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Jackson Announcement in London (05-03-2009)Jackson Announcement in London:
March 5 -- Michael announces his last concerts in London beginning on July 8th during a short press conference at the O2 Arena. The event named 'This Is It'.


Michael message for the 'Thriller 25' Release:
February -- In the 'Thriller 25' extensive picture booklet Michael wrote a message for the anniversary release, to thank his fans for helping to make 'Thriller' the biggest selling album of all time.

Christian Audigiers 50th Birthday Party:
May 23 -- Michael attends French stylist Christian Audigier's 50th birthday party at Petersen Automotive museum in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, where he meets French singer Johnny Halliday among others.


Fan Appreciation Party Tokyo (09-03-2007)Premium V.I.P Party in Tokyo:
March 8 -- Michael attends the 'Premium VIP Party with Michael Jackson' in Tokyo.

Fan Appreciation Event in Tokyo:
March 9 -- Michael attends a fan appreciation event in Tokyo.

Michael at Camp Zama:
March 10 -- Michael visits about 3,000 US troops and their family members gathered at a fitness center at Camp Zama in the south of Tokyo.

Michael message to his fans:
October 9 -- Michael sends a new message to his fans around the world via his manager at the time, Raymone Bain, expressing, among other things, his gratitude for the gifts presented to him by fans on occasion of his birthday on August 29.


Michael at the funeral of James Brown:
December 30 -- Michael, along with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson & Raymone attends James Brown's funerals held at the James Brown arena in Augusta (Georgia) and makes a speech.


MJ Statement (30-01-2005)MJ Statement:
January 30 -- Michael releases a video statement approved by Judge Melville.

Michael's message at the European Jackson Event:
March 6 -- Michael gives a video taped message for the fans at the European Jackson Event in Holland.

MJ message from Neverland:
March 16 -- Michael gives a video taped message for the fans at his home in Neverland.

MJ message for fans in Italy:
April 25 -- Michael Jackson releases a message for fans in Italy, participating at a rally in his support, during his 2005 trial, on his now defunct website, www.MJJsource.com.

MJ Christmas Message:
December 23 -- Michael send out a holiday greetings to all his fans around the world.


Jackson got the definitive charge:
April 30 -- Michael pleads not guilty to 10 counts retained by the Grand Jury at the Santa Maria Courthouse, he give a little speech before returning to Neverland.

Michael Jackson Message - Launch Of All New MJJ Source:
December 20 -- Michael records a video message to thank his fans on his MJJ Source website.


Michael's 45th Birthday Party (30-08-2003)Michael attends 'Salute to the Troops' at the Baseball Stadium:
June 11 -- Michael visits Roosevelt High School and in the evening he attends “Salute to the Troops”, an event held at the Baseball Stadium.

Michael's 45th Birthday Party:
August 30 -- Michael attends a fan-club party for his birthday with the Cascio family, Omer Bhatti, Prudence Brando, Karen Faye & Dieter Wiesner among others. The show is hosted by Steve Harvey and at the end Michael gives a long speech to thank his fans and announce his future plans…

Dance Party in Neverland:
September 13 -- Michael opens the gates of Neverland for a special charity day with many celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Rodney Jerkins, Chris Tucker, Nick & Aaron Carter. Michael shows up for 5 minutes and gives 'A Once In A Life Time Event Speech' to thank everyone for coming.


Exeter Football Club:
June 14 -- Michael attends a charity fundraiser at Exeter City FC organised by Uri Geller.

MJNI Killer Thriller Party:
June 15 -- Michael attends a fan-club event with Uri Geller at the Equinox Nightclub where he speaks for the first time of his problems with Sony and his CEO Tommy Mottolla.

National Action Network HQ Harlem (09-07-2002)National Action Network HQ Harlem:
July 7 -- Michael goes to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network headquaters in Harlem where he speaks again of a conspiracy in the record industry against black artists.

Michael condolence message:
August -- Michael puts together a video taped condolence message for those who have been affected by the floods on the river Elbe in Germany.

Charity Gala A Tribute to Bambi:
November 20 -- In the evening Michael attends the charity gala “A Tribute to Bambi” with Wiesner & Bashir where he donates one of his jacket for auction.

MJ Christmas Speech:
December 23 -- Michael has recorded a Christmas message for German magazine Bunte. Parts of the message was be shown during Leute Heute on Channel ZDF, Germany and during Entertainment Tonight in the USA.


Heal The Kids (14-02-2001)Heal The Kids:
February 14 -- Michael gives a press conference for 'Heal The Kids' at the Carnegie Hall in New York with Shmuley Boteach & Frank Tyson.

Oxford Union Speech:
March 6 -- Michael goes to the Oxford University to give a moving speech about childhood.

Michael's Video Message MTV Icon:
March 10 -- Michael congratulates Janet through a recorded message during the MTV Icon Special honoring her.

KIIS FM's Jingle Ball:
December 19 -- Michael makes a surprise visit on stage at KIIS-FM, Jingle Ball concert in Staples Center, Los Angeles, California.


Wetten Dass (20-03-1999)Wetten Dass:
March 20 -- Michael goes to Munich to announce the 'Michael Jackson & Friends' Benefit Concerts during the German TV Show 'Wetten Dass'.

Cape Town Press Conference:
March 23 -- Michael goes to Cape Town in to give a press conference with Nelson Mandela about the benefit concerts.

MJ & Friends Speech Korea:
June 25 -- Michael give a speech for al the people at the 'Michael Jackson & Friends' Benefit Concerts in Korea.

MJ & Friends Speech Munich:
June 27 -- Michael give a speech for al the people at the 'Michael Jackson & Friends' Benefit Concerts in Munich.


World Economic Forum Southern Africa Economic Summit (15-05-1998)World Economic Forum Southern Africa Economic Summit:
May 17 -- Michael goes to Namibian with Don Barden. He pleads for children’s cause during the opening statement of the World Economic Forum Summit.

Majestic Kingdom Press Conference:
July 7 -- Michael & Don give a press conference in Detroit to announce a Casino project named Majestic Kingdom.

Japan Press Conference:
July 27 -- Michael holds a press conference in Tokyo to announce a new Japanese Company Wonder World – Land Of Toys.


Top Of The Pops Message:
April 4 -- Michael give a short message to Top of the Pops.

Michael message to Germany fans:
July -- Michael give a short message to his fans of Germany.

Michael message to The Variety Club Of Great Britain:
July 9 -- Michael attended at 'The Variety Club Of Great Britain - Central Counties Region', also called the Variety Club Sunshine Coach, a children's charity annual event, for which he makes a dedication.


Michael Jackson Message to Mandy Porter:
Michael Jackson sends a televised get-well and gratitude message to Mandy Porter (we assume the famous horsewoman) who suffered a recent injury.

Kingdom Entertainment Press Conference (19-03-1996)Kingdom Entertainment Press Conference:
March 19 -- Michael gives a press conference in Paris to announce the launch of Kingdom Entertainment, a Paris based multimedia corporation jointly owned with Saudi Prince Al Walid.

Black & White Magazine Reader Message:
March 19 -- Michael gives for the Black & White magazine a reader message.

Michael visits South Africa:
July 19 -- Michael gives a press conference in Sun City to announce concert plans in the UK.

Michael visits South Africa (20-07-1996)Michael visits South Africa:
July 20 -- Michael gives a speech together with Nelson Mandela for the people of South Africa.

Michael at the Parliament Palace- Bucharest:
September 12 -- Michael give a speech in the giant marble-walled palace in Romania.

Tunisia Message:
October 6 -- Michael arrives in Tunis where he is welcomed by hundreds of fans, he gives a short message to the fans for the Tunis TV.

Tower Records Japan:
December 12 -- Michael goes to Tower Records in Tokyo to set his hand and signature in plaster for a plaque to be displayed in the store permanently.


MTV VMA Nominations Party (25-07-1995)BRAVO Super Show Message:
February 9 -- At the Bravo Super Show, Michael wins the Bravo Golden Otto Award. Michael was not present that evening but give the speech live from his home Neverland.

MTV VMA Music Nominations Party:
July 25 -- Michael attends the MTV Music Nominations party at the Bryant Park Grill.

Top Of The Pops Christmas Message:
December 24 -- Michael gives a Christmas message to Top of the Pops.


NAACP Image Awards:
January 5 -- - Michael gives a moving speech to claim his innocence at the NAACP Image Awards ceremony.

MTV Video Music Awards:
September 12 --MIchael & Lisa Marie open the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony with a big french kiss!

MJ Day 5 - Video Message:
December 17 -- The 5th MJ Day was held in London. Michael sends his own film crew to tape the event and a special video message to his fans.


NAACP Entertainer Of The Year Award:
January 16 -- Michael attends the NAACP Image Awards with Katherine in Pasadena, California.

NFL Press Conference In LA (26-01-1993)NFL Press Conference In L.A.:
January 26 -- Michael Jackson attends a press conference at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles, to accept donations of $100,000 each from the NFL and Frito Lay, sponsor of the Super Bowl, and $500,000 from the BEST Foundation.

Arts & Entertainment Network - MJ Talks about Liz Taylor:
February 26 -- Michael talks about Elizabeth Taylor in a video for the Arts & Entertainment Network.

Statement Neverland:
December 22 -- Live from Neverland and around the world, Michael makes a 4 minutes statement where he claims his innocence and reveals that earlier this week he was forced by the LAPD and SBPD to submit to a photo session of his body and genitals.


MTV Heal The World Month Message:
On occasion of MTV Japan’s "Heal The World Month", Jackson sends out the following brief mentioning's: “Heal The World Month at MTV Japan. Thanks for helping me help our children. I love you all.”

Pepsi, Dangerous Tour Press Conference:
February 3 -- Michael holds a press conference at Radio City Music Hall in New York to announce his new endorsement deal with Pepsi + his new world tour to raise funds for his newly formed Heal The World Foundation.

Heathrow Press Conference:
June 23 -- Michael arrives in London to hold a press conference about his 'Heal The World Foundation' (he takes Brett Barnes with him on tour).

MTV Video Music Awards:
September 9 -- To encourage young adults to register and vote in America, Michael supported the MTV Choose or Lose Campaign by taping a promotional public service speech.

The Launch of the Heal The World Foundation:
Heal The World Foundation - Relief to Sarajevo (24-11-1992)September 30 -- Michael give a rare press conference to officially launch 'Heal The World Foundation' in the presence of the Prime Minister.

Heal The World Foundation - Relief to Sarajevo:
November 24 -- Live from Neverland and around the world, Michael makes a 4 minutes statement where he claims his innocence and reveals that earlier this week he was forced by the LAPD and SBPD to submit to a photo session of his body and genitals.

Michael Jackson Christmas Message:
December -- Michael gives a Christmas message to al the UK fans.

Press Conference at the American Embassy in Tokyo:
December 10 -- At a press conference at the American Consulate, Michael accepts a cheque of $100 000 for Heal The World.


LA Gear Press Conference (13-09-1989)LA Gear Press Conference:
September 13 -- Michael attends a press conference to announce a new endorsement deal with L.A. Gear under the special marketing campaign Unstoppable.

Michael Jackson Auditorium - Unveiling Speech:
October 10 -- Michael goes back to the Gardner Elementary School in Hollywood where he attended sixth grade. The school renames his auditorium “The Michael Jackson Auditorium”. Michael gives a speech to thank his former teacher Mrs Gerstin & former tutor, Rose Fine who attend the event.


Pepsi Press Conference (01-03-1988)Pepsi Press Conference:
March 1 -- In NYC, Michael attends a press conference arranged by Pepsi to preview the new Pepsi commercials featuring Michael (a four part story) and to present a $600 000 cheque to The United Negro College Fund.

United Negro College Fund:
March 10 -- Michael is honoured by the United Negro College Fund as one of their highest contributors at the 44th annual anniversary dinner held at the Sheraton Hotel in NYC.

Michael message for the Bad Tour:
July 22 -- Michael give a message in the clothing room to al the UK fans for the Bad Tour.


Pepsi Deal  Announcement (12-05-1986)Pepsi Deal Announcement:
May 12 -- During a press conference at New York ’s Red Parrot, Pepsi announces a new contract with Michael for a reported $15 million and he receives a Guinness Book of World Records plaque for having received the "Largest Endorsement for Product Promotion".


Black Gold Awards:
January 11 -- At the first annual Black Gold Awards, produced by Dick Clark, Michael wins four awards. Michael was not present that evening but give the speech live from his home in Encino.

Victory Tour Press Conference:
September 5 -- Frank Dileo holds a press conference to read a statement on behalf of Michael to set the record straight about many rumours.

Victory Tour Press Conference (30-11-1983)1983:

Victory Tour Press Conference:
November 30 -- Michael attends a press conference at New York's Tavern On The Green to announce plans for the Victory Tour. He was accompanied by his parents & sisters (in the audience) plus his brothers and a young boy named Emmanuel Lewis (star of the TV show Webster).


AMA Tribute to Chuck Berry:
January 30 -- At the American Music Awards Michael pays a tribute to Chuck Berry along with his fellow artists.

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