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Thriller 25th Anniversary: The Book Book CoverThriller 25th Anniversary: The Book

'Thriller 25th Anniversary: The Book' published in 2008 celebrates the iconic King of Pop and the world's biggest selling album of all time. More than 180 exclusive, high quality, digitally remastered and glossy photographs make this book a visual journey back to the iconic times of 'Thriller': Behind the scenes in the studio recording 'Thriller', making the revolutionary short films, being on a victorious tour, Grammy's most glorious night, and much more.

Contains exclusive interviews: Quincy Jones (Executive Producer, 'Thriller'); Rod Temperton (Songwriter, 'Thriller'); John Landis (Director, 'Thriller' - The Short Film); Tamara Conniff (Editiorial Director, Billboard); Matt Forger (Sound Engineer, 'Thriller'); Bruce Swedien (Sound Engineer, 'Thriller'); Bob Giraldi (Director, 'Beat It'); and many more.

Also: The stories behind the 'Thriller' songs, unreleased songs from the 'Thriller' recording sessions, hand-written lyrics by Michael Jackson, hand-written notes from the studio sessions, poems by Michael Jackson, and much more.

Publisher: ML Publishing Group Ltd
Author: Michael Jackson
Released: 22-08-2008

Language: English
Pages: 140
ISBN: 978-0-9768891-9-9
Printed: EU

My World Book CoverMy World - The Official Photobook Vol.1

In his first book in 14 years, the living pop-icon tries to explain himself to the world once again. In 'My World', published in 2006 Jackson speaks out about his childhood-idols, his inspirations and about living the most famous life in the world with only a few normalities.

The book features more than 40 full colour photos from Michael Jackson's private photo archive. Never before seen pictures show Michael Jackson on stage, in the studio, on award-shows and very privately at his home. A photographic review of his career and unique life on and off stage.

A close up portrait of the world's greatest entertainer, a human being with emotions and fascinating thoughts which are the result of forty years being in the worldwide spotlight.

Publisher: MJ Licensing LLC
Author: Michael Jackson
Released: 30-03-2006
Language: English
Pages: 52
ISBN: 0-9768891-1-0
Printed: EU

Dancing The Dream Book CoverDancing The Dream

'Dancing The Dream', by Michael Jackson, published in 1992 and dedicated to Michael's mother is an extraordinary book and very dear to Michael's heart. It is filled with inspirational essays and poems written by Michael himself. The writing is lovely and every time you read a passage or poem you can see new dimensions and find more to think about.

The poetry and prose are complex and thought provoking and every bit as moving as any song or melody we love by Michael. The book has lovely color and black and white photos with an amazing introduction by Elizabeth Taylor. Many people have reported reading some of the poems aloud to others and winning great acclaim and new Michael Jackson fans each time.

Publisher: Doubleday
Author: Michael Jackson
Released: 18-06-1992
Language: English
Pages: 149
ISBN: 0-385-40368-2
Printed: Germany

Languages the book is available in: English, Chinese, German.

Moonwalk Book CoverMoonwalk

'Moonwalk', by Michael Jackson, will always be a classic must-read for any MJ fan. Published in 1988, this autobiography was written by Michael after being encouraged to do so by his friend, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It is an account of his life up until 1988 when he still lived at Hayvenhurst, his Encino, California home.

This wonderful book, written in an upbeat tone, has 6 chapters and includes beautiful color and black and white photos. Michael dedicated it to Fred Astaire.

In 'Moonwalk' Michael Jackson surrender his personal feelings to a few of his famous friends, like Diana Ross, Berry Gordy, Paul McCartney, Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando and Katherine Hepburn.
Without reserve he talks about the crushing loneliness of his fame, about his first love, about his plastic surgery and about the grotesquely and sometimes unfair rumours, which his outstanding career encircled.

Publisher: Center Boek
Author: Michael Jackson
Released: 20-04-1988
Language: Dutch
Pages: 208
ISBN: 90-5087-029-5
Printed: USA

Languages the book is available in: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (publisher: Plaza & Janés).

Moonwalker (The Storybook) Book CoverMoonwalker - The Storybook

'Moonwalker Storybook', a 73-page book illustrated with scenes from the screenplay by David Newman is published in 1988. Michael, Katy, Sean and Zeke are four good friends enjoying a game of soccer when their lives are suddenly endangered by the diabolical Mr. Big, an evil mastermind who kidnaps Katy and is determined to destroy anything or anyone standing in the way of his evil dreams - even Michael. Speeding cars, hot dancing and amazing chases are all part of the fun and excitement of 'Moonwalker'.

A movie to remember and a story you'll want to read again and again. Actually a great find for all the "Moonwalker-lovers".

Publisher: William Heinemann Ltd
Author: Michael Jackson
Released: 1988
Language: English
Pages: 73
ISBN: 0-434-37043-6
Printed: UK

Languages the book is available in: English, Japanese.

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