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1969 / 1958-1968

The Jackson 5 do some preliminary work in a Detroit studio with Bobby Taylor.

The single 'I Want You Back' of The Jackson 5 is released in Japan by Motown.

The single 'Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 - 4 Track E.P.' is released in Malaysia by Tamla Motown.

The single '5 Million Sellers from The Jackson 5 - 5 Track E.P.' is released in New Zealand by Tamla Motown.


The Jackson 5 performs at the 'Jones Skating Rink' in Kankakee.

March 11:

The Motown contract is fully executed. A dispute between Steeltown and Motown delayed its effect.


Motown headquarters move from Detroit to California and so do the J5!

Joe, Tito, Jack Richardson, drummer Johnny Jackson & keyboards players Ronny Rancifer drive to Los Angeles while Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon & Michael fly out a few days later. The group is accommodated at the Motel Tropicana on Santa Monica Boulevard. Katherine remains in Gary with LaToya, Randy and Janet.

August 11:

Diana Ross invites the media to meet the Jackson 5 at a private showcase at Daisy’s Disco 326 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. Michael meets Bob Jones, a Motown PR who will prove significant in his solo career…

August 16:

The J5 played their first show as Motown artists at the Forum, Los Angeles, California. They supported Diana Ross and the Supremes for this show.

August 22:

In their first nationally TV appearance, The Jackson 5 perform 'It’s Your Thing' at the Miss Black America Pageant.

The group stars recording its first album with help from Motown producers Freddie Perren, Deke Richards & Fonce Mizell known as “The Corporation”.

Suzanne De Passe, a young Motown executive becomes the group’s PR.

October 7:

'I Want You Back', the Jackson 5’s debut single is released in the USA by Motown and will reach the number 1 spot on Billboard hot 100 charts.

October 14:

Michael moves to Diana Ross's home and the two of them spend a great deal of time together.

October 18:

Diana Ross & The Supremes introduce the Jackson 5 on ABC’s Hollywood Palace Special where they perform 'Sing A Simple Song', 'Can You Remember', 'I Want You Back' and 'There Was A Time' (with Diana Ross & Sammy Davis Jr).

October 21:

A class photo was taken from Michael Jackson with his school friends at the Garden Street School in Washington, USA.


Katherine, LaToya, Janet & Randy join Joe and the Jackson 5 in California and the whole family moves into a house rented by Motown on 1601 Queen Roads in Los Angeles.

The family celebrates their new life by driving up to San Francisco.

November 22:

‘'I Want You Back' enters the Black singles chart. It peaks at number 1 holding its position for four weeks and remains on the charts for eighteen weeks.

December 14:

The Jackson 5 appear on The Ed Sullivan Show where they perform 'Stand', 'Who’s Loving You' and 'I Want You Back'. Diana Ross is in the audience and she takes credit for discovering them.

December 18:

Motown releases in the USA the Jackson 5 first album named 'Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5'.

1969 / 1958-1968

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