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Porcelain HIStory FigurinePorcelain HIStory Figurine

Back in 1998, a small company in Romania was asked to make porcelain figurines representing Michael Jackson in his HIStory tour. After the first 1000 pieces were finished, another 1000 were made but were never finished.

For the first time these porcelains figurines were offered in 1999 by manufacturer Carlitta Collection, during 'MJ and Friends'. This character has an altitude of 33cm and contains a certificate of authenticity, it carries the outfit of the HIStory tour.

A porcelain figurine of Michael Jackson shown in a gold and silver ensemble. The base of the statuette reads, 'HISTORY/ MICHAEL JACKSON/ KING OF POP/ 651/ MYSTERY'. An edition of 1000 of these figures was produced. The first statuette was numbered "0000" and given to Michael Jackson.

Every piece is unique, no mass-production, but an individual and complex production process. Made from 99% finest gold. Michael's knee-pads are made from platinum. The face of each piece is hand-painted.

This is one of the rarest official Michael Jackson items that you can find.
The porcelain figurine has been coming from the Mystery company but made by an Italian.

This is a great addition for the Michael Jackson collectors.

Manufacturer: Carlitta Collection
Released: 1999
Series number: 651
Guide price: 350 €

Voice Money BoxVoice Money Box

Michael Jackson's 'Money Box' is an official Triumph International Inc. item out 1999 in honour of 'Heal The World', was released in Germany, Austria and spread over by a German firm.

This is a rare collector item: the first 'Money Box' of Michael Jackson with a voice, is made of a silver colour plastic.

It doesn't look only beautiful but is at the same time exclusive because when by putting a coin in it you get to hear a message.

The voice message sound as follows: "I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, LETS ALL HEAL THE WORLD."

License: Triumph International Inc.
Released: 1999
Series number: MB-009
Guide price: 80 €

Moonwalker (Limited Edition Commemorative Program) Book CoverMoonwalker (Limited Edition Commemorative Program) [Book]

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of 'Moonwalker' Captain EO Productions (the French publisher of the excellent and official magazine of Michael Jackson's 'Black & White') has decided in 1998 to realize a 'Commemorative Program' book in tribute to the fantastic movie of the 'King of Pop'.

This collector's item (approved by Michael) printed in a limited edition (5,000 copies), you can dive into the magical atmosphere of 'Smooth Criminal', 'Speed ​​Demon', 'Leave Me Alone' and 'Come Together'.

With over 90 photos showing the film (many of them which are completely new, direct from the private collection of Michael), this deluxe edition printed in large format (33x24cm) with 36 pages on quality paper with selective varnishing pictures contains essential and accurate information about the film and the lyrics (the new version of 'Smooth Criminal') and original quotes from Michael and members of the film crew.


Moonwalker (Limited Edition Commemorative Program) Book

Publisher: Captain EO Productions
Released: 1998
Language: France
Director: Christophe Boulmé
Editors: Laura Hopman/Julien Derain
Pages: 36
Printed: France
Guide price: 80 €

Michael The Love (Picture CD + Mini Poster) [Unofficial] CD Album CoverMichael The Lover (Picture CD + Mini Poster) [Unofficial CD Album]

Step into HIStory! Discover Michael Jackson's very first studio recordings! 'Michael The Lover' unofficial picture CD album with poster of The Jackson 5 was released in 1998 in Hamburg (Germany) through Sonotec Records.

The CD album contains 24 never-before-released Jackson 5 numbers, from a period when they were still performing with their cousin Johnny, a year before signing on with Motown!

This picture CD has a nice rockcartoon of The Jackson 5.

Ben Brown, president of Steeltown Records, has kept these recordings secret for more than 25 years. Even the Jackson 5 didn't know they existed.

The tapes have been remastered to give a rendering of the best possible sound on compact disc. This disc, no doubt about it, is a historical marvel.

Track list:

1. Big Boy - 3:55
2. You've Changed - 3:26
We Don't Have To Be Over 21 - 3:38
Michael The Lover - 3:27
Stormy Monday - 4:06
Saturday Night At The Movies - 4:02
Track Of My Tears - 4:01
8. A Change Is Gonna Come - 3:46
9. Lonely Heart - 3:07
10. Boys And Girls, We Are The Jackson Five - 4:07
11. My Girl - 3:41
12. Soul Jerk - 3:20
13. Under The Boardwalk - 3:36

Bonus tracks:
Parts of the original sessions from 1965 to 1967 from the Jackson Five featuring Michael Jackson in Gary, Indiana, where it all began…

14. From The Rehearsals The Introduction (Bonus track) - 0:27
15. Boys And Girls, We Are The Jackson Five (Rehearsals) (Bonus track) - 3:46
16. My Girl (Rehearsals) (Bonus Track) - 2:36
17. Soul Jerk (Rehearsals) (Bonus Track) - 2:04
18. Under The Boardwalk (Rehearsals) (Bonus track) - 2:39
19. Saturday Night At The Movies (Rehearsals) (Bonus track) - 1:56
20. Stormy Monday (Rehearsals) (Bonus track) - 2:37
21. Track Of My Tears (Rehearsals) (Bonus track)
- 2:35
22. Lonely Heart (Rehearsals) (Bonus track) - 1:07
23. A Change Is Gonna Come (Rehearsals) (Bonus track) - 1:46
24. Baby, You Don't Have To Go (Rehearsals) (Bonus track) - 1:00

Michael The Love (Picture CD + Mini Poster) [Unofficial] CD Album

Record label: Sonotec
Released: 1998
Series number: RCAR 102 5207
Printed: Germany
Guide price: 25 €

Billie Jean Gold Record Award (Limited Edition)

This 16 1/4" x 12" Triumph International Inc. limited edition framed gold record of 'Billie Jean' with black bordering of Michael Jackson was released in 1998 in the USA. Includes a picture of Michael from the 'Thriller' era in a yellow vest.

There are only 2500 copies of this 'Billie Jean Gold Record Award' released in the whole world.

The serial number stands on the limited edition plate and on the bottom reads "Michael Jackson King Of Pop Billie Jean 24KT Gold Plated Record."

Billie Jean Gold Record Award (Limited Edition)

Record label: Epic/Triumph International Inc.
Released: 1998
Series number: 503/2500
Printed: USA
Guide price: 300 €

'Making HIStory' Limited Edition Print

This nice limited edition print was released in 1998 and was personally signed by Michael Jackson with silver ink.
From the print, titled, 'Making HIStory' are released only 400 copies, it's been painted by Vincent McKoy and exhibited different images of the most beautiful fragments out of Michael's 30 years career.

The print is been framed and is coated with a golden sheet in which is engraved a number. The dimensions of the frame with passe-partout are 37.44 on 29.25 inches, the print (picture) it selves is 29.64 on 20.86 inches.

'Making HIStory' Limited Edition Print

Released: 1998
Series number: 006
Guide price: 2000 €

Michael Jackson's FingerprintMichael Jackson's Fingerprint

This is Michael Jackson's original finger print which was released in 1998 by manufacturer Triumph International Inc.

The pendant on which the finger print is printed is made out of 925 silver and O 35 mm. It can be wearing as a chain by way of a leather necklace.

The back side of the finger print is signed by Michael with at the bottom his date of birth.

This item was not fabricated in a large amount and therefore it's rather rare to find, so this is for the collectors a unique item.




Manufacturer: Triumph International Inc.
Released: 1998
Series number: 0256
Guide price: 100 €

Smile Maxi-Single CoverSmile (Maxi-Single)

One of the rarest Michael Jackson items is the unreleased 12" single for 'Smile'.

'Smile' was normally provided as sixth and final single that was released from Michael's album 'HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I'. Originally due for release Christmas 1997, but then cancelled by Epic.

Only a HANDFUL of these 12" escaped destruction was released on December 3rd, 1997 in Holland by Epic, therefore making this maxi-single the rarest music release Michael has ever had!

The record is housed in a glossy picture sleeve with Michael dressed as Charlie Chaplin.

The 12" contains 'Smile' / 'Is It Scary' (Deep Dish Dark And Scary Remix) / 'Is It Scary' (Eddie's Rub-A-Dub Mix) / 'Is This Scary' (Eddie's Love Mix ) / 'Off The Wall' (Junior Vasquez Remix).

Around November 2005, a number of unofficial 12" records appeared on eBay and some record fairs in Germany and the Netherlands. This explains why the 12" presses are the most common, although the original is still considered the most rare.

Track list:

1. Smile - 4:55
2. Is It Scary - Deep Dish Dark And Scary Remix - 12:07

1. Is It Scary - Eddie's Rub-A-Dub Mix - 5:00
2. Is It Scary - Eddie's Love Mix - 8:00
3. Off The Wall - Junior Vasquez Remix - 4:57

Record label: Epic
Unreleased: 03-12-1997
Series number: 665 130 6
Printed: Holland
Guide price 1200 €

Ghosts (Limited Edition) [VHS/CD + CD-Single Deluxe Collector] Box Set CoverGhosts (Limited Edition) [VHS/CD + CD-Single Deluxe Collector Box Set]

'Ghosts' deluxe collector box set is al limited edition release of 145,000 copies, released on December 1st, 1997 in the UK by publisher SMV Enterprises.

'Ghosts' is an incredible short film where Michael himself plays many characters (maestro, mayor, ghoul mayor, super ghoul, skeleton).

With the help of makeup one does not always realize though, that all these characters are truly Michael Jackson. The short film shows amazing dancing and a lot of special effects.

In the 8" x 10" gold-stickered picture box are 4 items to found:

Ghosts Home Video: The 40 minute long form video also contains the 'making of' of the movie.

CD Album 'Blood On The Dance Floor':

Track list:

1. Blood On The Dance Floor - 4:13
2. Morphine - 6:28
3. Superfly Sister - 6:27
4. Ghosts - 5:08
5. Is It Scary - 5:35
6. Scream Louder (Flyte Tyme Remix) - 5:30
7. Money (Fire Island Radio Edit) - 4:23
8. 2 Bad (Refugee Camp Mix) - 3:32
9. Stranger In Moscow (Tee's In-House Club Mix) - 6:54
10. This Time Around (D.M. Radio Mix) - 4:05
11. Earth Song (Hani's Club Experience) - 7:55
12. You Are Not Alone (Classic Club Mix) - 7:37
13. HIStory (Tony Moran's HIStory Lesson) - 8:01

Ghosts Minimax CD Single (Picture CD):

Track list:

1. On The Line (with Babyfase) [unreleased song 'On The Line' from the movie soundtrack 'Get On The Bus'] - 4:37
2. Ghosts (Mousse T's Radio Rock Singalong Remix) - 4:25
3. Is It Scary (DJ Greek's Scary Mix) - 7:12

Ghosts Programme book: Never before available 20-page deluxe 4 colour programme, specially printed for the Cannes Film Festival 'Ghosts' premiere. Includes many unreleased photos from the film.

Ghosts (Limited Edition) [VHS/CD + CD-Single Deluxe Collector] Box Set

Publisher: SMV Enterprises
Series number: EPC 489155 2
Released: 01-12-1997
Playing time: 38:37 minutes
Sound: Hi-Fi Stereo / Dolby Surround
Printed UK
Guide price: 60 €

HIStory World Tour (Limited Edition Souvenir Program) Book CoverHIStory World Tour (Limited Edition Souvenir Program) [Book]

'HIStory World Tour' limited edition souvenir program book of Michael Jackson is published in October 1997 in the UK by Captain EO Productions and the editor is Laurent Hopman & Julien Derian with the artistic director Christophe Boulmé.

This special program was strictly limited to just 5000 copies. Making it then an instant collector's item and has been heavily sought after by collectors ever since.

This amazing book is filled with 34 glossy pages of exclusive, never before seen HIStory tour photos by John Isaac, Michael's personal photographer during his last World Tour! Also features the entire HIStory World Tour schedule from September 1996 through October 1997 and many rare quotes from the 'King of Pop'!

Publisher: Captain EO Productions
Released: 10-1997
Language: English
Pages: 34
Printed: UK
Guide price: 70 €

Michael Jackson (Limited Edition) [Unofficial Interview Shaped Picture CD]Michael Jackson (Limited Edition) [Unofficial Interview Shaped Picture CD]

'Michael Jackson Interview' shaped picture CD album is an unofficial limited edition CD album of Michael Jackson that was released on September 29th, 1997 in Germany through Sonotec Records (there only made of 10,000 !) which includes excerpts of two interviews and also includes samplings of his fantastic human beat box performance.

Track list:

1. Interview of Michael that was taken from his reclusive Neverland Ranch in February 1993 ('Michael Jackson talks to Oprah').

2. Interview made by Steven Howell in 1984. Relaxed and informal, Michael speaks about his inspiration and interviews his sister LaToya.

Running time: 19:29 min.

A must have!

Record label: Sonotec
Released: 29-09-1997
Series number: S1120
Printed: Cuba
Guide price: 20 €

HIStory World Tour V.I.P. TicketHIStory World Tour V.I.P. Ticket

Michael Jackson's latest concert in our country (Belgium).

Death of Princes Diana:
In 1997 Michael Jackson has to perform on August 31 at the Wellington-race- course in Ostend. But in the night before this concert the British Princes Diana meet with an accident in Paris. It is understood that she had been eaten dinner with the singer just before. While a crowd of fans flow towards in Ostend, came the news that Michael Jackson was so overcome sadness that his action was canceled.

On Wednesday September 3rd, 1997 the concert took place, with as closing number a big picture of Lady Di as honour to her.

The item is a V.I.P. ticket that has not been not been torn off in the Hall, and this is particularly because everyone had to issue that Sunday his ticket to the entrance. This ticket is also equipped with a stamp.

Sure worth while as collector to search after this because more examples as this ticket are in circulation.


Trademark Registered: Mystery
Released: 31-08-1997
Series number: 01815
Printed: Belgium
Guide price: 15 €

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