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This Is It Mobile & PC Edition (Limited Edition) CoverThis Is It Mobile & PC Edition (Limited Edition)

'This Is It' limited edition Mobile & PC Edition of Michael Jackson was released in 2009 only in Japan.

It contains the 'This Is It' movie on two portable formats - 1GB microSD and 2GB USB flash memory stick containing the album audio. You can slot the microSD card into your mobile phone and watch it on the go, or you can plug the USB flash drive stick into your netbook and watch it at Starbucks or whatever.

You don't get the movie in high definition as it has been resized to fit the mobile and PC screen, so you're still better off with the DVD or Blu-ray version to experience it in its best quality. The USB version would be useful for netbooks that don't come with a CD/DVD drive. But ultimately, this product is strictly for fans and collectors only.

The product is housed in a LP sized jacket with the Japanese obi strip, and it also includes the 24-page booklet of photos and 4 postcards, just like the Blu Ray version. There's also a cardboard stand for you to display the product.

This Is It Mobile & PC Edition (Limited Edition)

License: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Manufacturer: Hagiwara Sys-Com
Released: 2010
Series number: HSM-MJSETLP
Country: Japan
Guide price: 200 €

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