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Heal The World 2020'Heal The World 2020' Premiere. 03-04-'20

The Michael Jackson Estate will launch a brand new video called 'Heal The World 2020', a reaction to the Coronavirus COVID-19 which is ravaging the world right now.

Here the statement and information from the Michael Jackson Estate:

“We hope that this finds you healthy and safe during these uncertain ties. Feeling connected to a community while physically distancing is one of the most important things that you can do to help navigate the anxiety around coronaVirus. The Estate has created a new 'Heal The World' video specifically focusing on the current world crisis which will be shared on Facebook as a watch party, and wants to make sure that all of you have the opportunity to join and connect with other fans during this time. Michael’s music brings people together in a unique way, and this video watch party will be another way to connect with your fellow fans and feel comforted in this time. For anyone who hasn’t seen it the announcement and a short trailer can be seen on any of Michael’s social media pages (FacebookTwitterInstagram).

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Hector Presents The Laser Discs Part 2. 30-03-'20

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Hector's Michael Jackson Experience Ubisoft Games Full Set. 15-03-'20

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Hector's Unboxing From King Of Shop. 01-03-'20

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Grammys Upload Michael Winning In 1984. 29-02-'20

The official Grammy YouTube channel and website has uploaded a video of Michael charmingly accepting one of his record breaking number of Grammy Awards on February 28th, 1984.

This is the first time it’s been shared in 1080p quality. The video shows the King of Pop winning his Best Pop Vocal Performance award, which was also the moment he brought his sisters Janet, LaToya and Rebbie on stage to help him celebrate.

For his ‘Best Vocal Performance’ award, Michael thanked Quincy Jones, his family, and Steven Spielberg. He then told the audience that he’d made a promise that if he won a seventh award (“which is this one”), he’d take off his shades…and he delivered on that promise.

That year Michael received 8 Grammys in the categories: Album Of The Year ('Thriller'), Best Pop Male Vocal ('Thriller'), Record Of The Year ('Beat It'), Best Rock Male Vocal ('Beat It'), Best R&B Male Vocal ('Billie Jean'), Best New Song Of The Year ('Billie Jean'), Producer Of The Year (with Quincy Jones) and Best Children's Recording ('E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial' with narration by Michael Jackson.


Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

The Too Bad Awards 2020. 29-02-'20

Fans of the King of Pop discover today that a website called toobadawards.com has just appeared in order to propose that each year, fans and internet users at large, will have the opportunity to vote to designate the people, organizations or societies to whom they wish to say "Leave Michael Jackson alone!".

For the people behind this project, the media treatment of Michael Jackson shows the excesses of the system. With these awards, they want to educate internet users, with humor and style, about the need to question what they see on television.

On this occasion, they chose for this award, to offer a representation of Michael Jackson surrounded by a winged woman. The pose of the characters is inspired by a live performance by Michael Jackson in 1993 where he interpreted 'Will You Be There'. We can read in the presentation of the organizers on this subject: “We found this moment very strong: a winged woman, like the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice Maat, protected him."

Too Bad Awards 2020
Too Bad Awards 2020 is translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.

For the organizers, who can be found among the MICHAELzine team that you certainly know, these 'Too Bad Awards' are not awards but rather anti-awards like the Razzie Awards in Quebec or the Gérards television and cinema in France. For them, nominating or awarding someone will never be a call to hate. They simply denounce with the sole ambition; that internet users will uncover, through their votes, the lies and defamations against Michael Jackson.

The more voters there are, the more legitimate the awards will be. This is why everything is translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.

Voting takes place here from today until March 9, 2020.

You will be able to vote for the worst journalist, the worst television program in 2019, the worst trash media of 2019, the worst jacket rollover, the worst intellectual dishonesty, the biggest lie and finally for the 2019 super-mythomaniac.

A video presentation is visible on YouTube or below.


Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

Hector Presents The Laser Discs Part 1. 16-02-'20

Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

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