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January 3:

Wade Robson and James Safechuck, two men who accuse late pop star Michael Jackson of sexually abusing them as children in the HBO documentary 'Leaving Neverland', won an appeal allowing their claims against two of Jackson’s corporations to stand in light of a recently extended statute of limitations for victims of childhood sexual abuse.

January 8:

Mike Tyson says he hated Michael Jackson's guts for YEARS -- calling him a "cold motherf**ker" -- until he got to know the singer ... and that's when everything changed.

For a second time, Sony Music beat claims in California state court that it deceived customers about whether some tracks on a posthumous Michael Jackson album 'Michael' were sung by Jackson.

January 9:

Did you know back in the 1990s, Michael Jackson phoned French photographer Pierre Commoy and painter Gilles Blanchard — better known as Pierre et Gilles — to place an order for 70 portraits.

January 10:

Tito, Jackie and Marlon were in Indiana for the break ground of the upcoming Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana. The Casino is set to have a Jackson Family Museum regrouping some of the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons’s artifacts. The grand opening is targeted for Dec. 31, 2020.

'Thriller' landed at the number 6 in the Top 10 Best Selling LP of the decade with 334,000 copies.

January 15:

'Księżycowym Krokiem Do Gwiazd' book is released in Poland by Hartigram publishing house.

January 16:

'Thriller' made big moves on the Billboard 200 Chart this week, it reaches a special milestone at numbver 149.

January 18:

The 'Square One' documentary was broadcast in Amsterdam at 2:00 p.m. at the cultural space De Balie.

January 21:

Michael Jackson’s estate and BMI have renewed their pact for the publishing rights organization to represent the late singer’s songwriting catalog, as it has since 1979. The length of the new deal was not announced, but it was last reupped in 2014.

January 22:

'Thriller Live’ celebrate the 11th anniversary in the West End at the Lyric Theatre, a singalong performance of the Michael Jackson inspired production.

January 25:

The musical set by Julien Nitzberg and called 'For The Love Of A Glove, An Unauthorized Musical About The Life Of Michael Jackson As Told By His Glove' opened in LA.

January 26:

The final bow! The exhibition 'On The Wall' which toured London (UK), Paris (France), Bonn (Germany) and Espoo (Finland) has now closed its doors today, sealing a triumphant display of work inspired by Michael Jackson.

February 2:

#MichaelJacksonBlackHistory trending on social media. The Black History Month is an annual observance originating in the United States, where it is also known as African-American History Month.

February 11:

Macaulay Culkin opens up about his close friendship with Michael Jackson in Esquire’s latest cover story.

February 13:

The documentary 'Michael Jackson: El Viaje' is aired on Ultra Doc.

Today it's Michael Jackson's oldest son Prince his birthday and he may blow out 23 candles.

February 16:

Michael Jackson's cufflinks in the top 8 most expensive in the world. Michael wore the V2 as part of his iconic pseudo-military outfit. He wore the expensive V2 during the HIStory World Tour, designed by Arfaq Hussain.

February 18:

Michael Jackson’s famed Neverland Ranch has been pulled off the market after almost five years of price cuts, renovations, and a new name, Compass confirmed to Business Insider.

February 21:

Today it's Michael Jackson's youngest son Prince Michael Junior II (Bigi) his birthday and he may blow out 18 candles.

February 24:

'Supervising Neverland: The Untold Stories' book is released by Page Publishing.

February 26:

The famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin having an exhibition in Paris between February 26 and July 26, 2020. Louboutin designed a pair of shoes for the King of Pop himself which he would have wore during London 'This Is It' concerts. Michael Jackson’s 'This Is It' shoes, the pair was created in 2009 but was never seen before!

'The Definitive Collection' limited edition CD album (Hi-Res CD (MQA x UHQCD) of Michael Jackson is re-released in Japan by Universal Music.

February 28:

The Estate is pressuring the California Appellate Court to cut the Quincy Jones Verdict of $9.4 Million!

HBO urged an appeals court to throw out litigation brought by the Michael Jackson estate over the 2019 documentary 'Leaving Neverland'.

Bigi Jackson having recently shelled out more than $2.6 million for a starter house with plenty of room to grow.

February 29:

The official Grammy YouTube channel and website has uploaded a video of Michael charmingly accepting one of his record breaking number of Grammy Awards in 1984.

March 12:

Neverland Ranch is back on the market with the selling price of 2019 of $31 million. The former home of Michael Jackson called now 'Sycamore Valley Ranch'.

March 13:

Coronavirus has affected everyone on the planet. More and more people worldwide are becoming infected with the coronavirus. The virus is an indispensable part of the news. MJ ONE reduces the number of shows due to coronavirus.

March 17:

'Ben' Blu-ray is released in France by ESC Distribution.

March 18:

Gotta Have Rock and Roll sell a new auction including a dozen items wore by Michael Jackson or signed by the man. The items are on auction online from March 25 to April 3 on the Auction house website.

Michael Jackson currently sits on top of Forbes’ list of 2019’s most paid dead celebrities list, even after he is long gone. This is the seventh year he has remained on top of this list (released in November) and the ninth time after his death in October 2009. In 2019, Jackson's estate and the music industry raked in $60 million for the dead pop star, taking his posthumous earnings to about $2.46 billion. Jackson’s estate is run by his former attorney, John Branca.

March 19:

'Thriller Live' in London has closed its doors sooner than expected due to coronavirus.

The Michael Jackson Estate releases for free on YouTube Bad & Dangerous Tours to support fans during coronavirus social distancing.

March 24:

The lawsuit between HBO and the Michael Jackson Estate has been delayed of 60 days due to the Coronavirus COVID-19.

March 25:

The late King of Pop's former bodyguard Matt Fiddes has claimed that the star predicted a coronavirus-like pandemic, which is why he continued to wear a facemask despite being mocked for it.

Michael Jackson Estate donates $300,000 to coronavirus relief efforts.

March 30:

'The Real Michael Jackson' aired on BBC Two. The documentary directed by Jacques Peretti attempts to look at the life and career of music's most iconic figure in recent decades.

April 2:

Old video of 'King Of Pop' twirl with Sri Lankan classical dancer goes viral. Sri Lankan dancer Yamuna Sangarasivam, who performed the classical Indian dance Odissi with the 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson in the song 'Black Or White' - a call to celebrate multiple cultures and confront racism. The old video which has garnered 1.4K views is now going viral, leaving social media in awe of the fusion.

April 3:

The Michael Jackson Estate launch a brand new video called 'Heal The World 2020', a reaction to the Coronavirus COVID-19 which is ravaging the world right now.

"Happy Birthday" to Paris, the daughter of Michael Jackson is celebrate her birthday and may blow out 22 candles.

Some incredible never before seen footage of Michael Jackson at his Birthday party have been uploaded to YouTube. Also footage of Michael Jackson creating music in the studio and finally, footage of Michael with Nelson Mandela.

'The Jacksons Victory Collection' book is released by Editions Chronica.

April 6:

The iconic white glove worn by Michael Jackson has sold for more than £85,000 at auction.

April 8:

'The Real Story: An Intimate Look Into Michael's Visionary Business And Human Side' book is released by KingDoMedia.

April 13:

'The Story Of Michael Jackson' documentary is aired on CSTAR television channel.

April 27:

Shrine of Michael Jackson on the base of the Statue of composer Orlando di Lasso in the Promenade Square in Munich, Germany has gone over the week-end. Well, it seems that due to the lock down in Germany as COVID-19 striking the world, someone has decided to clear and clean the di Lasso statue and get it back to it’s original state.

May 3:

Wade Robson and James Safechuck are reportedly going to try and sue two companies related to Michael Jackson later this year.

May 5:

Quincy Jones' $9.4M win in Michael Jackson royalty suit wiped out by appeals court.

May 7:

Michael Jackson’s Estate has shared a letter from Tom Mesereau, the beloved lawyer who represented and helped vindicate Michael during his grueling 2005 trial. He and The Estate are creating an extensive archive of as many of the acts of kindness that Michael performed during his lifetime.

Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett just released the rehearsal version of 'Will You Be There' for This Is It concerts in London.

May 8:

Roy Horn from Siegfried & Roy Dies at 75. Michael wrote a song for their show in 1989 called 'Mind Is The Magic'.

May 15:

Shapiro Bernstein is holding the copyrights for one MJ song and multiple Jackson 5 songs: 'Rockin’ Robin' (MJ), 'Little Bitty Pretty One', 'If You Want Heaven' and 'Someone’s In My Love Light' are among them!

May 26:

Smooth Radio, a UK Radio station, revealed the All Time Top 500 songs 2020 as voted for by listeners. 'Billie Jean' at N#7 and 'Man In The Mirror' at N#5 ensured Michael was one of only two artists (George Michael being the other) to achieve this result.

May 28:

Michael Jackson has been voted in the top 10 of best music-themed Slot games of all time.

May 31:

The Estate of Michael Jackson is honoring and celebrating 'HIStory' with a T-shirt, hoodie, face mask and beanie.


More items from Michael Jackson are being sold out on Julien Auctions.

June 4:

The BAFTA have just announced their list of Nominees for 2020 and it is with great regret but no surprise that 'Leaving Neverland' is nominated 3 times for "Director: Factual", "Editor: Factual" and "Factual Series".

Prince Jackson has quoted his dad Michael in a tribute to George Floyd as he urged his followers "Do not destroy one another. Do not harm or hurt one another. Stand up for one another."

June 8:

In Wuhan, the city where the COVID-19 broke out first, an outside exhibition of Entertainment celebrities statues with animal heads is on display. Of course, Michael Jackson is represented with a dog head. In the capital Beijing, a brand new mural was created on a container representing a scene from the 'Thriller' video. Also in the capital of China, fans are going to reveal a new statue of Michael Jackson. The statue is very similar of the 'HIStory' statue.

June 10:

The documentary film about the history of Motown entitled 'Hitsville: The Making Of Motown' aired on the OCS City channel in original version with subtitles.

June 12:

'Ed Sullivan' performances of Jackson 5 finally go online on YouTube.

More items have been added to the Michael Jackson Online Store, mostly neck gaiters and face masks. From 'Heal The World' to 'Dangerous', the designs are more finished than the 'Scream' capsule!

June 13:

'Michael Jackson Conspiracy' book is re-released by Aphrodite Jones Books.

June 16:

'The Ultimate Collector Book Series – Volume V': History 1995 – 2000 of Michael Jackson is re-released by Sixteen 11 Media.

'The Story Of HIStory' of Michael Jackson is released by Sixteen 11 Media.

'A brand new YouTube channel has come to life few days ago stated that a group of people worked with the Jackson family to release a movie that never came.

June 19:

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced that Michael Jackson has the #1 certified album of all time by a solo artist. 'Thriller' on Epic Records is 33X multi-Platinum and this is the second highest certified album in history (second highest in the United States, 'Thriller' remains the highest certified album worldwide).

The Michael Jackson Chinese fan club [MJJCN] has raised funds to put tribute Billboards around subway stations in Shenzhen, China, ahead of June 25.

June 20:

The Estate of Michael Jackson released the 2nd capsule on the day of the album release in the US to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the album #HIStory25.

Michael Jackson Estate has finally put on the YouTube the magnificent Teaser for the album 'HIStory'!

June 22:

Joel Schumacher is not a familiar name to the fan but Joel wrote the screenplay / writer for 'The Wiz'. He started to write screenplays, including 'Sparkle' (1976), 'Car Wash' (1978) and the adaptation for musical 'The Wiz' (1978).

The Chinese fans put up a 14 metres long billboard in a major subway station in Nanning city with the message "Love can Heal the World" and celebrating 'HIStory 25', the billboard is there to celebrate Michael’s message and work.

June 23:

As the kid of the 'King of Pop', isn’t a surprise to hear that Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris felt “pressure” to follow his music career and footsteps. In a trailer for her new Facebook Watch docuseries, 'Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn', Paris opened up about what it was like to be the daughter of the 'Thriller' singer and why she’s ready to step into the spotlight left behind by her dad.

June 25:

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson.

LaToya Jackson and Nephew Taj pay tribute to Michael Jackson on anniversary of singer's death. The pictures were taken during Michael’s visit in the country in November 1996 for the HIStory World Tour.

Indian Express released rare pictures of Michael Jackson to commemorate the 11th year of his passing.

June 26:

Travis Payne & Stacy Walker, dancers and choreographers on various Michael Jackson project were doing a 'Live Dance Event' followed by Q&A.

June 28:

Few days after June 25th marking the 11th year without Michael Jackson, Bret shared a nice and touching story on his instagram.

June 29:

Lębork, a town in Poland is holding the largest graffiti and it is a Michael Jackson one! Patryk Łukaszuk is the artist behind the mural. Fan of Michael and living in the town, he created a mural depicting different moments of the 'King of Pop' career. From the Jackson 5 to Moonwalker, The mural is full of color and based in the town water and sewage area.

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