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Hector Show Us BOOK Review 'The Story Of HIStory' From Pez Jax. 24-09-'20


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Hector Show Us 'Captain EO'. 29-08-'20


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Fan Documentary: 'Loving Neverland'. 14-09-'20

As announced last month and with some delays due to technical issues and lisencing, the fans Nandita Raghav and Deboleena Aich have finally released their over 5 hours long documentary on YouTube.


We're not gaining any profit from this documentary. This documentary is totally fan based & we're not trying to abuse or misuse any content. All content are used under fair use for educational purposes.

"I'm taking back everything they took from me in LN. I'm gonna take back the 'Neverland' name. I'm not gonna let them dirty up a name. Cause Neverland was where some of the most charitable stuff was done." ~ Taj Jackson.

No one can deny that Michael Jackson was the biggest celebrity in the history of the mankind but at the same has been the most bullied, disrespected & tormented like no other. He sacrificed his life to make this world a better place. History will forever be kind and look upon with respect towards him when people finally start to realize how genuine & pure of a soul he was who channelized his music and ideals to not only entertain millions for decades as well as strive for world peace and harmony with his activie humanitarianism.

Produced by:
Nandita Raghav
Deboleena Aich

Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

VIDEO: 'They Don't Care About Us' 2020. 29-08-'20

Spike Lee just released with the Michael Jackson Estate a new cut of the short film 'They Don't Care About Us'.

The new video mixes both versions 'Prison' and 'Brazil' together with few unseen footage of Michael and additional footage from around the world about "Black Lives Matter'" movement.


After the premiere during the Spike Lee's Brooklyn "loves" MJ Block Party, Lee schooled the world on the conditions that most colored people are getting from the systems and told that 'They Don't Care About Us' was a protest song created in the 90s and still relevant today! It has become an anthem for the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

He also told the world "If anybody thinks that Michael Jackson is no black people, crack is wack."

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Hector Is Doing Some Shopping. 29-08-'20


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'Monsters You Made' By Burna Boy Samples 'Dirty Diana'. 14-08-'20

A young Nigerian Singer and song writer is releasing is 5th Album and the first single called 'Monsters You Made' featuring Chris Martin from Coldplay.

The song samples Michael Jackson's song 'Dirty Diana'.

The Estate of Michael Jackson has confirmed that the use of the composition of the song has been authorized.

As you could hear below, only the composition of the song was used and not Michael's vocals or recording.

It is rare for the Estate to agree for the use of any Michael’s songs (or composition in that matter) by other artists. Why Burna Boy? who knows but here for you to listen to the song.


Source: MJ ONLINE / The Estate Of Michael Jackson / Billie Jean

Loving Neverland'Loving Neverland' A New Fan Documentary. 03-08-'20

Fans have been busy defending Michael Jackson to point down the lies told in Dan Reed's "movie" 'Leaving Neverland'.

For over a year now, fans have created educational videos, blogs, websites to educate the general public about the cases and unveil the inconstancy of the stories of those who are accusing Michael Jackson.

'Square One' by Danny Wu has had a huge impact in telling the truth about the 93 case and is currently #1 on Amazon Prime US. 'Square One' was created with no budget or massive promotion but has managed to open the eyes on the truth for many people.

While fans have been hugely supporting and waiting for Taj Jackson's documentary, the time is pressing as 'Leaving Neverland' was just awarded a BAFTA for best factual documentary (I know this is a joke).

Yesterday (August 2), two fans have announced they have been working on a documentary for months called 'Loving Neverland' and released a trailer for it.

While the trailer does not give much to know the content of the documentary, Nandita Raghav and Deboleena Aich have stated:

'Loving Neverland' is a documentary that makes you aware of the injustices & pain Michael Jackson was put through. Come join us through the journey of the most tortured soul. Step into his shoes and know what it is to be Michael Jackson.

Fan projects like this one are so important and if made nicely, the general public and media will pick it up and the spread of the truth will go further.

It is said that 'Loving Neverland' will be released before Michael Jackson's birthday (August 29).

To be continued…


Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

The Genesis Of Thriller'The Genesis Of Thriller - A Michael Jackson Documentary'. 29-07-'20

Damien Shields, an Australian Michael Jackson fan and author of 'Michael Jackson, Songs and Stories from the Vault', has created an audio narrative about Michael Jackson most popular album 'Thriller'.

Re-discover how 'Thriller' was made with stories spoken directly from those who created the songs including interviews from different sources with Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Bruce Swedien, Rod Temperton and many more.

Here what you will hear for 1 hour and 42 minutes:
"Taking listeners inside the recording studio with Michael Jackson and his production team, 'The Genesis of Thriller' tells the story behind the creation of the biggest selling album in music history. Using rarely heard Jackson demo tracks, work tapes and outtakes, combined with archival interviews of those who worked on the album, the documentary is a captivating exploration of what inspired them to create 'Thriller', and the process they went through to bring their extraordinary vision to life."


Source: Damien Shields / Billie Jean

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