Music and Michael, that's so perfect. Music was Michael's first love, at the beginning of the years 1969 the rupture started: Michael became the lead singer of The Jackson 5.

In 1982 Michael began to take distance from his brothers to go on solo. He grown up to the best artist in the world, the 'King of Pop' is the title he will have forever.

The main menu Music consists out of 11 menu's with lot of information how it started for Michael Jackson. The chart success from 1969 to 2017, the full discography and the songs the brothers and Michael released. The games Michael made and the many items there are released in the world.

Over the last 40 years the brothers and Michael are performed so many times in shows, on TV and Tours around the world. The beautiful video clips we had seen on your TV or on video dvd recorder are so brilliant that we never can get enough.

Look here below, you read more about the 12 menu's. On the right side you can click on 12 menu links.

This chartography focuses on Michael's chart successes, solo and with his brothers, in five countries: USA (Pop & RnB charts), Canada, UK, Germany & Australia.

A full discography of The Jackson 5, starting with the first album 'Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5' out 1969. The Jacksons first album 'The Jacksons' out 1976 and Michael Jackson's 'Got To Be There' out 1972.
Come more to know about the albums and the singles released out of that album, each of these albums was released in some format in every region of the world. Record labels, catalog numbers and more information to be found.

Information about the parties which take place in connection with Michael.

All the films of Michael Jackson are arranged on one page includes a lot of text and rehearsal pictures.

You come more to know about the games of Michael Jackson.

You can find again all the 'Items Of The Month' which are passed by the last 18 years on the pages. Very rare items, limited editions, collector items with info and an image of th
e item. The items are not for sale.

The full Lyrics of The Jackson 5, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson. On the pages you will find the name of the songs that appear on the albums, the duration of each song and an image depicting the album cover.

Mini Discography:
A full mini discography of The Jackson 5, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson.

Performed Live:
Over the last 40 years The Jackson 5, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson are performed so many times in shows and on TV. More to know about the performances live click on the link.

Title Lists:
Are you looking for a fixed song of The Jackson 5, The Jacksons or Michael Jackson, i
n the full official and unofficial title lists you can find it. The audio and video title lists are classified on ABC.

Through whole his life Michael Jackson has been given concerts, a resumé from The Jackson 5, with the Jacksons and solo. More explanation about the tours which are passed.

A full videography of The Jackson 5, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson.

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Mini Discography

Performed Live

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