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Moving Violation Tour (Mexico) Video CoverMoving Violation Tour (Mexico)

Departing in the USA they were touring around to Japan, Hawaii, Africa, The United States, South America, Hong Kong, and of course also to Mexico where The Jackson 5 had given a sold out concert. 'The Moving Violation Tour' was been attempt to finance their roughly growing success, the Mexican concert is from December 1975.

For the first time with Randy Jackson because Jermaine got out of the group on account of his marriage with Berry Gordy's daughter.
It was a great show with a lot of dance steps of the five brothers. They were the stars of the evening, especially Michael who was only 16 years old then. He introduced in this show his family and they brought all together these beautiful numbers.

The show comes out on a unofficial VHS tape in the year 1989-90 in the UK.

Track list:

1. (You Were Made) Especially For Me - 3:00
2. Never Can Say Goodbye - 2:11
3. Papa Was A Rolling Stone - 4:10
4. I Am Love - 5:13
5. Rockin' Robin - 2:10
6. Life Of The Party - 3:11
7. Forever Came Today - 4:18
8. Ben - 3:02
9. I'll Be There - 2:12
10. Medley - 2:34
11. Michael Presents The Family - 0:51
12. Dancing Machine - 5:53
13. Body Language - 4:37

Publisher: VCL
Series number: V1588
Released: 1989-90
Playing time: 43:30 minutes
Sound: Mono
Printed: UK
Guide price: 25 €

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