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This Is It Monkey (Pet)

They have lot's of crazy idea at the marketing! Kids could had plush at the concerts!
The monkey...we love or hate them...

There are two versions of the monkey, I've learn few years ago that there was not one, but two versions of the monkey. It's seem they are identical, but the stickers, with "AEG LIVE/Bravado licence" 2009 are identical stickers.

This Is It Monkey

The difference is about the embroidery, one the first version it's written "King of Pop, London O2" and Michael Jackson on the bottom.

That monkey was supposed to be sold during the This Is It Tour, but as you know, the concerts never happened. After the canceling, they have made an exhibition with some personal things of Michael, during the exhibition they sold This Is It merchandise.

At the moment, they have produced a second version of some items, it wasn't the items supposed to be sold at the concerts.

On the second version, its only "King Of Pop, Michael Jackson", they have removed "London 50 O2".
I'm so proud to have discovered that!

The monkey are really hard to find nowadays, estimated price for the monkey is around the 100€.

Manufacturer: AEG LIVE/Bravado licence
Released: 06-2009
Series number: ?
Country: UK
Guide price: 100 €

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