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Hector Barjot Is Taking Us To Spain 11-01-'21


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Hector Barjot Show: Special Collector Guest. 26-12-'20


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Hector Barjot: Mchael Jackson Kingvention Honors. 19-12-'20


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Hector Barjot Show: Ideas For Christmas Presents. 12-12-'20


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Watch KV:GLOBAL, The Online Michael Jackson Convention. 08-12-'20

After a rocky start and some technical issues, KV:GLOBAL, the digital version of Kingvention, the European Michael Jackson Convention has been released on Sunday 06 December.

Over 1000 fans tuned in to the Live stream and the video premiered again yesterday (December 7) with some competitions to win MJ prizes!

While the event usually happens in London, this year the Kingvention team decided to go virtual and for free:

"Fans have been going through so much this year with the accusations and of course the pandemic, which stopped us to meet in person. We just wanted to give back to our community, to give some joy and love and of course amazing stories about Michael from those who worked and knew him. Kingvention is very special to us but also to those who come to the event. You can feel Michael’s spirit in the room. It's just incredible. When we do Kingvention, we think about Michael… from the front door to the loo door! I think Pez Jax did an amazing job to recreate this spirit in KV:GLOBAL and we hope fans around the world will enjoy!" says Sebastian Mille, Logistic Manager for the event.

KV:GLOBAL includes special performance of 'Liberian Girl' by Eddi Goma in a Zouk style which is absolutely beautiful and original.

Bill Bottrell and Jean-Marie Horvat speak about working with Michael Jackson and they don't hold back to any questions that Pez Jax is asking.

Hector Barjot also created a very special video for the event, showing some amazing collectors.

The online event also includes a special performance of 'Billie Jean' by Dorian Holley.

Fans can now watch or re-watch KV:GLOBAL on YouTube:


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Hector Barjot Show: The Michael Jackson Unboxing. 05-12-'20


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Hector Barjot Show US 'Xscape' 22-11-'20


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Hector Barjot Show: The End? 07-11-'20


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Hector Barjor Award: Best 2021 Collection. 31-10-'20

If you recall, Hector Barjot has done a competition for "Best Michael Jackson Collection" for 2020 and the winners were Aldo Montes from Mexico and Nobuyuki Momose from Japan.

The Award is back this year!

If you want to participate, and be in the pre-selection of the 10 finalists, you just need to make a video presentation of yourself and your collection. Your video can't be more than 2 minutes long. In that video, please state your name, your age, and when you started collecting. Then you will present quickly your collection including your most rare item, and your most favorite one.


Send your video by email to Hectorbarjot@gmail.com, before the 15th December 2020. Good Luck!!!!

Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

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