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The Very Best Of Michael Jackson And The Jackson 5 (3CD Set) CD Album CoverThe Very Best Of Michael Jackson And The Jackson 5 (3CD Album)
Released: 12-2011

'The Very Best Of Michael Jackson And The Jackson 5' is released in December 2011 in Europe for the subscribers of Readers Digest. Released in a phat 3CD jewel case with booklet.

With a collection of Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5 you have the unique opportunity to go back in time a few decades back and remember the beginnings of a future pop music legend. There is a whole series of hits on the border between pop and soul, as 'I Want You Back', 'ABC', 'I'll Be There', 'Sugar Daddy' or 'Never Can Say Goodbye'.

Popular American singer and songwriter rightly nicknamed the King of Pop, wonderful dancer and fashion icon, all that was Michael Jackson, one of the most successful artists of all time, which is indelible way down in the history of world music.

His stellar career started in just six years old when he began performing with his older brothers. The sibling music group The Jackson 5, Michael sang a number of known and favorite hits on the border of soul and pop. Selection of the best we bring to our unique collection.

Track lists:

CD 1:
1. I Want You Back - The Jackson 5 - 3:01
2. Who's Lovin' You - The Jackson 5 - 4:03
3. ABC - The Jackson 5 - 2:59
4. Goin' Back To Indiana - The Jackson 5 - 3:32
5. I'll Be There - The Jackson 5 - 3:59
6. Darling Dear - The Jackson 5 - 2:39
7. Ready Or Not (Here I Come) - The Jackson 5 - 2:34
8. The Love You Save - The Jackson 5 - 3:06
9. Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me - Michael Jackson - 3:48
10. La La (Means I Love You) - The Jackson 5 - 3:30
11. Mama's Pearl - The Jackson 5 - 3:09
12. Maybe Tomorrow - The Jackson 5 - 4:46
13. Sugar Daddy - The Jackson 5 - 2:33
14. Maria (You Were The Only One) - Michael Jackson - 3:42
15. It's Great To Be Here - The Jackson 5 - 3:10
16. Got To Be There - Michael Jackson - 3:24
17. All The Things You Are - Michael Jackson - 2:58
18. Wings Of My Love - Michael Jackson - 3:19
19. Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day - The Jackson 5 - 3:20
20. Never Can Say Goodbye - The Jackson 5 - 3:02

CD 2:
1. Ben - Michael Jackson - 2:48
2. Ain't No Sunshine - Michael Jackson - 4:13
3. We've Got A Good Thing Going - Michael Jackson - 3:03
4. Doctor My Eyes - The Jackson 5 - 3:15
5. You've Got A Friend - Michael Jackson - 4:54
6. Lookin' Through The Windows - The Jackson 5 - 3:45
7. I Wanna Be Where You Are - Michael Jackson - 2:59
8. In Our Small Way - Michael Jackson - 3:39
9. My Girl - Michael Jackson - 3:09
10. Corner Of The Sky - The Jackson 5 - 3:39
11. Love Song - The Jackson 5 - 3:25
12. Rockin' Robin - Michael Jackson - 2:33
13. Love Is Here And Now You're Gone - Michael Jackson - 2:52
14. People Make The World Go 'Round - Michael Jackson - 3:14
15. Greatest Show On Earth - Michael Jackson - 2:48
16. Happy (Love Theme From 'Lady Sings The Blues') - Michael Jackson - 3:23
17. Girl You’re So Together - Michael Jackson - 3:12
18. Hallelujah Day - The Jackson 5 - 2:47
19. Euphoria - Michael Jackson - 2:48
20. Morning Glow - Michael Jackson - 3:31

CD 3:

1. With A Child's Heart - Michael Jackson - 3:27
2. Dancing Machine - The Jackson 5 - 3:29
3. It's Too Late To Change The Time - The Jackson 5 - 3:59
4. Skywriter - The Jackson 5 - 3:09
5. Get It Together - The Jackson 5 - 2:50
6. Take Me Back - Michael Jackson - 3:30
7. Music And Me - Michael Jackson - 2:36
8. You Are There - Michael Jackson - 3:25
9. We've Got Forever - Michael Jackson - 3:12
10. Dear Michael - Michael Jackson - 2:41
11. All I Do Is Think Of You - The Jackson 5 - 3:13
12. We're Almost There - Michael Jackson - 3:44
13. Cinderella Stay Awhile - Michael Jackson - 3:07
14. Dapper Dan - Michael Jackson - 3:10
15. I'll Come Home To You - Michael Jackson - 3:05
16. Just A Little Bit Of You - Michael Jackson - 3:11
17. One Day In Your Life - Michael Jackson - 4:14
18. Farewell My Summer Love - Michael Jackson - 3:44
19. Who's Looking For A Lover - Michael Jackson - 2:51
20. Lonely Teardrops - Michael Jackson - 2:43

Record label: Reader's Digest
Series number: RDCD7241-3
Printed: EU
Guide price: 15 €

Order the cd album here at Readers Digest.

My Friend Michael Book CoverMy Friend Michael (Book)
Released: 05-12-2011

Frank Cascio publishes his extraordinary book, 'My Friend Michael', about his life with Michael Jackson, from Harper Collins. The publisher has shared with this site exclusively Cascio reading the prologue of the book.

Michael Jackson fans have almost as much trouble with the Cascio family as the Jacksons and co-executor John McClain. Dominic Cascio, his wife Connie, and their kids became Jackson’s second family some twenty years ago. Michael loved the Cascios.

As far as I can tell, the family never took advantage of him. They housed him when he was homeless. They accepted him. When Jackson needed people around him who didn’t want anything, he went to the Cascios. Jackson fans are making a mistake, I think, when they don’t appreciate that the Cascios are Michael’s true heirs. He spent vastly more time than with anyone else starting in the early 90's.

Author: Frank Cascio
Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: William Morrow
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0062090065
Guide price: 12 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

POP! Rocks Vinyl Figures Set of 5
Released: 12-2011

Funko announced it will be releasing an all new wave of Pop! Rocks vinyl figures featuring the King of Pop, Michael Jackson! Each figure features Michael in an outfit from one of his many hit music videos striking an all too familiar pose.

The Michael Jackson Pop! Rocks Series includes 'Beat It', 'Smooth Criminal', 'Billie Jean', 'Bad' and the 'Soldier' outfit that he wore when he performed at the Grammy Awards ceremony 1984, wearing the signature sequined glove.

The Vinyl figures are released in 2011 in China through Triumph International Inc./Bravado.

NOTE: Funko has some minor paint variations from their photos for the 'Beat It' figure. The red heart is actually larger in a plain white area on shirt. Shirt design on box and photo show heart smaller in what appears to be a cherub design in white.

Each figure stands 3.75" tall, has a rotating head and comes in a displayable window box. New in boxes direct from manufacturer & specially packaged with collector's in mind.

Product Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 13 inches.

POP! Rocks Vinyl Figures Set of 5

Product Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 13 inches
License: Triumph International Inc./Bravado
Series number: JLL 130426
Printed: China
Guide price: 80 €

Order the pop! rocks here at Amazon.

Immortal 2CD Album CoverImmortal (2CD Album)
Released: 21-11-2011

Epic Records in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson, will release 'Immortal' – the highly anticipated musical tapestry for Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson 'The Immortal World Tour'.

Hear the music from the show, remixed and reimagined as only musical designer Kevin Antunes can. 'Immortal' takes a fresh, creative approach in redesigning more than 40 of Michael Jackson’s greatest original recordings into a compilation that allows listeners to experience the music of the King of Pop in an entirely new way.

After spending a year in the studio working with Michael’s original multi-track master recordings, Kevin created 'Immortal' which offers listeners a new soundscape to Michael’s artistry while preserving the power and richness of his unparalleled voice and his legendary tracks.

The CD or digital download can be purchased from michaeljackson.com for $14.99.

Track lists:

2CD Deluxe Edition:

CD 1:
1. Working Day and Night (Immortal Version) - 3:37
2. The Immortal Intro (Immortal Version) - 3:08
3. Childhood (Immortal Version) - 4:36
4. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Immortal Version) - 3:08
5. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) (Immortal Version) - 2:28
6. Dancing Machine/Blame It On The Boogie (Immortal Version) - 4:08
7. Ben (Immortal Version) - 3:44
8. This Place Hotel (Immortal Version) - 2:09
9. Smooth Criminal (Immortal Version) - 2:00
10. Dangerous (Immortal Version) - 2:42
11. The Mime Segment: I Like The Way You Love Me/Speed Demon/Another Part Of Me (Immortal Version) - 2:52
12. J5 Medley (Immortal Version) - 3:46
13. Human Nature/Speechless (Immortal Version) - 3:20
14. Is It Scary/Threatened (Immortal Version) - 5:04
15. Thriller (Immortal Version) - 3:38

CD 2:
1. You Are Not Alone/I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (Immortal Version) - 6:09
2. Beat It/State Of Shock (Immortal Version) - 3:09
3. Jam (Immortal Version) - 2:38
4. Planet Earth/Earth Song (Immortal Version) - 4:01
5. Scream/Little Susie (Immortal Version) - 4:45
6. Gone Too Soon (Immortal Version) - 3:24
7. They Don’t Care About Us (Immortal Version) - 3:37
8. Will You Be There (Immortal Version) - 4:56
8. I’ll Be There (Immortal Version) - 1:50
9. Immortal Megamix: Can You Feel It/Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough/Billie Jean/Black Or White (Immortal Version) - 9:09
10. Man In The Mirror (Immortal Version) - 4:15
11. Remember The Time/Bad (Immortal Version) - 4:40

Record label: Epic/Sony
Series number: 88697 99394 2
Printed: EU
Guide price: 17 €

UPDATE: The posthumous album will be released as both a deluxe double disc version and single disc version. No word yet on pricing for the single disc version.

Antunes had this to say about the album: "Michael's legacy as the greatest entertainer of our lifetime is inspiring beyond words. It was clear from the start that Michael's voice and overall musical essence was the sole/soul source of creative energy driving the project,” says Antunes. “From the studio to the stage, there's an undeniable integrity and resolute truth in Michael's vocal performances that are highlighted in the Immortal arrangements. It was built with love and respect for Michael's music, his family, and his millions of fans around the world."

Track lists:

Normal CD Album:

1. Working Day and Night (Immortal Version)
2. The Immortal Intro (Immortal Version)
3. Childhood (Immortal Version)
4. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Immortal Version)
5. Dancing Machine/Blame It On The Boogie (Immortal Version)
6. This Place Hotel/Smooth Criminal/Dangerous (Immortal Version)
7. J5 Medley: I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save (Immortal Version)
8. Human Nature/Speechless (Immortal Version)
9. Is It Scary/Thriller/Ghost/Somebody's Watching Me/Threatened (Immortal Version)
10. You Are Not Alone/I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Immortal Version)
11. Beat It/Jam/State Of Shock (Immortal Version)
12. Earth Song/Planet Earth (Immortal Version)
13. They Don't Care About Us (Immortal Version)
14. Immortal Megamix: Can You Feel It/Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough/Billie Jean/Black Or White (Immortal Version)
15. Man In The Mirror (Immortal Version)

Record label: Epic/Sony
Series number: 88697 91259 2
Printed: EU
Guide price: 15 €

Miss Cast Away (re-issue) DVD CoverMiss Cast Away (re-issue) [DVD]
Released: 11-2011

Chairman & CEO of Valcom Vince Vellardita announced today that ValCom that it will be releasing the Michael film, MJ and The Island Girls on Friday, November 25th on TV and on a special collector’s edition DVD. The film was previously titled 'Miss Castaway and The Island Girls'.

‘MJ and the Island Girls’ will premiere on over two-hundred and seventy television stations across the country through multiple television networks including My Family TV (www.myfamilytv.tv), Retro TV (www.myretrotv.com), and Tuff TV (www.tufftv.com) as part of ValCom’s Thanksgiving Family Delight on Thanksgiving weekend.

Michael Jackson makes a cameo appearance of about 10 minutes in the movie as Agent MJ (spoofing his cameo appearance in MIB II). He assists the ladies with their rescue mission. Michael plays the role of Agent MJ. His scenes were shot at his Neverland Ranch home and at ValCom’s old Valencia Studios.

The DVD includes twenty minutes of unreleased Michael footage.

ValCom is releasing ten thousand sets of a limited edition DVD of the film. Each DVD will feature a special label and packaging with limited edition numbering. The cost of the limited edition DVD will be $24.95.

Publisher: Frostbite Releasing
Series number: ?
Playing time: 112:00 minutes
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
Printed: USA
Guide price: 24,95 €

Michael Jackson: Die Ware Geschichte Book CoverMichael Jackson: Die Wahre Geschichte (Book)
Released: 09-11-2011

On November 9, 2011 in Germany, Dieter Wiesner, the former manager of Michael Jackson (1996-2003), will publish a book titled 'Michael Jackson: Die wahe Geschichte' (448 pages), or 'Michael Jackson: The True Story'.

Wiesner´s book is about some anecdotes about the moments when he lived next to MJ, or details on unique projects of the King of Pop, he also plans to tackle the delicate issue of Michael's fear and death.

D. Wiesner remains a controversial figure and vigilance is therefore required with this type of work ...

Author: Dieter Wiesner
Hardcover: 448 pages
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3453196087
Guide price: 22,99 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

The Life Of An Icon DVD CoverThe Life Of An Icon (DVD And Blu-ray)
Released: 31-10-2011

The story of the ‘King of Pop’ produced by friend David Gest and featuring those that knew him best including family members Katherine Jackson, Tito Jackson & Rebbie Jackson.

Prepare to go behind the headlines as producer and television star David Gest, Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine, brother Tito, sister Rebbie and more than fifty friends, peers and associates share intimate and fascinating stories about the singer’s celebrated life.

Released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 31st ,2011 from Universal Pictures International Home Entertainment, and featuring performance footage as well as never-before-seen family photography, 'Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon' is a powerful behind-the-scenes account of the star’s life, providing fresh insight into his early years with the Jackson 5, his rise to global solo-stardom through to the final moments before his sudden death in 2009.

Directed by Andrew Eastel and produced by Michael Jackson’s close childhood friend David Gest, 'Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon' gives Katherine Jackson the first chance to tell her side of the story about Michael’s upbringing in Gary, Indiana, his relationship with father Joe, her support for her son during the court cases he challenged and her thoughts on the life he faced afterwards. Rebbie Jackson, Michael’s eldest sister, gives a very rare interview and recounts the star’s childhood growing up in Gary, Indiana, as well as his difficulties with father Joe, his extraordinary bond with mother Katherine, and his decline in later years. Gest’s other best friend, Michael’s brother, Tito, provides an in-depth look into Jackson’s history and what his mother and family went through during the sensational molestation trial in 2005.

Michael’s mother Katherine says, 'Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon' is a truly remarkable film that captures the true character, wit and sensitivity of my son. Producer David Gest takes you on an emotional roller coaster that will bring people to tears as well as really understand who the man behind the music was and is.”

Producer and close friend David Gest says, “I have tried to show Michael in a truly unique light. I have spent the past fifteen months travelling the world interviewing people who were most important in his life. I believe this film will entertain and educate in equal measures about who the real Michael Jackson was. I hope this will serve as a lasting testament to the compassion and love that he had for all mankind. He was a very complex individual and this film reveals the many different facets of his personality.”

Publisher: Universal Pictures
Series number: 828 622 8
Playing time: 149 minutes
Sound: Doly Digital 5.1
Printed: UK
Guide price: 20 €

Order the DVD and Blu-ray here at Amazon.

You Are Not Alone: Michael Through A Brothers Eyes Book CoverYou Are Not Alone: Michael Through A Brothers Eyes (Book)
Released: 13-10-2011

"This book is written with love, and it's time that the one voice of his fans and family was heard. This memoir will not only remember and celebrate Michael but it will also provide a better understanding of who he was, why he was, and what shaped him. It's time to do justice to his memory...and the truth." says Jermaine Jackson.

In this story of brotherhood, Jermaine writes a faithful and loving portrait, taking fans closer to the complex heart, mind and soul of the King of Pop. It is a frank but sophisticated examination of the human not the legend, with revealing insights and no subject off limits. It is written as a full and final understanding of Michael.

Author: Jermaine Jackson
Hardcover: 432 pages
Publisher: Harper Collins
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0007435661
Guide price: 12,50 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Earth Song Book CoverEarth Song (Book)
Released: 06-10-2011

Joe Vogel, author of the much-anticipated 'Man in the Music: The Creative Life & Work of Michael Jackson', is proud to announce the release of his 'Earth Song: Inside Michael Jackson's Magnum Opus'.

The book was previously only offered as an eBook download but, now it's available in print for the very first time!

At the moment it is only available at Amazon.com in the U.S. however, it is expected to be available through international channels in the coming weeks!

Author: Joe Vogel
Hardcover: 130 pages
Publisher: BlakeVision Books
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0981650692
Guide price: 8 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Official Calendar 2011Official Calendar 2011
Released: 09-2011

The ML Publishing brings the Michael Jackson calendar 2012 on the market with a format of 43x30cm.

ISBN: 978-1617010880
Pages: 14
Guide price: 9,5 €

It's hard to accept that the 'King of Pop' is no longer with us. Danilo's magnificent Michael Jackson calendar for 2012, captures one of pop's few true musical greats. Allow the magic to live on, not just for 'One Day in Your Life' but for ever.

Calendar Danilo is also a official calendar with a format of 43x30cm, is available on September 1st 2011.

Calendar: 14 pages
Pages: 14
Guide price: 9,5 €

Order the calendar here at Amazon.

Motown Gold From The Ed Sullivan Show 2DVD Set CoverMotown Gold From The Ed Sullivan Show (2DVD Set)
Released: 13-09-2011

'Motown Gold from The Ed Sullivan Show' is a 2 DVD (3 volume) collection with appearances by legendary Motown acts including The Jackson 5, Diana Ross and The Supremes, The Temptations, Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Martha & The Vandellas and Gladys Knight & The Pips.

The collection is packed with classic Motown performances taped live between 1964 and 1971, fully restored with footage never before released.

The Jackson 5 ushering in a new generation of Motown acts with two appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

On December 14th 1969, The Jackson 5 perform 'Stand', 'Who’s Lovin’ You' and 'I Want You Back', with Michael in front wearing a striking magenta hat.

On May 10th 1970, The Jackson 5 perform a medley: 'I Want You Back' / 'ABC' and 'The Love You Save'.

Publisher: Sofa Entertainment
Series number: ?
Guide price: 13 €

Order the DVD here at Amazon.

Fame Graphic Novel Paperback CoverFame Graphic Novel (Paperback)
Released: 13-09-2011

Michael Jackson being showcased in a new release of 'Fame' biography graphic novels.

The issue will be available at most traditional book stores like Barnes & Nobles.

In time for the King of Pop's birthday! His discography is legendary! His legacy is complicated and unparalleled! Featuring a cover and foreword by artist and friend of Jackson's, Giuseppe Mazzola, Michael Jackson's reign as the 'King of Pop' is celebrated in the latest biographical comic book from Bluewater Productions.

Author: ?
Hardcover: 40 pages
Publisher: Bluewater Productions
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1450756648
Guide price: 6 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

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