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Moonwalk (re-issue) Book CoverMoonwalk (re-issue) [Book]
Released: 12-11-2020

Michael Jackson's very famous 'Moonwalk' autobiography is reissued in Italy in its 2009 version.

In partnership with the Italian Fan Club Michael Jackson FanSquare, EPC Editore publishes the sale of this book on their site as well as on Amazon Italy.

Note that if you order on the EPC Editore site, you can insert a reduction coupon to obtain free shipping costs as well as two Jacksonian badges. This discount coupon to type in capital letters is: MJFANSQUARE.

And in a few weeks, EPC is also expected to offer a limited edition boxset of around 100 copies containing the book in Italian, two badges, a T-Shirt, socks and instructions for performing the moonwalk.

Moonwalk is the only book about his life that Michael Jackson ever wrote. It chronicles his humble beginnings in the Midwest, his early days with the Jackson 5, and his unprecedented solo success.

In 'Moonwalk' Michael Jackson surrender his personal feelings to a few of his famous friends, like Diana Ross, Berry Gordy, Paul McCartney, Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando and Katherine Hepburn. Without reserve he talks about the crushing loneliness of his fame, about his first love, about his plastic surgery and about the grotesquely and sometimes unfair rumours, which his outstanding career encircled.

'Moonwalk' is illustrated with rare photographs from Jackson family albums and Michael's personal photographic archives, as well as a drawing done by Michael exclusively for the book. It reveals and celebrates, as no other book can, the life of this exceptional and beloved musician.

Publisher: Arrow Books
Author: Michael Jackson
ISBN: 978-88-9288-004-7
Pages: 220
Printed: Italy
Guide price: 17 €

Order the book here at Amazon are EPC.

The Ultimate Collection (Lavender And Sea Glass Vinyl) [2LP Album]
Released: 06-11-2020

The famous American distribution chain Walmart will be offering from November 6 an exclusive edition of 'The Ultimate Collection' of the Jackson 5, in colored double vinyl.

The years 1969-75 belonged to the Jackson 5, and 'The Ultimate Collection' duly concentrates on this period. The one exception is the group’s remixed version of 'It’s Your Thing' from 1995. Originally written and waxed by the Isley Brothers, the Jackson 5 recorded the song in 1969, but never received a proper release until appearing on 'Soulstation'! 'The 25th Anniversary Collection' in 1995. The Jackson 5’s initial take of 'It’s Your Thing' is included on 'The Ultimate Collection' as well.

All 21 songs that let you hear the sound that was completed despite being bubblegum soul. There are 4 solo songs from Michael and 1 song of Jermaine.

Unfortunately, Walmart only ships to the US and Puerto Rico. If we learn more about this colored double vinyl we will be sure to let you know.

The Ultimate Collection (Lavender and Sea Glass Vinyl) (2LP Set) Album Cover'The Ultimate Collection' of the Jackson 5, in lavender and sea glass vinyl.

If the song list isn't posted on Walmart, here's the one that appeared on the original 1996 CD edition:

Track list:

LP 1:
1. I Want You Back - Jackson 5 - 2:58
2. ABC - Jackson 5 - 2:38
3. The Love You Save - Jackson 5 - 3:04
4. I'll Be There - Jackson 5 - 3:57
5. It's Your Thing - Jackson 5 - 3:41
6. Never Can Say Goodbye - Jackson 5 - 3:00

LP 1:
1. Mama's Pearl 3:12
2. Who's Lovin' You - Jackson 5 - 4:01
3. Maybe Tomorrow - Jackson 5 - 4:46
4. Got To Be There - Michael Jackson - 3:23
5. Sugar Daddy - Jackson 5 - 2:32

LP 2:
1. Rockin' Robin - Michael Jackson - 2:32
2. Daddy's Home - Jermaine Jackson - 3:03
3. Lookin' Through The Windows - Jackson 5 - 3:38
4. I Wanna Be Where You Are - Michael Jackson - 2:57
5. Get It Together - Jackson 5 - 2:48
6. Dancing Machine - Jackson 5 - 2:36

LP 2:
1. I Am Love - Pts. I & II - Jackson 5 - 7:28
2. The Life Of The Party - Jackson 5 - 2:34
3. Just A Little Bit Of You - Michael Jackson - 3:12
4. It's Your Thing (The J5 In '95 Extended Remix) - Jackson 5 - 5:57

Record label: Motown
Series number: B0032584-01
Printed: USA
Guide price: 26 €

Order the double album here at Wallmart.

Discover Michael THE BOOK + CD Album CoverDiscover Michael THE BOOK (Book + CD Album)
Released: 29-10-2020

Gota Nishidera is a musician and producer in Japan and he is a huge Michael Jackson Fan.

In the last few years, Gota has been busy releasing cover versions of the 'King of Pop', podcasting and written few books about Michael.

His latest book 'Discover Michael THE BOOK' is a successful 368 pages long story about the 'King of Pop' including a CD with 4 covers:

1. Medley: I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save (NONA REEVES)
2. I Can't Help It (Asako Toki with NONA REEVES)
3. Human Nature (NONA REEVES with Asako Toki)
4. Smooth Criminal (NONA REEVES with Asako Toki)

The book is full of illustrations of Michael Jackson made by Gota Nishidera and in November 13 to 25, an exhibition will take place in the book & Cafe Bar "BAG ONE" in Shibuya, Japan showcasing those Illustrations!

Publisher: Small Publishing
Author: Gota Nishidera
ISBN: 978-4905158967
Pages: 368
Printed: Japan
Guide price: 26 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

Smooth Criminal Statue
Released: 03-10-2020

The Estate of Michael Jackson just sent the below statement regarding new merchandise made in China to be released shortly.

While the statement does not say what collectible, we can reveal it will be a 'Smooth Criminal' 1:3 Scale statue of Michael Jackson.

The high-end item will be available from tomorrow at a high price but the Estate reassure that more affordable items will be also available. Prices on Purearts vary between $89 to over $1,000 for 1:3 statues!

Smooth Criminal Statue
The statue will come in 2 models. The one with the jukebox which will be priced around $1,700 and the one without the jukebox priced around $1,100.

See the statement from the Estate here:

The Estate has asked us to share some news with MJ fans. The Estate has been working with a company based in China, Pure Arts, which manufactures and distributes collectible figures for a variety of different brands and will now be creating a wide range of collectible Michael Jackson figurines to appeal to all levels of collectors. The Estate wanted to make sure MJ Fans knew before anyone else about the new products that will be coming.

The Estate also wanted to make sure that fans know that the roll out of the products will start with one large high-end limited edition piece being previewed at Wonderfest in Shanghai which starts tomorrow, October 3rd. While this piece is quite expensive, fans can be assured that subsequent releases will include options with much more affordable prices as well.

Keep an eye out to see what the Estate and Pure Arts put together!

Calendar 2021 CoverMichael Jackson Official 2021 Calendar
Released: 08-09-2020

The official Michael Jackson 2021 calendar has just been revealed to Danilo, he will be released in September.

Michael Jackson was regarded as the 'King of Pop' and sprang onto the music scene with his brothers as The Jackson 5. In the early 1970s Michael also started to develop a solo career and by the end of the decade he was an established pop artist . To date Michael Jackson has now sold over 350 million songs worldwide.

Michael Jackson's back catalogue of album and singles brought many awards including Grammys and Brit awards and MJ was one of the most significant figures of the last century. Some of Michael Jackson's popular hits were 'Billie Jean', ''Beat It' and 'Leave Me Alone'. MJ was also an amazing dancer and his move called the 'Moonwalk' was special to watch. Likewise his music videos were well thought out and no one can forget the icon 'Thriller' video.

Buy today a Michael Jackson Official 2021 Calendar featuring the classic photos of the 'King of Pop'. This A3 calendar is a Michael Jackson poster calendar as well as an opportunity for you to write your 2021 appointments in the date boxes.

Publisher: Danilo
Height: 420 mm
Width: 297 mm
Product code: ?
Guide price: 11 €

Order your official Michael Jackson 2021 calendar at King of Shop are Danilo.

The Estate Continues Celebrating 'HIStory 25' With 'You Are Not Alone'. 15-08-'20
Released: 15-08-2020

Michael Jackson Estate carries on celebrating 'HIStory 25' with the anniversary of the release of 'You Are Not Alone' released on August 15th, 1995.

HIStory merchandise
The Estate of Michael Jackson is honoring and celebrating 'HIStory' with T-shirts, vests, face covering and jumpers.

Order your 'You Are Not Alone' Capsule items here.

Calendar 2021 CoverMichael Jackson Official 2021 Calendar (USA)
Released: 01-08-2020

The famous house Browntrout Publishers, leader in calendars in the United States and in the world, announces on its website the upcoming release of a 2021 calendar for Michael Jackson. Here is the cover photo of this calendar which should be noted that it is subject to change.

Our square 16-month wall calendars include 13 stunning images and even clearer grids and text. Each of these 12" x 12" calendars features an opening spread with a beautiful four-month (September-December 2020) calendar to plan the last four months of the year and rev up for 2021. Filled with an abundance of holidays, each month's grid is large enough for daily tasks and appointments.

The official release should take place in July 2020 and the calendar will be available at usual distributors like Amazon.

Publisher: Brown Trout
EAN: 9781975418526
Guide price: 13,5 €

Order the Calendar here at Amazon.

Lord Finesse: Motown State Of Mind (7Singles Set) Box Set CoverLord Finesse: Motown State Of Mind (7Singles Box Set)
Released: 24-07-2020

Motown will be release a 7" box set named 'Lord Finesse Presents: Motown State Of Mind'. The box set will be released on July 24 and prices varies from one shop to another. You can pre-order it on Amazon for 88,55 €.

Motown classics remixed by the legendary golden era Rapper, Hip-Hop Producer, and D.I.T.C. member Lord Finesse.

The box set featuring 7 x 7" singles, one of Michael Jackson and one of The Jackson 5:

Track list:

A1. Michael Jackson - I Wanna Be Where You Are (Underboss Remix) - 3:57
A2. Michael Jackson - I Wanna Be Where You Are
B1. Marvin Gaye - I Want You (Underboss Remix) - 5:23
B2. Marvin Gaye - I Want You
C1. DeBarge - I Like It (Soul Synopsis Mix) - 5:47
C2. DeBarge - I Like It
D1. Switch - There'll Never Be (Solidified Soul Mix) - 3:13
D2. Switch - There'll Never Be
E1. Eddie Kendricks - Body Talk (TBG Mix) - 4:48
E2. Eddie Kendricks - Body Talk
F1. Sisters Love - Now Is The Time (The Mack Revisited Mix) - 3:21
F2. Sisters Love - Now Is The Time (The Mack Revisited Mix) [Instrumental]
G1. Jackson 5 - Tribute Medley (Underboss Remix)
G2. Jackson 5 - Medley: I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save - 4:41

Lord Finesse: Motown State Of Mind (7Singles Set) Box Set
'Lord Finesse: Motown State Of Mind' box set including 7 x 7" singles, one of Michael Jackson and one of The Jackson 5.

Record label: Motown
Series number: 0832266
Printed: ?
Guide price: 88,55 €

Order the box set here at Amazon.

L’Histoire D'HIStory Book CoverL'Histoire D'HIStory (Book)
Released: 20-07-2020

'The Story of HIStory' book of Michael Jackson is now available in French and called 'L'Histoire D'HIStory', released by publisher Sixteen 11 Media.

For the first time, Sixteen11 Media Group Ltd has released a book in a different language and the French fans are the first to get it!

Sixteen11 Media Group Ltd released Pez Jax's 2nd book 'The Story Of HIStory' and as the title is self explanatory, yes, this is all about 'HIStory' album, in the making to hitting the music stores.

'L'Histoire D'HIStory' book tells the fascinating story of how Michael Jackson created the most important album of his career, addressing racial prejudice, social injustice, accusations, media intrusion, environmental issues and mental health.

More than ever, this album is so important to our culture and society. Jax will guide you through the making of this incredible album, song by song and explain how relevant this album is today.

This is the 2nd book from Jax. The first was about 'Off The Wall'.

Publisher: Sixteen 11 Media
Author: Pez Jax
ISBN: 978-0-9931780-6-1
Pages: ?
Printed: ?
Guide price: 13 €

Order the book here at Sixteen 11.

Michael Jackson Voice Upon A Time Book CoverMichael Jackson Voice Upon A Time (Book)
Released: 10-07-2020

For our English-speaking friends who sometimes read these lines, know that Isabelle Petitjean's book 'Michael Jackson Il Était Une Voix' is available in English under the title 'Michael Jackson Voice Upon A Time'.

Prefaced by Bruce Swedien, this book is available in printed format and dimensions 17.5 x 25.5 cm on 312 pages, as well as in E-book PDF format.

Michael Jackson's voice was first heard in a maternity ward in Gary, Indiana, on a summer evening of 1958. It was last heard on a warm summer morning in 2009 under the sunny sky of California. Still…

It was soon clear that Baby Jackson had much more to say than most toddlers of his age. It was soon clear that his voice would be heard for a long time, that it would haunt, resonate, support, accompany, awaken, as it had always done, our lives and those of future generations. What is this voice? Where does it come from? Is it a gift from heaven and nature? Is it a work shaped by labor? If so, for what message? What words did it choose to embody? What is the Good Word it wanted to spread?

From Motown to Bruce Swedien's (Michael Jackson's regular and emblematic sound engineer) studio, the author helps us discover the voice of the artist. A voice that managed to cross boundaries, as the entire work of the 'King of Pop', trans-stylistic, transracial, transgenerational, transcultural and transdisciplinary. Between lyrical pen and technical analysis, the author highlights different aspects of this hard-working and seasoned artist who was also a genius and a messenger, whose leitmotiv was the respect of his talents and his public, and the wish to win and deserve an unconditionnal love. As secular icone, he tried to enlighten the collective consciouscness and to challenge us, singing to us with a voice that will continue to resonate globally for a very long time.

Publisher: Deltour France
Author: Isabelle Petitjean
ISBN: 978-2-7521-0406-9
Pages: 312
Printed: France
Guide price: 29 €

Order the book here at Deltour France.

Bad: An Unprecedented Investigation Into The Michael Jackson Cover-Up (Book)
Released: 07-07-2020

Bad: An Unprecedented Investigation Into The Michael Jackson Cover-Up Book CoverHe was the 'King of Pop', a superstar without equal, the idol of millions of young people around the world. But was Michael Jackson also a sexual predator without equal, someone who preyed on the very fans who adored him?

'Bad' book is the revelatory untold true story of the strange and larger-than-life career of Michael Jackson, the 'King of Pop'. In the wake of the controversial two-part documentary 'Leaving Neverland', which told the stories of two young boys who were befriended by the singer and have claimed they suffered years of agonizing abuse, Dylan Howard set out to investigate Jackson's life and death in unprecedented depth, to determine—as one lawyer suggested—that the pop star ran "the most sophisticated child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation operation the world has known."

After all the highly publicized trials and unfounded accusations, stunning new information has finally come to light: irrefutable evidence that one of the best-known, best-loved figures in the world was a monster behind closed doors—a foul-mouthed, abusive, drug-sodden freak whose deeds and the reasons for those deeds are revealed now for the first time.

A dramatic narrative account based on dozens of interviews, Howard shares Jackson's own riveting personal journal—obtained exclusively for this book—interviews with family members, multiple first-person sources—some of whom have asked to remain anonymous—as well as thousands of pages of court documents. What he uncovers is a man who was both naive and Machiavellian, unorthodox, a devoted father, shrewd businessman, and drug addict whose life was cut short but whose sound and style have influenced artists of various genres and generations.

Remarkably though, in death, there remains two portraits of Michael Jackson: the reigning 'King of Pop', and a pedophile whose pattern of abuse ruined his reputation. Fans and individuals alike will forever be asking if the insidious claims being made about MJ are true. This is the new narrative and the sad legacy of one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Here is his life story, told for the first time with stories and testimony that will leave you shaken.

Publisher: Skyhorse
Author: Dylan Howard
ISBN: 978-1510755093
Pages: 288
Printed: USA
Guide price: 22 €

Order the book here at Amazon.

The Estate Celebrates 'HIStory 25' With The Album Capsule
Released: 20-06-2020

The Estate of Michael Jackson just released the 2nd capsule on the day of the album release in the US to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the album #HIStory25.

HIStory 25 Capsule
The range has bomber jacket, hoodies, various T-shirts, a face mask, a set of badges, a cap and neck gaiter.

Check out the full range here.

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