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Tribute To Michael Jackson Album CoverFrançois Glorieux And His Orchestra
Tribute To Michael Jackson

'Tribute To Michael Jackson' from François Glorieux was released in the year 1985 in Belgium by Rene Gailly International Productions.

The album contains the classical adaptations of some of Michael Jackson's most famous hits, as well as numerous compositions of François Glorieux which were inspired by Michael Jackson and the meeting they had together.

François is a Belgian musician, pianist, composer and conductor who has toured Europe, the USA, Latin America, Canada, Japan, China, Middle East and Africa with his music.

François met Michael on May 2nd 1989, because Michael requested they meet privately to talk about classical music. Michael asked François to make classical arrangements of his biggest hits.

My album is printed in Belgium with the series number: 3985 004.

Track list:

1. Ben - 5:31
2. Billie Jean - 4:26
3. She's Out Of My Life - 3:50
4. Beat It - 4:15

1. Opus For Michael - 4:18
2. Meditation - 4:43
3. To Be A Star - 4:48
4. The Show Is Over - 5:00

Record label: Rene Gailly International Productions
Released: 1985
Series number: 3985 004
Printed: Belgium
Guide price: 15 €

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