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Michael Jackson: Child Star Book CoverMichael Jackson: Child Star (Book)
Released: 01-12-2003

'Michael Jackson: Child Star' book written by Theresa Overbey is released in the USA by publisher Mitchell Lane Publishers.

Theresa Overbey is an author who enjoys writing for children. She has written various biographies and reference articles for all age groups. In addition, Theresa has a nursing degree and has written articles for several nursing journals. She and her husband Randy are foster parents and reside in Middletown, Delaware.

Michael Jackson was a musical phenomenon at the age of five. By the time he reached early adulthood he was a living legend. But despite all of his musical successes, he lived with many personal and professional struggles. He was born into a large family.

The Jacksons lived in a three-room home in a poor neighborhood. His father was domineering and pushed Michael and his brothers hard to make their band, the Jackson 5, succeed. Michael spent his childhood working while other kids were playing. He grew up into a shy, troubled young man whose music was his focus.

Through all of his problems, Michael never forgot his dream that the music he created would help change the world. Today, that dream is still the driving force in his life.

Publisher: Mitchell Lane Publishers
Author: Theresa Overbey
Pages: 32
ISBN: 978-1584152163
Printed: USA
Guide price: 10 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Twelves (Promo - Limited Edition) [7x 12" Singles Set] Box Set CoverTwelves (Promo - Limited Edition) [7x 12" Singles Box Set]
Released: 11-2003

This is the rarest item in the Michael Jackson catalog. 'Twelves' promo limited edition box set will be released end November in the UK through Epic Records.

The box set featuring 7x 12" vinyl singles each in unique picture sleeve which, when placed together, make a stunning picture of an early era Michael! Issued as part of 'Number Ones' album campaign.

All the vinyls are numbered from 1 to 7 and contains album versions, remixes and 2 mixes made by Tony Moran and Rod Layman.

Track list:

LP 1:
1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (12" Version) - 5:45

1. Rock With You (Album Version) - 3:38
2. Human Nature (Album Version) - 4:05

LP 2:
1. Billie Jean (12" Version) - 6:20

1. Thriller (12" Version) - 5:57
2. Bad (Dance Extended Mix includes False Fade) - 8:24

LP 3:
1. The Way You Make Me Feel (Dance Extended Mix) - 7:53

1. Smooth Criminal (Extended Dance Mix) - 7:46

LP 4:
1. Black Or White (Clivilles & Cole House/Club Mix) - 7:32

1. You Are Not Alone (Frankie Knuckles Classic Version) - 7:40

LP 5:
1. Earth Song (Hani's Club Experience) - 7:55

1. Blood On The Dance Floor (Fire Island Vocal Mix) - 8:50

LP 6:
1. You Rock My World (Album Version) - 5:07

1. One More Chance (Paul Oakenfold Mix) - 3:50

LP 7:
1. MJ Megamix (Mixed by Tony Moran) - 4:58

1. Michael Jackson Anthology Mix (Mixed by Rod Layman for DMC) - 17:00

Twelves (Promo - Limited Edition) [7x 12" Singles Set] Box Set Covers
The rarest item in the Michael Jackson catalog. 'Twelves' will be released end November in the UK through Epic Records.

Record label: Epic
Series number: XPR3744
Printed: UK
Guide prize: 480 €

The Jacksons Number Ones Book Cover

The Jacksons Number Ones (Book)
Released: 28-11-2003

A new book called 'The Jacksons Number Ones' written by Chris Cadman and Craig Halstead will be released in the UK on November 28th, 2003. It is the successor of 'The Early Years' and 'The Solo Years'.

The Jackson family, between them, have scored over 200 hits since November 1969, when the Jackson 5's 'I Want You Back' entered Billboard's Hot 100 and Hot R&B singles charts in the States. 'I Want You Back' went on to become the first Jackson no.1 - the first of 50 (and counting!).

It is these chart toppers that form the A-Z backbone of this book - 20 by Janet, 20 by Michael, seven by the Jackson 5, two by Jermaine and one by the Jacksons, plus a further seven with a Jackson connection.

The book also features a comprehensive Fact File section, including: Top 100 Jackson singles, chartography (USA & UK), The Jacksons in the USA, and The Jacksons in the UK and around the world.

Publisher: Authors OnLine Ltd
Author: Craig Halstead, Chris Cadman
Pages: 196
ISBN: 978-0755200986
Printed: UK
Guide price: 15 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

One More Chance CD Single CoverOne More Chance (Different Formats)
Released: 22-11-2003

'One More Chance' picture disc maxi-single will now be released in the UK on November 22, along with the three CD formats. The standard maxi-single will be released one week later, on November 29.

Please note that the picture disc will count towards the charts, whereas the normal 12" will not. Both CD formats, of course, are chart eligible.

Below are full details of the UK releases:

Maxi-Single (Picture Disc)
Series number: EPC 674480 8
Release date: 22nd of November
Track list:
1. One More Chance (Album Version) - 3:50
One More Chance (Picture Disc) Maxi-Single Front1. Billie Jean (Album Version) - 4:54

Series number: EPC 674480 6
Release date: 29th of November – not chart eligible
Track list:
1. One More Chance (Metro Remix) - 3:50
2. One More Chance (Paul Oakenfold Urban Mix) - 3:37
1. One More Chance (Paul Oakenfold Mix) - 3:50
2. One More Chance (Ron G Club Remix) - 4:00
3. One More Chance (Album Version) - 3:50

CD Single 1
Series number: EPC 674420 1
Release date: 22nd of November
Track list:
1. One More Chance (Album Version) - 3:50
2. One More Chance (Paul Oakenfold Mix) - 3:50

CD Single 2
Series number: EPC 674420 9
Release date: 22nd of November
Track list:
1. One More Chance (Album Version) - 3:50
2. Ben (2003 Live Edit) - 2:58

Series number: EPC 674420 2
Release date: 22nd of November
Track list:
1. One More Chance (Album Version) - 3:50
2. One More Chance (Paul Oakenfold Mix) - 3:50
3. One More Chance (Metro Remix) - 3:50
4. One More Chance (Ron G Club Remix) - 4:00

Order the maxi-single CD here at Amazon.

Number Ones (Off The Wall) CD Album CoverNumber Ones (CD Album + DVD)
Released: 17-11-2003

Sony UK have issued a new press release for Michael Jackson's forthcoming greatest hits album, 'Number Ones'. There will be four covers for the 'Number Ones' album released, a 'Off The Wall', 'Thriller', 'Bad' and 'HIStory' cover.

The press release, including track listing is below. Please note that the specified track listing does not apply for the USA.

Michael Jackson, is gearing up for another phenomenal release; 'Number Ones' - a retrospective of his national and international No.1 hits; an undeniably thrilling collection on both CD and DVD - release date in the UK on November 17.

'Number Ones' was Jackson's first proper compilation album with Sony, after the release of 'HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I' in 1995 (and after the re-release of that album as 'Greatest Hits: HIStory, Volume I'). The album included Jackson singles that reportedly reached number 1 in charts around the world.

The CD album, 'Number Ones' begins with a track from one of Jackson's penultimate albums, 'Off The Wall' which was the first record by a solo artist to contain four Top Ten hits. 'Number Ones' rounds out with 'You Rock My World', the mid-tempo winner that marked Jackson's return on 2001s 'Invincible'.

And the future begins now. Included on 'Number Ones' is the brand new single 'One More Chance' (written by R. Kelly) - release date on November 22 - a subtle return to Jackson's roots as a heart-wrenching balladeer.

The DVD, 'Number Ones' will be released with 4 different covers and contains fifteen short films that are easily the ultimate in videography since the invention of the art form.

For the discerning Jackson fan and pop music aficionado, four limited edition covers of 'Number Ones' have been commissioned. Each cover portrays Jackson, during four different eras, in a signature pose, including the glittered-socks and one-glove days of 'Thriller', and his often-duplicated tip-toe move, the four limited edition Jackson covers are each as special as the music contained within.

It is more than just a collection of greatest hits; it is a timeline, a history lesson, a journey, an escapade, and a cacophony of rich, textured, vibrant sounds. It is a lifetime of music. And at the same time, 'Number Ones' ushers in a new era for Jackson's unmatchable accomplishments.

Track list CD album:

1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (7" Single Edit) - 3:55
2. Rock With You (Album Version) - 3:38
3. Billie Jean (Album Version) - 4:52
4. Beat It (Album Version) - 4:17
5. Thriller (Single Edit) - 5:18
6. Human Nature (Album Version - 4:05
7. I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Album Version) - 4:13
8. Bad (Album Version) - 4:07
9. The Way You Make Me Feel (Album Version) - 4:57
10. Dirty Diana (Album Version) - 4:41
11. Smooth Criminal (Album Version) - 4:16
12. Black Or White (Single Edit) - 3:22
13. You Are Not Alone (Radio Edit) - 4:29
14. Earth Song (Radio Edit) - 4:58
15. Blood On The Dance Floor (Album Version) - 4:13
16. You Rock My World (Radio Edit) - 4:25
17. Break Of Dawn (Album Version) - 5:32
Number Ones (HIStory) CD Album CoverNumber Ones (Bad) CD Album CoverNumber Ones (Thriller) CD Album Cover18. One More Chance (Album Version) - 3:50 (single - 22 November)

Record label: Epic
Series number: 450127-2
Printed: Austria
Guide price: 18 €

Order the CD album here at Amazon.

Number Ones DVD CoverTrack list DVD:

1. Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough - 4:11
2. Rock With You - 3:22
3. Billie Jean - 4:55
4. Beat It - 4:56
5. Thriller (Long Version) - 13:43
6. Bad - 4:20
7. The Way You Make Me Feel - 6:43
8. Man In The Mirror - 5:00
9. Smooth Criminal (The Sped Up Video) - 4:16
10. Dirty Diana - 5:08
11. Black Or White (Short Version) - 6:22
12. You Are Not Alone - 5:37
13. Earth Song - 7:29
14. Blood On The Dance Floor - 4:15
15. You Rock My World - 10:26

Order the DVD here at Amazon.

Publisher: Epic Music Video
Series number: EVD 202250 9
Playing time: 91:00 minutes
Sound: PCM Stereo
Printed: UK
Guide price: 20 €

The Christmas Collection CD Album CoverThe Christmas Collection (CD Album)
Released: 23-09-2003

The Jackson 5's 'The Christmas Collection' CD album is a straight re-issue of 'Christmas Album' that is released in the USA on Motown.

'Christmas Album' was for the first time released on December 9th, 1971 in the USA by Motown and in the United Kingdom during August 1972 by Tamla Motown.

This is a pleasing combination of holiday classics, including 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas', 'Frosty The Snowman' and 'Up On The House Top', with not so classic but still enjoyable tunes like 'Give Love On Christmas Day', 'Someday At Christmas' and 'Christmas Won't Be The Same This Year'. Also of interest to collectors will be the unreleased bonus track, 'Little Christmas Tree'.

Track list:

1. Have Yourself A Merry Christmas - 5:19
2. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - 2:24
3. The Christmas Song - 5:11
4. Up On The House Top - 3:16
5. Frosty The Snowman - 2:39
6. The Little Drummer Boy - 3:15
7. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - 2:32
8. Christmas Won't Be The Same This Year - 2:31
9. Give Love On Christmas Day - 2:55
10. Someday At Christmas - 2:44
11. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - 3:01
12. Little Christmas Tree (Bonus Track) - 3:37

Record label: Motown
Series number: B0000706-02
Printed: USA
Guide price: 15 €

Order the CD album here at Amazon.

The Magic & The Madness Book CoverThe Magic & The Madness (Book)
Released: 05-09-2003

'The Magic & The Madness' updated book of Michael Jackson will be released on September 5 in the UK by publisher Sidgwick and written by J. Randy Taraborrelli.

So much has now been said and written about the life and career of Michael Jackson that it has become almost impossible to disentangle the man from the myth. Recent revelations are only the latest instalments of a saga that began decades ago.

This book is the fruit of over 30 years of research and hundreds of exclusive interviews with a remarkable level of access to the very closest circles of the Jackson family - including Michael himself.

Cutting through tabloid rumours, J. Randy Taraborrelli traces the real story behind the Michael Jackson we see and hear today, from his drilling as a child star through the blooming of his talent to his ever-changing personal appearance and bizarre publicity stunts.

This major biography includes the behind-the-scenes story to many of the landmarks in Jackson's life: his legal and commercial battles, his marriages to Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe, his passions and addictions, his children. Objective and revealing, it carries the hallmarks of all of Taraborrelli's best-sellers: impeccable research, brilliant storytelling and definitive documentation.

Publisher: Sidgwick
Author: J. Randy Taraborrelli
Pages: 672
ISBN: 0283073799
Printed: UK
Guide price: 30 €

Order the book here at Abebooks.

Hilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures Book CoverHilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures (Book)
Released: 01-09-2003

'Hilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures' book written by Robert Evans is released by publisher PowerHouse Books.

Film and music video director Ratner's ('Rush Hour; The Family Man') collection of four-panel snapshots show many of show biz's brightest as they grin, leer or vamp it up for the black-and-white photo booth in his Hilhaven Lodge (the former home of Ingrid Bergman). Naomi Watts, Chelsea Clinton, Michael Jackson and dozens of others pose happily; Brooke Shields exposes a very pregnant belly, Brendan Fraser and Don Rickles make funny faces and Paul Walker hoists his middle finger.

Britney Spears appears cutely disheveled in a pair of glasses and more clothing than she usually sports by far, while Rod Stewart looks like he's been carved out of oak. Famous folks seem pretty ordinary without all the makeup artists and airbrushing, which makes this a strangely compelling book to thumb through.

'Hilhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures' is comprised of wacky and outrageous picture strips of Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Colin Farrell, Heath Ledger, Heidi Klum, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Tucker, Kim Cattrall, Jackie Chan, Dino De Laurentiis, Clive Davis, Aaliyah, Edward Norton, Salma Hayek, Quincy Jones, Ralph Fiennes, Rod Stewart, Val Kilmer, Liv Tyler, Harvey Keitel, Jay-Z, John C. Reilly, Russell Simmons, Nicolas Cage, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Jack Osbourne, Paris Hilton, Tommy Hilfiger, Tony Shafrazi, Mariah Carey, Matthew McConaughey, Chelsea Clinton, Rebecca Gayheart, Norman Lear, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr., and many, many more!

Publisher: PowerHouse Books
Author: Robert Evans
Pages: 216
ISBN: 978-1576871959
Printed: ?
Guide price: 12 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Official Programme (Devoted) Magazine CoverOfficial Programme (Devoted Magazine)
Released: 09-2003

Especially for Michael Jackson's 45 birthday many fan clubs decided to organize a special Birthday Party on the 28th of August 2003.

As official program three fan clubs created an exclusive magazine: 'The Michael Jackson Fan Club', 'Michael Jackson World Network' and 'The Magical Child'.

This item contains 28 pages: a survey of the artist who were there and a concise history with culminating points of music, different photos who are property of MJJ Productions, Sony Music Belgium and TMC.

There are no pictures to find of Michael's birthday party in this magazine.

Publisher: Barbara's Place Printing
Pages: 28
Printed: ?
Guide price: 10 €

Interview Special Music Issue! - Michael Jackson Interviews Pharrell Williams (Magazine)
Released: 08-2003

Interview Magazine Cover (08-2003)This interview, which took place in early June 2003, actually came about as the magazine was planning a piece on Pharrell Williams, who at the time was an upstart producer from Virginia.

This 'Interview' (special music issue!) magazine was released in August 2003 in the USA and it features interviews with Coldplay, Nina Simone, Christina Aguilera, Seal, Pharrell Williams, Mandy Moore, Ozzy Osbourne, Jewel, Sting, and Thalia, plus features on Led Zeppelin, Natalie Imbruglia, Chris Cooper, Sean Paul, Charlotte Martin, Nikki Reed, Nora-Jane Noone, and others, plus fashion, reviews, and much more!

As the editors were arranging the story with Williams, he casually mentioned that he'd always wanted to speak to Michael Jackson, who had been in the news after appearing in British journalist Martin Bashir's infamous television documentary, 'Living With Michael Jackson', which portrayed the singer at his most bizarre.

A complex chain of e-mails and phone calls ensued, messages were passed, reputations were vouched for, and a few days later, Jackson's office called to say that he would do the interview. You can tell by the art Pharrell was talking that he was very emotional to talk to Michael.

Language: English
Pages: 152
Printed: USA
Guide price: 7 €

Order the magazine here at Amazon.

Michael Jackson: The Solo Years Book CoverMichael Jackson: The Solo Years (Book)
Released: 22-07-2003

'Michael Jackson: The Solo Years' book by Craig Halstead and Chris Cadman will be released in the UK on July 22nd by publisher New Generation Publishing.

This volume concentrates on Michael's solo career - which started way back in October 1971, when Michael was just 13 years old. The main focus of 'The Solo Years' is on Michael's career from the late 1970s onwards. It features a complete, chronological listing of every album, one-off single and collaboration Michael recorded during this period. This is the companion volume to, 'Michael Jackson: The Early Years'.

Other significant aspects of Michael's life are included as well, and the book concludes with a comprehensive chartography (USA and UK), top singles and albums, awards, movies and videography, discographies (USA and UK), and a fascinating listing of rarities from around the world.

Publisher: New Generation Publishing
Author: Craig Halstead, Chris Cadman
Pages: 284
ISBN: 9780755200917
Printed: UK
Guide price: 15 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

The 12" Mixes (re-issue) CD Album CoverThe 12" Mixes (re-issue) [CD Album]
Released: 15-04-2003

Following the massive application of Michael Jackson's classic 12" Mixes the CD album 'The 12" Mixes' will be re-released on April 15th in Austria on the Epic label.

'The 12" Mixes' CD album was for the first time released in 1988 only in Austria by Epic.

All the 12" extended mixes from the multi-diamond selling 'Thriller' album are pressed on this CD album, they are good long versions like: 'Billie Jean', 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', etc.

Track list:

1. Billie Jean - 6:23
2. Beat It - 4:17
3. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - 6:30
4. Thriller - 5:56
5. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) - 4:01

Record label: Epic
Series number: 450127-2
Printed: Austria
Guide price: 8 €

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