A complete history career of the King Of Pop. At once intriguing, mysterious, dynamic and unpredictable, Jackson has developed to become the ultimate celebrity.

From Steeltown to Motown, from the Jackson 5's 'first album 'Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5' to Michael's album 'Xscape', Michael has performed the biggest shows, made the most spectacular videos, and been breaking records since the age of 11. His life has never moved from the public eye, and since his show stopping Grammy appearance he has dominated the pop world like no other personality.

The interviews, messages and speeches Michael has given in his career. The books and a timeline is the result of a decade of personal search and is still a work in progress...

Here is everything you need to know about the world's most famous celebrity.

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Michael has been receiving Awards for almost 40 years, since 1970 until now he has obtained many Awards. You can read them all by way of the link Awards.

There are been written a lot of books about Michael, but he has also written some by himself. A list with the best books I have summarized for you.

The biography of Michael Jackson is narrative and I have tried on a certain manner to give you a better view on what has happened in his lifetime.

I have made an list of known charities that Michael Jackson has individually supported publically throughout his career.

Follow a chronology of the singer's life, highlighted by breathtaking commercial success, intense public scrutiny and odd lifestyle choices.

All the interviews that Michael has given in his career you can find on the pages.

Messages and Speeches:
A full list of Michael Jackson's Messages and Speeches that he has ever given during his career.

MJ Books:
Many books have been written about Michael, but most popular by far are the boons released by Michael himself. Come more to know about his books.

MJ Passport:
Elaborate explanation about Michael Jackson. A personal description of our idol may not be absent on this site.

MJ Timeline:
his timeline is the result of a decade of personal search and is still a work in progress...
View it as a celebration of Michael Jackson's life.

Neverland Ranch:
You get to know more about the background and searches of Neverland.

Today in History:
I have made many pages from Michael's history with texts equipped by photos, highlights of the King Of Pop history.

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MJ Passport

MJ Timeline

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