksons: The First Family of Pop (1998)
Fox Family Channel special aired in October 1998 and including involvement from the Jackson family.
'The Jacksons: The First Family of Pop' profiles the show-business clan that includes Michael, Janet and LaToya.
Interviewees include Gladys Knight, director John Landis, record producer Jimmy Jam, and brothers Tito, Marlon and Jermaine. - 82:43
2. America's First Family of Music (2001)
MBC Network aired a special on November 22nd, 2001, providing a look at the Jackson family history through exclusive interviews with the Jackson brothers and archival footage, taken from each stage of their lives.
Narrated by Marlon Jackson, who candidly discusses his experiences growing up in the industry, this MBC Network original also features inside footage of Michael's 30th birthday, as well as celebrity commentary from Isaac Hayes, Justin Timberlake, Destiny's Child, Kenny Rogers, Liza Minelli, and Tom Joyner, among others. - 22:19

Unreleased: 22-11-2001
Playing time: 105:03 minutes
Sound: Mono

Disc 2:
1. Inside Edition Special (1990)
A TV reportage from the beginning of 1990 by Inside Edition which focus on Joseph Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson family.
Contains interviews of Johnny Jackson (J5's drummer), Gordon Keith (of Steeltown Records) and Joe Jackson. - 7:14
2. Biography Channel Documentary (2010)
A special from December 23, 2010. In 1969 five young brothers from Gary, Indiana stepped out into the spotlight and changed the music world forever. Through Berry Gordy's Motown, The Jackson 5 recorded some of the most recognizable tunes in pop history.
However, despite their enormous success, the pressure from within their own family and the demands of worldwide fame, left a lasting toll on the Jacksons' lives.
The happy, carefree pop music they sang and danced to often betrayed the challenging work schedule and huge responsibilities thrust upon them from a very young age. But The Jackson 5 always had one thing in abundance--natural talent--and their music continues to influences artists to this day. - 44:40

Unreleased: 23-12-2010
Playing time: 51:55 minutes
Sound: Mono/Stereo

Soul Train DVD CoverSoul Train

Soul Train began airing in selected cities across the United States, on a weekly basis, on October 2nd, 1971. The show is known for its animated opening title featuring the popular cartoon train, the show was created by Don Cornelius.
During the heyday of Soul Train in the 1970s, the group The Jackson 5 did their songs and they are joined by the program host on-stage for a brief interview.

1. Soul Train 1972
October 21, 1972. The Jackson 5 appeared on this edition of Soul Train to promote Jermaine's new album. Jermaine was interviewed and performed 'That's How Love Goes' and 'Daddy's Home' with his brothers taking up the job of backing singers and rejoins his brothers for a group interview and audience questions also they performed 'I Want You Back', 'Lookin' Through The Windows' and 'Corner Of The Sky'. - 18:11
2. Soul Train 1973
November 3, 1973. The Jackson 5 performed 'Dancing Machine', 'Get It Together' and 'Don't Say Goodbye Again', as well as answering audience questions. Papa Joe Jackson talked through a home movie of a party at their family home, Jermaine performed 'You're In Good Hands' and Michael performs 'With A Child's Heart'. - 34:24
3. Soul Train 1974
October 5, 1974. Michael appeared without his brothers, answered questions from the audience and performed 'Whatever You Got I Want', 'If I Don't Love You This Way' and 'What You Don't Know'. - 16:04
4. Soul Train 1975
October 5, 1975. The Jackson 5 performed 'Forever Came Today' and 'All I Do Is Think Of You'. Michael performed solos of 'Just A Little Bit Of You', 'One Day In Your Life' and 'We've Got Forever'. Also includes interviews with both Michael and the Jackson 5. - 20:37
5. Soul Train 1979
February 3, 1979. On their 10th anniversary in the music business, Soul Train and The Jacksons celebrated with a Jacksons special. They performed 'Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)' and 'Things I Do For You', Michael performed 'Push Me Away'. - 14:32

Unreleased: 03-1979
Playing time: 103:50 minutes
Sound: Mono

The Jackson 5 Performed Live Part 2 DVD CoverThe Jackson 5 Performed Live Part 2

1. American Bandstand (1970)
February 21, 1970. The Jackson 5 appear to promote ABC and perform two numbers, 'I Want You Back' and 'ABC', in between which Michael chats with host Dick Clark. Also The Jackson 5 perform a medley of 'Zip A Dee Doo Dah/There Was A Time' (a cover of James Brown)/Shake That Money Maker' and are presented with gold discs. - 14:07
2. Royal Variety Show (UK)
The Jackson 5 perform on October 30th,1972 at the Royal Variety Show in the UK. They sing the songs 'I Want You Back', 'ABC', 'Rockin' Robin' and 'The Love You Save'. - 10:45
3. One More Time
January 10, 1974. Jackson 5 perform 'Get It Together', a medley featuring 'I Want You Back/ABC/I'll Be There/Ben/Daddy's Home/Never Can Say Goodbye/The Love You Save' and join the Mills Brothers in sing songs of 'Up a Lazy River/Opus One'. - 9:04
4. Dinah! (1975)
June 16, 1975. The Jackson 5 perform 'Moving Violation' and 'Forever Came Today' at the Dinah Shore Show.
Michael performed solo the number 'One Day In Your Life' and 'You Are My Sunshine', a duet with Dinah. Randy and Janet perform 'Love is Strange'.
There's also a long interview with the Jackson 5 during the show. - 51:39
5. American Bandstand (1975)
June 28, 1975. The Jackson 5 perform 'Dancing Machine' and 'Moving Violation' and chat with Dick Clark. Also includes a solo performance from Michael of 'Just A Little Bit Of You' and interview. - 11:58
6. Dinah! (1976)
June 16, 1976. The Jackson 5 perform with Dinah the song 'De De Doo'. Michael performed solos of 'One Day In Your Life' and 'We're Almost There'.
There's also a long interview with the Jackson 5 & Michael during this show. - 27:14
7. The Tonight Show with Freddie Prinze
June 21, 1976. The Jackson 5 performed a medley of different songs with main title 'You've Got A Friend' at the Tonight Show with Freddie Prinze hosting.
Freddie Prinze interviews The Jackson 5. Michael singing a very amazing song 'Happy'. - 13:08

Unreleased: 06-1976
Playing time: 137:58 minutes
Sound: Mono

The Jackson 5 Performed Live Part 1 DVD CoverThe Jackson 5 Performed Live Part 1

Disc 1:
1. Motown Audition
The Jackson 5 are perform at Berry Gordy's studio Motown in July 23rd, 1968 with 'I Got The Feelin' and 'We Thank You'. - 4:34
2. The Ed Sullivan Show '69
December 14, 1969. The Jackson 5 perform 'Stand', 'Who's Lovin' You' and 'I Want You Back'. - 8:02
3. Andy Williams Show
January 31, 1970. The Jackson 5 perform 'I Want You Back'. - 3:04
4. The Ed Sullivan Show '70
May 10, 1970. The Jackson 5 perform a medley of 'I Want You Back/ABC' and 'The Love You Save'. - 6:00
5. Diana Ross TV Special
April 18, 1971. The Jackson 5 appear with Diana Ross on her first solo TV special, where they perform two medleys: 'Mama's Pearl/Walk On/The Love You Save' and 'I'll Be There/Feelin' Alright'. Michael also takes part in two comedy sketches: one with Diana Ross and another with Bill Cosby and his brothers. - 11:49
6. Hellzapoppin
March 1, 1972. They take part in this comedy special with performances of 'Sugar Daddy' and 'Got To Be There'. Also introduce brother Randy during 'We Got A Brand New Thing'. - 7:44
7. Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour
September 15, 1972. Michael jokes around with Sonny and Cher, joins his brothers for a group performance of 'Lookin' Through The Windows' and performs 'Ben'. - 8:09
8. Carol Burnett Show
March 16, 1974. The Jackson 5 take part in a comedy skit at a music school which features a hilarious performance of 'This Old Man/ABC' and perform 'Dancing Machine'. - 12:01
9. Sandy in Disneyland
April 10, 1974. The Jackson 5 take part in a skit onboard a ship dressed as sailors and perform a medley of 'I Want You Back/ABC'. - 2:44
10. Merv Griffin Show
September 3, 1974. The Jackson 5 perform 'Dancing Machine'. - 4:20
11. Jerry Lewis Telethon
September, 1974. The Jackson 5 perform 'Dancing Machine'. - 3:35
12. Cher Show
March 16, 1975. With help from Janet, Cher introduces a performance from The Jackson 5 of 'I Am Love'. Cher joins them in an amazing medley of their hits. - 9:26

Unreleased: 03-1975
Playing time: 101:28 minutes
Sound: Mono

Disc 2:
1. Miss Black America
August 22, 1969. The Jackson 5 make their first TV appearance as they perform by Miss Black America the song 'It's Your Thing'. - 4:27
2. Hollywood Palace Special
October 18, 1969. Diana Ross introduces The Jackson 5, where they perform 'Sing A Simple Song/Can You Remember' and 'I Want You Back'. Michael also teaches Sammy Davis, Jr. a few dance moves before being dragged of stage. - 7:47
3. The Star Spangled Banner
October 10, 1970. The Jackson 5 are perform at the first game of the world series "The Star Spangled Banner". The boys did not know the words to the "Star Spangled Banner" right before they were supposed to sing it at a baseball game. - 1:39
4. Flip Wilson Show (1971)
November 4, 1971. The Jackson 5 goof around with Flip Wilson and perform a medley of 'I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save' and 'Never Can Say Goodbye'. - 13:11
5. American Bandstand (1972)
July 1, 1972. Michael his brothers make a surprise appearance and are presented with gold discs, Michael joins them in a performance of 'Lookin' Through The Windows' and Michael performed solos of 'Rockin' Robin', 'Ben' and 'I Wanna Be Where You Are'. - 14:42
6. Bob Hope Special
September 26, 1973. The Jackson 5 perform 'Get It Together' and 'Dancing Machine' and join Bob Hope in a spot of comedy chit-chat in 1973. - 8:49
7. Grammy Awards (1974)
March 2, 1974. The Jackson 5 present Gladys Knight & The Pips with a Grammy for the best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance by a duo, Group or Chorus for 'Midnight Train To Georgia'. The Jackson 5 performed a medley of different hits. - 2:46
8. Mike Douglas Show (1974)
April 1974. The Jackson 5 are interviewed and perform 'It's Too Late To Change The Time' and 'Dancing Machine'. - 5:56
9. Tonight Show with Bill Cosby
August 19, 1974. The Jackson 5 including Randy are interviewed by Bill Cosby and perform 'Dancing Machine' and a special live medley featuring 'Killing Me Softly/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Danny Boy'. - 15:49
10. Carol Burnett Show (1975)
January 25, 1975. The Jackson 5 performed at the Carol Burnett Show with two numbers, 'The Life Of The Party' and 'Tribute to Mills Brothers, Andrews Sisters, Supremes, Sonny and Cher'. - 12:38
11. Mike Douglas Show (1975)
December 11, 1975. The Jackson 5 performed 'All I Do Is Think Of You' in the on The Mike Douglas show. - 3:30
12. Carol Burnett Show (1976)
January 21, 1976. With an absent Jermaine, the Jackson 5 introduce themselves with a song and perform 'Forever Came Today' and 'Body Language (Do The Love Dance)'. - 11:02
13. Rich Little Show
February 16, 1976. The Jackson 5, minus Jermaine, take part in a couple of skits and perform 'Forever Came Today'. - 9:19

Unreleased: 02-1976
Playing time: 111:42 minutes
Sound: Mono

Moving Violation Tour (Mexico) DVD CoverMoving Violation Tour (Mexico)

Departing in the USA they were touring around to Japan, Hawaii, Africa, The United States, South America, Hong Kong, and of course also to Mexico in December 1975 where they had given a sold out concert. The Moving Violation Tour was been attempt to finance their roughly growing success.

For the first time with Randy Jackson because Jermaine got out of the group on account of his marriage with Berry Gordy's daughter.

It was a great show with a lot of dance steps of the five brothers. They were the stars of the evening, especially Michael who was only 17 years old then. He introduced in this show his family and they brought all together these beautiful numbers:

1. (You Were Made) Especially For Me - 3:20
2. It's Too Late To Change The Time - 2:40
3. Never Can Say Goodbye - 1:51
4. Papa Was A Rolling Stone - 4:15
5. Happy - 4:46
6. I Am Love - 5:14
7. Randy Presents The Crew - 2:55
8. Rockin' Robin - 2:08
9. The Life Of The Party - 3:10
10. Forever Came Today - 4:14
11. Music and Me - 3:01
12. Ben - 2:54
13. Medley - 3:18
14. One Day In Your Life - 4:27
15. Michael Presents The Family - 0:49
16. Dancing Machine - 5:50
17. Body Language - 7:11

Unreleased: 12-1975
Playing time: 62:12 minutes
Sound: Mono

The Jackson 5 Cartoon Series DVD CoverThe Jackson 5 Cartoon Series

The 23 episodes cartoon series aired from September 1971 to February 1973. Follow Marlon, Jermaine, Tito, Jackie and Michael along  with his pets – mice Ray & Charles and snake Rosie – through their misadventures in cartoon land. It was a television show produced by Rankin Bass, a portrayal of careers of the popular Motown Recording Group, the Jackson Five.

The television series set mainly on London at the studios of Halas and Batchelor and director was Robert Balser.

Disc 1:
The Jackson 5 Cartoon Series
1. It All Started With... - 22:07
2. Pinestock, U.S.A. - 21:59
3. Drafted - 21:56
4. Mistaken Identity - 21:51
5. Bongo, Baby, Bongo - 22:02
6. The Winner's Circle - 21:25

Unreleased: 1971
Playing time: 131:26 minutes
Sound: Mono

Disc 2:
The Jackson 5 Cartoon Series
7. Cinder Jackson - 22:03
8. The Wizard Of Soul - 21:59
9. The Tiny Five - 21:56
10. The Groovation - 22:00
11. Ray And Charles: Superstars - 21:59
12. Former Jacksons - 21:54

Unreleased: 1972
Playing time: 131:55 minutes
Sound: Mono

Disc 3:
The Jackson 5 Cartoon Series
13. Jackson Island - 21:50
14. The Michael Look - 15:19
15. Jackson Street, U.S.A. - 21:56
16. Rasho-Jackson - 22:01
17. A Rare Pearl - 22:05
18. Who's Hoozis - 22:04

Unreleased: 1972
Playing time:
125:20 minutes
Sound: Mono

Disc 4:
The Jackson 5 Cartoon Series
19. Michael White - 21:58
20. Groove To The Chief - 21:54
21. Michael In Wonderland - 21:56
22. Jackson And The Beanstalk - 21:50
23. The Opening Act - 21:49

Unreleased: 1973
Playing time:
109:31 minutes
Sound: Mono

The Jackson 5 TV Shows DVD CoverThe Jackson 5 TV Shows

1. Goin' Back To Indiana
Goin' Back To Indiana, their first special for ABC-TV, was been broadcasting on September 19th, 1971, with as guests Bill Cosby, Tommy Smothers, singer Bobby Darin and Diana Ross, basketball stars Bill Russell, Elgin Baylor, Elvin Hayes and Ben Davison.

In the TV Special the group performing their hits, acting in skits and they let show footages of the ceremony by their return home in Gary Indiana.

Skits & Live performances:
I Want You Back / Tito Thunderball's car race / Maybe Tomorrow / Basketball Dram Team skit / ABC (Animated Video) / Diana Ross & Scoop in limo / Stand / Feelin Alright / Take It Higher / The Love You Save / Going Back To Indiana / Scoop & Jackson 5 finale. - 51:22

2. The Jackson 5 Show
The Jackson 5 Show, the second TV-special of the group, was been broadcast on November 5th, 1972 by CBS-TV while they were on tour in Europe.

Featuring group performances: medley of 'I Want You Back/ABC/I'll Be There/The Love You Save' and 'Never Can Say Goodbye', as well as a solo performance from Michael with the number 'Ben' and a skit featuring an unreleased track 'Daydreamer'. - 24:22

Unreleased: 05-11-1972
Playing time: 76:06 minutes
Sound: Mono

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